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Dumb and Dumber (the first one)

  • It's about Lloyd and Harry doing random stuff and just causing trouble for no reason.
  • Mary's name is "Laura".
  • Instead of Aspen, they go to Detroit.
  • Instead of going to a diner, they go to a club where Harry takes off his shirt.
  • During the part where Harry becomes a dog groomer, he accidentally runs over a cat with the Mutt Cuts van. Only to keep driving after not giving a crap about it.
  • Replace: "I Got Worms" with: "I Got Aids".
  • Before Harry goes over to where Mary lives, instead of JUST laxatives, Lloyd laces Harry's tea with weed ....and still laxatives.
  • When he gets to Mary's house, the drugs hit him. Harry starts to laugh at seemingly nothing. When Mary asks him "What's wrong?" Before walking off. After he starts feeling the lax effects, he says "My guts are speaking German." Then he screams like Filthy Frank and runs into the bathroom. He pulls down his pants and shits. Missing the toilet a little bit while screaming "I HAVE NO BALLS ANYMORE!!" when he finishes, he proceeds to look back at the mess behind him and cries " Mama Mia". When he sees the toilet doesn't flush, he tries again and says "Do your job, bitch!"
  • When he still can't get it to work he unscrews the toilet to pour its contents out the window but drops it and the contents go everywhere. He screams in horror and escapes out said window.
  • Mary faints when she opens the door. She gets killed because she hit her head on the floor.
  • The bird starts out alive, Lloyd rips its head off and pees on its dead corpse. Harry claps and says "Serves that boy correctly!"
  • "Harry, I took care of it." Is replaced with "Harris, go screw yourself."
  • During the scene where Harry says "pumpkin pie haired freak", Lloyd responds with "Harry you have nice man boobs."

Instead of "Pumpkin pie haired freak." Harry says "Potato headed furry."

  • Have the end credits song be "Butterfly" by Smile.DK.
  • The main characters look exactly the same, but they both like to wear dog collars around their necks.
  • Harry has a thing for being spanked and being a "bad boy".
  • Lloyd gets Harry's name wrong a lot. (EX: Howard, Harris, Harrison, Harold, Henry, Hellspawn.)
  • Lloyd secretly thinks that Harry is sexy.
  • Seabass is named "Shitface".

*Ha! I can’t help it right here.

  • While lacing the tea, Lloyd says "Add the whole bottle for fast relief! Make sure he feels all saucy inside! I also will add some dank ass kush!~"
  • Instead of a little chip off the end, Lloyd's entire left front tooth is missing.
  • Lloyd's catchphrase is "That's not right!" While Harry's is "What doing bitch?"
  • During the scene where they go skiing, Harry pukes while on the lift. It lands on a child.
  • When his tongue gets stuck on the pole, he rips it off and blood goes everywhere.
  • The suit that Harry wears is bright yellow, Lloyd's is bright green.
  • Harry's hat has "Secksy Beazt" written in black marker on the front.
  • During that "I'll stay here and pat out the vibe" part, Lloyd goes up to one of the waiters and grinds his ass on them.

Coraline (2009)

  • Have it made by Disney.
  • It is CGI Animation.
  • Make Coraline a cry Baby.
  • Add loads of toilet humour in it.
  • Rename the movie to Sexy Girls' Cool Movie
  • Have it released in 2015 due to it being more better than a 2009 Animated Film.

Phineas and Ferb: The Movie: Across The 2nd Dimension

  • Make all the songs sung by Rebecca Black.
  • Doof dies in the Goozim scene, and does not come back.
  • Phineas remembers the kiss and not Agent P.
  • Make it the series finale.
  • Make there be a "Live Action" dimension. ohwaitwutabouttheothernewpnfmovielolziforgot
  • Keep the lame "Choo Choo" ending. (Depends if you like it or not)
  • Add way more toilet humor.
  • Make it a very sappy romance movie.
  • Take out all the action and violence.
  • Make Dora The Explorer a main character and give her an alternate dimension character.
  • Make The Major Monogram scene in the shower unscensored ಠ_ಠ (You know, for kids!)


  • Having M&Ms instead of Reese's Pieces.
  • E.T. having a younger sister who is a brat.
  • E.T. gets high instead of getting drunk.
  • E.T. doesn't come back to life at the end.
  • Make it be like the game.
    • With the holes and the crash of an industry? Yes? No?
  • All the characters sing "Somebody's Watching Me" (it didnt exist yet still) in one scene.
  • Have it sponsor Wendy's
  • Remove the flying bike scene.
  • Change the name to AYYYYY-liens.
  • The animation looks like Angela Anaconda.
  • Everyone is voiced by different Google Translate text-to-speech voices.
  • Have it made in 2000.
  • Make it a ripoff of Butt-Ugly Martians.
  • De-age Elliot to a kindergartener and Gertie to a toddler.
  • Elliot's parents are abusive and they get angry at him for bringing E.T. home.
  • E.T. and Elliot hate each other.
  • Add a lot of AYY LMAO jokes.
  • Both Dame tu Cosita and Howard the Alien make cameos.
  • Add way more cursing. And I mean it
  • E.T. chases a Jar-Jar Binks costume instead of a Yoda one.
  • Make the frog dissection scene extremely graphic.
  • Gertie is watching Teen Titans GO! instead of Sesame Street.
  • Replace the Speak & Spell with a giant fidget spinner.
  • Add a lot of plot filler.
  • Add an anal space probe scene.
  • E.T mentions Meap (it did not exist).

Toy Story (Series)

Toy Story 1

  • Have the film, along with the sequels, be rated 12.
  • Andy dies from AIDS and the movie is all about Woody getting over it (probably the reason this film series is rated 12, to at least).
  • Have singing of classic Disney songs appear in the film.
  • Buzz Lightyear kills Woody with a real working laser blaster.
  • Buzz Lightyear and Woody get destroyed by Sid.
    • Or maybe you make it the other way around.
  • The scene where Woody deliberately throws Buzz out the window from the Black Friday reel is still kept in.
  • De-Age Sid to 5 years old. (He was already de-aged according to this deleted scene but de-age him even more:

Toy Story 2

  • Buzz and Woody get relocated to Alaska, where they get too cold and they get their batteries frozen to make them stop working, so they make "delicious hot smoes" to warm up.
  • Put Elmo in it. A Tickle-Me-Elmo.
  • Have Andy raise from the dead.
  • Al paints Woody bright pink.
  • Have Jessie's backstory really cheezy and edgy.

Toy Story 3

  • Put the Dora My Talking Backpack toy in it.
  • Andy throws the toys in the trash or burns his toys on purpose.
  • Daisy is a crybaby.
  • Replace Lotso with Love-a-Lot Bear.
  • Molly is nowhere to be seen.
  • Bonnie is a snobby rich girl resembling Nanette Manoir from Angela Anaconda.

Toy Story 4

  • The movie is a bootleg of Toy Story made in 2010 by Video Brinquedo.
  • Change the title to Little Toy.
  • Have the humans know about the toys' sentience.
  • Add in racist jokes and humor, similar to What's Up: Balloon to the Rescue.
  • Replace Ducky and Bunny with two redneck frogs named Burp and Belch.
  • Make Duke Caboom's backstory incredibly cheesy and edgy.
  • Woody tricks Gabby Gabby into putting a bomb into herself instead of his voice box, which leads to the bomb detonating in a fiery explosion during the scene where Gabby Gabby is found by a lost child, killing Gabby Gabby and the child.
  • Have Bo Peep be a feminist and an SJW.
  • Add in advertisements for Pepsi and McDonald's.
  • Have Forky be a gun instead of a spork.
    • However, he's not renamed, for some reason.
  • Stephan from Clifford is a main character
  • The Mr Bored (a Comcast cartoon) cast will join the cast.
  • Have Giggles McDimples actually die when she gets eaten by Dragon.
  • Add a running gag in which Forky shoots a background character at random, followed by him saying "Shut up!".
  • Remove the GPS scene and replace it with a scene of Burp and Belch crashing a roller coaster, killing numerous people.
    • The coaster is later revealed to be Devil's Flight from Final Destination 3.
    • Alternately, it's Larry The Scary Rex from the movie Clifford
  • At the end, have the SUV swerve out of control and fall off a cliff, killing everyone inside of it, including Bonnie, Forky, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, and the other toys in it.
  • Have Buzz's inner voice constantly curse.
  • Replace Second Chance Antique Store with a McDonald's, and the playground where Woody finds Bo Peep with a PlayPlace.
  • Make Bonnie 10 years old and entering the 5th grade.
    • However, she still acts like her kindergarten self.
  • Have the characters say "Delicious hot smoes" at complete random.
    • BONUS: "Delicious hot smoes" is said a total of 1,000 times during the movie.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Series)

  • Make the cast the same one as The Long Haul
  • Many toilet humor and jokes
  • Make the plot totally different from the books
  • The animation scenes are poor quality CGI
  • Make Susan an extreme feminist and SJW.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

  • The plot is about Greg trying to kill Rowley, due to not being gay.
  • Extend the scene with Rodrick's armpit.
  • Rodrick actually kills Greg at the end.

Rodrick Rules

  • Censor Exploded Diper
  • Rodrick is annoying as hell
  • Most toilet humor jokes out of all the films, making it the worst

Dog Days

  • Greg plays Twisted Wizard for most of the film
  • Greg gets held back all the way into Kindergarten


  • Taking out King Julien and replace him with a drunk amnesic rat.
  • Making the penguins die.
  • Put Dora and Boots in it.
  • Gloria is a crybaby.
  • No sequels.
  • Alex gets eaten alive by the fossas at the end.
  • The movie will suck in 2022.

Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie

  • Add a long boring disclaimer before the beginning.
  • Take out funny stuff and replace with stock footage of temper tantrums, just like in the series proper.
  • The first joke is a poop joke.
  • Put Dora, Mr. Bored, Peppa Pig & her friends, Zooter & Ellyvan from Jungle Junction and Spiderus from Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends in it as cameos.
  • Include too much toilet humor, and too little creative humor.
  • The credits move extremely fast and at different directions on a strobing rainbow background.
  • Khalil is the main protagonist, and gets more screen time than anyone else.
  • Khalil is an awful singer instead of a rug salesman. When he first appears, he sings a song called "I'm Khalil" to the tune of the Elmo's World theme, and very off key.
  • Khalil is voiced by by Bryn McAuley (using her Caillou voice).
  • Khalil gets drool everywhere in some scenes.
  • Khalil is an overly happy caterpillar that is so happy to the point he needs to be locked in an insane asylum who loves toilet humor.
  • In one scene, George and Khalil read Everybody Poops.
  • Put in annoying musical numbers that teach people to be rude, selfish, etc., just like in the series proper.
  • Have everyone (except Khalil, who sits on a swim ring and the treasure chest) get eaten by the whale and get killed inside of it.
  • The post credits scene show Khalil sitting on the toilet constipated and he shouts, "Dang!", as the last line of the movie.
  • Have it directed by Michael Bay.
  • Hire a bunch of teenagers who dropped out of high school to work on the movie.
  • Have the movie not follow the story of Jonah at all.
  • instead of singing Message from the Lord, make the veggies sing Barbie Girl in very annoying voices instead.
  • Every 8 seconds a character sneezes, picks their nose, hiccups, burps, or farts.
  • Have the characters talk to the audience (think Dora the Explorer)
  • The film was made to be a cash cow.
  • Have Khalil be un-potty trained and he poops in his diaper in some scenes. Also, he cries so loud that you can hardly hear other characters.
  • Have product placement of McDonald’s in the film and have Khalil and Elliot/Benny sing about it while the other characters cringe. They sing it after a McDonald’s restaurant pops up from the ocean. Afterwards Khalil says "Buy all their food or you’ll get tickle tortured!”.
    • BONUS: Ronald McDonald makes a cameo during the song.
  • At the end after everyone got eaten by the whale, have Khalil and Bubsy Bobcat sing the Dora the Explorer theme song.
  • Make this the series finale.
  • Put Bubsy Bobcat in it and make him ride the whale.
  • Put Bob the Builder and Wendy in it (so the film would be overloaded with sandwiches and construction in random places? Possibly...)
  • Have scary logos instead of the movie just to tease and scare us.
  • Make the script like Doogal.
  • Beastly from Care Bears scratches Elliot in the face like a cat.
  • There is a scene where Khalil annoys the pirates with a Dora My Talking Backpack toy.
  • Edward and Bella from twilight do the Fukkireta dance with Khalil singing in the background.
  • A very fat butterfly similar to the Pooh Goes Poop verion of Pooh appears as Khalil's adoptive father.
  • The whale speaks in some sort of weird Huttese-like language.
  • Add lots of outdated pop culture refrences.
  • Khalil sings a cheesy horrible version of this in the end credits while doing the chicken dance on the treasure.
  • On the home video and 2003 theatrical releases of the film, there is a scene similar to the Shrek in the Swamp Karaoke Dance Party from Shrek, but with awful versions of VeggieTales songs, songs with toilet humor, and nursery rhymes.
    • BONUS: Khalil, Elliot/Benny, and Ronald McDonald sing a rap version of the McDonald's song used earlier in the movie.
  • The movie is a TV movie, and later gets a theatrical release in late 2003.
    • BONUS: It airs in 2005 before the premiere of Vegetable World.
  • Make it an interactive movie in the style of the Oogieloves, where the audience is requested to interact with the film at certain points.
  • Have Wind Beneath My Wings play when everyone gets eaten by the whale.
  • Put the Early Earthquake Warning System graphic and audio somewhere during the climax of the movie, and text about an earthquake on the top for the rest of the film.
  • Have Khalil think that George is his father and call him "Pappy". He also thinks that Elliot and Sedgewick are his uncles.
  • Shortly after everyone gets eaten by the whale, Khalil shouts, "I blame the Jews!"
  • Khalil makes cat and dog noises at random moments during the film, annoying everyone else.
  • The CGI is similar to ReBoot!
  • The movie is renamed to "Jonah's Big Funny Adventure: A Robet and Benny Movie".
  • Have kids' infomercials from the late 90's and 2000's play every 30 minutes. After each string of infomercials, Khalil says "Buy our stuff or I'll poop and pee on you!"
  • The plot is changed from Jonah having to deliver a message to God to Khalil and Jonah having to look for a treasure chest.
  • When everyone finds the treasure chest, Khalil and Jonah sing "We Sat on Down" from Blue's Clues.
  • In one scene, Khalil is constipated, so he and Jonah both sing the song the puppet is singing on the right. And surprisingly, the song works.
    Everybody Poops-0

    Everybody Poops-0

  • The film’s message is “You always win if you’re good”.
  • Khalil is very greedy about the treasure.
  • The treasure chest is a stock image.
  • The group plays Cards Against Humanity instead of Go Fish.
  • Add a scene where the dialogue is nothing but fart jokes.
  • Sedgewick grows fat from eating too much McDonald’s after the McDonald’s song.

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie

  • The movie was made to be a cash cow
  • Take out everything funny
  • George talks like a toddler.
  • The scene where the Pirates audition on stage, but it backfires and messes up half of the restaurant is extended, and the entire restaurant is on fire.
  • The Pirates become naked as a result of them going to the 17th century.
  • Jolly Joe's is replaced with a Showbiz Pizza Palace and everyone who eats at it pukes from how terrible the pizza tasted.
  • The movie is named: Stupid Silly Poopy Pirates: A Robert and Benny Movie
  • Khalil appears in the movie and his only purpose is to make toilet jokes.
  • Have there be the "Potatoey Dancey Wancey" at some point of the film
  • The pool of cheese curls is actually diarrhea with undigested corn.
  • Have a pirate named Freddie who is obsessed with selfies, smartphones, toilet humor, and Justin Bieber.
  • Robert the Terrible gets grounded by the Pirates at the end, similar to a GoAnimate grounded video.
    • And to top it all off, Robert the Terrible says this line.
  • Animate it using GoAnimate
  • George eats raw eggs and Swiss chesse every 10 minutes.
  • Have the Pirates twerk constantly.
  • Robert the Terrible's henchmen are: Bubsy Bobcat and Rubik the Amazing Cube
  • Elliot pees himself every 5 minutes, and blames his small bladder on it.
  • Have intense product placement of Taco Bell in the movie.
  • Like Frozen, have it invade the market.
  • Add tons of butt jokes, fart jokes, and toilet humor.
  • The Mega Babies join the Pirates.
  • Have it made in 2014

Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Kids

  • Make Holley voiced by Billy West.
  • Make Spiderus voiced by Long John Baldry, using his Dr. Robotnik voice.
  • Have it made in 1999.
  • Have Squirt, Dragon, Shimmer, and Bounce steal a car at one point and they get sent to prison after they crash the stolen car.
  • At the end, have everyone get eaten by a bunch of gluttonous hens after the end credits.
  • There is a scene involving Spiderus impersonating James Charles.
  • Dragon, Bounce, and Spiderus have terrible models.

Oliver and Company

  • Have Oliver talk like a toddler.
  • It is distributed by the company who did Dinosaur Adventure.
    • That company’s called Dingo Pictures!
  • Have it made in 2004.
    • Why would that make it bad?
      • Traditional animation was in its dying years before Disney revived it in 2009.
        • Home on the Range was released in 2004, so obviously what happens to that movie?
  • The movie is named "Cat on the Street"
  • Remove Jenny and replace her with Dora the Explorer.
  • Make Tito a very happy Chihuahua was so happy to the point that he needs to be locked up in an insane asylum.
  • Roscoe and Desoto kill Dodger near the end.
  • Add toilet humor and unfunny pop culture references.
  • Barney makes a cameo.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

  • At the start, SpongeBob buys 'Puffy Fluffy' which makes Gary run away forever.
    • As if this makes Puffy Fluffy the main villain of this movie.
  • Puffy Fluffy blows all the bubbles in the shack and he causes SpongeBob and Patrick to get beaten up.
  • The grandma icecream stall thing is set off by Puffy Fluffy (by phone, that is).
  • David Hasselhoff is Seth MacFarlane instead.
  • The Cyclops is Nicki Minaj.
  • The shop is a stuffed animal shop.
  • Puffy Fluffy steals Neptune's crown.
  • Mindy is voiced by Lady Gaga and she sings really goofy songs.
  • The Goofy Goober Rock Song at the end is Fuck You by Cee-Lo Green, making Puffy Fluffy graphically explode.
  • Plankton and Karen do not appear in the movie at all (Because of Puffy Fluffy).
  • SpongeBob also gets a splinter during the Goofy Goober's sequence, and blames Puffy Fluffy for it.
  • The Krusty Krab 2 is a Peter Piper Pizza and everybody who eats at it gets food poisoning.
  • Have it directed by Michael Bay.
  • Add a lot of edgy offensive humor, like in the series proper.
  • Dennis is more psychopathic and has a handgun that replaces his knife.
  • Dennis shoots Floyd and Lloyd instead of ripping their lips off. He also shoots up the Thug Tug, shoots David Hasselhoff/Seth MacFarlane in the head and kills him instead of stabbing his butt, and tries to shoot SpongeBob and Patrick.
  • Floyd and Lloyd are ugly bullfrogs who are avid weed smokers.
  • Remove Ocean Man and Best Day Ever.
  • After the Gooby Goober Rock song, Mr. Krabs calls SpongeBob and Patrick out for everything. As a result, SpongeBob doesn't become manager at the end and is fired from his job.
  • King Neptune curses every sentence.
  • The Patty Wagon is a modified version of the photo ride from Chuck E. Cheese.
  • The movie is released as a direct-to-video movie.
  • Goofy Goober's is a drug shop instead of an ice cream parlour.
  • Instead of getting drunk from ice cream, SpongeBob and Patrick become stoned.
  • Planktopolis is renamed to the Puffocaust, and it resembles several WWII concentration camps, complete with some of the characters being gassed in a gas chamber.
  • Instead of getting seaweed mustaches from Mindy/Lady Gaga, SpongeBob and Patrick have an uncensored threesome with her. This replaces the "Now That We're Men" sequence.
  • Instead of the tear reviving SpongeBob and Patrick after they get dried up, they get revived by someone smoking weed onto them. The person who smokes weed onto them is revealed to be Seth MacFarlane.
  • Remove the pirates' scenes.
  • Rename the movie to Spongey Cheese's Big Freakin' Movie.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

  • Take out all funny parts and replace them with random poorly made infomercials.
  • Put more fart jokes.
  • Remove "Squeeze Me" by N.E.R.D
  • Make the characters' superpowers bland and boring.
  • The names of the characters' superhero egos are either clunky and/or unoriginal.
  • Make the movie more like the trailers and promotional media, which means MORE LIVE ACTION!
  • The credits song, "Ocean Man" is replaced with the voice crack version.

Pokémon Movies

Pokémon: The First Movie

  • Have Mewtwo talk like a toddler
  • Ash does not get revived after he turns into stone.
  • Put product placement of Huggies pull ups.
  • WAY too much toilet humor
  • Have Mewtwo sing Barney's "I Love You" song at the end.

Pokémon 2000

  • Add more poop jokes

Pokémon: Spell of the Unown

  • Entei is replaced by an ugly cockroach.
  • The cockroach eats Pikachu like a lizard.
  • Add toilet humor please!!!

Pokémon 4Ever

  • Celebi never gets revived
  • Celebi gets shot by poachers
  • The cast of Mega Babies makes a cameo.

Pokémon Heroes

  • Latias is voiced by Maria Darling (using her Amelia voice, but sicker)
  • Latios is voiced by Rob Paulsen (using his Bubsy voice)
  • Make Latios have a potty emergency 20 minutes into the movie.

Pokémon Jirachi Wish Maker

  • Taking out Pikachu.
  • Replacing May with Teddy from Good Luck Charlie.
  • Replacing Ash with an average 16-year-old guy.
  • Not having any more Pokémon movies.
  • Having Max kill Ash (or average 16-year-old guy) with Jirachi because they are friends but not with Ash (or average 16-year-old guy).
  • Make it the series finale to the show and franchise.
    • Unless if they reboot it and do something different with it.

Lucario and the Mystery of Mew

  • Lucario sings this song from Rubbadubbers at one point of the film
  • Lucario has a bratty 2-year-old sister named Lucaria who wears a diaper, sings baby songs, and has trouble with basic math (so basically a female prototype of Riolu).
  • The characters break the fourth wall a la Dora the Explorer
  • Pikachu is replaced by Tico from Dora the Explorer
  • Add incredibly stupid toilet humor.
  • Lucario is voiced by Charlie Sheen (using his Dex Dogtective voice)
  • Aaron is replaced by the Pooh Goes Poop version of Pooh.
  • At one point, Tico meets some Ludicolo and they sing this annoying Spanish song.
  • Every 8 seconds, a character pees, poops, burps, or farts.
  • At one point, Lucario, Lucaria, Tico, and Mew go to a bar and drink too much.
  • Lucario is revived by this poop quote Lucaria says.

Arceus and the Jewel of Life

  • Add a pointless love story for Sheenia and Kevin.
  • At the final scene make everyone sing the Dora the Explorer theme song as the grand finale.
  • Make Arceus voiced by Tom Kenny.
  • Add toilet humor.
  • Add Back to the Future references.
  • Have 9/11 jokes.
  • Make everyone a complete moron.
  • Have E.T guest star in it.
  • Have cursing.
  • Replace Damos with Panda from We Bare Bears.
  • Have Pikachu poop everywhere.
  • Have Meow Mix product placement.
  • Make Kevin voiced by Alan Tudyk using his Ludo voice.
  • After the grand finale, the screen cuts to a black screen with white text that uses Comic Sans font that says "Congratulation! You have finished watching this movie......" Like if the makers of this movie knew this movie suck. After the first sentence, the next one goes like "Now go and rest our brain cells!"

Kyurem vs The Swords of Justice

  • Keldeo is voiced by Rob Paulsen (using the Bubsy voice)
  • Keldeo never becomes a Sword of Justice.
  • Get rid of the Swords of Justice.
  • Kyurem is replaced by a bland, boring dragon.

Detective Pikachu

  • Make the plot ridiculously cliché and predictible.
  • Make it a MLP reference.
  • All of the Pokémon are people in costumes that look like these.
  • No CGI.
  • The Cubone in the beginning was shown with its dead mother.
  • Sonichu makes a cameo.
  • Make it really low budget.
  • Have it created by genwunners who are trying to say that all of the later generations are bad.
  • The cast of Shark Tale joins the cast.
  • Add 9/11 jokes.
  • Fill it with fetish scenes.
  • Make it a bootleg.
  • Magikarp gets the most screen time.
  • Harry Goodman is dead.
  • Pikachu sings "I Play Pokémon GO everyday" instead of the anime theme.
  • Make Pikachu die after he drowned.
  • Add an offensive joke that was cut out from the original.


  • Make Mater have more screen time than any other character in the film.
  • At one point in the tractor tipping scene, have the tractors chase Lightning & Mater.
  • Make Frank a huge swearing combine.
  • Lightning McQueen wins the race instead of throwing the race to save Weathers.
  • Guido talks about poop the whole time.
  • Make it live-action.
  • Give it lots of direct-to-video sequels.

Winnie the Pooh (2011)

  • Darby shows up.
  • Christopher Robin grows up and leaves his toys behind then dies.
  • Rebecca Black singing what Zooey Deschanel was supposed to sing instead.
  • Piglet COULD knot.
    • What does that even mean?
  • Having the titular character become obese and needing to go to the bathroom... AGAIN.
    • And then make a bunch of sequels that are uncreative and add non-Pooh characters. Oh wait......
  • Make the characters tell poop jokes about pooh bear.
  • Tigger eats Winnie the Pooh.
  • Christopher Robin grows up and sells his toys on eBay.
  • Christopher Robin dies.
  • The Baxter is actually a crazy murderer and kills every character off 1 by 1, and having TWC release it under Dimension Films.

The Home Alone series

  • All of the screams are in ear-bleeding earrape.

First movie

  • Making Kevin find a red Pikachu (Pokémon didn't exist in 1990!)
  • Kevin is 21 instead of 8 years old.
  • Have Harry and Marv kidnap Kevin and molest him.
    • BONUS: It's uncensored.
    • DOUBLE BONUS: Kevin dies temporarily while Harry and Marv do this.
  • Kate actually sells her soul to the devil.

Second movie

  • Kevin watching Blue's Clues (wait a minute... BLUES CLUES DIDNT EXIST IN 1992!)
  • Donald Trump is a main character.

Sonic OVA

  • Sonichu is a character.
  • Ugandan Knuckles takes over the film.
  • All of the mobians are animated to look like the CGI Sonic.
  • Adding a bunch of inappropriate things that do not belong in Sonic. Oh wait...
    • So, they had these things? So, what about the others?
  • Add a Bench Tails scene.
  • The Tails Doll creepypasta is referenced.
  • this guy appears as a character
  • & Knuckles: New Funky Mode

Finding Nemo

  • Realizing Marlin was turning female throughout the whole movie.
  • Have Nemo and Marlin get caught on a fish hook then served up at Red Lobster.
  • Have Marlin and Dory be chased by an angry group of hungry Blastoise.
  • One word: PETA.
  • Add a lot of toilet humor.
  • Dory is voiced by Kathleen Herles (using her Dora the Explorer voice)
  • Marlin is voiced by Rob Paulsen (using his Bubsy Bobcat voice)
  • Nemo is voiced by by Bryn McAuley (using her Caillou voice)

Over the Hedge

  • Having it be in 2D
  • Making R.J's dream really happen
  • PETA jokes!
  • all the animals DIE!
  • Having MOAR THX logos
  • Poor stop-motion is the animation technique.

The Rugrats Movie

  • Having the steam-powered circus train replaced by a CSX circus train.
    • Have the derailment of the circus train be caused by a collision with a Ethanol train.
  • Have Inspector Gadget appear at the end and confront the gang for property damage, derailing a train, and killing a wolf.
  • Have the Reptar Wagon say swears.
  • Have Baby Dil poop and pee in Tommy's mouth, and he pukes on him as a result.
  • Have Angelica be eaten by a wolf.
  • Have the babies used Dactar instead of the Reptar Wagon.
  • Having 100000000000000 Klasky Csupo logos instead of the movie just to tease us.
  • Klasky Csupo just sucks. :(
  • Have the Russian circus monkeys kidnap the babies.
  • Add 2,000 Nickelodeon logo to it!

Rugrats Go Wild

  • Make it the series finale.
  • Put Dora in it
  • Siri eats the babies in a gory scene.
    • And Spike, too
  • Remove the scenes where Nigel Thornberry acts like he's three.
  • Replace some good scenes with Supernanny and Nanny 911 footage.
    • Neither shows existed in 2003.
  • Bubsy Bobcat shows up and team up with Siri
  • Make Spike voiced by Kraftwerk instead of Bruce Willis
  • Nigel is voiced by Brian Blessed (using his Boss Nass voice) as opposed to Tim Curry.
  • Remove the scratch and sniff cards from Burger King. 

The Brave Little Toaster

  • Have the mish-mash talking on and on and on and on for 24 hours.
  • Show the crusher killing the toaster.
  • Remove the radio. Cue the memes.
  • Have there be more product placement for TDK and have the characters sing a song about it.

The LEGO Movie Franchise

The LEGO Movie

  • The movie is a crappy stop-motion LEGO film.
  • Replace "Everything is Awesome" with the Justin Bieber Despacito remix. (wait. IT. DID. NOT. EXIST. IN. 2014.)
  • Emmett curses every minute.
  • Make. Lucy. Way. Too. Sexy.
  • All of the pop-culture references are forced, obscure, and unfunny.
  • Batman dies because the Space Slug eats him.
  • Unikitty is voiced by Alex Jones.
  • The movie ends with the whole town being covered in Kragle and Emmett chooses to commit suicide by jumping into the void.

LEGO Batman

  • Have the characters talk to the audience (think Dora the Explorer).
  • Add a lot of toilet humor.
  • The first joke is a poop joke.
  • De-age Robin to a preschooler.
  • The movie is aimed at toddlers.
  • Add product placement of Burger King to the movie.
  • Every 5 to 60 seconds a character sneezes or farts.
  • Robin is renamed Chicken, and in his first appearance, he does the chicken dance from Elmo's World with Batman.

The LEGO Movie 2

  • Catchy Song is replaced with Baby.
  • The part where every LEGO character gets into the bins is the actual ending
  • The next part never gets released.

Monsters, Inc

  • Take out the 2319 line.
  • Put in some inappropriate stuff that doesn't belong to a Disney movie. WHY?
  • Add 100 Pixar logos to it.
  • Add 9/11 jokes.
  • Boo is replaced by Dora the Explorer.
  • At one point, Have Bard The Dragon appear in the film singing Trololo (I'm Glad To Be Home)
  • Put in a video clip that's better than the movie just to tease us.
  • A113
  • A113
  • A113
  • A113
  • A113

Wayside The Movie (the pilot of Wayside)

  • Take out the falling computers scene
  • Add the word "Eh" to every last line said by a character
  •  This movie wasn't truly that great. An adaptation of those books could have been done like 50 times better.

Thomas and the Magic Railroad

  • Show the entire island blowing up. Or not.
    • Uh, is the movie directed by Michael Bay?
      • This version is.
  • Make Diesel 10 a extremely violent diesel.
  • Have product placement of Burger King and the characters sing about it.
  • Make Sir Topham Hatt say swears.
    • In addition to that have him played by Eminem!
  • Have Thomas be voiced by John Bellis as in the director's cut.
  • Have P.T. Boomer added, and make him even more scary.
  • Have Diesel 10 crash and explode in a fiery explosion, like with the crashes in the TV series proper.
  • Have Percy be voiced by a toddler who's obviously reading off of a cue card.
  • Have James and Gordon be voiced by Alec Baldwin.
    • Think of James the Gunk Guy or Gordon the Fat Person or whatever.
  • Have Toby be voiced by Ringo Starr.
  • Have Edward appear as a extremely depressed character voiced by Denise Oliver, like in the TV series proper.
    • And he finally commits suicide by going in the lake and drowning himself near the end of the movie, as a result of his depression.
      • And he never comes back after this, except in the 15th season where he comes back as a zombie.
  • Have Diesel 10 be voiced by George Carlin.
  • Remove "I Know How the Moon Must Feel" and replace it with the theme from Titanic.
  • This clip is included.
  • Thomas says this when he finds out that Edward finally died.
  • Shortly after the funeral, Diesel 10 and P.T. Boomer are blamed for Edward's death, and they get grounded by Sir Topham Hatt and the other trains, similar to a GoAnimate grounded video.
  • The trains and Sir Topham Hatt sing a sad cheesy version of this song, but directed to Edward at Edward's funeral.

The Wild Thornberrys Movie

  • Make the moral "The complainer is always wrong"
  • Tally the cheetah cub is killed and made into a rug by the poachers at the end of the movie.
  • Put Dora as one of the people at the British school.
  • Take out everything funny.
  • Add more toilet humor and add unnecessary dated pop culture references.
  • The cast of The Brothers Flub makes a cameo.

Babe: The Brave Pig

  • Have the entire thing a dream
    • As a bonus, put commercials from the 1900s at random points.
  • Make all the animals anthropomorphic
  • Have Babe be slaughtered for pork at the end.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the original film)

Stellaluna (2004 MGM movie)

  • Stellaluna is voiced by Kathleen Herles (using her Dora the Explorer voice)
  • Askari is voiced by Rob Paulsen (using his Bubsy Bobcat voice)
  • Have the movie not follow the book at all.
  • Remove Horatio and Kasuku
  • Have a scene where Stellaluna and Askari use the urinal together for Hellonintendo9's sexual pleasure. They use the urinal after they find one in the forest.
  • Pip, Flitter, and Flap throw tantrums every minute, and their tantrums are worse than the children's tantrums on Supernanny.
  • Barney the Dinosaur is Askari's adoptive father and he joins Stellaluna and Askari.
  • The animation looks like Mega Babies
  • Askari dances at inappropriate times.
  • Every 5 seconds a character burps or farts
  • Wendy's product placement.
  • Askari's catchphrase is "I love farts!"
  • Add unnecessary toilet humor and and unfunny pop culture references.

Batman: The Movie

  • Replace Adam West as Batman with the Dark Knight version of Batman.
  • Give Robin a mustache
  • Replace the Bat Shark Repellent with a can of Raid.

Star Wars Saga (Note: This will be the longest section on this page, and this only covers the main films in the Star Wars series. The standalone films like Rogue One will have their own separate sections.)

  • Make it kid-friendly.
  • Certain sound effects, like the Wilhelm scream and the "Pew pew" noise, are played so loudly that you cannot hear the characters or the background music.
  • Jar Jar's smile he did after giving Palpatine emergency powers is a running gag in all the movies from Attack of the Clones onward.
    Tumblr inline o67kgznGsN1sixi5g 500

Prequel Trilogy

The Phantom Menace

  • Make young Anakin Skywalker 5 years old. 
  • Have Boss Nass do the weird spitting thing after every other line he says. 
  • Make the film a musical (some people may like this idea), with the final musical number sung by the Gungans and Jar Jar Binks. 
  • Make the Trade Federation talk like toddlers. 
  • Jar Jar has more screen time. 
  • Have Darth Sidious get mad at the Trade Federation for being idiots.
  • The Senate scene where Padme finds out the Trade Federation is lying is turned into a musical number.
  • Make Padme have the personality of a sterotypical Disney princess.
  • Jar Jar is a participant in the podrace and miraculously survives. 
  • Anakin keeps on throwing tantrums about leaving his mom. 
  • Add more toilet humor to the film.
  • Make Captain Tarpals an idiot. 
  • Have Boss Nass kill Qui-Gon. 
  • Jar Jar Binks makes pop culture refrences for comedic purposes. 

Attack of the Clones

  • Make the film 3 hours long, with half of it showing us how Jar Jar became a Junior Represenative and what he did while Padme went into hiding. 
    • You won't have to worry about sitting for three hours! The film has a 15 minute intermission! The bad news is that the intermission consists of 5 minutes for commercials for tie-ins relating to the film and 10 minutes of Jar Jar and Palpatine giving the audience a tour of Coruscant.
  • When Jar Jar meets Obi Wan, he accidentally rips Obi Wan's hand and it falls off. Luckily, this is fixed in the next scene.
  • The nightclub place (where the death sticks scene happens) is replaced by a Gungan deesco (look it up) where the song Cousin Jar Jar by Meco plays in the background.
  • We actually get to see Anakin's nightmare about his mom.
  • Change Boba Fett's personality as a child to young Anakin Skywalker's personality.
  • Keep the "I hate sand" scene.
  • Boss Nass sings a parody of the Ettique song from Animaniacs to teach Jar Jar about being a Junior Represenative.
  • Count Dooku is clueless and doesn't know what to do. 
  • Put more romantic scenes between Anakin and Padme.
  • Put in a scene implying that Jar Jar Binks and Palpatine are in a romantic relationship. 
  • The film has a pop song about the Jedi played during the end credits of the film, and Jar Jar Binks raps during the middle of the song. 
  • Anakin and Padme go to a candy factory that turns humans into candy.
  • The ending contains Anakin, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Padme singing a song about the events of the film that is similar to Jonah Was a Prophet. Then, Jar Jar Binks appears out of nowhere and does the creepy smile he did after he gave Palpatine emergency powers in the original movie before the film cuts to the end credits.

Revenge of the Sith

  • Have a short based on this comic play before the movie.
  • The movie is a musical that slightly rips off Aladdin. (I like said song and both movies mentioned, but Disney-like songs wouldn't fit the mood of Revenge of the Sith.)
  • Anakin says "NOOOOOO!" as a response to everything bad that happens in the movie.
  • Queen Julia of Baradotta, Jar Jar's girlfriend from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV show, is one of the main characters in the film. 
  • Palpatine is a comic-relief character who is like the Genie from Aladdin, and a few of his lines rip off the Genie's lines.
  • After saving Palpatine from General Grevious, Anakin gets three wishes. The first wish is to beome a member of the Jedi Council, the second is to become a powerful Sith apprentice, and the third wish is to save Padme. (Scroll down to see how that wish turned out...)
  • The first vision Anakin has about Padme is scarier and contains Jar Jar Binks' "emergency powers" speech (except it sounds more demonic), while Jar Jar stares evilly with yellow, bloodshot eyes.
  • The scene where Palpatine makes Anakin part of the Jedi Council also contains Jar Jar Binks and Queen Julia.
  • There's a scene where Jar Jar Binks gives executive powers to Palpatine.
  • Palpatine tells the people sitting near him and Anakin in the opera house that he saw Jar Jar Binks in the lobby in order to get them out of their seats.
  • Instead of going to Kashyyyk, the Jedi and Clone Troopers go to Otoh Gunga.
  • The second vision Anakin has about Padme dying also contains Jar Jar Binks screaming "MEESA LUV PALPY!!" (in slow motion) while we see him kiss Palpatine on the lips.
  • Anakin rants about how stupid the Jedi Council is when they refuse to make him a Jedi Master.
  • Boss Nass replaces the alien who greets Obi Wan when he arrives in Otoh Gunga.
  • The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise scene is turned into a musical number
Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 6.59.35 PM


  • Palpatine kills all the Jedi by sending them on a train ride that sends them into a giant ring of fire that burns all of them to death. Obi Wan escapes this by disguising as Boss Nass.
  • Jar Jar Binks is revealed to be a Sith Lord and kills Padme. (The "Jar Jar being a Sith Lord" part of this could be a cool idea for some people.)
  • "What a Wonderful World" plays when Padme dies. 
  • Have Jar Jar cry over Padme's death for an entire minute.
  • Instead of Palpatine claiming Darth Vader himself killed Padme, Jar Jar Binks says the wish didn't work because Palpatine was more focused on making Anakin his apprentice and forgot to grant it, so Jar Jar got his wish granted instead, which was to officially become Palpatine's lover.
  • Have a scene similar to the ending scene of Disaster Movie with an alternate version of Star Wars Gangsta Rap 2 (WARNING! NSFW) at the end of the movie with prequel characters singing the song. Darth Vader, Palpatine, Yoda, Chewbaca, Jabba, C3P-0, R2-D2, and Jar Jar Binks would keep their verses (however, Darth Vader's verse would be changed to reflect the events of Revenge of the Sith), but characters such as Boss Nass, Qui-Gon, and Queen Julia would sing new verses. Also, the song would be bowderlized to keep the film rated PG-13.
  • There is an unrated version of the film, which contains the following alterations:
    • There is an orgey with Anakin, Palpatine, Jar Jar Binks, and Queen Julia that happens during the scene where Palpatine grants Anakin's first wish, which is to be on the Jedi Council, is granted.
    • The sexy female background dancers in "The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise" musical number are naked.
    • Anakin's rant about not becoming a Jedi Master is filled with profanity.
    • The statues in the room where Anakin threatens to kill Palpatine are naked statues of Palpatine.
    • The scene with the train with the Jedi going on fire is more graphic.
    • The rap at the end of the film is uncensored.
    • Before the end credits, Boss Nass does a PSA about not doing drugs to become easily tempered into joining the dark side, and he even points out the visions Anakin had in the film as evidence that he was on drugs and how he was easily able to trust Palpatine without realizing that he was suspicious until it was too late.

Original Trilogy

A New Hope

  • De-age Luke Skywalker to a 9-year-old, who is almost as whiny as his father when he was five years old.
  • Replace Chewbacca with Jar Jar Binks.
  • Princess Leia acts like a spoiled brat.
  • Luke throws a tantrum when the red droid breaks.
  • Leia's message is replaced by one telling Obi Wan Kenobi that she wants a starship of her own for her tenth birthday because Darth Vader wouldn't let her buy one. When the lens projecting the message breaks off, the message changes to a video of Jar Jar Binks talking about how excited he is to be a Junior Representative in the Galactic Senate, which is obviously a video that was filmed before the Clone Wars.
  • The Tusken Raiders can talk, and their voices sound like Battle Droids.
  • The creature in the trash compactor is an Opree Sea Killer.
  • R2-D2 takes a little too long to stop the trash compactor.

The Empire Strikes Back

  • A talking snow-Gungan helps our heroes on Hoth.
  • Boba Fett has that weird lizard thing he rode on in the Star Wars Holiday Special as a pet.
  • Dagobah looks like a whimsical place that wouldn't seem out of place in any Jim Henson TV show or film, which would be unfitting for this type of movie.
  • Luke gets very angry at Yoda for stealing his food.
  • The flying creatures that attack Leia, Han, and Jar Jar Binks (Chewbacca) are replaced by talking tarantulas who look so scary, you'd get nightmares even if you looked at them for a second.
  • Make the scene where Luke practices lifting many objects less funny.
  • Leia yells at Darth Vader for freezing Han Solo in carbonite.
  • Darth Vader not only reveals that he's Luke's father, but that Jar Jar Binks caused the rise of the Empire.

Return of the Jedi

  • There is a person at the door of Jabba's palace who is like the doorman from The Wizard of Oz.
  • Instead of playing the message where Luke offers the droids to Jabba for the release of Han Solo, R2D2 plays an infomercial where Jar Jar Binks offers the droids to Jabba for the amazing price of seven wiupipi.
  • Leia disguises as a Gungan to free Han Solo.
  • Keep the Jedi Rocks musical number, and have it play again as background music during the Sarlacc Pit battle.
  • Make Slave Leia wear a sparkly golden princess dress with a short skirt.
  • The Sarlac Pitt has Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors in it.
  • Palpatine marries Jar Jar Binks and Darth Vader gets pissed about it.
  • The Ewoks are 2D animated characters.
  • Jar Jar turns himself in with Luke.
  • Instead of Darth Vader holding the lightsabers, Jar. Jar Binks holds it sings a song about how fun it is to play with a Jedi's lightsabers.
  • Palpatine tells Luke about his plans to marry Jar Jar Binks (he has been brainwashed ever since he used up Anakin's third wish), and both Luke and Darth Vader disagree with him.
  • Palpatine and Jar Jar teach Luke about sax instead of trying to convince him to turn to the Dark Side.
  • Some of the Ewoks attack the Stormtroopers by eating them.
  • When Palpatine gets killed, Jar Jar's brainwashing ceases, his Representative robes become golden, and Jar Jar appears to be "sparkly glowy" although he didn't actually die. Jar Jar is surprised by this.
  • Keep the DVD version of Anakin's Force Ghost, and also add Qui Gon Jinn and Padme as Force Ghosts as well, and keep the "WEESA FREE!" part in the montage at the end. (It's revealed earlier in the film that the Gungan who said that is actually Abso Bar Binks, Jar Jar Binks' son, since Jar Jar Binks writes letters to him, as well as his other children: Jo Jo, Jay Jay, and Jee Jee.)

Sequel Trilogy

  • Make the films musicals with Disney-esque songs, and aim the films at 6-year-old through 17-year-old girls. 

The Force Awakens

  • Rey finds the infamous Jar Jar Binks lollipop instead of Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber, and her Force vision is replaced by a flashback to the scene in Attack of the Clones where Jar Jar Binks gives emergency powers to Palpatine. Later on, the lollipop turns into a pink lightsaber.

    This is what Rey finds instead of Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber.

  • Replace Kylo Ren with a 9-year-old spoiled brat named Kylie Rainbow who is a ripoff of Malucia from Barbie and the Secret Door. Heck, she even sings a song that is similar to I Want it All from Barbie and the Secret Door. She also has a rainbow lightsaber.
  • Replace Finn with Jar Jar Binks' son, Abso Bar Binks.
  • Make BB-8 talk. 
  • We learn from Leia that Jabba the Hutt is the ruler of Tatooine now.
  • Kylie plans to blow up Naboo, but is stopped by the Gungans she works with, saying that Gungans would become endangered species if she did that, so she blows up Endor instead.
  • Snoke is replaced by a droid version of Jar Jar Binks.
  • Luke Skywalker and Han Solo are killed by the Force Ghost of Palpatine in a similar manner to Padme's mysterious death in Revenge of the Sith. Jar Jar Binks has to train Rey due to this, and he has absolutely no experience with the light side of the Force.

The Last Jedi

  • Instead of becoming one with the force, Luke becomes a Gungan.

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

  • Put in a video clip that's better than the movie just to tease us.
  • Have singing of classic Disney songs appear in the film.
  • All the enslaved parents die as a result of King Goobot and Ooblar zapping a laser at them.
  • The pizza is aggressive
  • The cast of Jingaroo are the main antagonists.
  • Put Dora and Boots in it.
  • Remove the "No Parents" scene.
  • Add more toilet humor.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

  • Have Nick get eaten by his dad.
  • Have the kids be shredded by the lawnmower.
  • Have singing of classic Disney songs appear in the film.
  • Having Froot Loops or Apple Jacks instead of Cheerios.
  • Make Quark a big angry attack dog instead of a cute small friendly dog. Also, he speaks and acts like Pip from Life's A Jungle Africa's Most Wanted.
  • Have the shrink ray in the kitchen instead of the attic.
  • Have it renamed to 'Honey, I ate the kids', 'Honey, I shrunk the laptop case', or 'Honey, I Farted the Kids'.
  • One Word: VORE.
  • Have Quark eat the kids.
  • Make Quark have rabies.
  • Have it be made by the company that made Life's A Jungle Africa's Most Wanted.
  • At some points the kids meet the beetles from The Christmas Brigade and the casts of Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends and Bug Bites An Ant's Life.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

  • Have Ivan Ooze (or 20th Century Fox logo) enslave the Rangers.
  • Make the Oozemen control the Ninjazords.
  • Have Zordon actually die instead of being brought back to life.
  • Make it the series finale.
  • Put in a video clip that's better than the movie just to tease us.
  • Bring back the Dinozords only to have them be destroyed by Ivan Ooze (or 20th Century Fox logo) and also have one of the destroyed Dinozords land on him and gets squashed as an result. (LOL! So crazy.)
  • Replace Ivan Ooze with the 20th Century Fox logo as the main villain.

The Lion King

  • Have the herd of wildebeest kill Simba (or launch him to the elephant graveyard, whichever one works).
  • Take out Timon and Pumbaa (and a few characters like Mufasa).
  • Having Pride Rock be blown up by an atomic blast that came out nowhere.
  • Have Scar be Simba's mood-swinging, crazy, and worrywart dad instead of his sinful uncle.
    • And when Simba dies, Scar then becomes scarred for life (get it?), depressed, and kills himself.
  • Have the hyenas kill Simba and Nala in the elephant graveyard.
  • Having 300,000,000,000,000 Disney logos instead of the movie just to tease us.
  • Add a saber-toothed tiger that eats Timon and Pumbaa. (Made to be the reason why Timon and Pumbaa got taken out, I guess.)
  • Make it so that the movie will be reduced to a short film and somehow stick it to another movie.
    • Or, make the 2019 CGI remake take its place.
  • All of the characters say Stopa 60 times.
  • Most of the characters (except Scar) have Pumbaa's stereotypical "haha he's a fat guy who eats and farts a lot!" personality.

Peter Pan (the Disney one)

  • Replace all of the music with "Lost Boy" by Ruth B.
  • Have Captain Hook kill Peter Pan.
    • After this, the zombie pirates that are taking over Neverland will kill Captain Hook and then they eat his brain.
  • Make Peter Pan not fly.
  • Have Neverland be taken over by zombie pirates.
  • Take out Tinker Bell.
    • Honestly, Tinker Bell was annoying. She would not be missed.

Follow That Bird

  • Have Big Bird be run over by a truck.
  • Have it be filmed with a really shaky camera like the show proper
  • Make it a made for tv movie that airs on Adult Swim
  • Elmo is a main character, rather than a cameo.
  • Have Big Bird run away to Kentucky only to be turned into fried chicken.
  • Have animal control officers capture Big Bird and take him to the pound.
  • Have a product placement for Pampers diapers in the film and have the characters sing a song about it.
  • The Lecture Lady is a main character, and gets more screentime the everyone else.
  • Replace the celebrity cameos with controversial people and youtubers, like in the show proper and as a result:
  • A cameo by Chevy Chase as a reporter who discusses Big Bird's escape in one scene is replaced by Keemstar and instead of reciting the lyrics to the theme song for Mr Rogers Neighborhood while describing the weather he randomly Fortnite dances to Its Everyday Bro. And remove Kermit's appearance during the scene and replace it with footage from Tomorrow's Pioneers in extremely slow motion
  • And also replace John Candy's appearance as a guy that finds and pulls over the Sleaze Brothers with Nick Crompton
  • The Sleaze brothers are played by Jake and Logan Paul

Jurassic World

  • Have the velociraptors ride motorcycles.
  • Have the island blown up at the end to build Dinosaur World Isla Nublar (a sister location of Dinosaur World from the Martin Short movie Clifford (which despite the title is not a Clifford The Big Red Dog movie). Seriously you should look it up for yourself, it's something) complete with Larry The Scary Rex, Barney, that Pteranodon that randomly talked to Clifford while he was on the Scary Rex ride and the cast of Dinosaur Adventure doing Fortnite dances at the entrance.
  • Give Indominus Rex the ability to swim.
  • Put Godzilla in it.
  • All the logos are outdated.
  • Give Indominus Rex the ability to fly and shoot fireballs from its mouth.
  • Put the Dinozords from Power Rangers in it and have them form the Ultrazord.
  • Add a dinosaur called the Yeerex which-you know.

The Incredibles

  • Take out the 'WHERE IS MY SUPER SUIT' scene.
  • Have Chicago blow up and the family has to move to New York.
  • The babysitter actually IS Woah Vicky.
  • One word: ALIENS
  • Too much disgusting toilet humor.
  • Put in a video clip that's better than the movie just to tease us.
  • A113
  • A113
  • A113
  • A113
  • A113

The Simpsons Movie

  • Have the characters sing "Just Watch Us Now" at the end of the movie.
  • We find out that Lisa is an impostor of Moe.
  • We find out that Homer is actually a woman and Marge is actually a man
  • Bart's private area is seen when he is naked.
  • Springfield is blown up
  • Put Miley Cyrus as herself in it! Have her also sing the theme song at the beginning instead of Green Day.
  • Plopper is taken to a slaughterhouse when he first appears.
  • Make the Multi-Eyed Squirrel the main protagonist of the film. (My gosh, how is it gonna work? We don't know.)
  • Have the Access Hollywood reference be changed to a Barney one.
  • After Plopper is killed, he is replaced by Elmo, and Homer sings the Elmo's World song with him.
  • Have ads for PBS Kids shows play every few scenes.
  • Have a Head-On parody like the one in Epic Movie as a bad dream Bart has. 
  • Make it a live-action animation hybrid like Alvin and the Chipmunks.
  • Have scenes where the Simpsons watch clips of the Star Wars prequels on TV (similar to the scenes from Alvin and the Chipmunks where the Chipmunks watch SpongeBob SquarePants), and Apu reveals that Bart messed up documents he had.
  • Add a character named "Stewart Sixties" who is a '60s music fanboy whose catchphrase is "Screw Jesus and praise The Beatles!".

Harry Potter Films

The Philosopher's Stone

Order of Phoenix

  • Umbridge kills the Whesley Twins after they attack the hall with fireworks during an exam
  • Umbridge kills the cats on the plates in her office
  • Umbridge marries Mr Flitch
  • Umbridge changes the hogwarts uniform to pink and the houses to Cath Kidson, Laura Ashley, NotOnTheHighStreet and Urcle

Half-Blood Prince

  • Hermione dies

Deathly Hallows Part 1

  • Make it a movie adaptation of My Immortal

Deathly Hallows Part 2

  • Harry wakes up

Inside Out

  • Make all the characters dumb and unlikable.
  • Make the animation look like The Rapsittie Kids: Believe In Santa.
  • Make Anger the first emotion to appear in Riley's head.
  • Make Riley as a baby look like the baby in Foodfight!
  • Have Riley's car explode when it hits the dinosaur.
  • Replace Sadness' Old Yeller reference with a pop culture or toilet humor joke.
  • Make Anger actually say "that curse word" he always wants to say during the course of the film without censorship.
  • The Triple Dent Gum jingle becomes the theme song to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • Make Bing Bong a whiny brat who LOVES toilet humor.
  • Make Bing Bong's theme song "The Pee-Pee Dance" from Teen Titans Go! (WHY?)
  • Some of the cast sing the lyric "I'm gonna be the very best" from the Pokémon Theme Song.
  • Have Bing Bong poop candy instead of crying out candy, and have Joy and Sadness yell "What are you doing?" each time it happens, referencing to the Illumination's HOP, when the titular character tries to show the person who finds him that he's "really special"
  • Make the imaginary boyfriend ACTUALLY JUSTIN BIEBER and make him sing "Baby". Wait....
  • Have product placement in the film and have the characters sing a song about it.
  • Make the "Abstract Thought" scene in live action with crappy sock puppets that look like the one in this video and have all of this sing the song the puppet is singing during that scene.
  • After the above scene, Bing Bong poops candy and revealed he was singing this because he was constipated.
    Everybody Poops-0

    Everybody Poops-0

  • Make the MEGA Babies use their powers to destroy everything in Imagination Land.
  • Have the characters talk to the audience a la Dora the Explorer.
  • Jangles is a killer clown.
  • Have Jangles kidnap Joy, Sadness and Bing Bong.
  • Replace the "HI RILEY, IT'S ME!" part in Riley's nightmare with the Neon Mickey logo.
  • Bing Bong, Joy and Sadness become naked as a result of the nightmare.
  • Have "Accidents Will Happen" from Thomas and Friends play when the Train of Thought derails.
  • Have a hurricane destroy the Islands of Personality and the emotion headquarters and everyone dies as a result.
  • Have Bing Bong go to the Subconcious a second time instead of "fading away", but this time, it's preceded by one of the guards yelling at him for pooping candy and doing a Slasher Smile at him.
  • Remove the line "Take her to the moon for me...okay?".
  • Have Joy fade away in the memory dump and get replaced by Angela Anaconda.
  • Nina makes a cameo, as a kid at school or that girl sliding with Riley in the playground memory.
  • Replace the Train of Thought with an Amtrak passenger train.
    • If it was in the real movie, it would be in bad taste. My dad rode that exact train HOURS BEFORE IT CRASHED.
  • Have Riley actually go back to Minnesota and a replacement for Riley will be some weirdo lost in the street, referencing a TAWoG episode called "The Babysitter."
  • Have Bing Bong keep a urinal in his bottomless bag that he uses every 10 minutes.
  • Have Bing Bong talk like a toddler.
  • Have Riley actually poop on the couch in the Goofball Island Core Memory.
  • Have Disgust only yell one phrase over and over: "Eew! That's disgusting!". During its last occurrence, Bing Bong gets so annoyed that he pees on her.
  • Make Riley Hispanic and come from New Mexico, and make her mom and dad Hispanic stereotypes.
  • Dora the Explorer replaces Meg.
  • Have Bing Bong make an annoying offensive joke that gets edited out of future releases of the film, just like what happened with Aladdin and Hotel Transylvania 2.
  • There is a musical number at the end sung to the tune of the Larry-Boy theme song from the VeggieTales episode "Larry-Boy! and the Fib From Outer Space" about Angela Anaconda and how she is going to help Riley. To make it worse, it's sung by the three Bing Bongs from The Bing Bong Book, and they dance in front of gross imagery, including toilets, bugs, scenes from gross episodes like The Splinter from SpongeBob, dirty hotels, etc.
  • Naked Toddler Riley attempts to kill Bing Bong claiming that hockey is more important than imaginary friends, but he annoys her by singing Animal Crackers In My Soup.
  • Have kids' infomercials from the late 90's and 2000's play every 30 minutes. After each string of infomercials, Bing Bong says "Buy our stuff or I'll poop on you!"
  • Add loads of product placement.

Popples (1986 Live-Action Film Pilot. AKA It's Popple Time)

  • Have Bonnie Wagner throw a very bad swearing tantrum once the Goodwill closes down at 6:00 PM, followed by Ellen Wagner (Billy and Bonnie's mother) spanking her exposed butt.
  • Have the Wagners never get the Popples at the end of the film.
  • Make what Billy's friend Ricky said actually occur.
  • Replace funny quotes such as "Does Springsteen come from Jersey?" and "Shut up, termite." with gross toilet humor-based ones.
  • Replace the background music throughout the pilot with audio portions of the Southern Television broadcast interruption of 1977.
  • Lessen focus on the parents and give them abusive personalities.
  • Give the Popples no personality whatsoever (like in the TV series proper).
  • Delete the Dinner scene at the beginning of the film in exchange for a family fight involving cursing, slapping, rude gestures, etc.
  • Change the instrumentals of Popple Magic to very obnoxious 80's Heavy Metal ones.
  • Take out the visuals of the balloon and popcorn popping in the Popple Magic scene in favor of disgusting feces coming from one's butt Do you want to make us puke?
    • It would give the film awkward toilet humor, making it worse. What did you expect?
  • Make the Popple puppets uglier than the characters on Mr. Pickles
  • Show physical abuse between Party Popple and Bonnie Wagner upon meeting each other.
  • Have it be overly "hip with the kids".

The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin (the "animatronic movie" pilot)

  • Have the characters find a magical jewel that takes them to modern times.
  • Add a 13-year old tomboy girl and her boyfriend who are only existent because of a badly-written subplot.
  • Put in a video clip that's better than the movie just to tease us.
  • Have singing of classic Disney songs appear in the film.
  • Make MAVO a group of extremely violent characters.

Recess: School's Out

  • Have the Recess Gang sing "Barbie Girl" in an annoying voice instead of John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.
  • Put Bubsy Bobcat in the movie and make him the main villain.
  • TJ gets killed by the Teletubbies and then replaced by Yope who talks like a predecessor to the Annoying Orange.
  • Eliminate the '60s references in favor of WWII ones.
  • Instead of the "Green Tambourine" music video, play the Dora the Explorer theme song and Barney's "I Love You" song.
  • Have the animation look like a mixture of Angela Anaconda and Clutch Cargo.
  • Packbat from Sylvanian Families (1987) shows up and captures the Recess Gang, taking them to Iraq.
  • On second thought, put a million Neon Mickey logos just to tease us!
  • Instead of a tractor beam, let a bunch of Tie Fighters shoot at the moon, making it explode broken Furby and Popples toys while the night sky becomes a seizure inducing background of a million colors, which would cause a second Porygon Incident.
  • Just before the moon is shot, have Cow from Cow and Chicken jump over it and have her break her udders, making her scream "AAAAGGGGGH!!!!! MY PINK BALLOON V****A THINGIES!", followed by a close-up of the udders complete with Satanic stuff drawn on it.
  • Instead of a news broadcast of no recess on a TV at the Detweiler Household, put a showing of Captain Planet and the Planeteers, which is playing in ridiculous slow motion.
  • Replace Ms. Finster and Randall with Bob the Builder and Wendy (so the film would be overloaded with sandwiches and construction in random places? Possibly...)
  • Put Exorcist posters everywhere!
  • Several scenes at Third Street School in the flashbacks include a Koffing covering the screen with purple smog.
  • The flashbacks take place in 1941 instead of 1968.

1. Build a Bear Theme

  • Have there be a product placement on Build-a-Bear Workshop with the Recess Gang singing about it. They sing about it once they spot one that popped from the ground in Iraq. How they sing it is a low-quality rendition of this theme (as shown in the clip on the right): 
  • Change the title of the movie to "Recess iz 4 Lozrs!!!11!: A TJ and Friends Movie".
  • Have a then 6-year-old Justin Bieber voice TJ instead of Andy Lawrence, a then 8-year-old Miley Cyrus voice Spinelli, and a then 16-year-old Nicki Minaj voice Gretchen.
  • Wilde Wolf from Maple Town beheads all the Kindergarteners.
  • Have Principal Prickly wear a costume of General Woundwort from Watership Down.
  • Replace the scene where TJ is all alone riding his bike with the Max Headroom Broadcast Intrusion of 1987. 
  • The Buddy Bears from Garfield and Friends annoy Ms. Grotke's class with their song during the countdown to summer vacation and somehow luring them into enjoying it.
  • Gregory from The Gregory Horror Show lures King Bob and the other 6th graders to the Gregory House.
    • And after that Gregory is arrested by the police.
      • Who happen to be Goober and the Ghost Chasers in disguise.
  • When TJ hits the sliding glass door, he falls into pieces. (LOL).
  • Vince goes to a drugs and alcohol camp instead of baseball camp. He eventually slurs his speech and is stoned through the rest of the film.
  • Gretchen is turned into an aye-aye by the Wicked Wizard from Adventures of the Little Koala.
  • The Nickelodeon Box Face, the Nickelodeon Pinchface, and the Nickelodeon Monster Egg make a cameo at the beginning of the film.
  • Beastly from The Care Bears Family scratches Mikey in the face like a cat after the latter faints from seeing the tractor beam, making him swear random stuff.
  • Gus is dressed as Adolf Hitler instead of a military soldier, and gets arrested for it.
  • Hammerman (from namesake series) performs unnecessary raps in some points of the film.
  • Elmyra from Tiny Toon Adventures hugs the Ugly Bald Guy, thinking that he's a giant stuffed toy.
  • The Ashleys become young killers wielding knives, guns, etc. to harm the other children of Third Street School, and get arrested for it.
  • Ms. Grotke is revealed to be a stripper, and gets arrested for it.
  • Make Becky Detweiler a predecessor to Honey Boo-Boo and Mrs. Detweiler a predecessor to Mama June.
  • Have the school blow up to build a McDonald's, along with an elderly-looking Ronald McDonald sitting on the curb doing ABSOLUTELY nothing.
  • Have Michael Bay direct it.
    • Then you'd be prepared for a bunch of explosions.
  • We learn that Spinelli loves Bonky/Barney more than Mikey.
  • The Madballs from Madballs: Gross Jokes make time-to-time appearances, making gross jokes about the situation the Recess Gang is in.
  • Rubik the Amazing Cube shows up and teams up with Bubsy.
  • The movie is just made to be a cash-cow.
  • After that movie, its production will be taken out and canceled because of this./Make it the series finale of "Recess/TJ and Friends".
Ugly Homer
  • Put T.J.'s grandfather and have him look like this person in the picture on the right: 
  • There is filler which consists of ear-grating screaming and spooky faces, like this one:
  • Hire a bunch of teenagers who dropped out of high school to work on the script.
  • The movie is also very sexist, racist, and homophobic.
  • Mikey eats (shudders) feces instead of rocky road ice cream. He then tells the audience to "barf like they mean it".
  • The credits move extremely fast and at different directions on a strobing rainbow background.
  • H
    04 (11)
    ave Mikey wear a PTT Chuck E. Cheese walkaround in a few scenes, like this picture on the right:
  • The cops from the 1980s Australian Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde special show up and arrest some characters from the movie that did something stupid to themselves.
  • Dr. Benedict is reduced to a stereotypical pirate that overuses the word "matey" and has a parrot sidekick named Pooper.
    • Oh, and he is one of Bubsy's henchmen because Bubsy is this version's main villain.
  • After having murdered the Recess Gang, Bubsy Bobcat rules Third Street as the mayor.

 The Bee Movie

  • The plants grow even more without the pollination
  • The flower fair is a oil company promotional carnival
  • The oil company kills all the plants at the end
  • Barry and Vanessa get married and they have sex in one scene.

    From left to right: Barry, Adam, Vanessa and Ken

  • Animate it with cheap flash animation and make the designs look like the image on the side.
  • Barry is now a selfish, lazy, bratty crybaby who throws temper tantrums over the slightest things and sounds like a toddler on helium.
  • Adam is a cannibal.
  • Vanessa does nothing helpful to the plot and just wanders around while also never shutting up.
  • Ken only appears in the last 5 minutes and is a typical generic villain who wants to destroy the world because he's evil.
  • The entire soundtrack consists of a bad, broken-sounding MIDI cover of Justin Bieber's "Baby" being looped throughout the whole movie.
  • It has only one voice actor, with the actor sounding like he's constipated.
    • Also, make him narrate the film too, where he literally repeats every single little thing that happens.
      • On top of that, make his voice (both as voice actor and narrator) sound muffled to the point where it's difficult to tell what he's saying 95% of the time.
  • The only jokes are poop jokes and pop-culture references that happen every 10 seconds.
  • Have all of the text be in Comic Sans.
  • Make it have literally no real plot whatsoever and just make it a bunch of random things happening with each scene having no connection to each other.
  • Barry and Ken have a fight which is just them punching each other in the face.
  • The films ends with Barry stinging Ken on the tongue (That's it, it just ends there, that's the last thing that happens in the movie).
  • The ending credits are 15 seconds long.
    • Also, misspell everyone's names in the credits.

The Hobbit

  • The goblin king is sat on a toilet instead of a giant wood thing
  • The goblin king is a giant instead
  • At the end they find a portal to Azeroth and they all travel there and Bilbo becomes Gromash Hellscream
  • Bilbo has a twin sister named Liea
  • The elves don't help at all and are rich oil company people
  • Lisa Simpson  the worst simpson of all introduces science to Middle Earth and all the characters die (well, sorta)
  • Gandalf is Snape instead
  • Bilbo gives birth to frodo at the end (before they go to Azeroth)
  • One word: Confetti

The Wild Puffalumps

  • Make it a rip-off of the live-action Popples movie. It would obviously be in live-action instead of being animated, with the Puffalumps being ugly, creepy puppets.
  • Holly and Kevin are revealed to be enemies.
  • The crab kills Toucan by spearing him through his head instead of pinching his beak.
  • Holly and Kevin find bad Atari 2600 games (including E.T. and Pac-Man), an Atari 5200 console, an Atari Jaguar console, and an LJN logo in the treasure chest.
  • Panda falls off the palm tree and hits his/her head, getting a bad coma.
  • The falling coconuts are replaced with giant bombs.
  • The Anaconda from Ovide and the Gang eats Holly and suffocates Kevin.
    • They'd be alive and well in the next scene.
  • Zombies and Goombas invade the Isle of Wild.
    • It would be a Big Lipped Alligator Moment.
  • The Garbage Pail Kids (from The Garbage Pail Kids Movie) make a cameo.
  • The background music is horror-themed (I bet that makes it for adults rather than children).
  • Include a zit-faced annoying hillbilly teenager named Zane who does nothing but make stupid noises and pick his nose.
  • Mt. Puffalump is replaced with an Eiffel Tower copycat called the Death Tower of Explosions.
  • The Puffalumps are a stereotypical racist street gang.
  • Use the word "WILD!" 100 consecutive times in a row, which may get annoying pretty quickly.
  • Put a million Family Home Entertainment notepad logos just to tease us if you want to make a long story short!
  • Toucan raps The Song of Kim Jung-Il on a boombox instead of singing Welcome to the Isle of Wild on a record player.
  • Elephant and Kevin's hot air balloon gets popped by Paddy the Pelican.
  • Adolf Hitler is revealed to be the founder of the Isle of Wild.
  • Rhino uses a size-shifting shark instead of an orange raft to help Holly's team cross the river.
  • Monkey, Holly, and Toucan paint the colorless foliage every color in the spectrum (Think of it as an 80's version of your typical The Problem Solverz background). They also paint the scenery the wrong colors. Afterward, the word "VOMIT" appears flashing.
  • Walrus has an obsession with explosions.
  • Tiger reads an O, The Oprah Magazine issue instead of a newspaper.
  • Tiger is revealed to be Billy Wagner (from Popples) cursed to be an anthropomorphic tiger.
    • Hey, they share the same voice actor, so why not?
  • Holly breaks her arm while pogoing with Toucan, which forces her to wear a sling for the rest of the race.
  • Add a long boring disclaimer before the beginning.
  • One thing: EXTREME CLOSE-UPS!
  • The film starts in a junkyard
  • Make it in the year 2008.
  • Instead of the main theme song, we get Michael Jackson's Thriller (Okay, okay, many people, myself included, like that song, but I think it would ruin The Wild Puffalumps).

Blue's Big Musical Movie

  • Add a long boring disclaimer before the beginning.
  • Steve is blown out of his bed at the start.
  • Have a scene where Blue pees in Sidetable Drawer, similar to the Who Needs a Litter Box scene from Nine Lives
  • Magenta and green pawprints

    The reason why I said that

    We also get games of Magenta's Clues and Green Puppy's Clues. (Irrelevance to the plot, beware!) ------------------------------------------------------->
  • The Felt Friends teach the audience sex ed.
  • Sidetable's singing is provided by a then-unknown Nicki Minaj.
  • Brian Blessed (that guy who said "GORDON'S ALIVE!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!" in Flash Gordon, as well as the voice of Boss Nass in Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace) appears as Steve's grandfather.
  • Steve runs all around (as in the TV series proper).
  • The notes (those guys with G-Clef) are voiced by Kraftwerk.
  • Steve switches notebooks throughout the special (for example, one of the clues has him use the "Nature Notebook")
  • Add 90000001 Nick Jr. Productions logos (the one used on this) just to tease us.
  • Use the phrase "A CLUE A CLUE!" 100 consecutive times in a row, which may get annoying pretty quickly.
  • Put in a billion Mr. Salts to tease the viewers!
  • Put in ads for toys from the 30's - 90's that recieved controversy in the background, and aim such ads at kids.
  • Put an TV weather crawl somewhere during the climax of the movie, and text about an Tornado Warning on the bottom for the rest of the film.
  • Minerva Mink appears and engages in bestiality with Steve.
  • Blue constantly shoves things up her butthole.

All Dogs Go To Heaven

  • Make it a 109-minute kids' matinee film for Loews Theatres in 1990.
  • Every 5-20 seconds, a character shows off his/her/its naked body, complete with girls screaming in the background.
  • Have it produced by D'Ocon Films Productions (I like D'Ocon for their campy stuff, but they would ruin this film!).
    • Not to be off-topic, but I love Scruff, a D'Ocon TV series.
    • In case you're wondering why people hate their animation, to the right is an example of how crappy it is. This was from a show of theirs I used to watch a long time ago that I stopped watching after seeing Inside Out for the first time (lesson learned, Inside Out is not the film for non-Disney fans, or else it will brainwash you into stopping watching your favorite shows). This was from a shot where the two characters were talking in their kitchen, but they didn't decide to zoom in on them, instead focusing on the kitchen itself. 
      Docon episode
  • After separating with Charlie, Anne-Marie goes travelling with the Doctor (through a cameo by a live-action Sylvester McCoy and a reused TARDIS prop from one of the non-canon films chroma keyed in and bad special effects) and is never seen again.
    • So that would explain her absence in the sequel and the TV series!
  • The voice recordings are like The Christmas Tree.
  • Make the animation like.... D'Ocon's shows! (What did you expect? One of the previous statements here is that it would be made by that company.)
  • The Madballs from Madballs: Gross Jokes make time-to-time appearances, making gross jokes about the situation the characters are in.
  • Kraftwerk perform unnecessary (and very weird) songs about the situation the characters are in at some points in the film.
    • Thus making this film one of Karl Bartos' last projects with the band.
  • The Evil Grimace from the old McDonald's commercials kidnaps Charlie and Anne-Marie and the other characters and takes them to good old New England.
  • Make the hell scene longer and more graphic.
    Cherry Coke (Coca Cola) Commercial (1985)

    Cherry Coke (Coca Cola) Commercial (1985)

  • Have product placement for Cherry Coke in the film and have the characters sing a song about it. They sing about it once they find Cherry Coke in a soda fountain inside a Bakers Square that popped from the ground in Boston, Massachusetts. They would be singing the song from a commercial for it (as shown in the clip on the right):
  • Have the film be financed by the aforementioned Bakers Square.
  • Charlie is voiced by Jackie Chan.
  • The hell scene was not a dream and is the end.

Pitch Perfect 1 and 2

Pitch Perfect 1:

  • The beginning is not the former Barden Bellas' performance at Lincoln Center and immediatly cuts to the movie.
  • Ronald McDonald makes a cameo.
  • The movie continuously shows brief flashing lights.
  • Beca is named Lucy and is less down-to-earth than in the movie, being dumbed down to a weak, wimpy, uncooperative person who is very lazy and unmotivated.
  • In the finals at the end of the movie, the Bellas sing "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap and it sounds like they're very bored with it.
  • The background music is unfitting heavy metal songs by Led Zepplin and Black Sabbath.
  • Aubrey is an agressive alchoholic who belittles everyone.
  • None of the Treblemakers appear, save for Bumper and Jesse.
  • Have product placement for McDonalds apple pie and Fat Amy and Chloe sing about it while the other characters cringe.
  • Remove all the comedy.
  • The conflict is 100% non-existent.
  • Make it a 106-minute children's film for Netflix in 2017.
  • A drug PSA appears every few scenes.

Pitch Perfect 2:

  • Actually show Fat Amy's muff. 
  • Have the Obama family in the actual cast and show their actual reaction to Fat Amy's muff. 
  • Remove Flula, or even just his speaking parts. 
  • The film is simply from the eyes of a hallucinating person who overdosed know. 
  • Have Fat Amy mention that she intimately met Dora instead of The Wiggles.
  • Remove the scene where the Bellas arrive at the camp in favor of a cliche marriage scene between Beca Lucy and Jesse.
  • Aubrey appears at the wedding, but randomly disappears mid-scene and nobody notices her missing.
  • Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham become apart of the main cast.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Coming Out of Their Shells Tour

  • Call it "The Leonardo Show Live Tour".
  • Krang builds the Turtles' instruments instead of Donatello.
  • Have there be shoe-horned non-violence messages.
  • Have the Turtles cover Kraftwerk's Pocket Calculator.

Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure

  • Maxi-Fixit is hyper-realistic.
  • At one point, Raggedy Ann and Andy have sex.
    • Complete with a showing of Raggedy Andy's "Raggedy cock".
      • I beg to differ!
  • Have "No Girl's Toy" almost venture into Screamo music.
  • Have product placement for Hershey's Krackel and The Greedy and the cast sing about while Grandpa cringes.
  • The Twin Pennies are animated by people who animated characters at Filmation.
  • A intermission with drug PSA's appears in-between the acts.
  • Raggedy Andy drinks Johns Daphne whiskey at some points.
  • Babette's accent slips a lot and has a speech impediment.


  • Have the film be produced by Vanguard Animation.
  • Animate it like Johnny Test.
  • Speaking of Johnny Test, have him cameo.
  • Nick is voiced by Charlie Sheen (using his Dex Dogtective voice).
  • Judy is voiced by Fatima Ptacek (using her Dora the Explorer voice).
  • The animation resembles a mix of The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican, most of Vanguard Animations films, and Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe In Santa.
  • Remove Flash and all other Zootopia characters except Nick, Judy, Clawhauser, and Finnick.
  • Clawhauser is an annoying teenage animal voiced by Eric Bauza (using his Buhdeuce voice) obsessed with smartphones, selfies, toilet humor, and death.
  • Nick and Judy are a stereotypical dog and cat respectively.
  • The Breadwinners make a cameo.
  • Each character has no personality whatsoever.
  • Make Judy an overpowered Mary Sue.
  • Finnick is revealed to be The Puppet from FNaF 2 halfway through the movie and eats up Clawhauser.
  • The main villain is none other than.....DW Read.
  • Nick actually becomes savage, and kills Judy by tearing her apart in a bloody scene.
    • After realizing this, Nick starts panicking and kills himself with a knife because of that.
  • Zootopia is a The Walking Dead-inspired setting, which is dystopian (like Zootopia's original concept).
  • Judy is a bland baseball player instead of a cop.
  • Crocosaur, Brat, and Flizard (from The Wuzzles) destroy Zootopia with a nuke.
  • Nick and Judy are murdered near the end of the film and are replaced by Cy Sly and Bobo (from Ovide and the Gang).
  • The film is made to advertise the worst stuffed animals ever, toy knock-offs, and Chinese bootlegs.
  • Insert clips from The Nutshack in between scene transitions.
  • The music consists of bad 1990's mainstream rap.
  • Put the cast of Pixel Pinkie in this as ugly Jingaroo-esque kangaroos.
  • One word: Cliches!
  • Otherwise, put in a marathon of scary logos instead of the film to tease us.
  • The film is produced by the same company that made Cool Cat Saves The Kids.
  • Nick and Judy are both voiced by Terry McGurrin and Bryn MacAuley.
  • Remove all the sloths, Mayor Lionheart, and Gazelle.
  • Make it a lame, low budget 2D movie.
  • Make the main villain a schizophrenic cow named Dill who is deeply clinging onto life finance-wise and pickpockets people for a living.
  • Make Judy a soccer player instead of a cop.
  • PETA AND 9/11 JOKES!!
  • Zootopia is a poverty stricken town.
  • Rickroll plays during scene transitions.
  • Zootopia is destroyed and Nick and Judy are killed at the end.
  • Donald Trump (as a Camel) replaces Bogo, and all his lines are about him building a wall around Zootopia's borders.
  • Include several more jumpscares.
  • Include several more cliches.
  • Remove all of the events that shouldn't be survivable.
  • Remove the puns.
  • Remove "Try Everything".
  • Zootropolis is a bland, boring jungle as opposed to a technologically advanced city.
  • Nick REALLY goes savage and kills everyone in Zootopia (except the former savages, whom he turned savage again and becomes the lord of it and renames it to Savagetopia.
  • The film is made by the same directors as Disaster Movie and The Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa.
  • Have Jamie Kennedy voice Nick Wilde (Using his Kyle from Fanboy and Chum Chum voice).
  • Have Kari Walhgren voice Judy Hopps (using her Chloe Charmichael voice).
  • Replace "Try Everything" with "Livin' La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin.
  • Make the movie's plot rip off Kung Fu Panda and A Fox's Tale.
  • Include really questionable dialogue.
  • Judy hopps keeps telling the "Somebody once told me" joke every 5 minutes.
  • A lot of scenes have way too many pop culture references.
  • "Watch Me Whip" gets many appearances.
  • Change Clawhauser's voice actor to Jeffrey Garcia (Using his Sheen Estevez voice).
    • And change his personality to an annoying, aggravating and unfunny comic relief with barely any any character with the same personality of Jar jar Binks.
  • "YMCA" plays during scene transitions.
  • The jokes are the same juvenile jokes present in Shrek the Third.
  • One word: YIFF!
  • Make the movie glorify racism.
  • Nick Wilde is a criminal and doesn't change or become a police officer in the end.
  • All of the police are pigs.
  • Add cursing.
  • Add toilet humor.
  • Have it made by PETA.
  • Replace Gazelle with a Justin Bieber parody named Justin Beaver.
    • And have him sing Justin Bieber songs instead of the normal music.
  • Make the sloth scene 20 minutes long.
  • Show the animals' exposed genitals in the naturalist club scene.
  • Do not cut out the taming party scene.
  • Gordon does not change and stays a bully.
  • Nick Wilde kills Judy Hopps at the end, right after she returns to her family's farm.
  • Get rid of the last scene involving Flash the sloth getting pulled over.
  • The characters look like they were designed by a toddler.
  • Judy and Nick act like immature brats who even poop themselves in some scenes.
  • Make the voice actors sound drunk while also screaming out their lines.
  • The entire soundtrack is a bunch of random sound effects over a guy destroying a piano while another guy plays it at the same time while a baby plays a broken xylophone whilst farting and laughing at the same time.
  • The jokes consist of toilet humour and animal puns, and in the worst way possible.
  • Add a laugh track that plays at every single line.
  • Have the entire film be about Judy and Nick going to a store to buy food for 3 hours.

Khan Kluay/The Blue Elephant

  • Make it not an adaptation of Thai legends based on true stories told from the perspective of animals and instead make it a knock off of Horton Hears A Who made by Video Brinquedo
  • Add racist jokes and humor
  • Change the title to The Little Elephant
  • Have a vegetarian tiger join the cast and does nothing but sing I'm A Vegetarian from Leo The Lion
  • Have Jai act like the version of Khalil from that super bad version of Jonah

Clifford (1994)

  • The cast of Rapsittie Street Kids join it.
  • Have Burp and Belch from the bad version of Toy Story 4 appear as living toys.
  • Have it be in Foodfight esque CGI
  • Have it be made by random people on the street

Polar Express

  • Take out the beautiful snow
  • 9/11 Jokes
    • Then it's not even going to make any sense because 9/11 didn't even happen yet at the time period. It's actually a 2004 film based on a 1985 book, but the actual story takes place even earlier because it's the narrator's childhood.
  • Have a sequel
  • Have it be produced by the same company who did Dinosaur Adventure
  • Make it a cartoon Roger Rabbit crossover (It would be good, but Dora, Barney, the Mega Babies, Big Bird, and Cassie from Dragon Tales would be there) 
  • Make it the prequel to The Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa.
  • Make it nothing like the book.

PriPara The Movie: Everyone's Desire! Let's Go PriParis

  • Replace the songs the idols sing with theme songs to shows aimed at toddlers.
    • Not for this to be a no-brainer, but should the songs be the themes to Dora the Explorer, Teletubbies, Boohbah, and Barney?
      • Possibly.
  • Have Laala kill Gaaruru by snapping her friend ticket. Wait...
    • How is it gonna work? Would it happen if Gaaruru traps Falulu and the mini Falulus forever?
      • Laala would hunt Gaaruru down and punish her for trapping Falulu.
  • Have the film animated in poor Flash.
  • Make the Ajimi and Fuwari segment about them being stuck in an elevator and have a part where Ajimi wets her pants in it.
  • Have poor synthisizer music in the background of each scene.
  • Replace Chanko in the Sophie's Fanclub segment with Jar Jar Binks and have him become an idol.
  • Have a King of Prism segment that berates people who are not fans of it.
  • Make the Ajimi and Fuwari segment have the same plot as the Teen Titans Go! episode Wally T, with Ajimi in Wally's place and Fuwari and the goats as the Teen Titans.
  • Insert useless cartoon characters that have nothing to do with the plot into the story, and have them "talk" to the characters in a fashion similar to Pooh's Adventures where they insert clips from other episodes of TV shows/films and add subtitles into it.
    • And, similar to Pooh's Adventures of Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School, add several unrelated segments to the film, with one segment being a child-friendly version of Sausage Party.
  • Have a scene where the characters ride a ride similar to the 1999 version of Journey Into Your Imagination.
  • During the Kono Uta Tomareihi performance, have Ajimi do Riley's naked dance from Inside Out instead of chasing a goat.
  • Make the Hibiki route about Hibiki being grounded for disgusing as a boy when she's a girl, have a bunch of unrelated characters come to visit her house and scold her with a dance mix like the ones in those GoAnimate Grounded videos consisting of "Don't You Forget About Me" from The Breakfast Club, Saint Elmo's Fire, the FUN song from SpongeBob, the Balamory theme song, Wendy's Song from South Park, the theme song to The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That!, Hot Dog! from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Lickety Letters from Super Why, The Bing Bong Song from Inside Out, We're Vikings! from VeggieTales, the Jane and the Dragon theme song, Detention by School Gyrlz and "I Must Have My Night" from Magic Adventures of Mumfie.
  • Gaaruru traps Falulu and the mini Falulus forever, but they are alive and well in the first post-movie film.
  • Change Falulu to unawakened Falulu, like in the series proper.
  • Have scenes where the characters use urinals.
  • The post credits scene is replaced by one where Non dances to the chorus of Dragonstea Din Tei by O-Zone.

The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

  • Kion's friends are Beast Boy from Teen Titans Go!, Mr. Pickles, Princess Clara and Ren and Stimpy's Adult Party cartoon forms.
    • Well, you can throw them in, since characters like Bunga and Ono are kept in.
  • Have product placement of McDonald's in the movie.
  • Have the characters break the fourth wall a la Dora the Explorer.
  • Make it animated in Foodfight-esque CGI.
  • Ono is obsessed with toilet humor, smartphones, and Justin Bieber.
  • Replace the songs in the special with nursery rhymes and the Mr. Bored theme song.
  • Add unfunny pop culture references and disgusting scenes to the film.
  • Change the Lion Guard's symbol that appears on the bod
    Nigel Channing the Moon
    ies of the people in the guard into Nigel Channing's moon form from Journey into Imagination with Figment.
  • Have a scene where Bunga uses a child's potty.
  • Kion is voiced by Jake T. Austin (using his Diego voice)
  • Make it a crossover with all of Disney Junior's shows and shorts.

Flushed Away

  • Have one scene of Rita doing porn
  • Make Rita WAY TOO SEXY (Cue the fanboys having crushes on her despite that she's fictional.)


  • Add a bunch of toilet humour
  • Bolt is voiced by Rob Paulsen (using his Coconut Fred voice)
  • Mittens is voiced by Nancy Cartwright (using her Kip Kangaroo (from Shirt Tales) voice)
  • Bolt and Mittens are changed to a pair of rabbits while Rhino is a rhino (duh!).
  • The Pooh Goes Poop version of Pooh and Baby Bop from Barney and Friends are Bolt's adoptive parents and they join Bolt and the gang
  • The end credits feature Bolt, Pooh, Baby Bop, Mittens, and Rhino dancing to and singing Everybody Poops, the Dora the Explorer theme song, "The Bing Bong Song" from Inside Out, "The Grapes of Wrath" from VeggieTales, the Mega Babies theme song, and "Hot Dog!" from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • The animation looks like a PS2 cutscene and has really poor framerate that looks like an 8 year old's stop-motion movie.
  • Bolt is a brat with the personality of Caillou and is voiced by Justin Bieber.
  • Penny is a stale character with no personality whatsoever.
  • Mittens is a generic token love interest.
  • Rhino is a Scrappy-Doo-type character.
  • Make it a very babyish direct-to-video film with forced morals shoved down your throat.
  • The soundtrack sounds like a kid playing a toy piano.
    • Add generic pop songs too.
  • The humour is nothing but toilet humour.
  • Add lots and lots of filler.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (original version)

  • The movie is called "The Geeky Hero Show". 
  • Release the film on July 18, 2003. 
  • Make Janet Weiss a crybaby who complains about everything.
  • Replace Columbia with Jar Jar Binks...and to make matters worse, he doesn't die at the end.
  • The film is rated PG and is a kids' movie.
  • Make it an even worse rip off of Nothing But Trouble
  • Frank N Furter is changed to be a fat geek who is obessed over science fiction comics and movies, and he dresses up like a superhero.
  • The singing lips at the beginning of the film are replaced by singing sock puppets dressed as Jarlumbia Binks, Magenta the Dog, and Frank N Furter
  • Frank N Furter hosts a sci-fi convention instead of presenting his new creation in this film. 
  • Instead of seducing Brad and Janet, Brad and Janet are brainwashed into becoming superheroes.
  • Add in the legendary scene about Riff Raff and Brad into the film.
  • Replace Magenta with Magenta the dog from Blue's Clues.
    • It would be good and bad at the same time.
  • Rename Riff Raff "Monster Mash".
  • Rocky is a superhero who is Frank's friend. 
  • In the Floorshow scene, everyone except Frank is dressed like a baby, complete with diapers and pacifiers. Also Bobo from Nothing But Trouble makes a random cameo during the seem
  • Toilet humor is added to the film.
  • Add several cases of Unfortunate Implications to the film. 
  • Replace the skeleton in the clock during Time Warp with a screeching cat that runs off. (This is a joke inspired by JibJab's Rocky Horror ecard, where we just heard the noise, we didn't see an actual cat)
  • Make Eddie a girl and make the song Hot Patootie sound like the version from the original London stage play
  • Add the deleted scene, Once in a While, to the movie.
  • Make the dinner scene like the dinner scene in The Phantom Menace, including Dr. Scott noticing that Frank is an alien because of the weird inventions he has around the house.
  • Play the end of I Will Always Love You by Whitney Hudson as soon as Rocky pulls the curtain off of Frank's dead body and play it until the end of the scene. 
  • Just like Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones, this film later gets an IMAX release in October of 2003 that cuts off 10 minutes of scenes from the film. Guess which notable scenes got cut out for time? The scene where Brad and Janet are brainwashed into becoming superheroes and the scene where Brad and Janet's car breaks down! These two scenes created major plot holes in the IMAX version. Also, half of Jarlumbia's speech to Frank before Frank turns him into an action figure is cut.
  • Have the Chace Surround Stero sound check play at the end of the VHS of the film.

Another way this film can be made worse...

  • Another way to make the movie terrible is to make it like the script for a version of Rocky Horror where all the characters are chickens (I will have to warn you that this is slightly NSFW). Although it is slightly funny, there's toilet humor and lots of profanity, which may offend some people. 

Hercules (Disney movie)

  • Make Phil an annoying character.
  • Make Hades unfunny and boring.
  • Make the movie more accurate to the real story of Hercules in Greek mythology.
  • Replace Pegasus with the pink pegasus we see later on in the film.
  • Have it be released in 1972.
  • Remove Megara.
  • Remove Pain and Panic.

Yellow Submarine

  • Replace Ringo with Alf (like JonTron's Beatles poster)
  • Make it live-action.

Finding Dory

  • Make the film a musical.
  • Have the movie animated in the same style as the Tracy Ullman Simpsons shorts. (I like these shorts, but the animation is too weird-looking).
  • Have Bailey ask Destiny if she's single instead of saying that his head is big.
  • When the truck falls into the ocean, have the last verse of Chris Rice's "Billy Joe McGruffery" play.
  • Ajimi Kiki from PriPara pops up randomly and yells "Dadadadavinci"! at innapropiate points.
  • Hank inks himself every five minutes and blames his small bladder on it.
  • The movie ends after the truck crash.
  • Hank sings "Time" from Avenue Q, and this annoys Dory so much that they crash into the touch pool.
  • Hank makes bird noises at random moments during the film.
  • Add Jululu from PriPara to the film's cast and have her do nothing but cry.
  • Have Becky dance to a version of the Chicken Dance set to a rap beat
  • Have the fake toy Dory play Butterfly by smile.dK for ten minutes, annoying Nemo and Marlin.
  • Remove the funny jokes shown in the trailers like the new Ghostbusters did.
  • Have a TV at the Marine Life Institute show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Nina Needs to Go, and have Hank throw a rock at the screen, telling the character on screen to eat glass and die.
  • Have the Marine Life Institute truck crash into a power line and cause the USA's biggest power outage.
  • Have Destiny and Bailey do nothing but swear at each other.
  • Make Hank addicted to curry and have him eat it every 5 minutes.
  • Baby Dory, Nemo, Destiny, and Bailey also pee themselves at some points in the film.
  • Put the Early Earthquake Warning System graphic and audio somewhere during the climax of the movie, and text about an earthquake on the top for the rest of the film.
  • Replace Sigourney Weaver's voice with Elmo's.
  • Nina from Nina Needs To Go! appears at the cuddle party.
  • Have Hank sing a sound-alike of "I'm the Baby (Gotta Love Me)" from Dinosaurs about inking himself.
  • Remove the scene where Hank becomes a baby.
  • Hank and Dory sing a modified version of two Thomas the Tank Engine songs: The first one is a modified version of "It's Great To Be An Engine" about Hank's camoflauging power, and the second is a modified version of "Accidents Will Happen" about Hank's inking accident in the touch pool.
  • The Pooh Goes Poop version of Pooh is Hank's adoptive father and joins Dory on her mission.
  • Add a scene similar to this scene from Three Amigos with Hank as Lucky, Dory as Ned, Pooh as Dusty, some Otters as the guys that lock the Amigos out of their studio, and Triumph The Comic Insult Dog as the guy that gives Carmen's letter to them shortly after Hank, Dory, and Pooh reach the Open Ocean Exhibit, except in this version, Triumph gives them a map for the exhibit, followed by Triumph saying that rocks are good for him to poop on, followed by Hank, Dory and Pooh arguing and discussing about wether or not they are really in the right place and if so where to look for, followed by Hank telling Dory and Pooh to go look throughout the exhibit and climbing up on a light and camafloughing while Dory and Pooh hide and look around to find Dory's family while Hank camafloughes near an ad for Jilly Juice and makes the bird noises he randomly does throughout the movie to call Dory and Pooh as a signal and they are confused, ending with Hank inking himself
  • Hank camoflauges into a urinal when trying to find the Open Ocean Exhibit for no reason, and someone mistakenly pees into him.
  • Have a minute-long segment comprised of nothing but Destiny hitting her head with the weird squeaking noise plays.
  • The scene where Hank inks in the touch pool is longer, and he floods the whole Kid Zone area.
  • Bailey gets nosebleeds whenever he crashes into stuff.
  • Remove the post-credits scene altogether.
  • Replace the seals with Triumph The Insult Comic Dog. All he does is yell "[THING] IS GOOD FOR ME TO POOP ON FOR SHOWING MY FRIENDS!" at random points in the film.
  • Hank talks non-stop whenever he is on screen, and the other characters find him rude.
  • Have Sargant 90210 from Stitch's Great Escape! appear in this movie.
  • The ending credits consist of Hank having a dance party with his family to "Jekyll and Hyde" from Arthur.
  • Have a scene where Destiny, Bailey, Dory and Hank do the Macerena.
  • Dory REALLY does die and becomes Satan and kills Hank, Destiny, and Bailey and turns the ocean into Hell, but the final scene plays as normal with no explanation on why this problem was resolved. Hank even lampshades this during the final scene.

Ghostbusters (2016)

  • Make Patty unfunny and a bully to the other Ghostbusters.
  • Make the tape recorded at the hotel not only play a fart sound, but it also plays the sound of a baby crying.
  • There's a long argument in the scene where it is decided that New York City should not know about the Ghostbusters.
  • There's a lot of unfunny pop culture refrences added. 
  • Instead of Erin comparing the mayor of New York City to the mayor from Jaws, she compares the mayor to the people who didn't believe The Boy Who Cried Wolf.
  • Make Kevin stupider.
  • Make the ghost attack on New York City a ripoff of the whole entire sequence where the Audrey 2 plants attacked New York City in the original ending of Little Shop of Horrors.
  • Make Rowan unfunny in the climax of the film when he possesses Kevin, and make Rowan's final form be Barney the Dinosaur.
  • Have Patty's father beat her up after realizing his hearse was sucked up in the portal.

The Secret Life Of Pets

  • Make Max's owner an tween orphan girl who talks like a valley girl.
  • Max plays Miitopia (but it didn't exist until summer 2017, duh...).
  • Have Minion references every few minutes.
  • Have more pee and poop jokes.
  • Max finds Mr. Bored 5 times.
  • Tom Nook and Isabelle from Doutbstu No Mori cameo.
  • Tom Nook shoots Max (probably copying the Toy Story 4 running gag, haha)
  • Max is voiced by Marc Weiner (using his Map voice)
  • Duke is voiced by Charlie Sheen (using his Dex Dogtective voice)
  • Tiberius is voiced by Rob Paulsen (using his Coconut Fred voice)
  • Gidget is voiced by Fatima Ptacek (using her Dora the Explorer voice)
  • Leonard plays nursery rhymes instead of heavy metal.
  • Add product placement of Chuck E. Cheese and have there be a musical number about it.
  • Make Gidget do nothing but yell at people.
  • Make the bunny (Snowball) curse at people.
  • At one point of the movie, have Tiberius and Gidget sing this
  • Make the show Gidget watches be full of Spanish stereotypes.
    • Or replace it with Dora the Explorer.
  • The movie is racist, sexist, and homophobic.
  • Add crotch gags
  • Have a scene where Max uses a child's potty.
  • Remove the best part of the movie: the sausage factory musical sequence.
  • Have the snake actually bite Max and he gets poisoned and dies.
  • Add "Turn Down For What?" to the scene where the truck crashes into the water.
  • Replace the background songs with the rap song from Tomodachi Life.
  • Duke is replaced by an evil cat.
  • Duke gets shot by the people who see him at his old owner's house, and he starts swearing that he got shot.
  • Risha Meledandri comes back from her grave as a zombie and kills everyone and becomes a god and turns the city into Hell City.
  • Make the animation a mixture of Alpha and Omega, Fanboy and Chum Chum, Johnny Test (Season 2-6), Teen Titans Go, Paddy the Pelican, and Breadwinners.
  • Have the movie either made by Lionsgate or PBS Kids.
  • Have David Hornsby voice act Max (Using his Fanboy voice).
  • Have Jeff Garcia voice act Duke (Using his Sheen Estevez voice).
  • Have Amy Poehlr voice act Gidget (Using her Bessie Higgenbottom voice).
  • Make it have so many direct to video sequals (Similar to what Alpha and Omega did).
  • Add "Watch Me Whip" be the opening theme.
  • Make it inspired by Alpha and Omega, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, Norm of the North, and Barney's Great Adventure.
  • Add the Johnny Test theme (Season 2-6) to the scene where the truck crashes into the water.
  • Have the film directed by Derek Savage.
  • Add racist jokes, sexist jokes, fart jokes, and toilet jokes.
  • Have the film be terribly paced, to the point where the viewers think that the writers weren't even trying.
  • Have the film overuse Jeff Bennett and Rob Paulsen.
  • Make it have too many pop culture references.
  • Have terrible voice acting that mainly consist of screaming and squealing (Similar to what Fanboy and Chum Chum did).
  • Have all music be done by Justin Beiber.
  • One Word: Nintendo

Space Jam

  • Have it be released in 2007.
  • Make the movie about a rap battle instead of basketball to make it more hip with kids.
  • The Looney Tunes are in very poor CGI.
  • Michael Jordan is replaced by Biggee Smalls (But he just got shot! How is that gonna work?).
    Barney Song It's OK to Cry

    Barney Song It's OK to Cry

  • Put tons of sterotypes in the film.
  • At one point, the Looney Tunes sing this song from Barney and Friends:
  • Have more toilet humor.
  • The aliens want to rid the world of rap music and want to replace it with nursery rhymes.
  • Moron Mountain is renamed Mother Goose Mountain.
  • All of the aliens from Mother Goose Mountain are children.
  • When the Looney Tunes disappear from the TV to go to the emergency meeting, the scary face from the Scary Maze Game appears.
  • The intro song is pretty much a rap remix of the Looney Tunes theme, similar to the opening song of Digimon: The Movie.
  • Replace Bill Murray with Adam Sandler.

Wakko's Wish

  • Make the animation in the same style as The Great Bear Scare.
  • Have it air in 2002.
  • Replace "Never Give Up Hope" with "Come Dream with Me Tonight" from Teddy Ruxpin.
  • Replace "The Train Bringing Wakko" with a modified version of "Thomas, We Love You" from Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • "The Wishing Star" is kept, but with lyrics that sound like a five-year-old wrote them.
  • Replace "If I Could Get My Wish" with a modified version of "Kids Just Being Kids" from Fairly Odd Parents (I like FOP, but a song like that would be out of place for that type of scene), with footage of temper tantrums sent in by the show's fans appearing whenever a funny part happened in the original version of the former song, just like in the series proper.
  • Replace the reprise of "Never Give Up Hope" with a modified version of "We're Gonna Find A Way" from Barney's Great Adventure.
  • Wakko gets a million dollars instead of a ha'penny and wastes his money in five minutes.
  • Make Wakko have a potty emergency fifteen minutes into film (I didn't like this episode because it got annoying after a while. Can you imagine having to deal with what happened in the episode for ONE HOUR? Not me.)
  • Wakko's wish is to become ruler of the land and make everyone obey silly rules.
  • Replace the "Oh lady!" person in The Cave of Your Worst Nightmares with Jar Jar Binks, Boss Nass and Captain Tarpals screaming at the Warners.
  • The gas station bathroom from "Potty Emergency" makes Wakko wet himself, and Dot dies in the resulting flood.
  • Baloney is replaced by Barney, just like in the series proper.
  • Have a scene where Wakko yells "I'M GONNA EXPLODE!" 150 times.
  • Replace the scene where Pinky and the Brain talk about a flying machine with them seeing a Chuck E Cheese and singing this song . After it ends, Pinky tells the viewers "Go there or I'll sneak into your house and steal all of your toys!"
  • Joe from Blue's Clues and Baby Bop from Barney are the Warners' real parents.
  • Give it a release in theaters a year after it airs on TV.
  • Add a character who acts like Pinon from PriPara.
  • Make it an interactive movie in the style of the Oogieloves, where the audience is requested to interact with the film at certain points.
  • The film is called "Minerva Mink's Sexiest Adventure, Yet!"
  • Replace "The Train Bringing Wakko" with "Ready 'n' Steady" by D.A.
  • "The Wishing Star" is kept, but sung by Devo as a Award Bait Song.
  • Minerva Mink is the main character and the Warners are nowhere to be seen.
  • Replace the scene where Pinky and the Brain talk about a flying machine with them seeing Devo. They then perform "Whip It" as another Award Bait Song for the film. After the song ends, Pinky tells the viewers "Go to a Devo concert soon or I'll sneak into your house and steal all of your toys!"
  • The song Solidaridad (a propaganda song used by the PRI (the political party who ruled Mexico for 70 years) in the 90's) plays over the credits as yet another Award Bait Song.
  • Add mountains of product placement for Fuddruckers, Pepsi, McDonald's McSpaghetti, Lemon Up shampoo and Motorola phones.
  • Make it an interactive movie in the style of the Oogieloves, where the audience is requested to interact with the film at certain points.
  • The gas station bathroom from "Potty Emergency" is replaced with the scary face from the Scary Maze Game.
  • Add product placement for Chuck E. Cheese and have there be a musical number about it.
  • Triumph The Insult Comic Dog is a main character.
  • This film later gets an IMAX release in Febuary 2016 that cuts off 10 minutes of scenes from the film.
  • Have the Chace Surround Stereo sound check play at the end of the VHS of the film, and on the DVD release as well.
  • Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch (the town in which the How To Make Good TV Shows Bad's alternate version of the show takes place in) hosts a overrated new wave/no wave/Hi-NRG music festival in this film, called "Riding the Wave in Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch"
  • Lewd Inside Out, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Star Wars fanart is seen flying across the screen for Mimitchi33's sexual pleasure.
  • The film is made to advertise The Mysterious Mr. Enter's online works for his armies of fans' sexual pleasure.
  • Every 5-20 seconds, a character shows off his/her/its naked body, complete with girls screaming in the background.
  • The DVD of the movie starts with this FBI warning, which would be a little unsettling (and possibly even outdated). In addition, the DVD ends with 7 minutes of un-skippable anti-piracy warnings (unless you use the "Root Menu" button), just like the Blu-Ray of The Omega Man, the Blu-Ray of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and the DVD of The Green Lantern, some Animaniacs DVDs, and the DVD of Scooby-Doo: Camp Scare.

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls series

  • Make the films live action with animated segments. 

Equestria Girls

  • The boy with the dog is replaced by Joe from Blues Clues.
  • Sunset Shimmer edits Twilight Sparkle into a parody of Dora the Explorer on YouTube where Dora is clueless and dies as a result of her actions.
    Demon Sunset Shimmer is done in claymation similar to Medusa from Clash of the Titans, as seen on the right.
  • Demon Sunset Shimmer has subtitled lines since she speaks in some sort of weird Huttese-like language. 
  • Demon Sunset Shimmer kills everyone, the school burns down, and become the lord of the human world, but in the next scene, Twilight is alive and returned to the pony dimension without any explanation given.

Rainbow Rocks

  • The Dazzlings are a rip-off of Jem and her friends. 
  • All instances of the "None taken..." running gag are replaced with Sunset slapping whoever mentioned the demon incident in each instance of the running gag.
  • The Rainbooms lose to Snips and Snails.
  • The argument scene in the climax lasts five minutes. 

Friendship Games

  • The alternate Twilight Sparkle is an otaku. 
  • Like Demon Sunset Shimmer in Equestria Girls, Midnight Sparkle is done in claymation. 
  • The plant accidentally summoned by the alternate Twilight Sparkle's pendant is replaced by Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors.
  • Like in the first film, Midnight Sparkle kills everyone and becomes lord of the human world, but after this scene, we cut to the Crystal Prep students going back to Crystal Prep on the bus while Principal Cinch talks to Principal Celestia with no explanation given.

Legend of Everfree

  • Replace the Midnight Sparkle scene with a nightmare about Harambe the gorilla (a stuffed toy Twilight has) becoming a King Kong-esque creature, and her friends kill the gorilla because he kidnapped a child. Too soon?
  •  The Midnight Sparkle scene is moved to another point in the film, and in this version of the scene, she kills Twilight, but Twilight is okay in the following scene.
  • The camp counselors are very boring.


  • Make the animation in the style of The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin.
  • Replace the musical numbers with crappy pop songs.
    • So something it already has?
      • It's opinions.
  • Most of the animation is short, looped sequences.
  • Every 20 seconds, a character farts, pees, poops, burps or picks their nose.
    • The views and opinions expressed by Kristoff in the film that all men eat their own boogers are solely his own and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Walt Disney Company or the filmmakers.
  • Have a policy trailer play every few scenes.
  • Most of the time, the animation looks off-model.
  • Have the voices all done by one person, which is the one narrator from the Xbox version of Shrek that does the narration of the missions where it does all the voices (except for Shrek), and you get the point.
  • Anna dies when her heart is frozen and never comes back to life, as she remains as the landmark for Arendale. (and Elsa says that she has successfully did that, until her victory came to a short end and was sent to jail, as seen from below).
  • Elsa goes to jail for the rest of her life for killing her sister.
  • Remove the scenes with young Anna and Elsa.
    • And in place of it, there's a prologue about how it all happened. Yeah.
  • DHX Media produces it.
  • Make Elsa the main antagonist (just like in the concept art and such, where she used to be sinful, heartless, and cruel.), thus removing the biggest plot twist of all time (besides the one in New Super Mario Bros. Wii).
    • And this means Hans doesn't do anything evil, he just realized everything wrong about Elsa and knowing that she's harsh and hostile towards anyone. Plus, he tries to avenge Anna and is actually interested in her.
  • Have there be no sequel, or have it anyway. Your choice.
    • As for the sequel (Frozen II, that is), it's all about Elsa trying to escape prison, just to get revenge on anyone who gets in her way.

The Peanuts Movie

  • Have it rated PG-13.
  • Add toilet jokes and crude humor.
  • Charlie Brown never gets to speak to the Little Red Haired Girl, Heather.
  • Have a scene where the Peanuts sing "Mailtime" from Blue's Clues.
  • Make Lucy have a big argument with Charlie Brown while "Take It To The House" by Trick Daddy plays (This is a reference to a fight scene in Osmosis Jones having that background music).
  • Remove Snoopy's girlfriend, Fifi.
  • Replace Meghan Trainor's character with a Justin Bieber character.
  • Make the entire soundtrack have a combination of rap music, Justin Bieber songs and One Direction songs.
  • Animate it in the same style as Elf Bowling: The Movie.
  • Have Charlie Brown swear every minute.
  • Have Snoopy die at the end.
  • Everyone, including Snoopy and Woodstock, owns smartphones that they deeply care for. (Note: Nothing against smartphones, but to me, they're not right in the Peanuts universe.)

Shaun the Sheep Movie

  • Add dialogue to the movie.
  • "Feels Like Summer" is replaced by "Cake By The Ocean".
  • Make the movie have more toilet jokes.
  • Nina from Nina Needs to Go! helps the sheep in the city. (That show has been owned by Aardman since 2015).
  • Have a scene where the dialogue is nothing but swears.
  • Make all of the sheep (except for Timmy) voiced by Richard Kind (in his Bing Bong voice), and make Timmy voiced by Kevin Clash (in his Elmo voice).
  • Have the sheep visit a bar instead of a fancy restauraunt, where they drink too much and go to a hospital.
  • Have the sheep visit Woolworth's and accidentally cause a stampede because people think they are for sale.
  • The farmer dies in the hospital, and the sheep have to revive him by finding something that will wake him up. Shaun is able to wake him up with a CD of Cake By The Ocean, resulting in his death being a Disney Death.
  • At one point, the characters go to the Island of Sodor and talk to Thomas the Train.

Kubo and the Two Strings

  • The beetle is a very ugly cockroach instead.
  • Add a scene where Kubo, Monkey, and Beetle find Map from Dora the Explorer and they sing I'm the Map.
  • It's bad 2D animation, not stop motion
  • The skeleton that has the unbreakable sword in his head eats up Monkey
  • Kubo gets his other eye taken away by the Moon King, and he now gets blind.
  • Add a scene where the dialogue is nothing but swears.
  • Animate it using GoAnimate.
  • The voice actors are GoAnimate text-to-speech voices.
  • Add product placement of Hardee's, and add a musical number about it.
  • Monkey throws feces every five minutes
  • At one point, Kubo, Monkey, and Beetle meet the Rubbadubbers.
  • When Kubo gets all 3 pieces of the armor, he sings "We Sat on Down" from Blue's Clues.
  • Make it a direct to video film in 2012.
  • Beetle and Monkey have sex in one scene.
  • The Moon King is a crappy 3D model of Satan
  • Kubo's voice slips and he has speech impediment.
  • Have the music Kubo plays on the guitar be American pop music instead of beautiful instrumental music.
  • Make all of the characters not move their mouths like Kubo's evil aunt.
  • After the ending, we cut to a blank screen with text reading "YOU REACH END OF MOVIE, LOOKS LIKE THAT IS IT. GET OUT............................NOW!", then we get to the end credits.
  • Make the script like Doogal.

Yo-Kai Watch: The Movie

  • Make Meganyan creepy and make him voiced by Brian Blessed (in his Boss Nass voice, but more nightmarish and also g-major/demonic).
  • Make the script like Doogal by adding outdated pop culture references and unfunny jokes.
  • Master Nyada is replaced by a parody of Jar Jar Binks, called Nya Nya Winks.
  • Remove the "Use the hose" scene, and replace it with one where Nya Nya Winks gives an item with "eMEOWgency powers" to help Nate, and Whisper says he saw someone do this in a movie once, complete with a "Whisper-fied" image of a parody of the "Emergency Powers" scene from Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones. The object turns out to be a toilet.
  • The end credits sequence is replaced by end credits containing a scene with the characters dancing to a version of Never Gonna Give You Up sung by Jibanyan and Whisper that is similar to the version of that song sung in the Family Guy episode "Meet the Quagmires".
  • Have Caillou replace Kumamon's cameos. In each instance, he is throwing a tantrum.
  • Replace the joke where the characters think the rock is too small to fit them with an unfunny pop culture reference.
  • Change Nathaniel's name to Tony.
  • Make Fidgephant a major character.
  • The superhero that Tony admires is Super Why.
  • Add annoying musical numbers.
  • Add product placement for Arby's.
  • Add more bathroom humor.
  • Make the opening song a rap that has nothing to do with the film.
  • In the bookstore flashback, Tony reads The Gas We Pass: The Story of Farts.
  • An earthquake prevents the characters from getting Jibanyan back.
  • Hovernyan turns into a knock-off of the rapping dog from Titanic: The Legend Goes On instead of Darknyan, and Jibanyan becomes a royal version of Fidgephant who has rainbow-colored pee instead of Buchinyan.

The Iron Giant

  • De-age Hogarth to a 5-year-old.
  • The Iron Giant speaks in a childish voice.
  • Add more instances of toilet humor.
  • The "This is only...a bad dream" sequence contains a part where Kent ropes Hogarth.
  • The scene where Hogarth and Kent stare at each other has Hogarth farting for 20 seconds.
  • Cut out the ending, so it seems like the Iron Giant really died.
  • It is animated like the 1970s incarnation of Captain Pugwash.

South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

  • The Terrance and Phillip movie is almost as crappy as The Phantom Menace, complete with an annoying Jar Jar Binks-esque sidekick for Terrance and Phillip named Funny Fred.
  • Replace Satan with Barney the Dinosaur, and replace Saddam Hussein with Baby Bop.
    • Meaning the depths of Hell is replaced with Barney's Imagination World.
  • Replace all of the musical numbers with parodies of Barney songs that sound like they were written by a five-year-old.
  • Have it air in 1995 on The Disney Channel.
  • Like the TV series proper, the backgrounds are full of smiling objects and butterflies.
  • Kenny does not die at all.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  • Have it be a blatant direct-to-television rehash of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory released in 2002.
  • It is animated in hideous CGI.
  • Michael Bay directs it.
  • Willy Wonka is voiced by Len Carlson (using his Professor Coldheart voice).
  • Charlie and Veruca have swapped personalities.
  • Put in Lord Licorice from Candyland and make him the main villain.
  • The Oompa-Loompas resemble poorly sculpted porcelain dolls.


  • The movie rips off Elf Bowling: The Movie in several ways:
    • The film uses a similar animation style.
    • The film tries to establish a story about where music comes from, much like how Elf Bowling tried to establish an alternate origin story for Santa Claus.
    • The first joke in the film is a poop joke.
    • There is a scene where Branch's butt catches on fire and Poppy sings a song about it.
    • King Peppy is introduced 50 minutes into the film just like how Mrs. Claus was introduced 50 minutes into Elf Bowling.
    • DJ Suki is similar to Rebel from Elf Bowling.
  • De-age Bridget to a 9-year-old and make her act like young Anakin Skywalker.
  • Make Branch kill his grandmother by singing "My Heart Will Go On" instead of "Total Eclipse of the Heart". (Both songs aren't bad, but to some, the use of My Heart Will Go On might seem a bit cliche.)
  • The Bergen chef constantly yells at Bridget, even when she is doing the right thing.
  • Have the cupcake pooping joke in every other scene with Cooper in it.
  • All the trolls are naked (like Guy Diamond and baby Poppy) at the beginning of the film.
  • All the boys (except for Branch, King Peppy, and the Bergens) have Guy Diamond's voice.


  • The movie opens with a shot of an island and Maui dancing in the shower and singing a PG-rated version of Me So Henry by 2 Live Crew.
    • After this, we get a parody of the opening of Shrek, where Baby Moana does not believe that the story is real.
  • Have Moana act like a brat and always yell at people. Also, she is voiced by Sugar Lynn Beard (the voice of Rini from Sailor Moon).
  • Moana's animal friends talk in annoying voices.
  • Have the movie's animation like a mixture of The Reef and Elf Bowling: The Movie.
  • Have Moana be a generic Hawaiian stereotype.
    • She's actually Polynesian, but oh well...
  • Replace "You're Welcome" with a rap with the same premise as the former song called "The Legend of Maui".
  • Make Hei-Hei scream every time he makes noise.
  • Replace the scary monster posters that appear with Crack Monster from Sesame Street.
  • Have more toilet humor.
  • Moana gets the dart in her butt.
  • Have Pua die in the first ten minutes of the movie.
  • Make all the songs in the movie rap to make it hip with the kids.
  • Add more anachorisms.
  • Have Moana's injury after "How Far I'll Go" look more disturbing.
  • Make the movie's plot a rip-off of The Good Dinosaur.
  • Replace the "shark head" form of Maui with junk food.
  • The crab (Tamatoa) actually steals the heart, but it returns in the next scene.
  • Moana is rescued by Toodles from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • The ocean tortures Moana instead of helping her.
  • Moana drowns by the end of the movie and Maui celebrates her death at the end.


  • In an effort to rip-off Zootopia, Buster Moon is changed to be a female koala named Bianca Moon.
  • Make Gunter act like Jar Jar Binks.
  • The Miis from Wii Sports cameo. (how would this be a Nintendo crossover?)
  • Make Gunter's accent difficult to understand, and subtitles are used whenever he speaks, a la Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.
  • Make Johnny's gang curse constantly.
  • Have a scene in which Gunter is guilted by Mike into stealing the prize money, similar to the scene in Star Wars Episode 2 where Jar Jar Binks is guilted into giving Palpatine emergency powers.
  • During his introduction scene, make Johnny sing "Salt Shaker" by the Ying Yang Brothers in the alley.
  • Make the animation look like The Gigglebellies, The Christmas Tree, Weird-Ohs and Clutch Cargo.
  • Make Ash a perpetual emo who hurts people for fun.
  • De-age Meena to a 9-year-old spoiled brat and have her family hate her.
  • The snail actually dies when he gets stepped on, and when the Wilhelm scream comes on when the snail gets stepped on, it plays loudly.
  • Make the Japanese foxes dance to Everyone is Special and Mr. Knickerbocker from Barney and Friends.
  • Buster/Bianca is an overpowered and unlikeable Mary Sue.
  • The show is a failure, and the theater isn't rebuilt at the end. However, in a similar matter to the ending of Emmett Otter's Jugband Christmas, Gunter offers the the characters (except for Bianca, who everyone abandoned at the end of the movie because they hated her so much) the chance to perform at his theater, and they are more successful there.
  • Rosita doesn't make the absolutely amazing contraption.
  • Add lots of toilet humor.
  • Buster is replaced with a Starbucks-drinking, Instagram-obsessed, spoiled, self-absorbed teenager named Kylie Koalaton, and her personality and appearance is a nod to Kylie Jenner.
  • The animation is a mixture of The Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe In Santa and Kuu Kuu Harajuku.
  • Make Buster Kylie a crybaby who complains about everything.
  • Make the film a musical a la The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
    • Bonus points if it's the remake...or the version of the remake on here that's animated like Sausage Party. This results in a lawsuit similar to that one where a lady claimed Disney ripped off her life story for the movie Frozen.
  • Use iMovie sound effects in the film.
  • All the voice actors are changed.
    • Kylie is voiced by Laurie Hymes (using her Lillie voice)
    • Johnny is voiced by Jesse Hernandez (using his Dwayne voice)
    • Ash is voiced by Rhia Abarquez (using her Chita voice)
    • Rosita is voiced by Kristen Bone (using her Maggie voice)
    • Gunter is voiced by Ahmed Best (using his Jar Jar Binks voice)
    • Lance is voiced by Rob Paulsen (using his Coconut Fred voice)
    • Becky is voiced by Sue Rose (using her Angela Anaconda voice).
  • Heavy Metal, Gangster Rap, Tween Pop (One Direction, Fifth Harmony, Ariana Grande etc) Disco and Bubblegum Pop are used as the movie's main music genres.
  • Kylie's parents are still alive in this version, and they treat her like a baby by giving her pacifiers, feeding her baby food, etc.
  • Remove Meena, Mike and the Japanese foxes.
  • At the end, all the characters (save for Kylie) die in the hospital, and Kylie have to revive them by finding something that will wake them up. She is able to wake them up with a CD of Sugar by Maroon 5, resulting in everyone's death being a Disney Death.
    • BONUS - Include an oree scene a la Sausage Party at the end after that scene.
  • Add a disclaimer before the beginning that is just like the one from Madballs: Gross Jokes.
  • Turn Ash into a girly girl who is obsessed with the color pink, shopping, texting and Starbucks. Also, have her be Kylie's best friend.
  • Johnny's gang curse every time they speak.
  • Have Rosita and Gunter argue over stupid things.
  • When Ash finds out Lance is cheating on her with Becky, have Lance and Becky sing "Daddy" by PSY and CL.
  • Every 8 seconds, Kylie uses her phone (or takes a selfie).
  • The first joke in the film is a poop joke.
  • All the male characters are sexist and mysoginistic.
  • Instead of her own original song, Ash sings "Rappin' For Jesus".
  • The dancing fish sing the mailtime song from Blue's Clues.
  • Cool Cat makes various appearances in the film.
  • Have it be made by Flamarion Ferraria Films.
  • Include a scene where in order to make money to re-build the Moon Koalaton Theater (in this version of the film), Kylie takes a terminally ill Make-A-Wish kid off of life support.
  • The theater doesn't even get rebuild on the end and Kylie is arrested at the end of the film.
  • In his introduction scene, have Johnny sing the Kuu Kuu Harajuku theme song.
  • An over-abundance of product placement for the Apple watch, the iPhone 7, Tide Pods, Showbiz Pizza, Nickelodeon, Wendy's, McDonald's, WWE, FOX News, Red Man Chewing Tobacco, the Big City Slider Station, Crystal Pepsi, Pepsi Blue, Mountain Dew and the Truth anti-tobacco campaign.
    • In addition, whenever product placement for McDonald's, have Kylie scream "You better go eat a Big Mac or I'll kill your entire fucking family!"
  • Once the theater gets destroyed, have Kylie do nothing, but after 20 seconds have her scream "I BLAME THE JEWS!" at the top of her lungs.
  • Have Buster find a song book that makes him buff and so he rapes everyone excluding Mike.
  • Replace Mike with Peter Griffin from Family Guy, which make sense as Seth (who voiced Mike) created Family Guy.
  • Have some ugly Deviantart furry OC eat Mike/Peter at the end, then say "YOU ARE A JEW, MIKE (or Peter)!"
  • One word: OREE.
  • Change Buster/Bianca Moon's personality to a spoiled brat that throws tantrums every minute.
  • The movie is produced by the same company that made Delgo.
  • The animation looks like A Fox's Tale.
  • During Johnny's introduction, have sing Watch Me Whip by Silento.
  • Disco, Country, and rap are all the movie's main music genres.
  • Have the movie's ending rip off Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked.
  • Whoever was hired to edit Cool Cat Saves the Kids edit the whole entire movie.
  • Derek Savage directs the whole entire movie.

Heathcliff: The Movie

  • Add a long boring disclaimer before the beginning.
  • It is not Heathcliff recalling his past exploits to his three nephews (and a mouse), through a compilation of episodes originally broadcast on the TV series, but a very shit movie!
  • The film is animated in cheap-ReBoot style CGI animation.

An American Tail

  • It premieres in 2016 on a bad video streaming site (not YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion).
  • Add a remastered 16:9 version of the disclaimer from Madballs: Gross Jokes before the beginning.
  • Bridget is the main character of the film and it is named "Bridget and Fievel's Stupid Adventure"

National Lampoon's Vacation

  • Replace Wally's World with Action Park.
  • BONUS: Replace the Velociraptor with Cannonball Loop.
  • Have it be animated in Foodfight esque CGI.
  • Have it be directed by Craig Moss and Michael Gallagher.
  • Change the title to Clark's Epic Failure Adventure.
  • Make Clark extremely unlikable.
  • After they end up in the desert, the cast of Cinderella 3D appear out of nowhere and turn the Griswolds into talking Popples and shrinks their wagon car to the size of a toy one and puts them all into Sparky from a Car's Life to guide them back from the desert followed by everything turning back to normal as a Big Lipped Alligator Moment.
  • Replace Dinky with Max from Show Dogs and to make matters worse he doesn't die and returns for Christmas Vacation.
  • Have Clark be voiced by Jake Paul.
  • Replace Russ Larskey with Bing Bong from the bad version of Inside Out.
  • Make it an even worse rip off of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid The Long Haul.
  • Add a pointless sideplot in which a couple of dwarves try to kill the Griswolds after making them crash their car, and because their dwarves, they don't get arrested even though they try to destroy the car in a parking lot even though they would get arrested for it in real life.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

  • Have it be animated in Foodfight esque CGI.
  • Give it Rapsittie Street Kids vibes.
  • Have everyone talk to the audience.
  • Add Goanimate references.
  • Have it be directed by Craig Moss (basically a poor man's Seltzer and Friedberg, if that's even possible) and Michael Gallagher.
  • Audrey and Rusty throw temper tantrums every minute and they are worse than the ones on Supernanny.
  • Have it be titled Clark's Epic Christmas Failure Adventure.
  • Make it 5 hours long.
  • put 10000000 Warner Bros logos and a marathon of Scary Logos instead of the movie just to scare and tease us.
  • Make Clark extremely unlikable.
  • Replace Snots with Pip from Life's A Jungle Africa's Most Wanted, have him do nothing throughout the movie but complain about everything going on and poop himself and Max from Show Dogs.
  • Fill it with product placement for Mcdonald's, Action Park, Jilly Juice, Gogo Juice, Burger King, Aqua Dots, the Truth Anti Tabacco Campain, Chuck E Cheese, Tide Pods, Costco and Skittles. And also add more product placement for Walmart to the point everyone sings a song about it.
  • Have Jake Paul voice Clark.
  • Make the Griswolds like the family in Honey Boo Boo.
  • Diondre from Saving Christmas joins the cast as a best friend of Clark and does nothing but be an annoying black stereotype and rant about straight power.
  • Also the conspiracy theorist from that movie appears halfway through the movie and does nothing but say stupid things and cover his mouth with a hot chocolate cup.
  • During the Shitter's Full scene, there is really graphic and disgusting poop, resulting in Clark screaming "BARF LIKE YOU MEAN IT".
  • The same thing happens during the Shitting Rocks scene.
  • Replace It's A Wonderful Life with Rapsittie Street Kids
  • Have the Twinkle Lights come from North Korea.
  • Make Eddy an insane conspiracy theorist who at one point threatens to escape to Canada because he thinks assasins are trying to kill him.
  • Replace the opening cartoon with the Wolf Tracer Demo Reel.
  • Replace Department Store Mary with Sunshine Goodness from FoodFight!
  • Have the plots changed as follows:
  • In the scene after the Demo Reel replace Rusty noting that Clark forgot his saw with Rusty pooping himself.
  • Also while getting the tree Rover Dangerfield appears out of nowhere and sings I'll never do it on a christmas tree.
  • Replace Frank Shirley with Frank from Sausage Party, and instead of being Clark's boss he steals Clark's Jilly Juice.
  • In the December 14th part, make it a rip off of Jingle All The Way and the bad version of The Routine from The Amazing World Of Gumball in which the Griswolds and Diondre try to get Jilly Juice, Tide Pods, GoGo Juice, Lawn Darts and Aqua Dots.
  • In the December 15th part, after Audrey tells Ellen about how the idea of her sleeping in the same room as her brother is sick and twisted, the Felt Friends from Blue's Clues randomly drop from the roof to teach them about sex ed.
  • In the December 16th part, replace Todd and Margo with North's parents in North.
  • In the December 17th part, Clark finds out Frank is stealing his Jilly Juice and goes to Costco to buy random stuff to stop him.
  • In the December 19th part, the cast of the bad version of Toy Story 4 randomly hold Clark hostage and sing a knock of off the Trial from Pink Floyd's The Wall.
  • In the December 20th part, the lubricant is replace with a reindeer from Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer.
  • In the December 21st part, after the chemicals end up in the toilet it shows really disgusting poop.
  • In the December 22nd part, Frank tells Clark on the phone that he will steal all his presents and Jilly Juice.
  • In the December 23rd part, Eddie tries to escape to Canada because he thinks assasins are killing him.
  • Finally, at Deceber 24th, the followin happens:
  • Frank drops in through the air vents and gets eaten by Pip.
  • Replace the pledge of allegience with the soviet national anthem.
  • Replace the Squirrel with Horat from the Nutshack.
  • Replace Twas The Night Before Christmas with a recap of The Christmas Light and The Christmas Brigade.
  • The SWATS are replaced with Ashley's friends from Smiley and they investigate stealing of Anomynous related stuff.
  • Margo dies a gruesome death.
  • Add random subplots that have nothing to do with the main plot, which consists of:
  • A Christmas themed, family friendly version of Sausage Party.
  • Rusty falls in love with a knock off Nicole from Rapsittie Street Kids and gets involved in a love triangle with the version of Jacob Black from Breaking Wind and get courted by the ZMZ from that movie.
  • The Dwarves from the Minis are confused with Elves and shipped to the North Pole and try to go back home.


  • Change the name to Am a Dumbass.
  • Add 99999999999999999 AMLF and Saul Zaentz company logos just to tease us.
  • Have it animated with really ugly CGI.
  • The characters have googly eyes.
  • Make it over 5 hours long.
  • Have it rated NC-17.
  • Replace all of the music with annoying pop songs.
  • The characters have no mouths and they move their heads when they talk.
  • Get rid of Father Vogler.
  • Replace Lori with an annoying six-year-old brat voiced by Justin Bieber.
  • Fill it with product placement.
  • Salieri speaks to the audience in a Dora the Explorer-esque manner.
  • Everyone sounds like Mr. Bean.
  • All of the characters are extremely rude and annoying.
  • Mozart's laugh is 10 times as annoying.
  • Mozart also smokes and does drugs in addition to drinking.
  • Karl Thomas Mozart dies in the middle of the movie.
  • Get rid of the "Too many notes" line.
  • Add a lot more cursing.
  • Add a lot more toilet humor.
  • Add 9/11 jokes.
  • Add autism jokes.
  • Fill it with dead memes.
  • Make it way more historically inaccurate.
  • Salieri constantlly yells this.
  • Whenever something bad happens, Mozart says "I blame the Italians!".
  • Mozart sharts himself during the party scene. The party guests then make faces and one of them says, "Eww, what's that smell?". Then Mozart starts singing a crappy version of this.
  • Fill it with scat scenes.
  • The theme is "The complainer is always wrong".
  • Add a post-credit scene that shows Mozart being reincarnated as Bhad Bhabie, who then says "That's cuz I'm Mozart reincarnated bich".
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Saturday Night Fever

  • The 1970s disco scene is entirely absent.
  • Make everyone 10 years younger.
  • Instead of the 2001 Odyssey, we get a McDonald's.
  • It is child-friendly.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

  • The only song that plays is My Jeans by Jenna Rose.
  • Make Rocket Raccoon overly cartoony and have him voiced by Tom Kenny (using his Tux from Out of Jimmy's Head voice).
  • Baby Groot's head is that of Nosferatu's.
  • It is a comedy filled with lame jokes, toilet humor, and references to Disney Channel tween sitcoms.
  • Have it set in the A Troll in Central Park universe.
  • Include Horat from The Nutshack and make him the main antagonist.
    • As a bonus, he appears in creepy CGI that came out of the mid 1990s.

The Powerpuff Girls Movie

  • The film is animated a la Mr. Bored.
  • The professor doesn't care about and neglects the PPGs, like in the series proper.
  • The talking dog/cute, girly cat always gets beat up whenever the Girls try to save him/her.
  • The violence and fighting are removed, like in the series proper.
  • Add loads more toilet humor.
  • The first joke is a poop joke.
  • The Girls get arrested at the end for destroying Iraq, after Allegro wins against them, and the professor is still in jail.
  • Mojo Jojo does not appear at all, and is replaced with Allegro, the panda from "Painbow", an episode of the 2016 reboot.
    • BONUS: He wins against the Girls.
  • Add in some McDonald's product placement.
  • Allegro's sidekick is a dumb glue bottle named "Glooey".
  • The movie takes place in Iraq, like in the series proper.
  • Have a scene where the Girls use a child's potty.
  • In one scene, have Allegro, Glooey, and the Girls twerk.
  • Have kids' infomercials from the late 90's and 2000's play every 30 minutes. After each string of infomercials, the Girls say "Buy our stuff or you'll get tickle tortured!"
  • The Girls throw tantrums every minute, and their tantrums are worse than the children's tantrums on Supernanny.
  • Have ads for Nick Jr. shows play every few scenes, in addition, after the ads, Allegro tells the audience to watch all their shows or he’ll go to their house and steal all their toys.
  • Have a Head-On parody like the one in Epic Movie as a bad dream the Girls have.
  • The Care Bears show up at the end, kills Allegro, Glooey, and their army, and take over Iraq.
  • Put in a marathon of scary logos just to tease and scare us.
  • Instead of the professor buying the Girls gifts, the professor doesn’t care about their birthday and the Girls steal the gifts instead.
  • Replace the evil monkeys with overly happy animals, such as rabbits, butterflies, and pandas.
  • Add in a reference to 9/11.
  • The movie was just made to be a cash cow.

Oggy And The Cockroaches: The Movie

  • Do not make it focused on the different timelines on Oggy.
  • It has a 2018 release date.
  • Remove Olivia from the movie.
  • Make the Oggy theme song a (dirty) rap song.
  • Add dialogue (Just like Shaun the Sheep Movie).
  • Make Dee Dee fart throughout the whole movie.
  • In one scene, Oggy watches Family Guy.
  • Add Monica and make her a spoiled brat.
  • Use alternative scenes of episodes. (eg. The Wonder Whistle (Whistle Power), Beware Of The Bodyguard (Bodyguard Oggy)).
  • Every 5 minutes, Joey scares the audience.
  • At one scene, Oggy creates a Tumblr account to see the "wonders" of Tumblr.
  • Every 10 seconds, someone dabs, does a Fortnite dance or throws a tantrum.
  • Animate it using GoAnimate.
  • Let everyone die at the end.
    • And make it as the series finale.
  • At one point, Oggy and Jack go to Bronycon. Oggy is dressed as Twilight while Jack is dressed as Fluttershy.
  • Make Oggy drunk at one point in the film.
  • Make Bob disappear halfway through the movie.
  • Make it 3D instead of 2D.

Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse

  • You don't. You cannot make it bad. There's no way possible to do so.

...But I'm gonna do it anyway!

  • The movie is titled "Spider Squad for Life!" or "SPIDERZ!!!"
  • In a fashion similar to Madballs: Gross Jokes, there is a very long, boring disclaimer before the film begins.
  • Make the movie in Norm of the North-esque CGI.
  • The characters' eyes sparkle.
  • Rush the production of literally everything.
  • Include a narrator who does nothing but state the obvious.
  • Have it directed by Michael Bay. Oh yeaaaahhhhh. >=)
  • Replace the background music with the soothing sounds of the Transformers arcing and exploding.
  • "Sunflower" is replaced with the Hit or Miss song.
  • Have the original Peter Parker's injuries look more disturbing.
  • When the original Peter dies, Miles embarks on a journey to find something that will revive him. Miles is able to revive the man with a CD of "Blah Blah Blah" by Kesha, resulting in the former's death being a Disney Death.
  • Miles' character is reduced to a Latino stereotype. Also, he complains about pretty much everything and the other Spiderpeople see him as an absolute downer.
  • The alternate dimension Peter Parker is more than happy to help out Miles instead of being reluctant and lethargic towards the very idea of it.
  • Peter Porker/Spider Ham appears as alternate dimension Peter Parker's talking animal sidekick.
  • One of alternate dimension Peter Parker's catchphrases is "What's that, Spider Ham? You have a thought?", which is said when Spider Ham looks like he wants to say something to him.
  • Use a metric-ton of iMovie sound effects in the film.
  • Taking out everything funny.
  • Kingpin isn't a thicc boi in this film. All he does is yell "[THING] IS GOOD FOR ME TO POOP ON!" at random points in the film. Just like Guido!
  • Add a laugh track that plays at random intervals.
  • Gwen Stacy's purpose to the plot is reduced to being nothing more than a cliche love interest.
  • Peni Parker's anime-influenced design is more blatantly obvious to the point where it makes her look like a racist Japanese caricature.
  • Spider Man Noir's line about fighting nazis is completely cut out.
  • Fucking smother the film with toilet humor.
  • Give it several unnecessary direct-to-DVD sequels. Like, 7 of them, to be precise.
  • Have Miles and Gwen Stacy argue over stupid things.
  • At one point, Peni, Gwen, Miles and Peter Porker go to a bar and drink too much.
  • Add "Turn Down For What?" to the scene where SP//dr gets demolished. As a result of the demolition, Peni becomes very depressed.
  • Peni's catchphrase is "Kawaii desu nee!" and she says it whenever she appears.
  • Include a scene that parodies the The Big Bang Theory, kinda like this, with Gwen in Penny's role and Miles in Sheldon's role.
  • At some point, the cast sings "Text Me Back" by Your Favorite Martian without context.
  • Towards the end, include a rushed segment called "Peni's Advice Hour", which is dedicated to Peni Parker telling the audience what to do if you're getting mugged.
  • Have the characters sing the Hit or Miss song at the near-end of the movie. You know the one.
  • The film’s message is “The complainer is always wrong”.
  • The world gets destroyed by the end. The inevitable DVD version of the film ends with a wholeass 7 minutes of un-skippable anti-piracy warnings (unless you use the "Root Menu" button).
  • Remove the post-credits scene altogether.
  • Peni kills everyone then becomes giant to take over all of the Spiderverse and renamed it to Hell. Also, there's a commercial for The Emoji Movie on the dvd.

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

  • The animated alter ego of Lizzie McGuire animates cheep like Ed, Edd n Eddy, Meeow!, Schoolhouse Rock! and some anime shows.
  • Make Lizzie mess up the Graduation.
  • Replace What Dreams are made of song with We are number one from LazyTown.
  • More Toilet humors
  • Add some Nintendo puns in the movie.
  • Kuro-chan from Cyborg Kuro-chan made a cameo during the scene with the animated alter ego of Lizzie.

Puss in Boots movies

The Wonderful World of Puss 'n Boots

  • Add Cyborg Kuro-chan characters to the movie.
  • Add toilet humor.
  • Pero loses his boots
  • Have Pero do the Kamehameha.

Puss 'n Boots in the Wild West

  • Some Pepsi puns are added to the movie.
  • Make Pero shoot everybody with a pistol.

Puss 'n Boots Travels Around the World in 80 Days

  • Have Pero go crazy around the world for 80 days.
  • Add Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Bros.: Peach-Hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen! to the movie, joined by Pero.

Doubutsu no Mori (2006 anime film)

  • Add Isabelle to the film (That would be a little weird because this movie came out before New Leaf).
  • Make Mr. Resetti goes rage and crazy.
  • Running Gag: Rosie punches somthing else.

Avengers: Endgame

There's only one way to make this film bad....

  • After the Fortnite scene, everybody (who is still alive by that point) sings a song about Fortnite, and at the end Thor says "Play it or i will find and smite you!"

Godzilla (1954)

  • Rename the film (and Godzilla himself) to "Big Dinosaur".
  • Godzilla's suit looks like the image on the side.
  • Godzilla doesn't destroy anything.
  • Godzilla's roar sound like a man slowly getting crushed by a car.
  • Add an annoying child character (in the same vein as Kenny/Toshio from Gamera and Ichiro from Godzilla's Revenge).
  • There are only 6 actors and they all play the only characters in the film.
  • Make the English Dub have the characters get voiced by toddler who has a cold.
  • Godzilla only appears in the last 2 minutes and instantly gets killed by simply getting stabbed in the neck by a knife.
    • Instead, the rest of the film focuses on the characters going to a hotel and then just sitting down and talking about random stuff until they see Godzilla looking at the hotel.


  • Make it a prequel to Ratatoing, a big ripoff!
  • Change the title to Ratatoing: Marcel's beginning.
  • Make the characters even designed by Video Brinquedo themselves.
  • Fill it with product placement.
  • Add scenes with graphic death/murder.

Jingle All the Way

  • The animation looks like The Adventures of Kid Danger.
  • Give it Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa vibes.
  • Add in racist humor.
  • Turbo Man is replaced by a Larry Boy rip-off.
  • The movie ends with Howard ending up not going to the Christmas parade and David Adkins stealing the limit#ed edition Turbo Man Larry Boy rip-off.


  • Have it done in hideous CGI that looks like it came from a early 90's video game.
  • Really bad and offensive representation.
  • Chewbacca is replaced by Jar-Jar Binks.
  • The bullies are good.
  • The book ends with Auggie dying.

Raimi/Ziskin Spider-Man (besides SM3 because that sucked)

  • Rated NC-17 for super graphic, unsimulated violence.

Spider-Man 1

  • Add a bunch of swear words ("f**k," "c**k," etc.) that will trigger Common Sense Media.
  • Have Norman kill everyone.
  • Have Peter kill MJ and kiss Gwen Stacy (in a constant, frenetic way) until they have sex.
  • Call the movie The American Spooder Story in Good Qualuity: 2002 Edition.

Spider-Man 2

  • Make Mr. Aziz be replaced with Ioan Gruffudd in a tank top.
  • Make Peter say "f**k the hell off" to MJ.
  • Make Harry drink so much that he gets drunk and becomes a murderer.
    • Make Harry kill people.
  • Make the movie have a post-credits scene of MJ telling a story about drunk people.

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

  • Spirit and the other horses talk in annoying voices.
  • Spirit does not go home and chooses to stay in captivity by the end of the movie, thus cheapening the original movie's theme about freedom.
  • Rain and Little Creek are taken out.
  • Lucky and the other PALs appear as characters.
  • Spirit allows the railroad to be built across his homeland.
  • The foal twins get eaten by the mountain lion.
  • Spirit ends up being tamed by the Colonel.

13 Going On 30

There is only one way to ruin this movie:

  • Change the name and premise to "17 Going On 70"


While the whole page isn't bad, this section in particular is so hilariously awful that it's kept for entertainment purposes. Do not edit it out of the article.
  • Have it made by the same people who made Leo the Lion.
  • Since the mom is named Laurel, the dad's name was Yanny instead of Wilden.
  • Also, change the name of the movie to Laurel and Yanny's Adventure, despite the fact that they aren't even the main characters.
  • Ian and Barley hate each other.
  • Colt Bronco gets the most screentime, and is even more unlikeable than he already is.
  • Ian and Barley have an annoying little sister who is completely useless to the plot and the only things she does is sing baby songs and make poop jokes.
  • Blazey can talk.
  • The unicorns have rabies.
  • Barley's personality is exactly like Rodrick Heffley's. In additon, he even has his own band and Guinevere resembles the Löded Diper van.
  • Manticore's Tavern burns down and isn't rebuilt. Also, everyone inside was too stupid to run and they burn up and die.
  • Corey the Manticore is whiney and everything she says is an innuendo.
  • Corey stays and the costumed Manticore goes with Laurel instead.
  • Stanley from A Troll in Central Park makes a cameo.
  • The spell doesn't wear off and Barley stays shrunken for the rest of the movie.
  • Ian didn't ask for the keys so Barley pees on his shirt.
  • Manticore actually kills the pawn shop owner.
  • Colt Bronco's car doesn't have a seat that goes far back, so the audience just has to wonder how he can sit in his car.
  • Officer Gore constantly twerks and tells butt and fart jokes.
  • Officer Specter was voiced by a straight actor and is a homophobic sterotype.
  • Guinevere plays "Why Don't You Say So" instead of "Rise to Valhalla" right before being destroyed. Also, he doesn't get a second van at the end.
  • The pixies follow Ian and Barley to Raven's Point. They also don't learn to fly.
  • Ian is bad at magic.
  • Wilden's Yanny's half just stands there and doesn't react to anybody, so Ian and Barley have to carry him around.
  • Get rid of all of the emotional parts.
  • Add vore jokes each time the gelatinous cube is mentioned. Also, when the gelatinous cube is actually shown, the door closes so Wilden's Yanny's legs get left behind and eaten.
  • Get rid of the thanks to Wizards of the Coast to use the gelatinous cube and the beholder. That means they were doing copyright infringement.
  • Neither Laurel nor the Manticore knew about the Curse, so they couldn't prevent it and it destroyed the town.
  • Barley gets arrested when he climbs the fountain.
  • The Curse Dragon looks like Barney and sings "I Love You" instead of roars.
  • Ian loses the second Phoenix gem and doesn't get to meet Wilden Yanny. He gets killed by the Curse Dragon.
  • Get rid of the parts in the end where Ian realizes that Barley has been a father figure.
  • Replace the ending with a scene showing Laurel getting married to Colt Bronco. They also have creepy elf-centaur babies.


  • It has no connection to the Balto story at all.
  • No humans.
  • Balto and his team fail to find their way back to Nome and end up freezing to death as a result.
  • Everyone ends up dying from the disease at the end.
  • Remove the live-action scenes.

Once Upon a Forest

  • The furlings hate each other and do not show teamwork with each other.
  • Abigal and Russell are aged up to teenagers, but Edgar is de-aged to a toddler.
  • The furlings' personalities are changed:
    • Abigail is a a Starbucks-drinking, Instagram-obsessed, spoiled, self-absorbed teenager who is a spoiled brat.
    • Edgar is a paranoid toddler who sings baby songs and can't do basic math.
    • Russell's personality rips off Rodrick Heffley's. In additon, he even has his own band and van.
  • Edgar does not get released from the animal trap and is kidnapped and murdered as a result.
  • Cornelius is a stereotypical wacky-accented professor.
  • Edgar uses a child's potty every 10 minutes.
  • Remove the Flapper-Wing-a-Ma-Thing.
  • Michelle dies in the end, and Cornelius kills himself as a result. Afterwards, the Furlings celebrate their deaths.
  • Cornelius constantly yells at Michelle, even when she is doing the right thing.
  • Replace "Please Wake Up" with a profanity-filled children's song.

The Rescuers series

  • Bernard and Bianca hate each other and do not show teamwork with each other.
  • Orville and Wilbur are idiotic, timid dodos instead of albatrosses.

The Rescuers

  • Penny does not get adopted at the end. Bianca instead does that.

The Rescuers Down Under

  • Add a lot of graphic content to the movie.
  • Cody is abusive to every animal, and does not care about protecting Marahute.
  • McLeach actually shoots Marahute and kills her. In addition, Johanna actually eats Marahute's eggs.
  • Bernard does not manage to tame the razorback and gets eaten by it as a result.
  • Bernard does not propose to Bianca at the end of the movie.
  • Jake swears in every sentence.

Cats Don't Dance

  • Make the animation look like the weirdly-animated Tracey Ullman Simpsons shorts.
  • Fill it with scat scenes.
  • Fill it with sexual references.
  • Have Max talk so slow, it takes exactly one minute for him to say one syllable.
    • And have Max voiced by Brian Blessed (using his Boss Nass voice).
  • End the movie with Danny actually falling to his death and Max grounding every other character in the movie GoAnimate style. (the longest scene in the movie since Max talks really slow)
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