AgentP battles J.Severe in a fried chicken-off.

The First Throw...

J.Severe wound up. "I will destroy you!" he said as he threw it. AgentP threw a drumstick back at him. The flying drumstick hit J.Severe's and they both hit J.Severe in the face.

...The Last Throw

J.Severe threw a low drumstick 10 feet in front of AgentP. AgentP dived and caught the drumstick an inch from the ground. While down, AgentP grabbed a hot wing and threw it at J.Severe. J.Severe grabbed it and threw it back at AgentP. AgentP was hit in the left hand.

The End

AgentP pulled out the hottest drumstick he had, put a ghost pepper on it, and lit it on fire. J. Severe did the same. They both threw it at the same time, that the power was so intense, they both died right after. The End. Picture Coming Soon!!!!!

The Song

(To tune to Phineas and Ferb's "He's Bigfoot")

Fried Chicken,
Fried Chicken,
Fried Chicken,
Fried Chicken.
Fried Chicken,
Fried Chicken,
Fried Chicken,
Fried Chicken!
x ∞

The Moral

Fried chicken is awesome!