Yakko: Welcome to You Risk Your Life!


Crowd: (cheers)

Yakko: Today's secret word is... dog

(Yakko indicates Wakko's hammer.)

Yakko: Now, the competitors... He's the all-time home runs leader... Babe Ruth! (brief pause) She's the ... (someone fill this in)


Yakko: Now, the first question... What is an example of an animal that dislikes cats?

Babe Ruth: Dachshund!

Woman: Dog!

Wakko: (hits woman with hammer)

Yakko: The second question... What is a common food, with two words, the first of which is "hot"?

Babe Ruth: Hot pretzels!

Woman: Hot dog!

Wakko: (hits woman with hammer)

Woman: (collapses)

The end.

This is brought to you by... Wakko Warner!

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