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Yomi DC Render
002 00

"Marisa, how much bread did you eat in your whole life? I only ate about 40."
"13, I perfer japanese food."

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Destiny Battle of Random-ness Wiki is a smash bros clone created by SeHakurei. 



Character Picture Character Name Desc. Starter or Unlockable? Origin
Oracle of All Phantasm
Konanoki Originating from the Tenshi Sanctuary, Konanoki, our local weeb, is ready to fight foes and aid allies. He wields the sacred Sukima's Hellblade. Starter Original
Reimu New
Reimu Hakurei A shrine maiden orignating from Touhou Project who has the ability to fly and control aura. With her handy Gohei and yin-yang orb, she'll be sure to defeat her enemies easily! Starter Touhou Project
002 00
Marisa Kirisame An odinary magician from Touhou Project, who uses all kinds of magic, mainly light and heat-related ones. Starter Touhou Project
Alice New
Alice Margatroid A seven-colored Puppeter from Touhou Project, who namely has a doll named Shanghai, another doll named Hourai, and a big one named the Goliath Doll Unlockable Touhou Project
Meap C'mon, it's not a random-ness wiki project game if Meap isn't on it. Meap is from Phineas and Ferb, and makes an appeareance on this game because he's popular on Random-ness Wiki appearently. Starter Phineas and Ferb
Himeji Full
Mizuki Himeji


A sweet, adorable girl from Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts. She is also Makomi's Love Interest and she also often gets involved in agruments involving Makomi and Seitekina.

Starter Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts
Sei Battle Pose
Seijou "Seitekina" Taiyo

One of SeHakurei's Original Characters from Tenshi Santcuary. A timid, polite, and flirty boy who generally gets nervous around girls in fear of coming off as a pervert to them (despite one in the inside, of course.) Despite his personality, he is skilled with swords, and wields the sacred Blazir sword.

Starter Original
Yuyuko Saigyouji A ghost mistress of Hakugyokurou from Touhou Project. She can manipluate death and has spirits and butterflies aiding her. Also has a gentle personality. Unlockable Touhou Project
K.O. A character from OK K.O! Let's Be Heroes!, ready to kick butt of the other fighters, and poses strong courage and willpower. Starter OK K.O! Let's Be Heroes!
Guido A character from Cars, namely the Random-ness Wiki varation of Guido, meaning, yes, he's obsessed with poop-y. Yes, he fights with poop-y. Starter Cars
Yukari Yakumo A youkai of boundaries from Touhou Project, with the ability to manipluate boundaries and borders. Despite her powerful ability, she is lazy. Unlockable Touhou Project
Classic 111
Classic Sonic

A blast from the past! Classic Sonic runs into battle, with several moves from the classic games ranging from the spindash, the peel-out and the brand-new drop dash!

(Sonic the Hedgehog Echo)

Unlockable Sonic the Hedgehog
Reisen Undongein Inaba A character from Touhou Project. An earth rabbit who is Eirin Yagokoro's pet. She has the ability to drive anyone to insanity, and often confuses her foes. Unlockable Touhou Project
Yomi DC Render
Yomi A skilled girl from the slums that originates from Senran Kagura. She wields a sword called Ragnarok, which can open itself to reveal several smaller blades. Starter Senran Kagura
Youmu Konpaku A half-ghost, half-human samurai from Touhou Project. While she relies on Yuyuko, she can work on her own as well. Also is scared of ghosts despite being half-ghost. Starter Touhou Project
Asuka The main character of Senran Kagura. She is the granddaughter of Hanzo and uses two swords to fight. She also loves futomakis. Starter Senran Kagura
Aya Shameimaru A reporter tengu from Touhou Project. She can manipluate Wind and also is one of the faster characters on this game, given her status of being the fastest touhou character. Also runs Bunbunmaru News. Unlockable Touhou Project
Modern Sanic
Sonic the Hedgehog The fastest thing alive! If you think he wouldn't be on this game because he was already on Super Smash Bros, you're wrong! he is playable on this game as well. Starter Sonic the Hedgehog
Unikitty A creative and fun-loving unicorn cat hybrid that joins the battle for the sake of fun! Starter Unikitty
Puppycorn cn image

Unikitty's younger brother and also best friend who is playful and enegertic, and also never gives up! Also don't call him a sonic character, that pisses Tornadospeed off.

(Unikitty Echo)

Starter Unikitty
Parappa Rappa Line Sticker
PaRappa the Rapper PaRappa Raps into the battle! With his karate moves and his rapping skills, he'll be sure to defeat his foes! Starter PaRappa the Rapper
Haru Estia
Haru Estia A SoulWorker from the MMORPG game SoulWorker that originally wanted to be a medic to help other people, but disaster striked her world and she fights to help defend her world. Starter SoulWorker
Moon Snail in The Bunkest
Moon Snail A user of the wiki, and the worst one at that. He's a Zangoose, which automatically helps him in combat, as Zangoose are known for their combat abilities. His hat is also very dangerous if used correctly. Unlockable Original
157 Typhlosion
Flametail A very witty Typhlosion with an irrational fear of ice. He has a variety of fire-based attacks that he will use to his advantage to burn up his foes. Unlockable Pokémon/Original
Peashooter GW
Peashooter A mutated plant from the Plants vs. Zombies series orignally designed to destroy zombies with very powerful pea shots. There aren't any zombies around here, so he'll have to make do with the combatants of the battlefield! Starter Plants VS. Zombies
AlexFlandreFanatic One of Makomi's trusted friends. He is some kind of scarlet devil. Wields the Scarlet Devil Blade. Starter Original
Sophie the Otter A 12-14-year old anthropomorphic otter and an older cousin to PB&J Otter. She is tech-savvy and possesses water powers. Starter Original
Richard cn image
Richard A grey floating brick that is Unikitty's Royal advisor. He tatically uses his own body and objects around the stages to fight aganist others. Unlockable Unikitty
Dr fox cn image
Dr. Fox A wise scientist who works in a secret lab below Unikitty's castle, and is ready to smartly use potions and hi-tech machines to fight! Starter Unikitty
Hawkodile cn image
Hawkodile Despite his calm personality, his appearence is a sign he is not to be taken lightly. He is Unikitty's bodyguard, and will fist the hell out of other combants. Unlockable Unikitty
Mamori Tokonome
Mamori Tokonome An innocent girl and Exter whose's name can be read as a virgin, and as a result is made fun of. Somehow, her "weapon" form has split from her, and she carries her weapon form (a sword) as a form of combat. Starter Valkyrie Drive -MERMAID-
Hibari WIP Unlockable Senran Kagura
Tewi Inaba WIP Unlockable Touhou Project
Radicles An obnoxious slacker who is actually very strong, if his appearence wasn't an obvious clue. He's still lazy, though and also has a softer, sensitive side. Radicles x Yukari confirmed? Starter OK K.O! Let's Be Heroes!
Enid A logical, sarcasm-wielding girl with strong kicks, and also has a relaxed and peaceful attuide. Starter OK K.O! Let's Be Heroes!
Professor Venomous
Professor Venomous A calm and indifferent guy who is one of the cilents of Lorx Box Lord Boxman, and also has a minion named Fink. He and Fink fight for the sake of uhh... evil? Unlockable OK K.O! Let's Be Heroes!
Lab Rat Remastered
Fink A lab rat who is the minion and bodyguard of Professor Venomous and also has an aggresive behavior and insults everyone on her way. Have we mentioned her gloves are supposed to be mittens to stop her from flipping the bird, but it didn't work in the end? Unlockable OK K.O! Let's Be Heroes!
Lord Boxman

A friendship-hating lord who is the head of Boxmore, and while he sees his robots as children, he still abuses them, having them destroyed should they fail.


Starter O.K KO! Let's Be Heroes!
Minami Clean Render
Minami Shimada A tsundere from Fumizuki Academy who feels insecure about her breast size, and as a result whenever Akihisa brings it up, she performs a german suplex on him. Skilled in wrestling moves and a bat, she is ready to fight. Starter Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts
What I Look Like in The Bunkest
Elijah Eubank/MegaToon1234

Bigger than Hitler, Better than Christ

Some wildcard who was known for using his drawing skills, ESP, using his fake mustache (which is a white rubbery thing with two green and red curves in it) to grab fighters, and throws various objects at enemies, such as pigs, cows, Pluggs from the Kirby games, pianos, sharks, ninjas, scientists, thumbs cosplaying as wrestlers, one of those strange workout videos, plungers, Hercules Condoms, Bob-Ombs, and miniature statues of Bill Clinton.

Starter Original
Super Brainz GW
Super Brainz Well, guess I was wrong. There ARE zombies on the battlefield. Unfortunately for little Peashooter, Super Brainz is a fast and powerful one, having several abilities and can fly for a limited amount of time. Unlockable Plants vs. Zombies
Corrin Corrin is the fateful prince of Hoshido, and the avatar of Fire Emblem Fates. While he's normally friendly, he's an expert swordsman, and won't let anyone mess with his friends. Not convinced? He can turn into a dragon. Have fun. (Note: Female Corrin is also in the game as an alternative skin) Unlockable Fire Emblem
Sanae Brand New
Sanae Kochiya A shrine maiden from the Moriya Shrine who has the power to cause miracles and manipluate wind, and can summon Kanako Yasaka and Suwako Moriya to aid her. Starter Touhou Project
Full Portrait Robin High Deliverer
Robin (Fire Emblem Awakening)

A master tatician from ylisse that lost his memories, although he retains his strargeries for whatever reason there is. In battlefield, he wields some tomes and the Levin Sword to fight.

(Note: Female Robin is also in the game as an alternative skin)

Starter Fire Emblem
Ivy Fox Ivy Fox joins the battle! The 10-11 year old fox is a fast driven battler swift on their paws, and have many long range attacks, which can be used for planing combos. Starter Original
Pinto Rappa Pinto, Parappa's little sister, joins the battle! With her lunchbox(With her partner Uee inside)able to deal massive blows, she's sure to win! Unlockable PaRappa the Rapper
Sparkster The main hero of Rocket Knight, and the hero from Elhorn. With his trusty sword and jetpack, he'll slice the fighters into pieces! Starter Rocket Knight
Megumin A mage originating from Konosuba, she is obsessed with explosive magic, having her in the battlefield will result in several explosions! EXPLOSIONS! Starter Konosuba
Waluigi The luigi to Wario, who is dense and wacky. He might be not playable on the Super Smash Bros. games, but he sure as well is playable here! Have fun exploding or whacking your foes with a tennis racket! Starter Super Mario Bros.
Ansi Molina WIP Starter Welcome to the Wayne
Saraline WIP Starter Welcome to the Wayne
GingerBrave The bravest cookie out of the bunch, with his amazing ability to double jump and slide, he will defeat the foe. Starter Cookie Run
Adventurer Cookie WIP Starter Cookie Run
Fire Spirit Cookie WIP Unlockable Cookie Run
Moonlight Cookie WIP Starter Cookie Run
Sea Fairy Cookie WIP Unlockable Cookie Run
Whipped Cream Cookie WIP Starter  Cookie Run
Red Pepper Cookie WIP Unlockable Cookie Run
White Choco Cookie WIP Unlockable Cookie Run
Cherry Blossom Cookie
Cherry Blossom Cookie A cookie that causes cherry petals to fall from the sky whenever she flies with her umbrella. Don't let her cinnamon roll smile fool you, she kicks butt. Unlockable Cookie Run
Herb Cookie
Herb Cookie Hoo-Hoo! Herb Cookie loves plants and has a collection of plants. He's super friendly. Starter Cookie Run
348 Armaldo
Waldo Basically Terence from Rubbadubbers as an Armaldo. He hates getting wet. Unlockable Pokemon/Original
Cecilia alcott by mevan83-dade3f0
Cecilia Alcott The IS Representant of England with an arrogant behavior, yet is gentle and polite at times. She wields the IS Unit "Blue Tears". Starter Infinite Stratos
Charlotte Dunois Render
Charlotte Dunois The IS Representant of France, with a gentle and very sweet personality, although she is good with guns. Wields the IS Unit "Rafale-Revive Custom II" Unlockable Infinite Stratos
Fried Chicken One of the greatest food in RNW history. Starter Original/KFC
Fiona Portrait AH3
Fiona Mayfield

A british girl maid wielding a massive sword. Clumsy, polite, gentle, but very fragile and easily cries. Doesn't mean she cannot kick butt, though!

(Seitekina Echo, but not in the usual way.)

Starter Arcana Heart

Unlock Methods

Characters can also be unlocked though recruiting them on Random-ness Adventure mode, with the exception of Super Brainz, which you need to reach a certain point on Adventure Mode to unlock him.

  • Yuyuko Saigyouji: Complete Gauntlet Mode as either Seitekina or Youmu Konpaku.
  • Alice Margatroid: Complete Gauntlet Mode as Marisa Kirisame or Cecilia Alcott.
  • Aya Shameimaru: Complete Gauntlet Mode in under 10 minutes.
  • Classic Sonic: Complete Gauntlet Mode in under 12 minutes in normal difficulty or higher, as Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Reisen Undongein Inaba: Complete Gauntlet Mode as Marisa Kirisame, Reimu Hakurei, Aya Shameimaru, Yukari Yakumo or Sanae Kochiya.
  • Yukari Yakumo: Complete Gauntlet Mode in Very Hard or higher difficulty, or complete Event 35: Boundary Fantasy.
  • Fink: Complete Gauntlet Mode as Professor Vemonous, in hard difficulty.
  • Professor Vemonous: Complete Gauntlet Mode as Lord Boxman, without losing a life once.
  • Hawkodile: Complete Gaunlet Mode as Dr. Fox in Normal or Higher Difficulty.
  • Richard: Complete Gauntlet Mode as Unikitty.
  • Moon Snail: Complete Gauntlet Mode on any difficulty.
  • Flametail: Complete Gauntlet Mode as Moon Snail on Normal or higher.
  • Super Brainz: Beat Dr. Zomboss in the Adventure Mode.
  • Corrin: Beat all Target Smash levels as Flametail or Robin.
  • Katsuragi: Complete Gauntlet Mode as Alex, Flandre Scarlet, Sanae Kochiya OR Asuka.
  • Hibari: Complete Gauntlet Mode as Katsuragi or Reisen Undongein Inaba, or complete Gauntlet Mode as Alex or Flandre on Normal or higher difficulty.
  • Pinto: Complete Gauntlet Mode as Parappa, on any difficulty.
  • Charlotte Dunois: Complete Gauntlet Mode as either Marisa Kirisame or Cecilia Alcott in Medium difficulty.


Adventure Mode Bosses

Boss Picture Boss Name Fought at
Dr. Eggman
Dr. Eggman Green Hill Zone
Finn The Land of Ooo
Dr. Zomboss Downtown Zomburbia
Screenshot 1705
Donut Fairy Twisted Maze Groove
Dark Echantress Cookie Witch's Abandoned Kitchen


Stage Picture Stage Name Origin
SSBT Battlefield
Battlefield Super Smash Bros.
Final Destination Super Smash Bros.
Lakewood Plaza Turbo OK K.O! Let's be Heroes!
Green Hill Zone
Green Hill Zone Sonic the Hedgehog
SWR MarisaStage
Forest of Magic Touhou Project
Unikingdom Unikitty
Boxmore Industrial Site OK K.O! Let's be Heroes!
Frostbite Caves
Frostbite Caves Plants VS. Zombies
Mermaid Island Valkyrie Drive -MERMAID-
Death Egg Zone Sonic the Hedgehog
Random-ness Factory Original
Gessen Academy Roof
Gessen Girls' Academy Senran Kagura
Moriya Shrine Touhou Project
Hakurei Shrine Touhou Project
Scarlet Devil Mansion Touhou Project
Elhorn Rocket Knight

Game Modes

  • VS Mode: Basically Smash Bros' Smash Mode.
  • Gauntlet Mode: Basically the Classic mode of Super Smash Bros.
  • Adventure Mode (Also known as "Random-ness Adventure!") - Based on Subspace Empire from Super Smash Bros Brawl.
  • Smash the Targets!: Smash 10 targets! This is clearly based on Super Smash Bros' Break the Targets.
  • Battle Rush -  Unlocked by unlocking all characters. It is basically All-star mode from Super Smash Bros.