Blue dragons egg

A blue star streaks across the sky it hits the earth's crust and makes a small crater. A young girl runs out of her house on the hill to see what has happened. She slides down the side of the crater. She brushes some rubble and dirt away. When its clean, she sees a blueish round orb that is pulsing. When she picks it up it pulses harder and glows brighter. She brings it in for the night, thinking tomorrow she would figure things out. Little did she know that these were landing all over the world.All of them were different.

What are they?

These orbs are not orbs they are actually dragon eggs, that night they fell from space all over. The next day the girl's egg hatched and then the day after that it took her to a gathering in the dragon world. All the kids who found them were transported too. at the gathering the great ones (the dragons in charge, aka the ancient ones) told them the few that were there, that they had a duty. They didn't find the eggs, the eggs found them. You see they had special attributes and ancient powers in there blood from their ancestors. Now they were protectors for the universe. They were Dragon Warriors!