Deep. Fry. Deep-fry. Deep-fry-ed. Deep Fried. Yeah... The one called Deep-Fried. It is fried, but very deep. Nevertheless, what I am here to talk about does not have anything to do with deep-frying.... Mmurf... Ugh..... Ohhhhh.... Aw, the heck with it! I am here to talk about deep-frying. Everything SOAKED in deep-friers is SO DANG DELICIOUS!!! (drools; foam falls from mouth) I WANT MA FRIED CHICKEN! (spots man with fried chicken and runs towards him) BLAAAAAAAAARGH!

Man: What the banana?! Nooooooooooooooooooo!


(tire rolls into view)

10 Years Later...

(wakes up in a dumpster) Ugh... what's going on? Huh! I'm stranded! In a dumpster! And there's no deep-fried goodness! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh!


The moral of this story is, even though you spot something SO GOOD, don't go crazy and just leave it be.

Who Cares? It's Random-Ness Time!

Whoooa! Fhgjgkhkljljk! Blargh! Banana peel! Grilled coconutz! Flint, ya got a call! Mamma mia, that's a big spaghett-a! Hfhfkhgj! Khfdjgedh! Eat a burger, eat a hot dog, hot cross buns! BLARRRGH! Coconut cream pi-iee! Whoo! Hag-chaca!

It Had to Be Done

Sorry for my sudden outburst. I had too much orange juice at the party last night. (Note to self: Never drink pulp!)


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