Cheese, please! is a song about the meaning of life, Cheese. Cheese has always deserved its own song, and below you shall find it. And remember, it's all cheesy-cheesy-cheesy-cheesy fresh!


Cheese, please

It's the bee's knees

Do bees have knees?

You beat me's

Cheese, please

Can't cha even sees

I want cheese, please


Anybody want some fried peas?

No, boy! I want cheese.

What cha say?

Cheese, please!

Can't cha even sees?

I want my cheese, please!

Yo, Dance Time!

(Cool hip-hop, synthetic music plays)

Yo, Cheese.

He hees.

Bay-buh, bay-buh, bay-buh, bay-buh

Gitchee gitchee goo means that I cheese you!