French Cheese (not cheese that has a nationality of French, but cheese made in France) is the mother of all cheese. It is sold around the world and is noted to be very, VERY delicious. There are over 1,000 different types of French cheese.

History of "Le Fromage"

The cheese originated from... this may come as a shock to you... France. There, it started out as every other cheese: milk is taken from a random cow and then through some marvelous transformation it is made into cheese! The miracle of dairy, is it not? Since then, it has been enjoyed by people around the world.

Etymology, or whatever that means

The word "fromage" is French for cheese. This word was featured in Dexter's Laboratory, where the titular character Dexter can't stop saying "omelette du fromage" (cheese omelet).

Several Types of Cheese

There are many different companies that sell french cheese. One of these cheeses include "The Laughing Cow" cheese, best known for its cheese spread. This is made available in several countries, such as America! Many other types of cheeses have French names, such as... Fromage français aléatoire.


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