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A3 Network broadcasts in the United Kingdom on Sky channel 600 and Freesat channel 610.
A3 Network broadcasts in the United Kingdom on Sky channel 600 and Freesat channel 610.
== Current programming ==
Programmes are seen in most regions without advertisment interruptions, although aside from the channel's nighttime block, programming is seperated with advertisments promoting a third party.
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'''NOTE''': This section is currently outdated.
=== Fanon ===
* ''[[Mushroom Wars (TV series)|Mushroom Wars]]'' (1st March 2010)
* ''[[Robokip]]'' (7th March 2016)
* ''[[The Sweet Treets]]'' (14th April 2003)
* ''[[The Werten Show]]'' (14th September 2009)
=== Canon ===
* ''Blanche'' (2nd October 2015)
* ''{{w|Bod (TV series)|Bod}}'' (13th October 2003)
* ''{{w|Button Moon}}'' (14th April 2003-31st August 2011, 14th November 2016)
* ''{{w|Clifford the Big Red Dog (TV series)|Clifford the Big Red Dog}}'' (14th April 2003)
* ''Cotoons'' (30th April 2007)
* ''{{w|Donkey Kong Country (TV series)|Donkey Kong Country}} (season 1 only)'' (13th October 2003-9th January 2011, 18th April 2016)
* ''{{w|Ellen's Acres}}'' (2nd October 2015)
* ''{{w|Gadget Boy}}'' (4th April 1997)
* ''{{w|Kipper (TV series)|Kipper}}'' (12th January 2004-31st August 2008, 18th April 2016)
* ''{{w|The Paz Show|Paz}}'' (13th February 2012-31st March 2013, 17th April 2017)
* ''{{w|Percy the Park Keeper}}'' (14th November 2016)
* ''{{w|Rosie and Jim}}'' (22nd May 2017)
* ''Super Mario'' (4th April 1997)
* ''{{w|The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers}}'' (5th June-1st October 2015, 24th March 2017)
* ''{{w|The Beeps}}'' (22nd May 2017)
* ''{{w|The Treacle People}}'' (1st November 2010-9th January 2011, 22nd May 2017)
* ''{{w|The Wizard of Oz (TV series)|The Wizard of Oz}}'' (4th April 1997)
=== The Night Zone ===
{{main|The Night Zone}}
'''The Night Zone''' is the branded name of the channel's last broadcast hour of the day. The only changes include different idents, no advertisments at all between shows and an interlude tune is played before the first show, after the second show and after the last show. Usually, four shows air under this brand a night.
== See also ==
== See also ==
* [[A3 Network/2016 Logos and Idents]]
* [[A3 Network/2016 Logos and Idents]]

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More information on A3 Network can be found here

A3 Network

A3 Network is a children's television channel which originated from Jetania. The channel is currently owned by a joint-venture between A3 ltd and DHX Media. The channel was first launched in Jetania on 4th April, 1997 as DIC Network, focusing on soley shows produced by DIC Entertainment. The channel was later expanded to other regions in 1999. The channel has had a (friendly) rivalry with Z Bop since 2003. Although the channel originally focused on airing a variety of programming from a variety of distributors, it has gradually began focusing on reruns of old programming.

From 2006 to 2017, the channel timeshared with Gangstar TV, and has timeshared with IntC since 2017. The Jetanie version of A3 Network airs everyday from 4:00a.m. to 8:00p.m., whilst IntC airs in Jetania from 8:00p.m. to 4:00a.m.

The A3 Network name first appeared onscreen on 14th April, 2003. The international channels rebranded to the A3 name during 2005. The channel was also originally commercial-free until it became supported with advertisments in September 2005, after the DIC Network name was entirely phased out.

A3 Network has aired in Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia since 1st September, 2003, where it replaced GameKids TV.

A3 Network broadcasts in the United Kingdom on Sky channel 600 and Freesat channel 610.

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