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The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

  • The show airs on Disney XD from 2009 to the present day.
  • The pilot movie doesn't exist.
  • Whitewash Libby.
    • On a related note, change all of the character's designs to the designs from this.
      • I woud beat the shit out of redesigned Goddard without remorse. ~ Moon Snail
  • Have Cindy be a one-note Helga Pataki clone without anything to distinguish her from Helga.
  • Nick is part of the main gang instead of Carl.
  • Replace Ultra Lord with Bibleman.
  • The animation is done by seinfeldspitstain. You know, the guy that made all those parodies?
  • Planet Sheen still exists, but is somehow made even worse.
  • Everyone's voice actors change every season, and the difference is extremely noticeable.
    • The single exception is Jimmy, who is consistently voiced by Pamela Adlon doing her Bobby Hill voice.
  • Make Goddard a regular cat instead of a robot dog.
  • Hugh Neutron is replaced with Peter Griffin.
  • Add in product placement for Fortnite, Dove, Six Flags, Mountain Dew, Doritos, Burger King, Sears, RadioShack, NordVPN, Raid Shadow Legends, and Aqua Dots.
    • BONUS: Have the characters interrupt the show for exactly one minute to advertise the product, then threaten the viewer with death if they don't buy the product in question.
  • Steve Urkel is a main character.
  • Every 20 seconds, someone burps, farts, swears, or moans.
  • Add syncro-vox mouths, a la Clutch Cargo.
  • Add in an episode where Jimmy, Sheen, Cindy, Libby, Nick, and Urkel do nothing but play Fortnite, drink Mountain Dew, and eat Doritos for 30 minutes. Not only that, but the episode has no commercial breaks.
  • The theme song is played on a 90's Casio keyboard.
  • Add in musical numbers from BTS, Linkin Park, and numerous SoundCloud mumble rappers.
  • In addition to Goddard, Jimmy now has a talking Funko Pop of Skipper from Penguins of Madagascar who swears every chance he gets.
  • Shoehorn in Christian messages to every episode, even if the messages have nothing to do with the episode in question.
  • All of the characters have extremely cringy and repetitive catchphrases.
    • Jimmy's catchphrases are "Woah! High-impact sexual violence!" and "GET ME SHEEN ON THE PHONE!"
    • Sheen's catchphrases are "Smile, Retroville, say Chuck E. Cheese!" and "Fuck off!"
    • Nick's catchphrases are "Radical, dude!" and "I may have gone too far in a few places!"
    • Cindy's catchphrases are "Men are always taking credit for things women are inventing," and "That shit doesn't scare me!"
    • Libby's catchphrases are "Allahu akbar!" (when she says it, an explosion takes place in the background) and "Did I do that?"

How to ruin the episodes!

  • When Pants Attack: Replace the pants with pairs of dirty underwear.
  • Normal Boy: Replace the "I'm loopy!" dance with the Orange Justice from Fortnite.
  • Birth of a Salesman:
    • The fried chicken joke is repeated a total of 25 times throughout the episode.
    • Instead of candy, the students have to sell RadioShack gift cards.
      • BONUS: The RadioShack gift cards are replaced with Fortnite gift cards in airings following RadioShack's bankruptcy in March 2017.
  • The N-Men:
    • Have N stand for the N-word instead of Neutron.
    • Jimmy's power is turning into an orange instead of a Hulk-like creature.
      • BONUS: When Jimmy turns into an orange, he gets eaten by Goddard, killing him.
    • The main gang actually dies at the end.
  • A Beautiful Mine: The main gang ends up killing each other over the astrorubies.
  • Sorry, Wrong Era: Instead of meeting Leppy, Jimmy, Sheen, and Nick encounter a titanoboa who vores them.
  • The League of Villains:
    • Rename the episode to The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We Fucking Mean It), similar to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode.
    • All of the protagonists die, followed by the villains Fortnite dancing on their corpses. This is followed by a black screen saying "YOU REACH END OF SERIES. NO MORE.". Despite this, the series continues.

Rolie Polie Olie

  • Have it air on Fox, Comedy Central, and Teletoon at Night.
  • Spot dies in one episode, and doesn't come back.
  • Billy has mental problems.
  • Make it too scary.
  • Animation resembles MrDeLoop's pony animations, mixed with Dingo Pictures, mixed with Arfenhouse.
  • Effects look like that of EmpLemon's Youtube Poops.
  • Everyone is on some sort of drug.
  • The only words Zowie can say are; "lol,kill yourself, yay, cringe, keemstar, meow, and crap".
  • Dated jokes based upon memes.
  • Screwy is a possesed white robot with drinking problems and a squeaky voice.
  • Dicey can talk in a very demonic, eerie voice provided by VoiceForge's Damien voice.
  • Each episode ends with them shooting something with a talking gun named Patty.
  • The show is called: "Le Epic Robot Show".
  • One episode is entirely deditcated to anime, Screwy doing nothing but spazzing out and saying random things such as: "I'm hexagon,"beep beep","I have tiger blood", and "Rub mah face, keemstar!!1".
  • None of the buildings have faces that can move.
  • The end credits feature a remix of the Mine Song from Lazy Town done on kazoo.
  • The opening theme is "Eye of The Spider"
  • Make the show's rating be TV-MA-DLSV..
  • The town they live in is called: "Candlewax"
  • Olie is a green teddy bear who looks like a gummy bear who is called Dan.
  • Every 3 or 10 seconds a character twitches, and if they don't twitch, they make a noise that sounds like when Jeffy in SML responds to something with "uh, uh"
  • Polly looks the same, but her outfit is the same as Zowie's, her hair is grey, and she falls in love with Screwy upon seeing him for the first time.
  • Zowie calls anybody anything but thier real names, such as calling Olie; "Owl", Polly; "Dollie, Sally, or Ping." Calling Screwy; "Scrooky, Polygony, Hexy, Sqerry, Scoopy, Zerry, or something else that sounds like one of those.
  • Polly has a fetish for belly growls, luckily (at least in Polly's case), If Screwy happens to eat raw beef, chili, or anything really spicy; This will happen to him, and it will lead to him vomiting everywere.
  • The previosly mentioned belly growls happen mostly to Screwy for Tinydoge's sexual pleasure.
  • Gloomius Maximus appears in all episodes (often in the background) , execpt he looks almost exactly like Cuddles from Happy Tree Friends and is way too girly, and his name is Cutie Cat.

How to Ruin the Episodes!

  • In "Rolie Polie Pop Tops" Instead of drinking coke, they are drinking hot sauce, and wine. And instead of going to space, they vomit fire and die.
  • In "Lunchmaster 3000" The entire episode is about Dan not letting Screwy eat any of the food he has, and he starves threw out the episode.
  • In "Olie/Dan's New Suit", the suit suffocates Olie/Dan.
  • In "The Bump" the noises heard around the house, really are from a monster.
  • In "Screwy" the episode is all about the myth that if you put Steve and Ludwig von Koopa in a microwave together with sprinkle covered poop, and a screw , they will fuse into a creature called a Screwy. Later in the episode, they find out the myth is wrong, and the "monster" is really a stupid white hexagon thing, who they find in a tree in the backyard.
  • In "Screwy Day" Its about Screwy getting sick, and Zowie having to take care of him, as she is the only one in the house. In one scene, he complains that his stomach hurts, and Zowie tries to make it better by rubbing it, which only makes it make a few sounds, then he throws up on her.

The Smurfs

  • Have Grumpy Smurf be voiced by Uncle Phil.
    • is that a fucking wishfart reference
      • I hope not.
  • Replace Gargamel and Azrael with Rocksteady & Bebop.
  • Replace the Season 1 theme song with a over-the-top jazz song.
  • Replace the classical music with distorted One Direction songs.
  • Make every Smurf ugly (like this thing) and the villains beautiful (like that guy).
  • Give it scary vibes.
  • The show receives a cash cow reboot made in CGI based on the 2011 film on Nickelodeon using up half the timeslots.
  • Have the original 80s version be made by Filmation and air on local PBS stations.


  • One character dies every episode.
  • It's basically a Sausage Party TV Series.
  • Junior is a crybaby, and is a spoiled brat a la Caillou. Also, change his name to Willie, and make him voiced by Lizzie Waterworth (using her Horrid Henry voice)
  • The characters' eyes sparkle.
  • It is made by DiC Entertainment.
  • Larry is named Benny and Bob is named Robert
  • Rename the show to “The Adventures of Robert and Benny”.
  • The theme song is sung by a man who sounds like a dying cat.
  • No educational value, and no Christian messages.
  • This show was made to teach kids bad things and to hate God and make him think that he does not exist.
  • Have it air on Fox Kids from 1991 until Fox Kids' demise in 2002 (and after the movie).
    • Eventually, it'll move to Nickelodeon, and then the Hallmark channel.
  • Make the Veggies puppets that look cheaply made, and turn them into poorly rendered CGI characters when they get really angry.
    • And there are also live action backgrounds.
  • Every episode ends with Bob and Larry going to bed as a sleep-inducing lullaby plays.
  • LarryBoy is named “Super Benny”.
  • Take out funny stuff and replace with stock footage of children throwing temper tantrums.
  • Instead of saying “God made you special, and he loves you very much” have them say "Everything can be the way you want it.”, "The complainer is always wrong", "God is the stupidest person on Earth", "The Beatles are better than Jesus", "It's okay to take things without asking.", "You will be safe when catching stinging insects with your hands.", and "Exercise is bad.".
  • Everyone is voiced by either Rob Paulsen (using the Bubsy, Toodles, and Coconut Fred voices), Sue Rose (using her Angela Anaconda voice), Kristen Bone (using her Maggie voice), John Stocker (using his Oogtar voice), Maria Darling (using her Roary the Racing Car voice), Charlie Sheen (using his Dex Dogtective voice), and Kevin Clash (using his Elmo voice).
  • Mr. Nezzer is named Mr. Mark.
  • The grape family are antisemitic stereotypes.
  • The end credits include "BUY OUR MERCHANDISE!"
  • The Pirates who don't do anything are called "Stupid Silly Poopy Pirates".
  • Mr. Lunt is an amnesiac rat named Stoney and he talks in a voice a la Horat from the Nutshack.
  • The Silly Songs with Larry segment is called "Benny's Boring Songs"
  • Way too much toilet humor.
  • Put in annoying musical numbers that teach people to be rude, selfish, spoiled, etc.
  • Archibald is a '60s music fanboy whose catchphrase is "Screw Jesus and praise The Beatles!".
  • Play The Hairbrush Song every other episode! (It would get annoying after a while.)
  • The Hairbrush Song is nothing but Larry saying "Hairbrush" over and over while Whip It by Devo plays in the background.
  • One word, cannibalism.
  • Laura Carrot is a teenage girl who is a controlling bitch.
  • Female screams are constantly heard.
  • And Knuckles. Because...well, because.
  • Laura Carrot appears in EVERY episode, no matter what, and gets more screentime than anyone else.
  • Larry/Benny dabs every once in a while (if he has hands).
  • The designs are overly cute and babyish.
  • It gets a crossover with Dora the Explorer.
  • Khalil appears in all episodes and his appearances are similar to how he appeared in the bad version of Jonah.
  • Actually add a weed character.

How to ruin the episodes!

  • In “Tales from the Crisper” Junior/Willie gets eaten by Frankencelery, and make Frankencelery scare the viewers at the end of the episode.
  • In "Daniel and the Lion's Den", Daniel/Benny gets eaten by lions with rabies. (Oh, that reminds me of something!)
  • In “The Grapes of Wrath” from God Wants Me to Forgive Them?!?, instead of forgiving the Grapes, Junior/Willie gets mad and beats them up. Also, the Grapes of Wrath turn out to be cherry bombs created by Bart Simpson.
  • In “Larry’s Lagoon” everyone goes hungry, and they try to find food on the island (and at one point, Bob/Robert tries to eat Larry/Benny and the asparaguses), but they fail to do so, and Bob/Robert, Larry/Benny, and the asparaguses starve to death as a result, yet they're alive and well in the next episode
  • In Rack, Shack, and Benny, Rack/Robert, Shack/Willie, and Benny burn to death in the furnace and Mr. Nezzer/Mark eats them (About that part, that's cannibalism.), yet they're alive and well in the next episode. Also, wipe the original controversial Bunny Song from existence.
  • In “Larry-Boy/Super Benny and the Fib from Outer Space”, the Fib is a pile of poop with undigested corn. The Fib also farts every 6 seconds.
  • "Lyle The Kindly Viking" is renamed "Sven Needs to Go!" and the plot is all about Sven/Benny having to use the bathroom and him singing about it, similar to Nina Needs to Go. But unlike the show, he wets himself at the end.
  • Make "Esther, The Girl Who Became Queen" a ripoff of every single Disney Princess film in existence at the time.
  • In "Larry-Boy/Super Benny and the Rumor Weed", the Rumor Weed is replaced by Britney Spears and taunts people by singing parodies of her songs about gossip.
  • In The Wonderful World of Autotainment, the characters appear in a future made of the brightest colors in the spectrum a la The Problem Solverz. And there is a scene of a vodka-induced game of Cards Against Humanity between Bob, Larry, and Khalil.
  • In Pistachio – The Little Boy That Woodn't, Khalil gets more screen time than Junior/Willie and only makes toilet jokes for the entire episode. And there is a scene where Khalil and Junior/Willie take a terminally ill Make a Wish kid off of life support instead of doing something nice to him.
  • In The Little House That Stood, all the houses get destroyed by a tornado.
  • In It's a Meaningful Life, Stewart/Benny stays in the what if world forever.

Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa

  • Make the show too similar to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • De-age the protagonists to calves.
  • The show is called "Bull Babies" (Hence the fact that you de-age the protagonists into calves).
  • The budget is very low, about as low-quality as "Aladdin 1 Dollar".
  • It is produced in 1975 by Hanna-Barbera and airs on NBC.
  • Lack of music.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

  • The Power Rangers are addicted to morphine, hence the name.
  • Have Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd be replaced with Dr. Wily
  • Have Rita Repulsa be replaced with Bianca (since they both share the same voice actresses).
  • Have the show be all cartoon in CGI.
  • No action-packed scenes.
  • The Power Rangers use bland, lame comedy to fight villains.
  • Only one season is produced.
  • Make Caillou A Power Ranger

Ninjago (Season 1-7)

  • Remove Lloyd
  • Zane permanently dies
  • At the end of Season 2. Ninjago City explodes and the ninja live on the moon
  • Garmadon looks like Jeff the Killer or eteled
  • Jay acts like Jeffy from SML
  • Remove the episode where they race around Ninjago City to save Darren's Dojo (i forgot the name)
  • The intros are like the ones from Season 8 and onwards except Mining Diamonds or Everybody Poops is the background music.

Doctor Who

  • The Daleks say "EXTERMI-ELEPHANT!"
  • Make the 10th Doctor be played by Wocka Flocka and the 11th Doctor played by Kanye West (Bonus: Rose is played by Kim Kardashian)
  • The Cybermen wear three-piece suits.
  • The theme song is played on a kazoo.
  • The budget is even lower.
  • The characters are puppets.
  • The characters are one-dimensional with unoriginal personalities.
  • Have the show teach viewers to be brain-dead.
  • The 4th doctor is a schizophrenic and has a nasal voice.
  • The camera constantly shakes.
  • The 5th doctor wears his same clothes from “All Creatures Great and Small”.

Phineas and Ferb

  • Make the titular characters do nothing for over a hundred episodes
  • Have all characters swear
  • Have it air on Comedy Central at 3 AM.
  • Replace Perry the Platypus with a generic, bland brown dog named Fido.
  • Phineas and Ferb are orphans.
  • Too much toilet humor
  • The episodes are even more repetitive than before.
  • Make Candace a 3-year-old bratty friend of Phineas and Ferb voiced by Lara Cody (using her Pinky (from Noozles) voice).
  • Doofenshmirtz never appears.
  • The animation resembles 12 Oz. Mouse.
  • Phineas is voiced by Justin Shenkarow (using his Harold Berman voice with a hint of Gelman from Recess).
  • Ferb is voiced by Lizzie Waterworth (using her Horrid Henry voice).
  • Buford has a long neck and is voiced by Eddie Deezen (using his Mandark voice).
  • Get rid of Meap.
  • Lack of music.

Dragon Ball franchise

Dragon Ball:

  • Remove Bulma.

Dragon Ball Z:

  • Remove all villains, and the Super Saiyan 3 ability.

Dragon Ball GT:

  • Remove the Super Saiyan 4 ability.

Dragon Ball (Z) Kai:

  • See the Dragon Ball section.

Dragon Ball Super:

  • Have the series' American dub be handled by a company other than Funimation.

Pokémon (WARNING: Most of the stuff would not be accurate to the games themselves!)

In General

  • Make it an American-animated cartoon, not an anime.
    • The Pokemon resemble their sprites from Pokemon Red and Green, and the ones from Johto onwards are designed in the Pokémon Red and Green sprite style.
  • Make it a show for preschoolers with lots of educational value.
  • The show is created by DiC, and is animated like the Mario cartoons, complete with many animation errors.
  • Make every hatched Pokémon (such as Ash's Phanpy and May's Eevee) be useless babies like Misty's Togepi.

The Kanto-Johto Seasons

  • Make all characters swear.
  • Include extremely disgusting toilet humor in this
  • Put Sonichu as a main character.
  • Add seizure inducing backgrounds (if you thought the Porygon incident was bad enough).
  • Make Misty a stereotypical girl with no personality.
  • Make all of the human characters ugly (like this thing).
  • The Pokemon resemble their sprites from Pokemon: Red & Green.
    • Those from Johto are designed in the style of the aforementioned sprites.
  • Team Rocket is the main group of characters instead of Ash and his friends. (Wait a second, how does that work? You know, when you and I think about it, a show that focuses on comic-relief characters seems to be rather meaningless.)
  • Misty's Togepi needs constant care and wears a diaper (because it acts like a baby, duh!).
    • BONUS: Whenever it needs a diaper change, the poop that comes out is extremely graphic. Then, Ash, Misty, Sonichu, or Brock will go up and scream "BARF LIKE YOU MEAN IT!".
      • DOUBLE BONUS: When it cries, have it cry so loudly you can't hear the other characters.
  • Misty, Brock, and their Pokémon (except for Psyduck) are killed in an explosion during the baseball game in The Double Trouble Header, leaving Ash and Sonichu to take care of Togepi.
  • The music is Disney-esque, using classical instruments and occasionally xylophones.
  • The show is very low budget.
  • The theme song is ME!ME!ME! (BUT WAIT THAT SONG IS GOOD!)
  • Misty's Psyduck is an alcoholic.
  • It takes place in a town on the US-Mexican border.
  • There are incredibly stupid fart jokes, and they are said frequently.
  • Togepi never evolves, and stays with Ash for the rest of the series.
  • A mutant Catchum Crocodile (from The Get Along Gang) chases the heroes every episode and catches them all in the end.
  • Have the English dub be produced by DHX Media (I like that company, but they'd ruin this show.)
  • Put in morals such as "It's okay to take things without asking.", "You will be safe when catching stinging insects with your hands.", and "Exercise is bad.".
  • EVERYONE stutters their sentences
  • Ash's catchphrase is "Excuse me, Misty!"
  • Misty's catchphrase is "That's not right!"
  • Brock's catchphrase is "Whoa! What was that?!" and he uses it at inappropriate times.
  • Sonichu's catchphrase is "Smile, Mexico! Say Chuck-E-Cheese!"
  • Porygon and its evolutionary family continue to make appearances after the Cyber Solider Porygon incident.
  • Replace Misty and Brock with Verity and Sorrel from Pokémon: I Choose You!
    • And the kicker? It'll be right after the second episode of Johto Journeys.
  • Keep Mewtwo's original personality from the Japanese dub canon in the English dub.
  • Ash's Noctowl isn't Shiny.
  • Ash's Charmander would never evolve at all, though it would still disobey Ash like its evolved form.
  • Ash's Chikorita never evolves into Bayleef.

Pokémon Advanced (The Hoenn Season)

  • Make May’s Munchlax a human baby who needs constant care, and is commonly seen having bubbles in his mouth.
  • Ash’s Treecko is a weed smoker, and have it never evolve.
    • BONUS: Make it voiced by someone's drunk uncle.
  • Max calls the other characters racist names. (Example: "Ash" to "Black-sh" (Man, that racist name is terrible.))
    • damn why cant he just call ash the n-word or something
  • May’s Torchic sings The Hairbrush Song every episode (It would get annoying after a while)
  • Max's theme song is "Candy Candy".
  • The anime solely exists to talk about May's Bulbasaur's dysphoria, and it'll basically be an I Am Jazz 2.0.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

  • Dawn is a controlling bitch.
  • Ash's Gible never masters Draco Meteor.
  • Nobody on Dawn's team evolves at all.
    • Dawn's Aipom would still learn Double Hit, anyway.
  • Paul is even more rude, and he frequently beats his Pokémon.
  • Paul kills his Chimchar by shooting it with a gun instead of releasing it. As a result, Ash doesn't get a Chimchar.
  • Ash's Gligar is extremely weak, loses every battle, and it doesn't evolve.
  • You thought Ash's Torterra losing every battle was bad? Make it lose every battle in all its forms (yes, even as a speedy little Turtwig.)

Pokémon Black and White

  • None of Ash's Unova Pokémon evolve, not even the Sunglasses Sandile.
  • Iris's Axew would refuse to evolve instead of wanting to fully evolve.
  • All of Ash's Unova Pokémon have the personalities of either Ash's Oshawott or Iris's Emolga, meaning that they would be selfish troublemakers or obnoxious gold-diggers.
  • Trip's personality is the same one from the Pokémon fanfic Too Much H2O.
  • Speaking of which, make that fanfic into a real episode.

Pokémon XY

  • Remove Alexa.
  • Make Clemont and Bonnie puppets.
  • Remove Clemont's Dedenne, and replace it with a Magikarp.
  • Pikachu evolves into Raichu by using a Thunder Stone, and Ash believes Pikachu ran away.
  • Kill off Penelope from the "Kindergarten Chaos!" episode in her first appearance.
  • Give it a slight feel of Cool Cat Saves The Kids.
  • Let the editors of Cool Cat Saves The Kids edit all the episodes.
  • Make the heroes ugly (like this thing) and the villains beautiful (like that guy).
  • The show takes place in McDonaldland instead of Kalos.
  • Have Serena be a shoddy mary sue.
  • Serena's Fennekin never evolves into Braixen.
  • Ash's Hawlucha's theme song is "Baby Got Back" and make it twerk while singing.
  • Every time Clemont's Chespin shows up, have it dance to a sped up version of PonPonPon (the Kagamine Len and 96Neko cover.)
  • Every 7 episodes, a scene from "Grammar Rock" appears at the end of each one.
  • All characters are voiced by the same person. In this case, Cam Clarke.
  • Ash's Froakie doesn't evolve at all, thus Ash-Greninja is removed.
    • In addition, Ash's Froakie would be very weak and lose every battle.
  • Make it a show for preschoolers.
  • All characters are voiced by only two voice actors, one male and one female.
  • Have the characters ask the audience questions, especially super easy questions they already know the answers to.
  • The conflict is non-existent.
  • The characters' eyes sparkle.
  • The music is Disney-esque.
  • Make Squishy the Zygarde a creepy rat.
  • Each episode has at least two musical numbers.
    • BONUS: They're more annoying than average mainstream 90's music.
  • The backgrounds are full of rainbows and smiling objects.
  • Each episode ends with the characters going to bed as a sleep-inducing lullaby plays.
  • People working in Dingo Pictures work on the occasional effects like zooming in their faces when screaming and sound effects like the "wah-wah" sound.

Sun And Moon (the Alola anime)

  • Make Mallow an agressive alcoholic.
  • Include special effects a la EmpLemon YouTube Poops (example: DOWNWARD SPIRAL).
  • Everyone is voiced by either Cam Clarke, Scott McCord (using his Yang voice), Lisa Oritz or Jennifer Darling.
  • Have the writers of Total Drama All Stars write all the episodes.
  • Two words. Character derailment.
  • Ash, Mallow, Sophocles, Lana, Lillie, and Kiawe are all 19 years old.
  • Remove the Team Skull thugs in favor for Team Flare and a heroin addicted Lysandre.
  • The opening theme is My Past Is Not Today.
  • Similar to The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald, each episode opens with a segment done in CGI where the real Ash has a problem like the one that must solved by him in the episode. In order to become human, Ash opens a magical door that takes him to the human -or in this case, Pokemon- universe.
  • Have it air on Adult Swim.
  • Have it drawn in the style of 12 Oz. Mouse mixed with The Nutshack.
  • Every character is made to be either the comic relief or voice of reason.
  • Popplio resembles the prototype design for the 1980s Popples toy. However, Lana's Popplio doesn't.
  • Ash's Rowlet is a killer owl and Ash's Litten is actually on fire, all the time. It is used as a running gag until his fire is put out by a School forme Wishiwashi using Water Gun on it.
  • Every character is designed to be a role model.
  • The moral is often -if not always- the complainer is always wrong.
  • The background music is mainly 80's disco music.
  • The theme song lasts only 10 seconds.
  • Include a narrator who explains the obvious.
  • A PSA is at the end of every episode.
  • Lana's Popplio is a human baby who needs constant care, much like Togepi from the Kanto-Johto section of the article.
    • BONUS: When it cries, have it cry so loudly you can't hear the other characters.
      • DOUBLE BONUS: Whenever it shows up, have it sing a cover of Let's Hear It For The Boy by Deniece Williams, but in baby babbles.
        • TRIPLE BONUS: Whenever it needs a diaper change, the poop that comes out is extremely graphic. Then, Ash will go up and scream "BARF LIKE YOU MEAN IT!". Occasionally it will be Mallow, but mostly Ash.
          • QUADRUPLE BONUS: It even rides on an angry baby bear in which we will see later.
            • QUINTUPLE BONUS: It never evolves at all.
  • Have Lillie be very bossy and sassy.
  • Have Mallow's Bounsweet bite and attack people often, making this creature very savage.
  • Make Ash and Pikachu run around all over every scene, especially in inappropriate situations.
  • Constant shoehorned educational value.
  • Make the credits move so fast, that you can't read anything.
  • Have it overuse memes that were funny back in 2009.
  • Alolan!Ash's catchphrase is "That shit doesn't scare me!"
  • Mallow's catchphrase is "Oh, when I catch you you're gonna get a god damn good beating!"
  • Lillie's catchphrase is "All cisgender people are transphobic!"
  • Sophocles' catchphrase is "You Whare!"
  • Lana's catchphrase is "Destroy and starve all Fire-type Pokemon!"
  • Kiawe's catchphrase is "Smile, Alola! Say Chuck-E-Cheese!"
  • The show is a cash cow and solely exists to keep making Pokémon merch.
  • Lillie's voice is 10x more annoying! (only applies to the English dub)
  • Lillie's Vulpix is replaced with an angry baby bear. (yeey bears )
  • Gladion’s Type: Null is killed by poachers, who mistake it for an unidentified bear-esque mutant.
  • Name it "The Adventures Of Ash and Friends".
  • Ash doesn’t win the Manalo Conference, and instead loses to a trainer with lots of Legendary Pokémon (think the Lily of the Valley Conference back in Sinnoh.)
  • Ash’s Litten and Rockruff never evolve.


  • Goh's Scorbunny is treated like another Ash's Pikachu clone, and it doesn't evolve at all.
  • Ash's Riolu is introduced as a baby sibling for Togepi.
  • Goh is a huge brat who spends every episode being rude to everyone.
  • Ash's Dragonite is a Barney the Dinosaur clone who is cheesy and lovey-dovey and sings the "I Love You" song from Barney and Friends every episode.
  • Chloe's Yamper is vicious and often bites people.


  • Have the cartoon not follow the book at all.
  • The animals are animated in poor CGI while the humans are animated with bad motion capture.
  • Barney the Dinosaur makes a few cameos throughout the series.
  • The Animorphs sing annoying songs.
  • Halfway through the series, Bubsy Bobcat shows up and teams up with Visser Three.
  • Visser Three kills the Animorphs in the series finale.
  • Have it air on Fox Kids.
  • Add a ton of disgusting toilet humor.
  • Ax is a human weirdo lost in the streets.

Popples (1986)

  • Make the human characters Billy and Bonnie Wagner argue and scream every second.
  • Give the Popples one-dimensional personalities that make them bland and uninteresting.
  • Change the background music to unfitting 80's heavy metal songs.
  • Have Bonnie spank Billy every time he annoys her.
  • Let Punkster and Punkity never sing. Instead, they are goths. 
  • Take out all the kid-appeal jokes and replace them with unnecessary toilet humor.
  • Make Billy and Bonnie years YOUNGER instead of older for season 2.
  • Worsen the Popples' voices.
    • Think about P.C. Popple the Old Smoker, or Prize Popple the Drag Queen, or something.
  • Have the characters do nothing at all for the majority of each episode.
    Fammy seemp

    Fammy seemp

  • One of the characters dies in every episode.
  • It is revealed that an arrested male high school senior who overuses steroids owns the Sports Popples in Popple Cheer.
  • Billy Wagner is obsessed with the Garbage Pail Kids.
  • Billy and Bonnie's designs look similar to the designs in the video on the right.
  • Bibsy and Cribsy use fart jokes to appeal to the audiences.
  • Rubik the Amazing Cube makes a cameo in a few episodes.
  • The Madballs are added as special guest characters throughout the entire Season 2.
  • Not have the 2015 reboot.
  • Make the season 1 voice cast the same as the one from season 2, meaning that Maurice LaMarche voices Puzzle in both seasons.

Star vs. The Forces of Evil

  • The show is called "Keeping Up with the Diazes". Alternate titles are "The Tzatzi Diaz Show" or "Tzatzi and Friends". Whichever one words.
  • Marco is the main character, and Star is a supporting character.
  • Marco is replaced by a mentally ill girl named Tzatzi who has tendancies to kill.
  • Have a bunch of 18-year old high school dropouts write every single episode.
  • At the end of every episode, a moral pops up in Movie Maker style, and the morals are often "You always win if you're good", "Drugs are things to rely on if you're sad", "Strangers are friends you haven't met", "The complainer is always wrong", "Everything can be the way you want it", "Kill members of the LGBT community", "Suicide is an option", "It's never okay to ask for help", "Don't you demonstrate around the Kajun Ku Klux Klan", "When someone tells you that something is your fault, it really is" and "The Bible declares being a LGBT community member a sin".
  • Various hashtags (like #nobodylikesyou, #adhd, #transgenders and #autism) are used in every episode and are in rainbow colors that move very fastly and take up a majority of the center screen, as well as a freeze-framing of the scene that is under the text. When these hashtags show up, a Minimoog cover of the Me!Me!Me! song is heard in the background., followed by an inappropriate, graphic, and/or scary anti-tobacco PSA.
  • Have a controversial episode dedicated to everyone talking about religion.
  • Let the animation style be drawn with Sharpies and animated with a Cray X-MP supercomputer.
  • There are memes and smartphones everywhere, as well as dabbing, juju on that beat, whip/naenae, Dat Boi and Gabe the Dog.
  • Star is a stereotypical '70s disco dancer whose catchphrase is "Burn, baby, burn. Disco Inferno!"
  • Star is voiced by Michaela Dietz (using her Riff voice) and Tzatzi is voiced by Lesslie-Cara Rudolph (using her Abby Cadabby voice).
  • The theme song is Outta Your Mind by Lil Jon and the end credits song is Mony Mony by Billy Idol.
  • Several scenes in the episodes take place in the dangerous parts of Los Angeles.
  • Tzatzi swears every few lines.
  • It takes place in a town on the US-Mexican border.
  • The phrase "I'm a magical princess from another dimension!" 100 consecutive times in a row in every episode.
  • The show promotes prostitution, incest and the usage of illegal drugs.
  • In each scene, there is a camera that moves into places where it shouldn't.
  • Everyone in the show is a Tumblr user. Tzatzi however is a Tumblr, Know Your Meme and Uncyclopedia user.
    • BONUS: Tzatzi also admins a cat meme page on Fakebook.
  • Jackie is revealed to be a stripper.
  • The characters don't move their mouths when speaking. Instead, they move their heads or arms slightly.
  • The budget is very low, and we're talking Paddy The Pelican levels of low.
  • The series is made to be a huge cash cow and solely exists to sponsor companies like McDonald's, NFL, Apple, Disney and the Partnership For Drug-Free Kids.
  • Have everyone sing annoying songs laced with profanity and homophobic content.
  • Shoehorned toilet humor and educational value is abundant.
  • In every episode, Félix (Adrien's prototype character for the Miraculous Ladybug anime PV) shows up, no matter what and gets more screen time than anyone else.

How to ruin the episodes!

Season 1

Star Comes To Earth

  • Tzatzi comes to Earth instead with her parents.
    • Her parents are also killed in a smoke explosion in their first appearances.
  • At the end of the episode, Star and Tzatzi are treated to heroin, meth, weed and alcohol by Ludo.

Party with a Pony

  • Tzatzi falls into the spike bed.
  • Make Pony Head an overpowered Mary Sue, and she's also voiced by Haven Paschall using her Serena voice.

Match Maker

  • Remove the "I got an F for Fantastic!" and "A-plus with a smiley face" lines in favor of cheap and cliched lines which imply Star and Tzatzi are going to be lesbian lovers later in the series.
  • Tzatzi stabs Mrs. Skullnick with a Ginsu knife at the end of the episode.

School Spirit

  • Have Brittney speak in unsubtitled Traditional Chinese everytime she speaks - nobody understands it except Star.
  • Tzatzi commits a shooting with Star at the football game.
  • Kill off Alfonso and Ferguson.

Monster Arm

  • Star gets the monster arm instead.
  • Tzatzi - you guessed it - kills Jeremy with a Sonic Blade kitchen knife.

The Other Exchange Student

  • Gustav is replaced with a flamboyant homosexual named Gary.
  • Have Star, Tzatzi and Ash Ketchum hire a firing squad to kill Gustav/Gary.
  • Gary is actually a Scandinavian and pretends to be an American instead.

The Banagic Incident

  • The Banagic commercial is replaced with an airing of Captain Planet, which is playing in ridiculous slow motion.


  • Change the show's title to "TJ & Friends".
  • Make Ms. Finster and the other adults do absolutely nothing.
  • Replace the music with overly cutesy and babyish stock music, which they never fit in this show with kids acting as teens.
  • Have the Recess Gang act like teens or babies instead of kids.
  • Replace Bonky with Barney.
  • Vince is not athletic, and in the first season, his name is Vans. His catchphrase is "A large mouthed crocodile scene!", which is said every time he gets surprised or interested.
  • Take out any satire in favor of lame, corny pop culture references.
  • Have the show made and take place in 2013.
  • Replace Randall with Perry from The Brothers Grunt.
  • Have the characters interact with the audience every now and then.
  • Include toilet humor in TJ's speeches.
  • Make any animals in the series talk, being voiced by such celebrities as Adam Sandler and Carly Rae Jepsen.
  • Add Ren screaming during every mention of the word "Whomp".
  • Have the kids not even sounding like kids at all.
  • Put in annoying musical numbers that teach people to be rude, selfish, etc.
  • Let Toon City animate all the episodes.
  • Make Yope the 7th member of the Recess Gang.
  • Gus has permanent flu, and he is at school via TV on wheels.
  • Have it advertise deadly weapons and aim such ads at young kids.
  • Besides weapons, add a product placement for 90's children's toys that received controversy and let the characters sing about it sometimes.
  • Any animation errors are intentionally made to hypnotize children.
  • Kevin from Ed, Edd n Eddy, Billy and Bonnie Wagner from Popples, and Eric Cartman are TJ's cousins.
  • King Bob is a bratty kindergartner.
  • Have it cancelled after the movie.

How to Ruin the Episodes!

  • In "The Break-In", it is in its pilot version from 1996, only with changes from above to mess it up even more.
  • In "The Experiment", have TJ kiss Ashley A. instead of Spinelli. (CUE THE TJXASHLEYA SHIPPING JOKES!)
  • In "Jinxed", Gus is forced to listen to the Miffy and Friends theme song 100 times in a row. 
  • In "Teacher's Lounge", the lounge is actually a large, filthy prison.
  • "One Stayed Clean" is replaced with a 10-minute animated version of the 1994 Chuck E. Cheese commercial where a boy grows old from waiting for his food. TJ replaces the boy though.
    • I guess someone would make a script for that episode.
  • In "Nobody Doesn't Like TJ", Nobody does anything for a vast majority of the episode.
  • In "Big 'Ol Mikey", Mikey's dream is actually a reality.

Horrid Henry

  • Have it air on Nickelodeon.
  • Remove Beefy Bert.
  • Moody Margaret is more annoying.
  • Each episode is based on a GoAnimate grounded video, with GoAnimate text-to-speech voices.
  • There are incredibly stupid fart jokes, and they are said frequently.
  • Perfect Peter is actually the one behind all the mischief Henry is blamed for. Peter, however, is really smart, so knows how to get away from it all the damn time. (Kinda like this video in this link)

Thomas & Friends

  • Make Daisy even more feeble than Dennis.
  • Include toilet humor from season 8 onwards.
  • No educational value.
  • Have all troublesome trucks and diesels swear and call the characters racist names.
  • Everyone's face is the one in the picture:
    Thomas o face
  • Have dangerous and safety-ruining crashes.
  • Call it "Thomas & Percy".
  • Product placement for a creepy anti tobacco campaign is in a episode, despite the series taking place in... whatever time period it takes place in.
  • The theme song is a instrumental cover of "Neon Lights" by Kraftwerk, played on a Roland Jupiter-8 by what sounds like a 8-year old boy.
  • Henry loves strong pornography over special coal.
  • Any goof (like equipment visible in the frame) is intentionally made to hypnotize viewers.
  • The Great and Powerful Trixie's face is flashed onscreen to hypnotize viewers.
  • James is named Speed Racer or Jamesphie. Also, he is faster than those bullet trains in Japan.
  • Edward is a depressed character who tries to commit suicide every episode. He is also voiced by Denise Oliver.
    • And he finally commits suicide in the movie.
  • Ffarquhar is now named after the city Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.
  • Diesel 10 is a giant baked potato on wheels with a face.
  • Worsen the voices in the CGI seasons.
    • Think about Thomas the Constipated Tank Engine, or Emily the Old Chain Smoking Scottish Stirling Single.
  • The show airs late at night on BBC 2 (then it would be the laughing stock of the channel probably?).
    • BBC 2 then dissolves because of this.
  • The voice actors are:
    • Edward: Denise Oliver
    • Percy: Charlie Sheen (using his Dex Dogtective voice)
    • James/Speed Racer: Maria Darling (using her Roary the Racing Car voice)
    • Thomas: Rob Paulsen (using his Coconut Fred voice)
  • The original version is animated with bad motion capture, while the CGI episodes are animated like in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • Edward comes back as a zombie in the 15th season.
  • The learning segments are replaced with offensive humor,
  • Make it the same as family guy, except more racist and violent

Bob The Builder (original series)

  • Bob is voiced by Josh Peck In the US dub.
  • Add a 1 hour series finale of Project: Build it called "Bob The Bully” with swearing in it. And make that said episode similar to the 2004 Rated R film "Mean Creek".
  • The machines are jerks to each other.
  • Spud is addicted to meth, complete with graphic sores on his face.

How to ruin the episodes!

  • Travis Paints The Town
    • Rename It to "Travis And The Nuclear Waste"
    • Replace the white paint with Nuclear waste.

Total Drama

  • Include Dora, Elmo, Nina (from Nina Needs to Go!), Angela Anaconda, Milo (from Mars Needs Moms), the Mega Babies, D.W. Read, and Caillou as contestants
  • All the first-generation contestants sans Alejandro and Sierra die due to a shark attack in the first season.
    • Yet they're alive and well in subsequent appearances.
  • Chris is a serial killer, and also an avid user of methamphetamine, complete with graphic sores on his face.
  • In World Tour, the contestants sing nothing but Justin Bieber songs.
    • And the songs from Dora the Explorer.
  • Take out any funny scenes in favor of stock footage of children throwing temper tantrums.
    • Which come from the shows "Supernanny" and "Nanny 911"
  • Have the animation look like Mega Babies.
  • The challenges are easier to the point that even preschoolers can do them, like building a tower with building blocks.
  • Include a product placement of Toys R Us in one episode and have the contestants sing about it.
  • Not having The Ridonculous Race for a spin-off.
  • Let some celebrity voice all the characters since that's the formula of this list.
  • All marshmallows are toxic, like in Revenge of the Island. (Once eaten, they stay normal for a few minutes, and then freeze and fall down.)
  • & knuckles NOPE.
  • Have the show air on Nick Jr. (An unusual black sheep of the channel?! Oh boy...)
  • Replace the theme song "I Wanna Be Famous" with "One Thing" by One Direction.
  • The show is produced by Cookie Jar (now a part of DHX Media).
  • Chef never appears.
    • And is replaced with Fred Figglehorn.
  • Camp Wawanakwa is taken over by Flutterbat and Pahkitew/ScrewYouitew Island is taken over by the Care Bears (in their Atkinson Film-Arts appearances).
  • Make the credits move so fast, that you can't read anything.
  • Pahkitew Island is called ScrewYouitew Island.
    • And is an island that floats in the air under a stormy sky.
  • The show is made just to sell toys under 30 minutes (like many 1980's cartoons).
  • Chef/Fred dances especially at inappropriate times. Sometimes, he'll do Fortnite dances.
  • Brick is named Broke.
  • Have Dave win the Pahkitew Island (or rather ScrewYouitew Island) season instead of either Sky or Shawn.
  • Mike and Zoey are in EVERY. FUCKING. SEASON.

Gravity Falls

  • Bill Cipher is a small, weak Dorito that acts like a MLG person, attempts anyone to get rekt, but fails to do so, and is scared of having to be eaten (Maybe it would be his true form).
  • Peridot makes cameos sometimes.
  • Make the animation style Jim Jinkins + Old Spongebob and also a little Cyriak
  • Kill off Bill in his first appearance (And that makes him have only one appearance in this show)
    • To kill him off, Dipper shoots Bill Cipher with a gun that kills him off and quickly turns him into a Dorito, and Soos eats Dorito!Bill up anyway.
  • Make it cancelled after 13 episodes (Meaning Dreamscapers will be the last episode, and some episodes before it are skipped.)
  • After Dreamscapers (This version's series finale), make some successors to this show, but add it with characters and junk not related to Gravity Falls what so ever.
    • And also a nude picture of Mr. Magoo and that Lego SpongeBob set which costs lots of dollars online.
      • And there's some freaks like some lazy couch potato that never does his job to do anything and also lives in his basement and a two-year old named Charles for example.
        • And make it CGI too, as of 2018. (Calobi Productions reference?)
  • Kill off Stan! 
  • In "Soos And The Real Girl" (in one of this version's successors), replace GIFany with Yandere from Yandere Simulator. Plus remove the "Crazy for you Soos!" line.
  • The show airs on Qubo (then it would be the laughing stock of the channel probably)
  • The music is played on a poor-quality Casio keyboard.
  • People working in Dingo Pictures work on the occasional effects like zooming in their faces when screaming and sound effects like the "wah-wah" sound.

The Simpsons

  • Make it a preschool show named The Adventures of Bart Simpson.
    • Ironically, the cancelled Arabic dub, Al-Shamshoon, was targeted for kids. 
  • Have the characters ask the audience questions.
  • Maggie poops in her diaper occasionally. Also, she cries so loud that you can hardly hear other characters.
  • Remove the comedy and replace it with shoe-horned educational value.
  • The conflict is non-existent.
  • The characters' eyes sparkle.
  • The music is Disney-esque, using classical instruments and on some occasions, xylophones.
  • DiC Entertainment produces it. (I like DiC, but let's face it: DiC would ruin The Simpsons.)
  • The animation for all episodes resembles the unaired version of Some Enchanted Evening.
  • Overuse the moral "The complainer is always wrong" for every episode.
  • The theme song is just "The Simpsons" but over and over again instead of just once.
  • Maggie is demoted to a minor character, let alone a wall flower.
  • Homer loves candy and apple juice over donuts and Duff Beer.
  • Itchy and Scratchy is a non-violent cartoon throughout the entire series (like in Itchy and Scratchy and Marge).
  • Have the show air on NBC's Saturday Morning block instead of Fox.
  • No guest appearances.
  • No Couch Gags or any other gag for that matter.
  • No references to popular culture.
  • The opening sequence is only 10 seconds long, exactly like in “Sideshow Bob Roberts”.
  • Lisa's personality is a clone of Bart's (like in the Tracey Ullman shorts).
  • Krusty is named Buddy.
  • Every 5 to 20 seconds, a character sneezes or hiccups.
  • Each episode has at least ten musical numbers.
  • The Kwik-E-Mart is named Q-T-Mart.
  • The backgrounds are full of rainbows and smiling objects.
  • Reveal Marge's rabbit ears that were supposed to be shown in the finale.
  • Everyone is voiced by either Rob Paulsen (using both the Bubsy and Coconut Fred voices) or Sue Rose (using her Angela Anaconda voice).
  • Each episode ends with the characters going to bed as a sleep-inducing lullaby plays.
  • Bart Simpson's theme song is "Everyone Has Feelings" from Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings.
  • Milhouse is a surfer boy who uses lingo that nobody cares for anymore.
  • Lisa Simpson's theme song is "Care-a-Lot" from The Care Bears Movie.
  • The animation for all episodes resembles the unaired version of Some Enchanted Evening.
    • wtf is that
  • The credits music is Baby by Justin Beiber

Family Guy

  • Make the show's title "Funny Times with the Griffins".
  • Have it be in live-action with no off-color humor or cutaway gags, and transform all non-human characters into Muppet-esque puppets (think the Lois and Bonnie puppets from Foreign Affairs). The entire series is filmed in front of a live audience with VHS tapes and a Super-8 Video Camera. Also, you can hear the camera man breathing.
  • Have it air on Fox Kids in 1991, and it is entirely produced by Sid & Marty Krofft Productions.
  • Have Stewie and Brian be called "Dewy" and "Drunky" respectively, and Quagmire is a drug dealer named Willie.
  • After the airing of Life of Drunky, the series gets an animated reboot with no off-color humor, but rather bland, poorly-executed jokes and Smosh-esque comedy. The characters are styled to look like humans from He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special and voiced by the cast of Full English. The animation for the reboot looks like a mixture of The Christmas Tree (1991), Clutch Cargo, Angela Anaconda and Barbie and the Nutcracker.
  • "Scratch out" Scooby-Doo yogurt with Shaggy's eyes scratched out.
  • Replace the "Iraq Lobster" song with "OMG" by Jenna Rose.
  • Peter loves orange juice over Pawtucket Patriot beer.
  • Various characters' personalities are changed. For example, Meg is a bossy and sassy valley girl, Drunky is short-tempered and bites people and Lois is a paranoid self-diagnosed hypocondriac.
  • Peter eats something every 5 to 60 seconds.
  • Lois mostly screams her sentences. And to add insult to injury, she also has a speech impediment.
  • Add Larry and Steve to the show. (Thus, it would be too confusing on why the prototypes have to be in the same world as the released one.)

How to ruin the episodes!

  • In "Road to the Multiverse", replace the scene where Stewie/Dewy and Brian/Drunky enter a dimension where all people have to immediately go to the bathroom with a scene where Stewie/Dewy and Brian/Drunky enter a Lego universe and replace the scene where Stewie/Dewy and Brian/Drunky enter a dimension run by lesbian men with a Dewy and Drunky enter a Funko Pop universe. Oh, wait...
  • In "Life Of Brian/Drunky", Vinny (who is renamed Buddy) stays with the Griffins forever. 
  • In "The Tan Aquatic With Steve Zissou", Dewy dons blackface instead of going tan.
  • In "Candy, Quahog Marshmallow", kill off the Koreans, Soo-Jin and Willie. In addition, Winter Summer did not exist and it is replaced with some illegally produced VHS copies of Captain Planet and The Christmas Tree (1991) that both play in ridiculous slow motion. 
  • In "A Lot Going On Upstairs", Peter, Joe and Cleveland aren't confided into the attic by Lois, but rather a chicken coop. A filthy, freaking chicken coop.
  • In "The Kiss Seen Around The World", remove the Star Trek presentation scene and all scenes where Meg expresses her hatred for Neil are cut out.
  • In "The Finer Strings", Monsanto Equals Murder is removed and is replaced with Rappin' For Jesus.
  • In "Saturated Fat Guy", Peter does not get stuck in his food truck.
  • In "Gronkowsbees", Peter goes and parties with Rob Gronkowski.

Courage The Cowardly Dog

  • Include a narrator who states the obvious.
  • The narrator is the only one in the show who does actual dialogue, the rest of the characters only scream.
  • Air it on Adult Swim.
  • The colors are overly bright a la Problem Solverz.

How to ruin the episodes

  • In "King Ramses' Curse", King Ramses is replaced by Mario's Floating Head from Mario Teaches Typing who says "Beware the diving boards!" And also, the banana god song is replaced with the song, "We Are Number One" But it's very loud, So loud that Eustace's head explodes.
  • In "Perfect", Courage has another nightmare that involves Giygas who then says, "You're...... Next......"

Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

  • Make the animation even more low budget.
  • Squirt's name is Bob.
  • Shimmer is voiced by Harley Bird, using her Peppa voice.
  • Bounce is renamed to Fart, and he farts instead of bounces.
  • Dragon is a generic baby dragon with no personality who is only there to sell merchandise, like plushies and a Tamagotchi-like toy. He voiced by David Winn, using his Lumpy voice.

How to ruin the episodes!

  • In the near end of "The Jitterbug", Squirt/Bob falls off his web again and instead of landing on Pansy's web surfer, he falls to the ground, causing a huge amount of blood to splatter everywhere. Later on, the other buggies in sunny Patch are shown to be at Squirt/Bob's funeral, yet he's alive and well in the next episode.

Blue's Clues

  • Have Paprika be very bossy and sassy, and frequently insults Cinnamon.
  • Have Blue bite people.
  • Have Steve host all episodes.
    • Before you say anything about Joe, Steve had to leave because he was balding and wanted to pursue a musical career. It was either have Joe live the show to its tenth anniversary or have the show get cancelled entirely.
  • Have it air on the regular Nickelodeon schedule.
  • Have Blue's Room in all episodes.
  • A running gag is having Blue shove things up her butthole.
  • Add too many clues to confuse the kids (the amount of clues would be 10).
  • Fill it with tons of animation errors.
    • And boom mics dropping into shot.
      • And hands going through Mailbox (that happened in one episode).
        • And Knuckles
          • And itching powder. Steve would not control it.
            • and knuckles
  • The songs are more annoying than bad 90's mainstream music.
  • Make Steve run around all over every scene, especially in inappropriate situations.
  • Mailbox only sends spam messages.
  • Slippery Soap melts in his last appearance.
  • Tickety-Tock is nothing but a sun dial.
    • A talking one.
  • Shovel and Pail are replaced with psychotic characters known as Knife and Axe. They also try to kill Steve in every episode.
  • No education value.
  • Blue and Magenta act like rabid wolves at least once an episode.
  • The show gets cancelled in 2002 due to Steve leaving, making "Something to Do Blue" the last episode.
  • The tree from "The Wrong Shirt" is in the living room in all episodes. Plus, it grows a mean, scary face slowly as the series progresses.
  • Five words: "A sock in a bakery."
  • We find out the "Really Great Book" in one episode is about... you guessed it... porn.
  • Make an episode fully around toilet humor.
  • Replace the background music of some songs with the soothing sounds of transformers arcing and exploding.
  • The "Glasses" song from "Magenta Gets Glasses" is nothing but Steve and Miranda saying "Glasses" over and over while Whip It by Devo plays in the background.
  • Have there be product placement for the Easy Bake Oven and the Queasy Bake Cookerator. Seriously, look the second one up.
  • The Handy Dandy Notebooks are the dry-erase (and reproduction) ones you find on eBay.
  • BRAIN FASHION is in every episode before Blue puts the pawprint on the screen.
  • Stephen King writes all episodes.
  • Add product placement for toys like the Pepsi Talking Vending Machine, with the characters saying "Buy (insert toy here) or else you get tickle tortured!".
  • The first episode, Snack Time, is product placement for co-op shops (a Kenner Big Burger Grill would be seen) and Irn-Bru.
  • The Moon in the credits of the Pajama Party episode is voiced by, who else, but Frank Welker using his Dr. Claw/Soundwave voice.
  • Sidetable leaves midway through some episodes to go to "The Box"
    • Her voice actress Aleisha LaNaé Allen was a regular on Out of the Box, so why not?
  • Add whip cracks for every animated character's arm or leg movement (think Johnny Test, but more painful to listen to!)
  • Sidetable Drawer talks in gangster lingo (Her voice actress is black).
  • The Toilet Song from "Morning Music" is replaced with the song in the video. 
    Everybody Poops

    Everybody Poops

  • Steve swears every few minutes.
  • Countless fart jokes are frequent.
  • Have a controversial episode dedicated to everyone talking about religion.
  • The music is Disney-esque, using classical instruments and occasionally xylophones.

PB&J Otter

  • Make the title characters spoiled brats.
  • The show is called Rottenz Sandwichz Otterz
  • Peanut has bloody fangs and sparkling eyes (That's like a Twilight rejection).
  • Jelly sounds like she went through puberty.
  • Butter has an evil, creepy voice and is an overpowered Mary-Sue. Also, she cries so loud, you can't hear the other characters.
  • Opal is an alcoholic mother (Now that wouldn't be appropriate for kiddies, amirite?). She is also named Ohf***you.
  • Flick is a rat named "Plague".
  • Munchy is a stereotypical nerd with an annoying voice.
  • The Raccoons are hyenas instead of their namesake species.
  • The Noodle Dance goes like this: "Noodle Dance! Noodle Dance! Noodle Dance! Noodle Dance! Noodle Noodle Noodle Noodle Noodle Noodle Noodle Noodle! Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Noodle Dance Noodle Dance NOODLE DANCE!"
  • The Noodle Dance background has light strobe effects. Any characters doing the Noodle Dance twerk entirely throughout the segment, along with them claiming that twerking is good for them.
  • The characters talk to the audience constantly, especially asking them questions they already know the answers to.
  • Mayor Jeff is....well, armed and dangerous. His name is also just Jeff (if you can get the reference).
  • The Snootie mansion is shaped like a pile of dung, and make itself stink.
  • Insert stock footage from movies without any signs of citation in the credits and place them in random scenes with no context whatsoever.
  • No good morals. Only bad ones.
  • Writers from Caillou and The Nutshack write all episodes.
  • Have the show run from 2013-15 on a bad video streaming site (not YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion).
  • Animate the show in poor 80's-esque CGI by Klasky-Csupo (I know that studio is usually good, but then again, they made duds).
  • There are villains that win every episode.
    • The villains would be Dora, Caillou, Barney, and Nina (from Nina Needs to Go!).
  • Every 2 seconds, there is an animation error.
  • Include a narrator that does nothing but state the obvious.
  • Lake Hoohaw is called Loser Lake.
  • Mr. Bigdog has rabies.
  • Babbleberries are called Bubberreez.
  • PB&J love rotten sandwiches over PB&J sandwiches.
  • Replace Mallard Man with Fanboy and Chum-Chum.
  • Make the credits move so fast, that you can't read anything. 
  • Make the characters puppets, like what you'd see on Potterpuppetpals. Animate it on PowerPoint.
    • And have them turn into poorly-rendered CGI characters when they're annoyed.
  • Turn the voice acting into text to speech.

How to ruin the episodes!

  • In "Babbleberry/Bubberree Day", the Bubberreez turn out to be cherry bombs created by Bart Simpson.
  • In "You Can't Come In", the characters make a slaughterhouse that kills fish complete with bloody, disgusting scenes that wouldn't look out of place on a low-budget R-rated horror movie.
  • In "Go Away Gorilla", there is an actual gorilla which murders PB&J at the end.
  • In "The Silent Treatment", Pinch decapitates Jelly for arguing.
  • In "Picture Perfect", PB&J dress like hobos and are treated to alcohol by Davey Stone from Eight Crazy Nights.
  • In "Too Hot for Fishicles", everything on Lake Hoohaw/Loser Lake decays to dust before being eaten by feral dogs.
  • Drew pickles the colossal titan visits lake hoohaw by ultrasponge-d92opnc
    In "Nothin' But the Tooth", a Titan version of Drew Pickles destroys Lake Hoohaw/Loser Lake.
  • In "Soap Box Derby Day", PB&J train a bar of giant swearing soap. Instead of a race, it's a rodeo with soap and explosions.
  • In "The Sleeping Beagle", the episode is nothing more than a live-action beagle sleeping throughout.
  • In "Gotta Dance", the contest is a Twerk-a-thon.
  • In "Otter Pox", the Otter Pox has similar effects to smallpox.
  • In "Eye Spy", Flick/Plague suffers from epilepsy throughout the episode as strobe light effects play for the entirety of the episode.
  • In "Happy Harmony", Mayor Jeff/Jeff's story takes place in a filthy yard in 1968.
  • In "Strike Up the Band", PB&J sing "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor.
  • In "The World's Strongest Otter", Peanut takes steroids.
  • In "Poor Bubbles", Bubbles is taken to a Japanese restaurant to be served to customers, meaning that we'll never see Bubbles again from this point.
  • In "Poodle Power", it is revealed that Honey Boo-Boo cut the power out with her weight.
  • In "Lost and Found", the clowns turn out to be psychopathic.
  • In "Follow Your Nose", PB&J and Flick/Plague encounter crazy naked mole rats instead of moles.
  • In "The Ice Moose", Old Tim gets killed and has his head mounted on the wall by Nigel Thornberry's evil twin from another universe.
  • In "Three Super Otters", the Mega Babies confront PB&J and Munchy and set them on fire.
  • In "Butter's First Checkup", Dr. Molar Fox is replaced with Freddy Fazbear.
  • "Kid Court" is a rip-off of Space Jam.
  • In "Munchy's Sinking Feeling", Munchy goes through major character derailment and stops being a nerd. He begins attempting to cut his arms and tail.
  • In "Come Back, Mama", Opal/Ohf***you doesn't finish the Snooties' cake in time.
  • In "Hope Castle", there is a tornado that wreaks havoc across the land, sucking the protagonists into a dystopian dimension.
  • In "Nanner Says I Do", Aunt Nanner ends up getting married to a drunk skeleton.
  • In "Opal/Ohf***you and the New Otter", Ricky is a 25-year-old human man who falls in love with Jelly (Beastiality pedophilia alert!).
  • In "Goodbye Lake Hoohaw/Loser Lake", Lake Hoohaw/Loser Lake is sucked by a black hole.

Little People (1999 claymation TV series)

  • Remove Michael's ability to make things magically.
  • Have it air on the regular Nickelodeon schedule, taking up half of all afternoon timeslots.
  • Eddie and Freddie dance at inappropriate times.
  • It is made by DiC.
  • Include a lot of extremely disgusting toilet humor.
  • Have it be poorly animated with bad motion capture.
  • Put in morals such as "It's okay to take things without asking.", "You will be safe when catching stinging insects with your hands.", and "Exercise is bad.".

South Park

  • Butters is the protagonist, and he is de-aged to four years old.
  • Wipe Tweek from existence.
  • The show goes until Season 800, meaning that it'll last until your grandkids are dead.
  • Make it a child-friendly The Get Along Gang rip-off.
  • Cartman/Barry loves vegetables over Cheesy Poofs.
  • The season 1 theme song is an over the top jazz song. The subsequent seasons use cutesy instrumentals for a theme song, not unlike the mid '80s Care Bears commercials.
  • Give everyone anime-esque (a la Boku no Pico) realistic looks.
  • Stan and Kyle are named Huggy and Kissy respectively.
  • Have it air on Disney Channel in 1986 and produced by Sunbow Productions in association with Marvel Productions.
  • Chef constantly says the N word.
  • Make Cartman/Barry highly friendly, sweet, and well-mannered to the point where it's extremely creepy. Plus, make him have a REALLY huge addiction to Care Bears and Monchhichis.
  • Kenny and Cartman are named Yoogi and Barry. (PBBT SUPERDOG19 REFS)
  • The backgrounds are full of flowers, butterflies, and smiling objects.
  • PC Principal is replaced with a stereotypical 1950s housewife character named Betty.

How to Ruin the Episodes!

  • In "You're Getting Old", when Stan/Huggy turns 10, he starts seeing people and objects as rainbows, kitty cats, unicorns, hearts, smiley faces, etc. Whenever he listens to music, he'll hear cutesy babyish songs.
  • In "Kenny Dies", Kenny/Yoogi miraculously lives... somehow.
  • In "Make Love, Not Warcraft", the title is instead "Make Love and Pac-Man", with the boys playing Pac-Man for the Atari 2600.


  • The theme song lasts 1 minute! ONE MINUTE!
  • All characters are voiced by the same person.
  • There's a narrator who explains the obvious, similar to the narrator of Peppa Pig.
  • A PSA is at the end of every episode.

Maggie and the Ferocious Beast

  • Every 5 seconds, the beast scares the viewers with an ugly face or an ear-bleeding roar.
  • The animation is very similar to The Problem Solverz.
  • Hamilton is a Porky Pig rip-off who slaps people, then beats them up if they call him Alexander Hamilton.
  • Have it air on Adult Swim at 2 am.
  • The Beast eats Maggie and Hamilton in the last episode.
  • Make Hamilton eat feces every five minutes, then he tells the viewers to barf like they mean it.
  • Change the name to "Funny Times with Maggie and Friends"
  • Maggie is a whiny brat.
  • The show is rated TV-MA-DLSV

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987

  • Have the characters ask the audience questions.
  • Have there be shoe-horned comedy.
  • Hanna-Barbera and Ruby Spears produce it.
    • I know, they're sibling studios, but they'd ruin TMNT 1987.
  • Writers known for the worst cartoons ever made write all episodes.
  • Kraang is called "Chet".
  • The Shredder and the other villains do nothing but act stupid for over a hundred episodes.
    • For example, the Shredder thinks Dimension X is the nickname of the local Showbiz Pizza Place, and the trans-dimensional portal is used for microwaving foods and making ice cream.
  • Mona Lisa is Raphael's love interest and girlfriend in all episodes.
    • It would be both good and bad.
  • Irma von Langinstein and April O'Neil are lesbians.
  • Everyone is voiced by Levi Stubbs (using the Audrey II voice), Doug Parker (using the Megaman voice), Jennifer Darling, Rob Paulsen, Seth O'Hickory (using the Mailbox voice), James Murray (using his Splinter voice), and Jennie Kwan.
  • Make all the children seen in the show spoiled brats.
  • All characters named Jeff are....well, armed and dangerous.
  • Make Irma run around all over every scene, especially in inappropriate situations.
  • Rocksteady and Bebop talk only in high-school French.
  • The Shredder is named "Bob".
  • The Shredder rides around in a giant can of Rainy Day Foods Alfalfa Seeds on wheels with a giant Oobi-like hand thing on it.
  • Insert stock footage.
  • Replace all battle scenes with stock footage of people solving problems just by eating Mentos.
  • The plans for attacks by the villains (and vise-versa) are easier to the point that even preschoolers can do them.
  • The backgrounds are full of rainbows and smiling objects in the "Red Sky" seasons.
  • Have the show be EVEN MORE Lighter and Softer instead of Darker and Edgier for the "Red Sky" seasons.
  • Each episode ends with the characters going to bed as 70's, 80's and 90's electronic music plays (or in the case of the "Red Sky" seasons a sleep-inducing lullaby).
  • Have it cancelled after 8 seasons (meaning that "Turtle Trek" will be the final episode).
  • Vernon eats something every 5 to 60 seconds.
  • Splinter wears a lampshade all the time.
  • The animation for all episodes resembles the episodes of Scooby Doo, Where Are You?.
  • Fill it with tons of animation errors.
  • The Foot Clan are just guys in three-piece suits.
  • Shredder's legs are colored flesh instead of steel, making it look like he isn't wearing pants.
  • New York City is called "Famous Ray's City"

How to ruin the episodes!

  • In Turtle Trek (the finale in this version), New York City/Famous Ray's City surrenders to the Care Bears.
    • And also Shredder/Bob, Kraang/Chet, and the other baddies get killed, so HA!
  • In The Catwoman from Channel Six, the episode is nothing more than a live-action 25-minute video clip of men in Ninja Turtle costumes babysitting a 13-year old girl in a cat costume with a "Channel 6" necklace while speaking in hilariously bad voices with poor visual and audio quality.
  • In Attack of the 50-Foot Irma, Irma stays giant and gets married to Godzilla, and somehow, Mothra gets jealous.
  • In The Turtle Terminator, Shredder/Bob and Kraang/Chet create a drunk skeleton instead of a android clone of Irma.
    • Could the drunk skeleton be a distant relative of Sans (from Undertale)?
  • In Pizza by the Shred, Weird Pizza To Go is called "Ray's Weird Pizzas".


  • The segments are replaced with mayo.
  • Henry and June don't appear at all, so Ryan hosts instead.
  • Have the show be called "KaKaKaKaMAYO TIME!"
  • All the mayo is expired.
  • Insert awful .jpg stock images.
  • The last episode reveals that Ryan is Peanut Otter in disguise.
    • Both characters are voiced by Adam Rose (who, in my opinion, is highly underrated).
  • Give it a spin-off halfway during the third season called "Ryan's Fun World", which rips off Elmo's World.  
  • Have it overuse memes that were funny back in 2009.
  • One word: Jumpscares

Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug And Cat Noir 

  • All of the akumatized villains win in every single episode.
  • Adrien gets killed off in Reflectika.
  • Each episode contains tons of filler.
  • A Fire PIF is at the end of each episode.
  • Replace the Kwamis (Tikki, Plagg, Nooroo, Trixx, Duusu, Wayzz) in favor of a lame magic spell.
  • Have an episode devoted to Marinette (as Ladybug) reading "Everybody Poops".
  • It is cancelled halfway through the airing of "Ladybug and Cat Noir (Origins - Part One)", and afterward the full episode is leaked onto the internet.
  • The animation is done in the style of Grojband and The Gigglebellies.
  • Litter it with memes that were funny back in 2015.
  • Every 10 seconds a character twitches, sneezes, coughs or picks his/her nose.
  • It airs on Cartoon Network multiple times a day.
  • Make it in early 2016 and let it run for only one season.
  • Make Adrien a conservative Christian nutjob who's catchphrase is "Screw the Beatles and praise Jesus!"
  • Marinette's catchphrase is "I might have gone in too many places!"
  • Chloe isn't a snob, but rather a prissy 16 year old girl from Los Angeles who is obsessed with Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Scream Queens.
  • Replace Hawk Moth with an exceptionally skinny person that dresses like a bald eagle named "Angry Eagle".

SuperNoobs (this section is long as shit I'm sorry)

  • Make it a spinoff of Johnny Test.

Just kidding! I bet you wanted to see how the show should actually be bad, not just a simple answer! Here we go!

  • Change the title to "n00bz!11!!11!", "Noobies", "Funny Times With The Noobs" or "Da Nubs"
  • Memnock and Zenblock never appear. (They only appear in Bob and Rob human form)
    • As Bob and Rob, they make unsettling and obnoxious cameos in most of their appearances.
  • Make the fighting scenes in ridiculous slow motion. (talk about snoozefest!)
    • The Noobs use comedy to fight villains (mostly jokes a la the ones Luan Loud makes).
  • Insert awful .jpg stock images, included with in your face watermarks.
  • Shope's birthname is 'Jadwiga' instead of Jennifer.
  • All fonts for episodes are either Comic Sans MS or Arial, and occasionally the Dukes Of Hazzard font will be used.
  • The show initially airs on Nicktoons, but as of "The Noobs Meet Count Venamus", it is aired during the graveyard slot on YTV.
  • Many things are changed about the show in general, as well as the production, which is now very rushed.
    • Flamarion Ferreira Films produces the entire show.
    • It is directed entirely by Michael Bay, which means you're in for lots of explosions.
    • Every 8 seconds, there is an animation error.
    • The viewer can easily see boom mics dropping into shot.
    • There is shoehorned toilet humor and educational value.
    • In every scene, there is a camera that moves into places where it shouldn't.
    • A whipcrack sound is added to every character's arm or leg movement. Hey, it's like Johnny Test!
  • The show has little regards to continuity, and forgets about plot points (like the supernatural pyramids from season two) as soon as they're brought up.
  • Kevin carries around a whistle and he blows it every time Tyler speaks.
  • Throughout the show, Shope is referred to with both her first and last name, sorta like how everyone refers to the titular character of Angela Anaconda with both her first and last name.
  • All the audio is recorded using a webcam.
  • Everyone has Kevin's personality.
  • Each episode has at least one musical number, and they're all laced with profanity and homophobic content.
  • The animation for all episodes resembles a mixture of post-season 2 Johnny Test animation and Wishfart, especially the latter.
  • Have Tyler wear a paper cup with the Scooby Doo characters on it, but Shaggy's eyes are scratched out.
  • There are forced educational aesops at the end of each episode.
  • All the female characters are voiced by either Sarah Natochenny (using her Vera voice) or Bryn McAuley, and the male characters are all voiced by either Guido Quaroni (the voice of our favorite shit-eating forklift) or Mac Heywood.
  • The only jokes involve way-too-cruel slapstick, cutaway gags that come out of nowhere a la Family Guy, excessive breaking of the fourth wall and toilet humor.
  • All the characters have bad catchphrases.
    • Tyler's catchphrase is "Korean OMG!" and "GET ME KEVIN ON THE PHONE!"
    • Kevin's catchphrases are "When in doubt, whip it good!" and "I'M TOO HOT FOR YOU!"
    • Shope's catchphrases are "Woah! High-impact sexual violence!" and "That doesn't fucking scare me!"
    • Roach's catchphrase is "Blame it on the rain!" and "Chicken fetus!"
  • Stingy from Lazytown is a supporting character, and his catchphrase is "It's mine, binch!"
    • Cool Cat from Cool Cat Saves the Kids is also a supporting character and he appears in live action, green-screened onto the scenes he appears in as a framing device a la Shining Time Station. His live-action scenes are filmed with a Super-8 video camera.
  • Pictures of Yelena from Welcome to the Wayne are flashed onscreen to hypnotize viewers into worshiping her.
  • Kevin wears a lampshade all the time.
  • The Shopkins make time to time cameos.
    • BONUS: The Madballs also make cameos, only making gross jokes about whatever situation the Noobs are in.
      • The cast of Wishfart makes time to time cameos.
  • Have Amy be a stereotypical emo/scene girl who beats up people for fun. She also has a new hair color in every episode, making it hard to recognize her.
  • Ernie from Peppermint Park appears as Shope's brother.
  • The writers are regressed to 8-year-old Baldi fangirls that use Flipaclip to make animation memes.
  • Cornbury is named Boredbury.
  • There is tons of product placement for Showbiz Pizza, Oxi Clean, Oragel Training Toothpaste, the Big City Slider Station, Crystal Pepsi, Activia Yogurt, and the Truth anti-tobacco campaign.
  • The Incredibly Amazing Man appears in every episode, and no matter what, gets more screentime than everybody else.
  • The Noobs live with Mem and Zen in their house, and instead of the whole sleep-fighting gimmick shown in "A Noob Divided Cannot Noob!", have Zen be an insomniac who constantly wakes the Noobs from their sleep for petty reasons.
  • Every 20 seconds an in-your-face shot of a random character is present, including loud screaming and spinning images of Bling Bling Boy t-posing.
  • Rovu and his squad are just tiny guys in 1-piece suits.
  • The Supernoobs are all Tumblr users.
    • Kevin, however is a Tumblr, Encyclopedia Dramatica, Kiwifarms and Uncyclopedia user.
  • The series is aimed at kids under the age of 12, but has a large cult following of adult fans called "Senior Noobs".
  • A couple characters talk in slang without rhyme or reason.
    • Kevin talks in dated 90's slang almost exclusively.
    • The Principal of Cornbury Boredbury Middle School talks in 80's slang.
  • Have Roach be able to only say the words "Kill yourself", "Get Keemstar", "I am Pink Guy", "Let's get right into the news", "Dank Memes", "Drink bleach" and "Wow".
  • Have the characters ask the audience questions, especially ones they already know the answers to. This is especially shown in "Noob Dunnit!", a mystery-themed episode in which the XR4Ti goes missing.
  • The end credits move so fast that you can't read anything. In addition, at the end of the credits, a marathon of Nightmare-ranked scary logos is present for the next hour or so, or stolen Family Guy Funniest Moments videos.
    • And make the credits include the old 1980's Palace Video warning screen words.
  • The felt friends from Blue's Clues come on the screen every once in a while to teach the viewers about sex ed.
  • Include an episode called "Viewer Mail Noobs!" where the Noobs read mail. This episode starts off with Kevin reading complaints from viewers of the show about despite being aimed at kids aged 12 and under, it contains racism, sexual references and homophobic messages. In response, Kevin and his friends do a hypothetical Bowderlized episode of their show to explain that their show would not be as good as it is if it was legitimately aimed at children with the help of the cast of Detention. In the Bowderlized episode, all the inappropiate content is removed in a similar way to how Pooh's Adventures is censored, and Tyler is replaced with Sans Undertale from Undertale. The episode ends with Kevin and Shope singing "Hotel Room Service" by Pitbull.
    • In the end, the whole episode is revealed to be an absinthe and acid-induced dream of Kevin's.
  • The characters don't move their mouths when speaking. Instead, they move their heads or arms slightly (Think My Little Pony Newborn Cuties)
  • The budget is very low, and we're talking Paddy The Pelican levels of low.
  • The series is made to be a huge cash cow and solely exists to sponsor companies like Microsoft, Disney, Dawn Dish Soap, McDonald's and Wendy's.
  • Tyler has a fetish for belly growls, luckily (at least in Tyler's case), If Roach happens to eat something, this will happen to him, and it will lead to him vomiting everywhere.
  • Make Kevin racist and homophobic. In every episode, he constantly rambles about gay people ruining society, only for Shope to tell him to stop 30 seconds later.
  • Kevin has bishounen eyes.
  • Mr. T makes cameos in every episode, claiming he will help the Noobs when they need it, but we never even see him helping them.
  • A character dies a gruesome death each episode, yet they are alive and well in the next episode. The character that dies is always either Tyler, Shope or Roach.
  • Replace Stacy with a typical cliché teenage girl who hates girly things.
  • Count Venamus is a well dressed viper that carries serious diseases, and his design is a rip off of Professor Venomous from OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes. (Even though that didn't come out until August 2017, but whatever)
  • Replace General Blorgon with a conspiracy theorist that gets all his conspiracies wrong.
    • Also replace Hedies with a braindead Ditto, and replace Technut with a stupid chicken while we're at it.
  • Each episode ends with everyone going to bed as a sleep-inducing lullaby plays.
  • It is cancelled halfway through the airing of "Noobs' Day Off", and the full episode, as well as the rest of season 2, is leaked onto the internet.
    • And when it's cancelled, almost all footage of the show is lost and/or destroyed due to bad storage and tape damage, like the majority of the episodes from Pipkins.
  • The season 2 finale reveals that the entire show was a hallucination that Shope went through after getting severe mental shock due to a bad grade in a school subject, and that in reality, Shope is a hardcore conspiracy theorist, and that her intelligent and rational personality is merely the type of person that she wished she could be. It also reveals that Tyler is her brother; Kevin is their older cousin that is a high ranking member of a street gang, Roach is actually Kevin's pet dog but humanized, and Mem and Zen are Tyler and Shope's gay dads.


How to ruin the episodes!

Season 1

  • A Noob Hope:
    • Make it a poorly made live action pilot where the Noobs destroy their school and get arrested. In addition, the entire episode is filmed on a VHS camcorder. Also, you can hear the cameraman breathing.
    • Jock Jockerson gets decapitated by Stingy and Shope, as well as a group of Devo fanboys we never grow to care about.
    • Tyler gets freaky with Kevin for all TylerxKevin shippers' sexual pleasure. No, it is not censored.
    • Have Tyler poke fun at homosexuals by wearing clothes and talking in a voice similar to the really cartoony gays in this Family Guy clip.
  • The Noobs Strike Back
    • As of this episode, the entire series is animated.
    • Make it a crossover with all characters from Sausage Party.
    • Include a musical number centered around Shopwells titled "Shopwells Forever!"
    • A running gag is that Frank (from Sausage Party) dabs.
    • Just for this episode, the battle balls are replaced with Genji's ninja stars. Don't ask.
  • Super Noob Suits
    • Have the Noobs go on a trip to a boring museum instead of an aquatics center.
    • Shope's costume is designed to be more sexually pleasurable for male viewers. It's a given considering most of Shope's fans are nonces.
    • Tyler's latex outfit is blue instead of pink.
    • "The Black Something" is replaced with "The Kawaii Dino".
  • Noobies vs. Smoothies
    • A running gag is that Roach keeps rolling on the floor and screwing everything up. It gets really repetitive really fast.
    • Tyler's date doesn't go well with Amy, destroying TylerxAmy forever.
  • Go Noob Outside
    • The Candy Mama game is a bootleg Sonic The Hedgehog game.
    • The noobs stay inside for the entire episode.
  • Curb Your Noob
    • Kevin stays as a dog for the rest of thee series.
    • The warden of the dog pound is replaced with a stereotypical donut-eating security guard.
    • Remove the "I am a dog lover, a lover of dogs." line.
  • Noob Kids On The Block
    • The Noobs twerk to Hit The Quan instead of singing the Supertastic Four Song.
    • Then, they do the same thing, but they're dancing to "Hoodie On" by Matt and Kim.
    • Have Jock dance to "This Is Your Left".
    • The Glee Club sings a cover of "Lean On" by Mitchell Musso, but it's reversed, with the members actually pronouncing the lyrics backwards without fail. No reverse effects needed.
  • Fourth Down And Noob To Go
    • The Noobs get major injuries at the end of the football game.
    • Tyler does not wear the cow costume. Sorry Tyler fangirls, take your fapping somewhere else :(
    • Tyler admits that he is a FUCKING DIRTY ASS FURRY
  • Who, What, Where, Noob
    • Shope is sent to the all girls school, but still goes to Cornbury Middle School with Tyler, Kevin and Roach in subsequent appearances.
    • Make it like one of the Shope torture porn episodes there were a bit of in season one.
    • Let Kevin become invisible instead.
    • Remove the "Wow, he's a better me than me." line.
    • At the end of the episode, have everyone scream "IT'S SHACK THE NUT!"
  • Shake Your Noobie
    • Instead of a medieval theme have the dance be centered around Club Penguin.
    • Tyler does not dance with Amy.
    • Jessie is killed off in her first appearance.
  • Where No Noob Has Gone Before
    • Remove the line "Welcome to the play thing!" said by Kevin.
  • How To Care For Your Noob
    • The guinea pig is named Difficult McF instead of Easy McA, and instead of Running Away From Shope's Wrath™, he stays put in the cage.
    • Kevin doesn't turn into a guinea pig for the sake of Shope's selfish needs.
    • Tyler and Roach actually having homosexual intercourse in the bathroom.
    • Turn Shope into a controlling bitch for the rest of the series.
    • Shope actually default dances in one scene without context.
  • The Noobs Meet Count Venamus
    • Count Venamus is revealed to be a rabid kangaroo who is also a Peridot ripoff.
  • Dude, Where's My Noob
    • The battle balls are used for sport instead of being misplaced.
  • Tyrannosaurus Noob
    • The whole episode is cut out in favor of a 10-minute version of Shope screaming Kevin's name at ear bleedingly loud volume that will literally make the audience go deaf.
  • When Good Noobs Go Bad
    • Roach turns into an emo kid, and he stays an emo for the rest of the series until he is killed off in this version's version of The Nooby Blueby Booby.
  • Superdoods!
    • The SuperDudes are revealed to be a pack of starving raccoons. 
  • License To Noob
    • The Noobs' eyes are infected instead of Mem and Zen's.
  • Noobot VS Venabot
    • Put in WWII jokes.
    • Nazi posters make time to time appearances in the backgrounds.
  • Zooper Noobs!
    • The Noobs stay at the Earth zoo.
    • Mr. Monorail is replaced by an alpaca with a serious sickness.
  • Noob Kid In Town
    • Catboy is renamed 'Dogboi'.
  • Parent Teacher Noobs
    • The Noobs don't make an effort to cover up the fact that it's Parent Teacher.
    • There's a scene where Shope repeatedly does the Cha Cha Slide dance with Tyler for an uncomfortable amount of time while Kevin and Roach stand, motionless and pondering. It goes on for half the episode.
    • For this episode only, give everyone weird accents provided by international text to speech voices.
    • The ending is more unsatisfactory.
  • Noob It Or Lose It
    • Uber Trash Brothers is replaced with Dangan Ronpa v3 Killing Harmony.
    • In this episode, without reason, Roach turns into the 1970's Grimace. He also shapeshifts into a swamp monster that looks like something out of Plan 9 From Outer Space at some point.
  • Noobsitters
    • The Noobs babysit a toddler who continuously throws temper tantrums.
    • Replace the dinner scene with Nanny 911 footage.
  • How To Use Your Noob
    • The battle balls are destroyed.
  • A Noob Divided Cannot Noob!
    • Pedobear, JonTron, Shotacat and Bowsette appear at the house party.
    • The sleep fighting gimmick is overdone.
  • Super Natural Noobs
    • The Noobs camp at a camp site built over an ancient Indian burial ground and the whole episode is them not being able to sleep because the damn place is haunted by spooky ghosts of natives.
  • The Supernoobs Super Cup
    • Cheating is condoned instead of being banned.
  • How To Noob The Science Fair
    • Seriously, this episode is fucking shit. It can't be ruined. That's how shitty it is.
  • Noobtube
    • "Extreme Virus Warriors" is revealed to be a cashgrab.
    • The whole episode is revealed to be an acid-induced dream Kevin had when he was also intoxicated by alcohol.
    • Remove every single reference to Roach's Happy Dance.
  • The Noobie Blueby Booby
    • Roach is killed off and we never see him again, except an apparition of him in later episodes.
  • Noobs vs. the Earth-sterminator!
    • Tyler reveals to be a huge weeaboo.
  • Noob Colored Glasses
    • Shope joins Mr. Wertz's goggle cult.
    • Shovin is implied more and more to the point it's bloody sickening.
  • Let It Noob, Let It Noob, Let It Noob!
    • It is an all around Christmas episode, with everyone shoving Christmas carols in your face.
    • In the beginning of the episode when Shope calls Tyler on his phone and outright screams at him, Tyler's ringtone is replaced with Stingy scream-singing "You Reposted In The Wrong Neighborhood".
  • To Catch A Noob
    • Roach's apparition wrecks havoc on Count Venamus' ship thing.
    • As of this episode, Kevin stays in his glorm weasel form. He still has the bishounen eyes.
  • The Noobiest Place On Earth!
    • Have the episode be a lazily done and poor crossover with this article's version of Pokemon.
    • For this episode only, the characters lip sync, but in Syncro-Vox. Terrifying, I know.
  • Count Noob-a-nus
    • The Noobs are abducted and thrown into space, only to come back to the Earth at the end.
  • I Know You Noob
    • The three Emmas hold the noobs at gunpoint at some point in the episode.
    • Let the three Emmas drown in the ocean when the eagle drops them in it.
  • The Noobs Meet The Incredibly Amazing Man
    • The Incredibly Amazing Man is revealed to be Kevin's father.
    • Kevin's "Okay Boy" moniker is replaced with "Fake Ginger Boy".
  • The Noob Cave!
    • Tyler takes on a Donald Trump-esque persona named Trumpy Tyler for the episode, and he hires some minions of the Hall of Tyler to build a wall around the US-Mexican border.
    • Cut out any scenes with Kevin and the Critter Cave in favor of that scene where Shope has a slap-fight with the wind.
    • And replace THAT scene AGAIN with footage of angry radical feminists.
    • Also remove the scene with Shope "yelling" at the monitor.
    • Basically, remove every good scene. Which is every scene, because this episode is great.
  • To Noob or Not To Noob
    • Have Tyler date Shope instead.
    • In that scene where Tyler and Amy Shope are in space, they both sufficate, die, and then turn out to be alive in the next episode without rhyme or reason.
    • All scenes involving Kevin and the frogs are removed.

Season 2

  • Micro Noobs!
    • Make the nose hair scene more disturbing.
  • The Chosen Noob
    • The ending in which the Noobs rise up from the rubble is super unsatisfactory.
    • Remove the scene where Shope sets Kevin on fire and tries to put him out afterwards.
    • Kevin doesn't turn into a chicken.
  • Dude or Noob?
    • The episode's moral is replaced with "You must change attributes about yourself in order to get people to like you" instead of "be yourself".
    • The "Pink Posse" scene is removed.
  • One Noob Wonder
    • "We've Got Superpowers" is replaced with the Hit or Miss song. YOU KNOW THE ONE.
    • Hunk-E is replaced by Early 2010's Justin Bieber.
  • Much A-Noob About Nothing
    • Remove the scene where Shope goes apeshit and attacks Kevin.
    • "Kevin-Man" is replaced with "Mr. K", a rip-off of Mr. T.
    • The cows are slaughtered for beef in the end. It's graphic as hell.
  • Noob Dunnit!
    • Once it gets to the scene where Shope explains what she has done with XR4Ti, it immediately cuts to a screen narrated by Cool Cat from Cool Cat Saves the Kids, which pops up in a similar fashion to Episode 4 of Clerks saying this:

"We're sorry. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the last half of the script for this episode was mistaken for classified evidence by the North Korean government and put in a paper shredder on its way to the Korean animation studio. Luckily, the episode was finished by a very special group of Japanese animators. We hope you enjoy the new ending!"

  • Just like the scene this is spoofing, the animation in the moments after this occurance is done with animation reminiscent of the unaired version of Some Enchanted Evening, and the characters are drawn in the style for Nyan Neko Sugar Girls. The characters also begin to speak like the NNSG cast at this point

The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald

  • The budget is very low.
  • Ronald McDonald's house's interior is a regular everyday living room.
  • Make the animated parts' animation look like a combination of Clutch Cargo, Aladdin and the Adventure of All Time, Mega Babies, and The Nutshack, while the live action parts are animated with bad motion capture, a shaky camera, and terrible green screening.
  • Professor Pinchworm/Screwy destroys McDonaldland in the finale with a nuke.
  • The character designs for the McDonald's characters are their 1970's-early 80's versions, save for Birdie (who is an actual bird).
    • Birdie becoming a actual bird? What?
  • The end credits move fastly to the point where you don't know what's happening. Eventually, you'll end up seeing the 1998 Klasky-Csupo logo (however, it would be in its 2002 alternate version, even though TWAoRM first came out in 1998.)
  • The theme song includes seizure-inducing flashing lights in some parts.
  • Grimace's mouth moves like a sock puppet or the Canadian characters from South Park.
    • And it moves rather poorly.
  • Tika is a loud-mouthed swearing cowgirl.
  • Franklin always uses dated '90s slang when he speaks.
  • The Live-Action Ronald is played by Bob Brandon, who played the clown in the 70's.
  • The old versions of the Fry Kids make cameos.
  • Hamburglar does nothing but pick his nose.
  • Sundae only screams, especially in pointless solutions.
  • Include a lot of poop jokes, fart jokes, butt jokes, crotch gags, gross-out humor, and corny songs.
  • Every 8 seconds a character sneezes or farts.
  • Pinchworm is changed to an amnesiac and demented robot-cat named Screwy, who wants to eat Sundae, and talks a la Horat from the Nutshack.
    • BONUS: His minion is a demented chicken.
  • Innuedos!]
  • Add a glitter dog who's friends with Sundae.
  • Put in morals such as "It's okay to take things without asking.", "Always go with strangers", "The complainer is always wrong", "You will be safe when catching stinging insects with your hands.", "Everything can be the way you want it.”, "When people say something is your fault, it really is" "Exercise is bad." and "Watching TV does not rot your brain."
  • Air it on Nicktoons in a graveyard timeslot.

How to ruin the episodes!

  • Birthday World: Instead of the rollercoaster turning people into babies, they turn them into living piles of poop.

Todd McFarlane's Spawn

  • Make it an Saturday morning cartoon, complete with talking animal sidekick (which could be a raccoon named Mr. Sixties, who is a '60s music fanboy whose catchphrase is "Screw Jesus and praise The Beatles!")
  • Have the animation be similar to the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon.
  • The music is just weird tunes played on a Minimoog.
  • Spawn fights evil foreign stereotypes, generic, green-skinned, and magical monsters, and evil warlords.
  • Spawn has a moustache.

Spider-Man 1967

  • Have the budget be even lower.
  • The animation is Ivor the Engine-esque.
  • All the characters are voiced by ten people.
  • Have it be like the Spider-Man image macros. Okay, that'd be awesome.
  • Spider-Man always fights the classic Spider-Man villains.
  • Have it released in the early 2010's on YouTube, specifically 2012.

Tom and Jerry

  • Make the animation extremely low budget.
  • Have no voice acting at all.
  • Replace all of the music with Kpop songs.
  • Tom never wins.
  • Spike is just a random dog with no personality.
  • Take out all the violence.
  • Wipe the controversial scenes from existance.
  • Take out all the humour.
  • Tom and Jerry are both dogs.
  • Make the violence extremely graphic.
  • Fart jokes.
  • Have it be a cartoon made by Nelvana and Nickelodeon and have it premiere in 2007.
  • In one point of an episode, Tom gets reduced to a head and Jerry doesn't seem to feel sorry for him, similar to the caption of this picture.

Johnny Test

  • Lots of innuendos.
  • The season is entirely made by Cookie Jar.
  • Dukey is a normal everyday pet, but make him a highly aggressive bulldog.
  • Mary and Susan are 7 years old and are girly girls.
  • Johnny is a whiny brat that loves toilet humor.
  • Rename the show "Johnny and Friends"
  • Johnny's parents are loudmouthed rednecks.
  • The conflict is non-existent.
  • Every 5 minutes, the scary 70's "Monkey On Their Backs" anti-heroin PSA appears out of the blue.
  • The theme song is a screwed up version of Whip It by Devo.
  • It is released on YouTube at first.
  • Gil is a 3-year-old spoiled toddler with a personality similar to Caillou.

The Fresh Beat Band Of Spies

  • Champ Von Champ Von Winnerchamp is voiced by a 79-year old chain smoker woman, similar to that of Pat Walsh.
  • The show airs on Comedy Central.

Ed Edd 'n' Eddy 

  • Add a Pointless Character like this:

    Yeah lolololol

    • What's with you and SpongeBob?
  • Overuse toilet humor.
  • Ed is the smart one.
  • Double D is just a stereotyped comic relief character.
  • Eddy praises Satan, yet he acts saccharine towards anyone.
    • Only 90's kids remember when that text wasn't striked through ;)
  • The Kankers are girly girls who love cute things and are ballet dancers.
  • The animation resembles The Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa.
  • Cancel it halfway during the Halloween special and never reveal the rest of Ed Edd n Eddy's Boo Haw Haw.
  • The theme song goes like this: "Hello hello! We're the 3 Eds! This show will never ever end! We are here with all of our friends! You can count on us! It depends! Ed Edd n Eddy (10x)!"
    • Oh yeah, did I forget to mention? "This show will never ever end" line? It's also a twist of irony to go with it.
  • DW Read replaces Sarah.
  • Kevin is voiced by Courtland Mead (using his Ned Needlemeyer voice).
  • Nazz is voiced by Melissa Samuels (using her Dawn voice)
  • In-your-face shots of the characters are present.
  • Have it spawn no merchandise.
  • Eddy's Brother appears in all episodes.
  • Rolf practices underage drinking in one point of an episode, just like that.

The Amazing World of Gumball

  • Gumball has a really squeaky voice.
  • Darwin has an afro and pants.
  • Richard is quite well-behaved.
  • Nicole is perverted.
  • Darwin resembles a real fish.
  • Penny is an actual penny that does nothing at all.
  • Larry doesn't run all the stores, and is a cardboard box who looks like if Beemo and Spongebob did the fusion dance.
  • MORE innuendos.
    • And eventually there's just a big finish innuendo that's pretty much just the characters doing it uncensored.
  • Patrick Star is Gumball's two-year-old toddler brother who wears a diaper and can't do basic math.
  • Gumball is red and has a huge mohawk. He is also named Steve.
  • The theme song is played with a broken accordion.
  • Anais isn't very smart, and says things that make no sense, and are pointless.
  • Darwin is voiced by a 79-year old chain smoker woman, like Pat Welsh who voiced E.T.
  • Gumball is a crybaby that constantly throws tantrums and has a very short temper.
  • Darwin is a jerk that does unredeemable things each episode, yet gets off scot-free, while the ones he bullied are punished.
    • But in one episode, Darwin gets punished for what he did, however.
  • Anais is the child of Gumball and Penny/Widget who is born in the episode "The Shell".
  • Replace Penny with Widget from Wow Wow Wubbzy.
  • The show is animated in GoAnimate by Weatherstar4000video.
    • The episodes also follow the themes of Weatherstar's videos.
  • Every character that is an inanimate object (Colin, Banana Joe, etc.) has BFDI limbs lazily slapped on to them.
  • Add in the narrator from Peppa Pig, along with the characters from Weatherstar4000video's grounded videos.
  • The audio is recorded using a webcam.
  • Toodles is the Watterson's pet instead of the Evil Turtle.
  • Everyone is voiced by either Cary Huang (using his Bracelety voice), Wayne Dostor (using his Astro Man voice), Maulik Pancholy (using his Baljeet voice), or the Eric voice from GoAnimate.
  • The music is the same royalty free music that SuperMarioLogan uses, along with a bad MIDI of All Star by Smash Mouth and New Friendly by Kevin McLeod.
  • Banana Joe does nothing but have seizures and scream "FIREY UNDERWEAR!"
  • Alan acts just like Tourettes Guy, constantly swearing and breaking things.
  • Replace Carrie with a giant version of King Boo that is made out of burps and farts.
  • Billy and Felicity don't exist.
  • The only jokes involve cruel slapstick, cutaway gags that come out of nowhere, and toilet humor.
  • The show switches positions with Pinky Malinky, being greenlit by Nickelodeon and trapped in development hell until it finally premieres in 2019.
  • Make the episode "The Grieving" real.
    • BONUS: Instead of being made in 2001, it's made in the 80s by a drunk Don Bluth.
  • Masami is a Miranda Sings expy that sings so bad that her singing kills someone in each episode she appears in.
  • Coach is a millennial that dabs, flosses, whips, and nae naes constantly.
  • Elmore is a highly-polluted city that is located in China.
  • The show is renamed either "GuMbAlL wOrLd" 
  • Add in Smartsy Fartsy from the Netflix Captain Underpants show.
  • Gumball has a mural of the Giant Squid from the Submarine Voyage ride from Disneyland painted onto his room's wall.
  • Masaya from Tokyo Mew Mew makes appearances in the background flossing.
  • Replace Miss Simian with Mr. Dallas from Weatherstar4000video's grounded videos.
  • Rob never corrupts, and instead goes to a dimension where he turns into this monstrosity.
  • Sarah is a major character, and is the sister of Gumball and Darwin.
  • Sussie is a prodigy that is highly intelligent.
  • Gumball's catchphrase is "Smile, Elmore, say Chuck E. Cheese!"
  • Richard/Fred Phelps's catchphrase is "Yo yo yo, it's ya boi Freddy!"
  • Penny/Widget's catchphrase is "No problemo!" and "That wasn't supposed to happen!"
  • Tobias's catchphrases are "I will swear word at you!" and "This whomps!" (said whenever he dies)
  • In the last episode, Elmore is blown up to build a Six Flags, with all of the characters dying, along with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck doing Fortnite dances in front of the entrance.
  • The show eventually gets cancelled, but 5 years later, a reboot is made with all of the characters recasted, a la The Long Haul. The reboot ends up only lasting one season.
  • Add in product placement for the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, Burger King, Subway, RadioShack, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Jilly Juice, Aqua Dots, Camel cigarettes, cocaine, weed, and the Atomic Energy Lab toy.
    • BONUS: Have the characters sing about it and threaten the viewers if they don't buy it.
  • Gumball is a heavy eater that constantly eats lots of junk food, just like Stocking from Panty & Stocking.

How to ruin the episodes!

  • The DVD:
    • The episode is a poorly-made live action pilot where all of the characters are in costumes similar to the ones used in Disneyland during its first years, it's recorded using a cracked iPod Touch, and you can hear the cameraman breathing.
    • The plot is changed to Gumball putting his late fees for "Dinosaur" on Nicole's credit card, followed by her striking him with a metal bar, which leads to him passing out.
  • The Origins:
    • The "I'm On My Way" song is replaced by a crappy flute cover of "Go The Distance" from Hercules.
    • Richard buys the Darwins from a drunk man in a Chuck E. Cheese costume with an Australian accent.
    • Gumball can't speak in this episode, and can only make loud screeching, screaming, crying, and gurgling noises.
    • Sussie becomes smart after getting hit instead of becoming dumb from the hit.
  • The Shell:
    • Instead of getting her shell cracked, Widget gets an extremely graphic black eye that stays for the rest of the series.
      • BONUS: These characters that get killed never come back. The characters that are killed are Alan, Banana Joe, Masami, Carmen, and Tobias (Tobias does come back, but he only does so for the running gag of him dying). The first 4 are replaced by Donald Duck, Panchito Pistoles, Jose Carioca, and a girl version of Gumball called Bubblegum.
        • BONUS BONUS: Donald, Panchito, and Jose perform a musical number EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE.
  • The Puppets:
    • Replace Grady, Frank, and Howdy with Ox, Lucky Bat, and Moxy from the Uglydolls movie.
    • Instead of destroying his game console, Howdy/Moxy kills Anais, who stays dead.
    • The puppet world is replaced by a Roblox world.
    • Moxy, Lucky Bat, and Ox are defeated by them randomly catching on fire instead of being disfigured by the loose string.
    • The episode has no involvement with DHMIS whatsoever.
  • The Rival:
    • The episode is about Anais being revived via a satanic ritual instead of her birth.
    • Anais progresses in age to 14 after being revived, becoming older than Gumball himself.
    • Silver the Hedgehog makes an appearance and helps the Wattersons bring Anais back to life.
  • The Routine:
    • Richard/Fred Phelps has to get Jilly Juice instead of mayonnaise.
    • Greg and Rowley accompany Richard on his journey.
    • Add in a scene that rips off the Robot Chicken skit "Watership Fraggle", in which the trio has to cross a road. This ends in Rowley getting hit by a car, catching on fire, and dying.
    • At the end of the episode, Greg betrays Richard by shooting him with a talking gun named Lola, followed by him drinking the Jilly Juice and dying.
  • The Vacation:
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Long Haul (Wannabe Spice Girls Radio)

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Long Haul (Wannabe Spice Girls Radio)

    • Replace the scary story scene with a scene that rips off the Wannabe scene from DOAWK:TLH, which ends in Darwin screaming "SHUT UP!" and killing Nicole, causing the car to crash, with the Wattersons dying.
    • The rest of the episode is a ripoff of the X-Files, but there's 2 Agent Mulder ripoffs instead of 1 Agent Mulder and 1 Agent Scully ripoff.

F is for Family

  • All the characters sing annoying songs.
  • Characters like The Grimace, Elsa, Ronald McDonald and Clemont from Pokemon XY make time to time cameos.
  • Bill never appears and a surfer kid named Loco Larry is the replacement for him.
  • Have Bill/Loco Larry talk in surfer boy slang nobody ever cared for.
  • Have the show rated TV-Y and have it designed to teach children morals, the morals often being "The complainer is always wrong".
    • Even better, every single moral taught is usually horribly rancid.
  • Include millions of animation errors, and they are intentionally made to hypnotize viewers.
  • Add TJ from Recess saying "THIS WHOMPS!" everytime Frank calls Maureen "princess".
  • Have the characters ask the audience questions, especially questions they already know the answers to.
  • Make Kevin a minor character.
  • Everyone is voiced by Glich'e, which means when they scream it sounds painful.

How to ruin the episodes:

  • In "The Bleedin' In Sweden", Frank watches the fight at Vic's.
  • In "Saturday Bloody Saturday", have Bill/Loco Larry be completely careless and a total a-hole to Maureen, 10 times more than she is to him.
  • In "The Trough", have everyone sing a song devoted to sitting on the toilet.
  • In "F Is For Halloween", have Bill/Loco Larry dress up as a bottle of Clorox, and have him wail around the neighborhood screaming "DRINK BLEACH!".
  • In "Bill Murphy's Day Off", have Bill/Loco Larry set fire to himself.
  • In "O Holy Moly Night", everyone gets killed by a huge bomb and the entire show is cancelled.

Steven Universe

  • The theme song goes like this: "Deez Nuts, Deez Nuts, Deez Nuts, STEVEN! (x4) (dubstep bass) GA-A-A-A-RNET! (echoing Garnet with bass dropping) A-A-A-A-A-A-METHYST! (echoing Amethyst with dubstep bass) P-P-P-P-PEARL! (echoing Pearl with bass dropping) and Steven! (echoing Steven) STEVEN UNIVERSE! (intense echoing)"
  • The animation looks like a mix of The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican and The Nutshack.
  • Steven is a whiny brat who throws tantrums almost every minute.
  • The show airs on PBS Kids.
  • Make the Crystal Gems normal people (in that case, they can't fuse together and stuff).
  • Give it a crossover with the following shows: Adventure Time (Wait, Adventure Time is awesome), Mega Babies, The Nutshack, Grojband, Dora the Explorer, Barney and Friends, and Caillou.
  • Make Lapis Lazuili a schizophrenic.
  • Rose Quartz makes cameos as a villain.
  • Make Peridot homicidal.
  • Jasper is a package of cheetos.
  • Make Sapphire and Ruby weirdos lost in the streets.
  • Lars is named Steve.
  • Sadie is named Maria.
  • Garnet is weak.
  • Malachite, Jasper and Lapis' fusion, never appears. It is replaced by a package of bubbles that expired in 1942.
  • Onion grunts a lot.
  • Make Connie a Mary-Sue, like Chloe from the Fairly Oddparents.
  • The lion never appears and is replaced with a typical wolf fan-made character you'd see on DeviantArt.
  • Frybo is a package of expired McDonald's fries.
  • Steven loves oranges over Cookie Cat ice cream sandwhiches.
  • Throw in obnoxious background characters!
  • The characters resemble the puppets from Peppermint Park.
  • Ernie from Peppermint Park is a major character.
  • Give everyone weird accents, which are all Text-To-Speech voices from Google Translate.
  • The show solely exists to sponsor McDonald's.
  • Make the end credits song "The Rollcall Song" by Twaimz.
  • Instead of corrupting, Jasper dies and turns into a happy ghost and stays this way. She is then named "Jasper the Friendly Ghost".
  • Replace Leggy with Harambe.
  • Make a subseries about 7 homeworld Gems we've never met have to go through an emotionally heartwrenching quest, questioning their own superiors and maybe even their alliance. There is a lot of character development, heartbreaking scenes (such as Lepolite, the de facto leader and the most relatable of the group, corrupting). But just when it is about to end, it makes a pop culture reference, so everyone says it's bad and leaves the fandom.


  • Give everyone weird accents provided by international text-to-speech voices from Google Translate.
  • Give Wizbit more realistic, anime-esque eyes.
  • Have it take place in the modern times.
  • Wizbit's catchphrase is "I may have gone in too many places!"
  • Wooly's catchphrase is "Bing, bing, binggity bang!"
  • Make it a lame comedy show aimed at third-fifth grade-aged boys filled with poop jokes.
  • It is made in 2015.
  • There are memes and smartphones everywhere, as well as dabbing, juju on that beat, whip/naenae and Dat Boi.


  • Make it an anime.
  • Replace Jeff with a sparkledog named Sprinkles.
  • Replace Sumo with Dat Boi.
  • Replace Clarence with a neko girl named Zuzu.
  • The show is called 'NekoBoiDog Deluxe Gogo!'
  • Give everyone sickly-sounding text-to-speech international accents from Google Translate.
  • One character dies in every episode.
  • Have the background music, theme song, and ending credits music all be strange tunes played on a Casio keyboard.
  • The characters resemble their concept designs.
  • Include cheesy, outdated and corny pop-culture jokes.
  • Kim Kardashian makes a guest voice role in "Jeff Sprinkles Wins".
  • Include seizure inducing backgrounds.
  • Hello Kitty is friends with the Sprinkles, Dat Boi and Zuzu.
  • Have one episode of Clarence taking a shit all over the house.
  • Have Jeff look like a stupid clown with a red nose and ugly big ass lips.
  • Make Chelsea look like a the "Weeb gurl" by trextrex65 drawing.

We Bare Bears

  • Everyone sounds like they're high.
  • Grizz is a weed addict.
  • Ice Bear is a ballerina and is an acid addict.
  • Panda is a smoker.
  • The show is called "Drug Addictz Bearz"
  • The We Bare Bears resemble the Care Bears from Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot.
  • Have there be product placement for the Easy Bake Oven and the Queasy Bake Cookerator.
  • BRAIN FASHION is in every episode.
  • The background music is just weird tunes played on a Minimoog.
  • Kill off Chloe (and her parents), Lucy and Nom Nom, all in their first appearance.
  • Put in musical numbers telling kids that being LGBT+ is bad, it's okay to not have menstrual periods for weeks, drugs are okay and 'are things to rely on when you're sad', jewish people are 'the devil's work', etc. Basically they all don't convey good messages.
  • Each episode contains Nazi propaganda.


  • The show is made only to sell toys.
    • In this case, it's a toy-based cartoon.
  • Take out Garu, the Smiley Men and Ring Ring.
  • Have Pucca talk, using a high-pitched, squeaky voice which makes you want to mute the TV.
  • The ninjas love rotten sandwhiches over noodles.
  • The animation looks like a mixture of Pixel Pinkie, Kawaii Crush and The Nutshack.
  • Take out the comedy and make the show educational.
  • Add Squidward screaming during every mention of the words "It would be a great honor!"
  • Use rancid morals over and over.
  • Policeman Bruce is named Policeman Bob.
  • Make Pucca an overpowered Mary Sue.
  • Take out all the jokes and replace them with overused in-your-face toilet humor.
  • Dr. Jean's Banana song plays during intermissions.


  • Rename the show Iris And Friends and have it air on JUCE TV at 9:00pm.
  • Iris is an anti-Semite who drinks alcohol every 10 seconds.
  • Talia is a scene kid who has a new hair color every episode.
  • Auriana is literally a talking bag of ketchup chips. (if you don't live in Canada, look them up. They're fucking delicious.)
  • Gramorr, Praxina and Mephisto are Alcoholics Anonymous mentors and their goal is to get Iris into AA, but they fail each time.

Liberty's Kids

  • James has a huge addiction to Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn.
  • Add Elmo and Barney, who both make time to time cameos.
  • Sarah is turned into a racist, and she calls the characters racist names.
  • Henri is a spoiled brat.
  • Moses drinks alcohol every five minutes.
  • Make it a Hamilton AU. This should speak for itself.
  • Williams Street produces the entire show.
  • Add toilet humor and constant cursing.
  • Add a pointless character who claims he is always there to help the main characters, but we never see him helping them.
  • No educational value.
  • All the characters' voices are text-to-speech international accents from Google Translate.
  • The theme song is more annoying.
  • It lives up to 9000 seasons, and airs on Nickelodeon multiple times a day.
  • Put in McDonald's product placement. A lot of it.
  • The animation is Rapsittie Street Kids-esque.
  • Bubble Bass is in the show, and he usually does this.
  • Make it a poor-quality Flash animation.
  • Everybody has an extremely annoying voice.
  • Everyone is a one-sided, unlikable idiot.
  • No educational value.
  • Make each episode have at least 10 musical numbers.
  • Have it get cancelled in the middle of the series.

How to ruin the episodes!

  • The Boston Tea Party make it a poorly made Live-Action pilot.
  • Valley Forge make it an off-topic Christmas Special.
  • The First Fourth of July The Annoying Orange and a Watermelon guest star in the episode.

Fraggle Rock

  • Give it a reboot that is made in 2016 and animated in poorly-rendered CGI.
  • Have Elmo show up and make him a main character.
  • Have product placement.
  • Have the Fraggles die of a nuclear explosion in the series finale
  • Replace the trash monster with the Walt Disney Neon Mickey logo
  • Have a lot of foot clapping during random moments.
  • Make it in poor stop motion.
  • The main Fraggles are de-aged to toddlers.

My Life as a Teenage Robot

  • Make it the first puppet/stop motion show produced by Where's Lunch.
  • Wipe away Brad from existence.
  • The show is made in poor stop motion animation.
  • Let the writers of Pixel Pinkie write all the episodes.
  • Make Jenny a drug addict (But she's a robot! How can that happen?)
  • Nora's age is reduced to 25.
  • Jenny is voiced by Kristen Bone (using her Maggie from Maggie and the Ferocious Beast voice).
  • The theme song is "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-a-Lot.

Ellen's Acres

  • There is not a super long theme song that lasts forever
  • Make it air on Nick Jr.
  • Make the characters more ugly.
  • Horrible animation and stock expressions are added.
    • The animation looks like a mixture of My Life Me, SuperNoobs, The Christmas Tree and Clutch Cargo.
  • Let the writers of Uncle Grandpa write all the episodes.
  • Make Ellen throw tantrums constantly, but worse ones than the children on Supernanny and troublemakers on GoAnimate grounded videos.
  • We get to see Mateo.
  • The series get rebooted, with CGI graphics.

Homestar Runner

  • Make the theme song "Hamsterdance".
  • Remove Strong Bad Email, Teen Girl Squad, and Powered By The Cheat.
  • Turn The King of Town into Grimace.
  • Make the site go defunct forever in 2010.
  • Kill off Coach Z.
  • Turn Homestar Runner into a stupid athlete.
  • Make Marzipan encourage other people to look up her dress.
  • Make the show TV MA DLSV.


  • The theme song is Barbie Girl by Aqua.
  • The series is produced by CineGroupe. (I have nothing against this studio, but still...)
  • The characters are live-action people in costumes of Australian animals (think Zoobilee Zoo).
  • Fill it with as much toilet humor as possible.
  • Get rid of the sports focus.
  • Jingaroo is replaced with a live-action costumed version of Walter Kangaroo from Adventures of the Little Koala.
  • Jabiru has a boring, monotone voice provided by Speakonia's American Male Voice 6.
  • The characters do nothing at all for long periods of time.
  • We find out that Sydney is actually a female in "Sydney's Review".
  • Give it a crossover with Angela Anaconda.
    • And for the 'reboot', give it a crossover with the version of The Loud House mentioned on here.
  • The musical numbers are annoying and too long.
  • Give it a reboot by Vanguard Animation in 2009 and make it their first live-action show.
  • The Water Tree is replaced with a giant version of the ВИD Mask.
  • Snoot and Toot are a pair of dung beetles named Poop and Fart.
  • Victoria is de-aged to a spoiled 6-year-old emu chick. She is also played by a then 4-year-old Honey Boo-Boo.
  • Humpty-Doo is a stereotypical '70s disco dancer whose catchphrase is "Burn, baby, burn. Disco Inferno!"
  • Barney the Dinosaur and the Teletubbies make a cameo appearance in "Groote Expectations", dressed in fancy wear.

The Loud House

  • The show is made in 2019 and airs on Adult Swim.
  • Have the show be titled Lincoln Loud's F**ked-Up Life.
  • Include high amounts of shock humour and questionable dialog, as well as an annoying laugh track which plays at the unfunniest lines.
  • It is produced by Fuzzy Door Productions, and is then produced by Williams Street starting in "Save the Date".
  • The writers of some of the worst Family Guy episodes ever and the writers for The Nutshack write all the episodes.
  • The sound effects and special effects are done in iMovie.
  • The animation style is heavily reminiscent of post-Season 2 Johnny Test animation.
  • Give it a terrible and unessecary film adaption which is released in theatres, and is then spun off into several direct-to-video films.
  • Include product placement for NordVPN, Fortnite, The George Foreman Grill, Raid Shadow Legends, Burger King, Mountain Dew and Clorox-brand bleach.
  • Royal Woods is actually a highly polluted city located in the Deep South that is ran by a horribly corrupt government.
  • Lincoln prefers hentai comics over Ace Savvy. He is also portrayed as an insane juvenile delinquent who has regular hallucinations about the government capturing him and using him as a lab rat.
  • Luan is quite literally mentally ill, and like Lincoln, has hallucinations, but her's are far more violent and graphic.
  • The characters often swear and make sexual jokes. In addition, they also joke about sensitive and sore subjects such as rape, terrorism, sexual assault, child abuse, murder, mental illness, antisemitism and racism.
  • The Loud family’s house is replaced with the BИD Mask.
  • Lincoln's gym teacher is a millennial that dabs, flosses, whips, and nae naes constantly.
  • Luan is revealed to be a depressed sociopath who uses jokes to cope with her sadness. In addition, she is also an active user on the Kiwifarms forums.
  • Clyde appears in every episode, and no matter what, gets more screentime than everybody else. He is also constantly bullied for having two fathers.
  • Speaking of Clyde's dads, they're written as homophobic gay stereotypes and they die of AIDS in Season 2.
  • Add the Sin Kids and every other shitty OC to the main cast.
  • All the Loud sisters are ridiculously sexist stereotypes.
  • The reason why Luan is so crazy on April Fools Day is because she always does a ton of drugs the day before.
  • The Loud parents are both hyper-religious, loudmouthed rednecks.
  • As a response to people complaining about the show including unnecessary amounts of insensitive jokes, there is an episode which serves as the Season 1 finale called "Loud Family Viewer Mail #1", where the Loud kids read viewer mail and address the issues viewers have with their show. The episode starts off with Lincoln reading complaints from viewers of the show. In response, he does a hypothetical Bowdlerized episode of the show to explain that The Loud House Lincoln Loud's F**ked-Up Life would not be as good as it is if it was aimed at children. The episode ends with Luan singing "Don’t Stop Believing" by Journey.
  • Make the creepypasta "Enough is Enough" real.
    • And the kicker? It replaces "No Such Luck", one of, if not THE most controversial Loud House episodes.
      • Also, make all the fucked-up fanart real. And I mean ALL OF IT. Which means... oh, fuck...

Clifford the Big Red Dog

  • Clifford is just a regular dog at a regular size...
  • ...or he is a tiny dog, since he wasn't looked after well enough as a puppy.
  • or he is actually Clifford Daniels from the movie Clifford cursed to be a giant red dog
  • BONUS: some episodes take place in Dinosaur World
  • In the last episode, Clifford gets old and dies.
    • On second thought, it would kinda tell kids what dealing with that type of stuff would be like.
  • Have the cartoon not follow the book at all.
  • Reboot it in the 2010s, using CGI graphics.
    • Oh my God, I predicted the future.


  • The intro has an incredibly cringy sing-along.
  • There are human characters, who want to kill Blanche, and eat her.
  • Have the characters eat meat.
  • There are random Sonic Says-esque morals.

Harvey Beaks

  • Give everybody anime eyes.
  • The characters are in hideous CGI.
  • Give it a crossover with SuperNoobs.
  • There are fart jokes, memes, and twerking everywhere.
  • The music is played on a Casio keyboard.
  • Have it be on Crunchyroll.
  • De-age Harvey, Fee, and Foo into preschoolers who all have a spoiled brat streak.
  • A photo of the Earffel Tower (pictured on the right) appears in Harvey's room as a picture on the wall without any context.
  • Make the series premiere on Nicktoons at a midnight timeslot and make it stay there for the remainder on the series.
  • Make it last only one season.
  • One quarter of the season would be animated using Toon Boom (just like the pilot), another quarter would be animated with Flash with only one asset for each character. the third quarter of the series would be animated with GoAnimate/Vyond, and the final quarter would be animated using paper cutouts from a black and white printer that is almost running out of ink.
  • Replace all musical numbers with Whip It by Devo.
  • Move Steampunks to Season One and make it the finale of the series.
  • Condense Steampunks into a regular 22 minute episode.

Tokyo Mew Mew

  • Make the characters not lip sync, but rather move their heads when they are speaking.
  • Make the show in Garry's Mod.
  • Make Ichigo even more annoying. Same applies to Pudding, except in this case, replace annoying with hyperactive.
  • Make the reason why Pudding is hyperactive because she does drugs.
  • After their transformations, they become anthropomorphic animals.
    • What about Lettuce? If she would become a porpoise, then wouldn't she be useless in most battles?
      • I said anthropomorphic. So they will basically turn into furries.
  • Make Lettuce keep her glasses during her transformation.
  • Gender bend Kisshu, Pai, Tart, Ryou, Keiichiro, and Masaya.
  • Make Masaya the 6th mew mew who does nothing at all to help the team.
  • Turn Keiichiro into a Chimecho.
  • Make Da-Da the creepy ogre baby/donkey combination one of the baddies.
  • In the last episode, Kisshu is graphically killed, and we get to spend the rest of the episode staring at his rotting body getting eaten by ants.
  • Mint isn't a rich snob, but rather a girly-girl from California that's obsessed with My Little Pony and Steven Universe.
    • She also says "like" in all of her sentences.
  • Zakuro is a 12 year old girl named "Apple" and is infused with a ladybug.
  • At the end of every episode, there is footage of the Zazoo screaming boy commercial.
  • Lettuce is 17 years old and doesn't appear in most episodes because she is working at PBS Kids.
  • The events of A La Mode are canon in the anime.
  • Every minute or so, there is a Johnny Test whip crack.
  • The weapons of the Mew Mews are Happy Meals.
  • The theme song is Break Man's theme from Mega Man 3, but it's 194 dB.
  • Pudding's "na no da" is replaced with "fuck you".
  • Masha is replaced with Toodles.
  • Zakuro/Apple is Lettuce's younger sister that likes PBS Kids for some strange reason.
  • Have there be product placement for Happy Meals and Caillou toys in each episode.
  • Make there an episode which does not have any commercial breaks. Even worse, the episode is only about Ichigo, Mint, Lettuce, Pudding, and Zakuro/Apple praying to Keemstar.
  • Pudding transforms into a Pokemon every 5 seconds due to fetish.
  • Every episode, someone is killed, but is alive and well in the next episode.
  • The credits are replaced with the music video for "Ding Dong Song".
  • Add a character that does nothing but appear in episodes and dance, especially in inappropriate times.
    • Did I mention twerking? That's right. TWERKING.
  • Ringo is added, but she is a Luan Loud ripoff.
  • Everyone's OC is added, but if they are good, they are made bad, just like THIS.
  • There is a shitload of Loud House references in the show, and most of them are made by Mint.
  • The PS1 game and GBA game are removed and instead replaced with a poorly made Wii game that's just a copy of Ninjabread Man.
  • Add in toilet humor.
    • Yep, only 4 words need to explain it.
  • All characters are voiced by Glich'e, meaning that when they scream, it sounds painful.
    • Guess how often they scream? ALMOST ALL THE F*CKING TIME.
  • Insert satanism. I mean, think about it. Every Landover Baptist Church user will whine about the show if it has satanism in it.
  • Add in strobe lights, except they're worse than the strobe lights from Rocket Power and even F*CKING ELECTRIC SOLIDER PORYGON.
  • The show makes fun of Keemstar haters and Autistic people.
  • Cafe Mew Mew is replaced with a McDonalds.
  • All 5 Mew Mews are Tumblr users.
    • Mint, however, is both a Tumblr and Uncyclopedia user.
  • Remove the Runt scene from Episode 15 and replace it with footage of Caillou Joins The Circus.
  • Mint often wakes people up from their sleep because she's an insomniac.
  • Kill off Ichigo's friends and replace them with William (from violette1st) and Jayden.
  • At the end of each episode, a moral pops up in Movie Maker style. However, the moral is always "The complainer is always wrong" or "Everything can be the way you want it".
  • Lettuce is a Needy Needle ripoff and slaps people if they call her Cabbage.
  • Let J Waughtal and Mark from Fuck No TV Tropes write each episode.
  • Pai's head is a pie, and Tart's head is a Pop Tart.
Cause This is Filler! Filler Night! ( From the Nostalgia Critic Casper review)

Cause This is Filler! Filler Night! ( From the Nostalgia Critic Casper review)

  • There is MOUNTAINS of filler in the episodes.
    • In that case, get ready to play this clip on the right often:
  • A group of trolls from YouTube guest star in one episode.
  • The show is eventually cancelled, but is rebooted in the style of Teen Titans GO!, turning the girls from actual heroes into heroes that most of the time don't even fight.
    • And Kisshu comes back from the dead as a ghost in one episode, wanting to come back from the dead with help from a smart-alec cat-like creature.
  • There are smartphones and memes everywhere, including dabbing, Dat Boi, Doge, and Pepe.
  • In one episode, Ichigo spells out a phone number to call so you can receive a pack of rare Pepes. She then proceeds to say "If you don't dial this number, I'll murder your damn family!".
  • & knuckles NO!

Sesame Street

Bert and Ernie Married
  • Have it air on Adult Swim.
  • The theme song is the Caillou theme on earrape.
  • Have the cast of Drawn Together work on it.
  • The show is a ripoff of SuperMarioLogan's videos.
  • The show relies on offensive humor to the point that it makes shows like South Park and Family Guy seem child friendly.
  • Have it filmed with a shaky, low-quality camera.
  • All of the Muppets resemble the ones in the photo to the right.
    • They also have very annoying voices.
  • No educational value.
  • Add a Wheel of Morality at the end of each episode, but the morals are things such as "Drugs are cool", "Bullying is fun", "Vaccines cause autism", "Screw Jesus and praise the Beatles", "Liberalism is a mental disorder", "9/11 was an inside job", "Hitler did nothing wrong", "Ave Satanas", "Kill LGBT people", "Lynch blacks", "Suicide is an option", etc.
  • Have Elmo and Elmo's World in all the episodes, no matter what, and he gets more screen time than everyone else.
  • Elmo's World talks about topics such as these.
  • Elmo's World's theme song is a parody of Rebecca Black's "Friday".
  • Ernie and Bert are homophobic stereotypes and they die of AIDS in Season 20.
  • Oscar doesn't appear at all, and is replaced with a very ugly rat named Whisker.
  • Episode 4029 isn't banned and it becomes the most frequently aired episode worldwide.
  • Have bullying in all the episodes, just like the banned episode, Episode 4029.
  • Zoe, Prairie Dawn, and Abby Cadabby are sexist stereotypes.
  • Rosita is a Latina stereotype.
  • Cookie Monster dies of diabetes by season 30.
  • The reason why Grover has an annoying, high-pitched voice is because he does drugs.
  • It last over 10,000,000 seasons.
  • Add a Muppet who is basically a Barney ripoff.
  • The cast of Tomorrow's Pioneers appear as characters.
  • Big Bird's appearance is similar to an ugly ostrich.
  • Julia is a Jeffy ripoff and is an ableist stereotype.
  • Count von Count is a sociopathic mass murderer.
  • Snuffy is anthropomorphic.
  • Make the Monsters creepy.
  • Add Nobody and the crack monster as main characters.
  • The Wicked Witch appears in every episode.
  • The Twiddlebugs are replaced with fly swarms.
  • The show is notorious for copyright infringement.
  • Add a controversial episode dedicated to everybody talking about religion.
  • Replace the guests with controversial people (criminals, politicians, YouTubers, etc).
    • Including actors playing the dead people (eg Adolf Hitler, Ted Bundy, Osama bin Laden)
  • The creators of the show constantly get into controversy (for obvious reasons), except they keep suing the accusers and nothing happens.

Rick And Morty

  • Remove Summer and replace her with the Lecture Lady from Elmo's World.
  • Let the insane Rick fangirls run the entire show.
  • Rick is in his 20's instead of his 80's.
  • Have it air on the Hallmark channel. Eventually, it'll move to Teletoon (don't ask).
  • Have Rick be a chick magnet.
  • Don't have it cross over with The Simpsons.
  • Morty isn't a nervous wreck, but rather a hunky football player who is obsessed with Sonic The Hedgehog. In addition, he also acts like SammyClassicSonicFan.
  • Product placement for Red Man Chewing Tobacco in every single episode.
  • Remove the "stick this up your butthole" and "over and over Rick and Morty adventures" scenes from Episode 1 and replace it with footage of the Detention episode "Too Good To Be Truant".
  • Wipe the "Ricksy Business" episode from existence. (Why? That episode kicked ass!)
  • Jerry is replaced with an agressive chihuahua dog that is fused with a Jolteon.
  • Instead of being an Atheist, Rick is a conservative Christian nutjob who forces the Bible on Morty and tries to illegalize same-sex marriage, gay adoption and interracial marriages in every episode and fails. Also, he denies accurate scientific evidence relating to Christianity and wears a big, bulky cross necklace.
  • Similar to The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald, each episode opens with a segment done in CGI where the real Rick and Morty have a problem like the one that must solved by them in the episode. In order to become humans, Rick opens a magical door that takes him to the human universe. Essentially, it's the plot of every episode done backwards.
  • The show attacks religions other than Christianity (Jewish, Hindu, Atheist, Islam, Muslim), mentally ill people, homosexuals (basically the entire LGBT+ community), interracial marriage, orphans, people who adopt children and disabled people.
  • Despite all this, the show is rated TV-Y (You know, for kids!).


  • Make the animation style look like The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican.
  • The budget is very low, like, very, very low.
  • Have it be called "Jacob and the Gadget Cat".
  • Have it made in 1965 and let it run for one season.
  • Have it from the United States instead of Japan.

Bill Nye the Science Guy

  • Change the name to Now This is REAL Science: The Truth the New World Order is Hiding from Us.
  • Despite its name, it teaches pseudoscientific content such as saying that the earth is flat or that climate change is fake.
  • Since the name is changed, Bill Nye isn't involved in the show.
  • Have it originate as a crappy YouTube series.
  • Make it animated instead of live-action.
  • No educational value.
  • Fill it with inappropriate humor.
  • Despite this, it is on YouTube Kids.
  • Add mountains of filler.
  • The show insults and berates actual scientists.

Donkey Kong Country

  • Take out the awesome theme tune.
  • Animate it in very poor stop motion, in which it makes it look like a drunk Aardman Animation-esque or Rankin-Bass-esque animation thing.
  • Think two musical notes per episode is too much? Just imagine if each episode had five musical notes!
  • Make Kiddy Kong the main character.
  • Make Skurvy the main villian instead of K. Rool. It wouldn't be the same without the latter.

SpongeBob SquarePants (This will be the longest section on the wiki)

Spawnjz/Spongey Cheese

  • The show is either called "Spawnjz" or "Spongey Cheese" (because it has tons of product placement for Chuck E. Cheese and Showbiz Pizza).
  • Have it made in 2005.
04 (11)
  • Make the show in Garry's Mod.
  • All the characters are TF2 freaks (e.g. the Vagineer and Painis Cupcake)
  • There are random Sonic Says-esque morals.
  • Patrick is a human man wearing a PTT Chuck E. Cheese costume 24/7/365, like the image onto the right.
  • Squidward is a Something Awful-goon wannabee who makes fun of autistic people and uses the fag suffix like there's no tomorrow.
  • Let Mark from Fuck No TV Tropes and Ed MacDonald write all the episodes.
  • Everyone that edited The Rapsittie Kids - Believe In Santa edit all the episodes.
  • Derek Savage (aka Daddy Derek) and Ravager Library II direct all the episodes.
  • The show is produced by Williams Street.
  • Squidward's house is the ВИD Mask.
  • Everyone is either voiced by Rob Paulsen (using his Toodles voice), Maria Darling (using her Amelia (from Rubbadubbers) voice), Kristen Bone (using her Maggie voice), Rick Bailey (using his Quezar and Beach Bear voices), WelvenDaGreat, Scott Wilson (using his Chuck E. Cheese voice), Denise Oliver (using her Maurecia voice), Nancy Lenihan (using her Helen Henny voice), Joe Conti (using his Rolfe & Earl voices), Ben Minnotte, or Russi Taylor (using her Webby voice).
  • Have there be product placement for the Sony SLV-KS1 Movietime Kids VCR and the characters rap about it.
  • The show solely exists to advertise Magic Mart, Pibb Xtra, Chuck E. Cheese, and Bob's Space Racers' arcade games.
  • The show airs on Adult Swim.
    • Adult Swim is discontinued because of this, and the show is eventually moved to JUCE TV.
  • Give it a spin-off called "Gary's Clues", which is a huge knock-off of Blue's Clues.
    • In said spin-off, Gary defecates to spread clues.
      • Oh, and he's a poop-dispensing machine.
        • Every time he poops, he shrieks for a full minute.
  • Sandy is a con artist opossum.
  • Keep it running through at least 1000000 seasons.
  • The Krusty Krab is replaced with a Showbiz Pizza Palace and everyone who eats at it pukes from how terrible the pizza tasted (see this for info ).
  • WAY too much toilet humor.
  • Fill it with unfunny pop culture references and offensive humor that is just there to be edgy.
  • Gory jumpscares are abundant and unexpectedly appear at random moments.
  • In-your-face shots of the characters appear whenever the viewer doesn't expect it.
  • The theme song is an instrumental cover of "Hardware Store" by Weird Al Yankovic, played on a Suzuki Omnichord by what sounds like someone's drunk uncle.
  • The Special Friends theme song plays at random moments.
  • MB5aqi4 (2)

    so smol

    Pictures of Helen Henny are flashed onscreen to hypnotize viewers into worshipping her and wanting to buy Helen Henny merchandise for sexual pleasure.
  • Larry is replaced with a zombified Crusty the Cat.
    • In addition to that, John Widelock voices him!
      • And his voice is super creepy! YIKES!
  • Barney the Dinosaur and Elmo appear in the live action segments, replacing Patchy and Potty, and they are framing devices a la Shining Time Station.
  • All the insert songs are replaced with Chuck E Cheese's and Showbiz Pizza songs.
  • Make an episode for each anniversary of events in Chuck E Cheese and Showbiz Pizza history about said events.
  • The children from 1980s and 1990s Chuck E. Cheese commercials make cameo appearances.
  • SpongeBob's "I'm ready!" is replaced with "Fuck you!"
  • Make "Squidward's Suicide" a real episode.
  • Spot is a rabid bulldog istead of an ameoba.
  • No music.

How to ruin the episodes (Spawnjz/Spongey Cheese)

  • Help Wanted: SpongeBob gets a job as a restroom cleaner at Showbiz Pizza.
  • Reef Blower: The characters speak in this episode.
  • Tea at the Treedome: SpongeBob and Patrick actually die of dehydration, yet they are alive and well in the next episode.
  • Ripped Pants: The episode is renamed to "Pooped Pants", and SpongeBob poops his pants instead of ripping them. Also, when the poop is shown, Sandy says "BARF LIKE YOU MEAN IT!" to the viewers.
  • Naughty Nautical Neighbors: SpongeBob and Patrick get into fights involving cursing, physical violence, and rude gestures. Squidward actually dies after choking on the fork, and instead of Patrick saving him, he neglects him like in this video to Squidward, yet he is alive and well in the next scene.
  • Pizza Delivery: Remove the rattling spoons dance and the Krusty Krab pizza song. Instead, have SpongeBob and Squidward sing "Smile America, Say Chuck E. Cheese".
  • Home Sweet Pineapple: SpongeBob ends up living on the street for the rest of his life.
  • Band Geeks: Patrick, instead of asking if Mayonnaise is an instrument, asks to go to the bathroom. Also, the Bubble Bowl is at Chuck E. Cheese and Sweet Victory is replaced with "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." The performance then becomes a failure and Squilliam wins.
  • Sailor Mouth: The swear word is uncensored, and it's the n-word. ALso, uncensor the swears to include offensive dialogue.
  • The Bully: Flats' punches actually hurt SpongeBob, and he gets beat up pretty badly. Also, Flats only gets a slap on the wrist for beating him up.
  • Krabby Land: Mr. Krabs alters the playplace to include torture devices.
  • Mid-Life Crustacean: It's all about Mr. Krabs going on a murderfest. In the end, he gets grounded for 999 centuries similar to a GoAnimate grounded video.
  • Born Again Krabs: Mr. Krabs dies after eating the old Krabby Patty, and he never comes back, and he is replaced by a chef named Funny Fred.
  • Plankton's Army: Remove the Sheldon scene.
  • Fear of a Krabby Patty - This episode is renamed to "Night of the Living Animatronics." and this episode is about the animatronics coming to life a la Five Nights at Freddy's, and SpongeBob has to stop them.
    • And there would be loads of jumpscares.
  • Stuck in the Wringer: SpongeBob doesn't get out of the wringer. Also, when SpongeBob becomes crazed near the end, he is revealed to be high on meth, with graphic sores on his face that stay for the rest of the series.
  • One Coarse Meal: Plankton's nightmare is true, and after he manages to get out of Pearl, he actually gets hit by a bus.
  • Are You Happy Now?: Replace it with "Squidward's Suicide." This is also the last episode where Squidward appears.
  • SpongeBob, You're Fired: SpongeBob stays unemployed for the rest of the series.
  • Patrick! The Game: The episode is called "Gaming Time" and the entire episode is a vodka-induced game of Cards Against Humanity between SpongeBob, Patrick, and, for reasons unknown, Cooch from SuperMansion.
  • Whirly Brains: SpongeBob and Patrick act extremely dumb after getting their brains out. There are offensive autism jokes throught the episode.
  • Old Man Patrick: SpongeBob and Patrick actually die as old people.
  • Gary and Spot: Gary and Spot are revealed to be serial killers, and spend the episode killing everyone.
  • King Plankton: A disturbing leech-like creature in the one who tries to eat the sea chimps instead of Patrick. The sea chimps and Plankton actually get eaten and digested.
  • SpongeBob in RandomLand: The entire thing is turned into an anti-drug PSA. RandomLand is part of SpongeBob and Squidward's drug hallucinations, everyone is on some sort of drug, complete with the effects that the drugs have on them, and the Squidward's Suicide face is replaced with Squidward with disastrous side effects from drugs.

Sponge's World

  • Let it air on PBS Kids GO!, and eventually move it to the Hallmark channel after PBS Kids GO!'s cancellation.
  • Spongebob is renamed "Sponge", and his last name is "The Kitchen Sponge".
  • Patrick is a star from space, and his name is "Patrick", with his surname being "The Kooky Space Star".
  • Pearl appears in EVERY episode, no matter what, and gets more screentime than anyone else.
  • In one episode, Patrick eats old Cranium clay and then vomits.
  • Mr. Krabs doesn't have a fetish for money, but rather copies of the book "Everyone Poops".
  • Squidward dabs every once in a while, and instead of hating his job, he enjoys it.
  • The Krusty Krab is replaced with a McDonalds.
  • And Knuckles. NO.
  • This show was made to advertise McDonald's.

How to ruin the episodes! (Sponge's World)

  • Help Wanted: SpongeBob gets a job as a fry cook at McDonalds.
  • Reef Blower: Have the characters speak in this episode.
  • Band Geeks: The performance at the big game is a failure, and Squilliam wins.
  • Krabby Land: Replace Krabby Land with the PlayPlace from top of this Ask Reddit post's comments.
  • Mid-Life Crustacean: Have ALL of the episode (except for the ending) being SpongeBob asking "Are you feeling it now, Mr Krabs?". The end of the episode has Krabs' mom ground Mr. Krabs like in the original, but in GoAnimate style (complete with his grounding length being 99999999999999999999 eons).
  • Dying for Pie: SpongeBob graphically explodes at the end of the episode, and Squidward ends up getting the same punishment that Mr. Krabs got in this section's version of Mid-Life Crustacean.
  • Patrick! The Game: The entire episode is a slow paced game of Cranium Hullabaloo between SpongeBob, Patrick, and Pearl.

The Mario Cartoons (Note: Choices like these will make these shows a little weirder.)

Super Mario Bros. Super Show

  • Take out the plumber rap.
  • Every single episode is just King Koopa kidnapping Princess Toadstool and Mario rescuing her.
  • Mouser, or even worse, Birdo, is the main villian instead of King Koopa.
    • If you do that, then it'll possibly mean that King Koopa is the secondary villain, because either Mouser or Birdo would be a dictator and they would become very horrible main villains. (Wait, what?)
      • And also, King Koopa becomes a pawn working for the greater evil (which is either Mouser or Birdo).
        • Plus, um, King Koopa acts as a nervous wreck who thinks he's the leader, but is actually just a worthless pawn with a worthless sidekick which we can see later, whose plans and stuff always backfire and gets bullied all the time.
  • King Koopa has a Goomba sidekick, who has the cliche personality of being really dumb. (Thus, leading to King Koopa torture porn, heh heh!)
    • Plus, he is a masochist.
  • Have Mario and Princess Toadstool make out romantically multiple times an episode, just to please the shippers. (You know, for kids!)
    • And also some out-of-nowhere sax too go with that.

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3

  • Instead of the Koopalings, we get seven very generic and bland Koopa Troopas (where they were idiots and they talk like toddlers, except for Hip and Hop, BTW).
    • And to make matters stranger, they replace the really dumb Goomba sidekick from earlier.
  • Change Kooky's personality to where all he does is eat lots of cookies.
  • Change Kootie Pie's personality to where all she does is eat lots of pies.
  • Make Hip and Hop... perform... a... hip-hop song every episode?
    • They'll perform this, that, and I guess this one.
      • And to be fair, Cheatsy is still a cheat, Big Mouth still talks too much, and Bully is still a bully, BTW.

Super Mario World

  • Remove Mama Luigi (You know, the iconic episode for YTP?).
  • Make Oogtar the main character, and have him get more screen time than anyone else (Just let that sink in.).
  • All Yoshi does is eat.

How to Ruin the Episodes

The Bird! The Bird!

  • There's a scene where the really dumb Goomba sidekick puts King Koopa in a freezer, which causes King Koopa to suffer hypothermia, yet he is fine and dandy in the next scene.

Quest for Pizza

  • King Koopa's attack on Mario unintentionally backfires when the really dumb Goomba sidekick gets snake-bit after he attempted to keep the snake (or Cobrat) as a pet, and King Koopa pulls the snake (or Cobrat) off of his Goomba sidekick and gets bitten by it, thus they both get sent to the cave hospital.
    • And in the end, it turns out the only way to cure these two is to have Mario say that he rescued Princess Toadstool.
      • Thus the episode gets renamed to “Cure, Cure, What is the Cure?”

Robo Koopa

  • The dumb Goomba sidekick betrays King Koopa and takes control of the giant robot machine. This may give the character some development, but he is defeated by the Mario brothers incredibly easy.

The Beauty of Kootie

  • The episode is renamed to "Big Fat Gender Confusion", and since the Koopalings are replaced with seven generic and bland Koopa Troopas, the episode's all about Kootie Pie's gender confusion, whether or not she's actually male or female, in which at the end, we find out that Kootie Pie's a transgender Koopa Troopa despite that no one may or may not know about transgender people in the 1990's!

7 Continents for 7 Koopas

  • Have King Koopa take over one of the continents and make Hip and Hop share a continent.
    • So it'd be called 7 Continents for 8 Koopas?
      • Technically.

The Ugly Mermaid (Even if it's a worthless episode.)

  • King Koopa, Kootie Pie, Hip, and Hop become mermaids because of Kootie Pie accidentally mistaking the oxygen thing of the submarine for a pie, which causes the four Koopas to drown because of it.

The Yoshi Shuffle

  • Have Mario get turned into an egg instead of Luigi. During the American Football game, have Luigi win by doing absolutely nothing. (Did you get the reference?)


  • The graphics look even lower budget.
  • The characters get spotted in "The Big World" for a stupid reason.

Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

  • Make the art style look like this.:
  • All what Kirby does is eat.
  • Make it a cartoon, not an anime. (Because the real makers are from Japan)
  • Make King Dedede annoying as opposed to funny.
    • He would also act like Fleck from Dorbees: Making Decisions.
  • Remove Meta Knight, or kill him off in Episode #024 (Sword and Blade, Loyal and True).
  • Add a lot of toilet humor.
    • For example, when King Dedede leaves via dropping down into the toilet and flushes away and also when Kirby farts on his enemies for fighting.
  • Have it not follow the games at all.
  • Remove the Copy Abilities.
  • Tuff does nothing except talk about irrelevant topics.
  • Tokkori spends every episode sleeping. (Thus, he is too lazy to do anything.)
  • Every episode includes a pointless moral that the viewers already know.
  • A character moves right up to the screen at least once every minute for no apparent reason.
  • Make every episode as tense as Episode #055 (the one where King Dedede essentially loses the ability to become angry).
  • Remove Fololo and Falala.
  • Tiff doesn't talk whatsoever.
  • Whispy Woods has no personality.
  • Remove Escargoon.
  • Have the voice acting done by one person. ONE PERSON!
  • Have the show done by DiC Entertainment, and retitled as "The Adventures of Kirby in Dream Land".
  • The show would have no Tiff, Tuff, Sir Ebrum, Lady Like, Tokkori, Escargoon, NME Salesman or the inhabitants of Cappy Town. It would just be simple stories with Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede and others that debuted from the games.
  • It will be an American-animated cartoon, instead of an anime.
  • Have it produced in 1997-99 and animated overseas by Rough Draft Studios in South Korea.
    • The animation isn't nearly as bad as the Mario cartoons, but the comic timing is better than what you'd expect.
    • Some scenes will have a few animation errors, but not as constantly countless as Mario.
    • The animated will be as deranged as The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Have King Dedede be voiced by Michael Bell (using the same voice as Gargamel from the infamous ninth season of The Smurfs).
  • Have Kirby speak and be voiced by the talented Jim Carrey.
  • The show will follow two basic formulas: the first one follows King Dedede kidnaps a helpless creature or hoards food from Dream Land and Kirby has to save a friend from certain doom or retrieve the food from Dedede's castle, and the second one follows Kirby having to solve a problem for a friend who is having trouble with his/her life.
    • The two basic formulas are at least following the games, but that's not saying much. It could get increasingly predictable after a while.
  • Meta Knight would still retain his Mexican accent and is even more quick-witted than Kirby.
  • Some scenes in the episodes are just filler, including a song during a montage per episode.
  • The original music from the games is re-composed by Shuki Levy and Haim Saban for the series.
  • The title sequence will be animated at Tokyo Movie Shinsha (TMS Entertainment) in Japan, donning a similar animation style to Tiny Toons Adventures and Animaniacs.

How to ruin the episodes

Episode 1: Kirby Comes to Cappy Town

  • The episode would begin with Kirby residing in his home sleeping, instead of sleeping in a star spaceship in outer space.
  • Both Kirby and Meta Knight attack King Dedede together, before they retrieve the Dream Land food supply.
  • Everyone cheers for Kirby and Meta Knight's bravery, ending the episode.
  • The episode will be retitled, "The Stolen Food Supply of Dream Land".
  • In Episode #006 (Un-Reality TV), make the hypnotic imagery on Channel DDD actually hypnotise viewers at home.
  • In Episode #093 (D-Preciation Day), make Kirby actually die after eating the watermelon-disguised explosives. (Thus the rest of the episode features Tiff and Tuff becoming punks going into bars and getting arrested for it, and also where King Dedede ends up like Hugh Neutron in this video because of the murder of Kirby.) Thus, this episode would be the series finale.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

  • The theme song in the first episode is a cover of "Don't Say Howdy to Your Neighbors" by Ahmed Best and Tim Curry, while the theme song for the other episodes is a parody of "Scatman's World" called "Jar Jar's World" sung by Ahmed Best and Tim Curry.
  • The title of the show is "Star Wars: Jar Jar's World".
  • Jar Jar Binks and Palpatine are the main characters. Padme is the secondary main character, and Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano are minor characters.
  • The series is aimed for 7-12 year old kids, but like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, it gains a cult following of adult fans called "Gungfans".
  • The series takes place on the planet of Naboo, and usually focuses on Jar Jar and Palpatine going on comedic adventures.
  • Queen Julia is introduced earlier than in the real series.
  • Remove several of the cliches you'd expect in a Star Wars TV show/film (For example, "I've got a bad feeling about this!" and the Wilhelm scream.)
  • Make Palpatine's catchphrase "Do it!"
  • Jar Jar calls Palpatine "Palpy" and Darth Sidious "Sid". 
  • Make The Muffin Boys (from Chuck E Cheese, but instead of humans, they are Gungans) recurring characters in the show who perform musical numbers about how Sith Lords are stupid every episode, much to the annoyance of Darth Sidious.
  • Every time Palpatine needs to change into Darth Sidious, he makes a stupid excuse ("I shouldn't have eaten that (food here, usually a Gungan food)", "I have a double date with Padme!", "I feel sick!")
  • Count Dooku is cursed to turn into a Gungan in the middle of Season 1.
  • The show is sponsored by Six Fetts Star Wars Mountain, and also contains product placements for a re-branded version of Hi-C Ecto Cooler called Naboo Bug Juice. 
  • Add things that are similar to modern day technology, such as laptops, cell phones, and televisions.
  • Palpatine's ringtone is I Can Be Your Friend from VeggieTales. (I actually like VeggieTales, but this running gag would be annoying after a while to some people)
  • >Have a crossover with The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  • Boss Nass shows up in the series and does that weird spitting thing every episode he appears in.
  • Instead of the movie for this series coming out before the series, the movie for this series comes out after Season 2. It's about Jar Jar Binks, Palpatine, and Queen Julia meeting a Jedi magician and trying to plan a birthday party for Padme. Plus, it's 79 minutes long!
  • The series airs Cartoon Network and Adult Swim (for the Gungfans during the later seasons).
  • Add musical numbers that sound like pop and rap songs to most of the episodes.
  • Have Jar Jar stick out his tongue several times throughout the series. 
  • Add a baby Gungan as a main character in Season 2, who is there just to sell merchandise, like plushies and a Tamagotchi-like toy.
  • Have only three major battles in the entire series.
  • Make some of the morals of the episodes stupid, such as "Be racist towards Gungans" and  "Never forgive a Jedi".
  • Animate the series in the same animation stye as the episodes of Tiny Toon Adventures animated by Kennedy Cartoons.
  • Have a similar music video to that Equestria Girls one The Hub did, only it has stupid lyrics unlike that video, and the song they are parodying is "Fire Burning". (Sample lyrics: "Somebody call Jar Jar Binks! Let's party on the planet of Coruscant! Oh-oh!")
  • Captain Tarpals appears more often, and his catchphrase is "Yousa in big doo-doo this time!", which is said whenever Palpatine angers him.
  • Darth Sidious dances at innaproppiate moments during the show, like when someone is killed.
  • Change Peppi Bow's personality to make her like a sterotypical Disney Princess, and her name is changed to Princess Peppi.
  • Play "This is Your Left" at random points during the show. (Like the ringtone joke, it will get annoying after a while, even though it is funny).
  • The hazmat suits in "Blue Shadow Virus" and  "Mystery of a Thousand Moons" look similar to the costumes of the Teletubbies, only the head is replaced with a helmet with the weird-antenna-like thing still on top of it. Plus, like the original hazmat suits, you can see the characters' faces. 
  • Add several scenes focusing on Jar Jar and Palpatine's daily life in the Galactic Senate.
  • Make it implied that Palpatine could be in a romantic relationship with Jar Jar Binks.
  • Have Jar Jar Binks reply "How wude!" every time something bad happens.
  • In several episodes, give Obi-Wan Kenobi the same amount of screentime as Jar Jar Binks in Revenge of the Sith. 
  • Every time something good happens, make Jar Jar smile like he did in Attack of the Clones after he gave emergency powers to Palpatine. 
  • Jar Jar is more clumsy than in the original series.
  • Put at least one musical number every episode. 
  • Queen Julia meditates with Jar Jar to find a solution to a problem. 
  • Captain Tarpals does not sacrifice himself at the hands of General Grievous in Shadow Warrior.

How to ruin the episodes! 

Note: Most of these episodes aren't the same as the original episodes, due to the changed protagonists of the series.

  • The Disappeared, Parts 1 and 2-These episodes are the first two episodes of the series, and is pretty much the same, except Mace Windu is replaced by Palpatine. Instead of meditating, Queen Julia and Jar Jar dance to a musical number that sounds like pop music.
  • Children of the Force-This episode is about Queen Julia and Jar Jar's twin children, Roo Roo Page (in this version of the show, she is not some random Gungan's child) and Abso Bar Binks, and how Roo Roo Page wants to kill her parents and brother. Luckily, there is a happy ending, thanks to Anakin stopping Roo Roo and convincing her to be a good Gungan.
  • Shadow Warrior-Before the scene where Captain Tarpals' sacrifice can be shown, a scene similar to this scene from Clerks: The Animated Series is shown, except the message shown before the "new ending", which is narrated by Palpatine, is this:

"We're sorry. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the last half of the script for this episode was destroyed by Boss Nass. Luckily, the episode was finished by Jar Jar Binks. We hope you enjoy the new ending!"

Just like the scene this is spoofing, the animation in this sequence is done in anime-esque Flash animation. 

  • Corruption-Palpatine's computer gets infested with anti-Sith Lord propaganda and he blames Padme for it.
  • Blue Shadow Virus-Rish Loo sings a song that is similar to this one from The Boondocks, and acts like a religious version of Dr. Frank N Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. As an Actor Allusion , Darth Sidious gets pissed off after the song ends because Rish Loo "made fun of his past". (Tim Curry, who played Dr. Frank N Furter in the original Rocky Horror Picture Show movie, voiced Palpatine/Darth Sidious in The Clone Wars when his original voice actor died.) Also, the virus gives people hallucinations similar to the hallucination from The Good Dinosaur, and it also makes them think Gungans are superior to other races. Also, we get to meet Princess Peppi for the first time.
  • Mystery of a Thousand Moons-Same as the original episode, except Jar Jar and Palpatine get sent to the moon of Iego too.
  • The Academy-Palpatine teaches a school of unruly Gungan children about Jedi and Sith Lords.
  • Dooku Captured-At the end of the episode, Count Dooku gets the aformentioned Gungan curse that was mentioned earlier placed on him.
  • The Gungan General-At the beginning of the episode, there's a scene that is similar to the "I Love Mallory" scene from Natural Born Killers, except toned down for a TV-PG level, that explains how Jar Jar Binks got kicked out of Otoh Gunga. Also, Jar Jar nearly dies after he is called a plague, but Padme saves him.
  • Bombad Jedi-Jar Jar Binks trains to be a Sith Lord, and disguises himself as a Sith Lord named Darth Bombad. After a musical number parodying "I'll Make a Man Out of You", Darth Sidious finds out that Jar Jar snuck into the training session, and orders him out. The episode ends there.
  • The Zillo Beast-The Zillo Beast turns out to be an ordinary human from our galaxy who wants to make this show better, so he decides to alter Jar Jar's past. Jar Jar and Darth Sidious attempt to stop him, but fail. We see the results of the timeline alteration in the next episode.
  • The Unknown-Due to the events of "The Zillo Beast", this episode seems like it was written by a Star Wars fan. In this alternate retelling of The Phantom Menace, Anakin is older and less annoying, Jar Jar is more mature and might be a Sith Lord, and Darth Maul replaces Palpatine. At the end of the episode, it's revealed that this and the previous episode were just a nightmare Jar Jar had.
  • The Lost One-In the opener for Season 2, Jar Jar and Palpatine find the egg of the Gungan baby who was mentioned earlier on this page, and it hatches instantly.
  • Conspiracy-A parody of Unsolved Mysteries with Jar Jar and Palpatine debunking rumours about the show.
  • Prisoners-Jar Jar and Captain Tarpals are kept as General Grevious' personal slaves and must escape.
  • Orders-Jar Jar is asked to carry out several unsettling tasks by Darth Sidious.
  • Crisis at the Heart-Jar Jar and Palpatine swap roles in their lives thanks to a disturbance in the Force. This is known for being the episode where Darth Sidious reveals himself to be Palpatine to Jar Jar, after Jar Jar finds several clues that make him come to the conclusion that Darth Sidious and Palpatine are the same person.
  • Supply Lines-Jar Jar is too focused on stacking plates and cups to do anything, so Palpatine has to take responsiblity for his tasks in this episode.
  • Mercy Mission-After faking his death in Gungan Attack, Rish Loo returns! This time, Rish Loo brainwashes the Gungans of Naboo into worshipping his religion again, and holds a big party at his new church-deesco (no, I didn't mispell "disco", go look "Gungan deesco" for yourself). It's up to Boss Nass and Jar Jar to kill Rish Loo for real this time!
  • The Soft War-A toymaker's stuffed animals come to life and start attacking innocent people.
  • Sacrifice- At Count Dooku's request, Palpatine plans to kill Jar Jar Binks for a Sith sacrifice, but winds up killing Boss Lyonie instead. When Boss Nass finds out about what Palpatine did, he teaches Palpatine that he shouldn't hurt his friends by telling a Gungan folktale where an evil Gungan learns to respect his friends, which is similar to the story told in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode "A Hearth's Warming Tale", minus the Christmas-esque theming of the story.
  • The Jedi Who Knew Too Much-Ahsoka resigns from being a Jedi at the end of the episode.
  • Deception, Parts 1 and 2-Two-part series finale. Jar Jar Binks and Queen Julia are about to get married. However, after a series of terrible incidents that happen while Jar Jar and Queen Julia are preparing the wedding (mainly, several incidents in Otoh Gunga that hurt and kill Gungans and things for the wedding being messed up), Jar Jar blames Queen Julia for the incidents and calls her out as a Sith Lord due to things that she did before these incidents occured. It turns out Darth Sidious disguised himself as Queen Julia because he loves Jar Jar more than anything else in the world, and he planned the incidents and kidnapped the real Queen Julia so Jar Jar would want to trust him instead of Queen Julia.

In the second part, Jar Jar rescues Queen Julia, and this only angers Darth Sidious more. In his rage, he decides to execute Order 65 by attempting to kill anyone Jar Jar trusts so he can easily convince Jar Jar to stay with him as his Sith apprentice forever. After successfully killing Captain Tarpals by disguising as Jar Jar Binks and asking him to help defeat some "Sith Lords" that were planning to assassinate Jar Jar Binks, (but not before revealing his true form) the real Jar Jar is able to outsmart Palpatine by teaching him a lesson about how you shouldn't force others to love you when they truly have feelings for someone else, and that you shouldn't harm others in order to get what you want. This (temporarily) redeems Palpatine, who claims that he shouldn't have taken advantage of Jar Jar and apologizes to him, and Jar Jar and Queen Julia live happily ever after, with no mention of the events that happened during Revenge of the Sith.  Then, we cut to the ending of the series, which is slightly ripped off from a Robot Chicken sketch from the third Robot Chicken Star Wars special. Two years after the events of the series, Jar Jar recieves a phone call from Palpatine apologizing for not only manipulating Jar Jar to grant him emergency powers, but he also apologizes for possibly traumatizing Jar Jar as a result of some of his adventures, and claiming that it was wrong to use Jar Jar like that. After hanging up, Jar Jar is confused, because he actually liked his adventures with Palpy and wasn't traumatized by them at all.

Yo-Kai Watch

  • Whisper is dumber and more annoying.
  • Jibanyan likes little kids shows instead of Next Harmeowny.
  • Nate teams up with Dora the Explorer in an episode.
  • The Yo-Kai Watch doesn't work more than half of the time.
  • All the summoning songs are sung to the tune of children's songs.
  • Satan appears in the final episode of Season 1. 
  • Make Whisper have a butt in all episodes like in "Yo-Kai So-Soree".
  • Have the show animated like Sunbow's late 90's shows, like The Brothers Flub (a forgotten Nicktoon that many people don't like) and Salty's Lighthouse (a show TLC made to cash in on Shining Time Station).
  • Have a crossover with Spawnjz (aka Spongey Cheese) where Nate has to stop the Yo-Kai from ruining his friend's birthday at the restauraunt seen in the show.
  • Have the show air on Nickelodeon and air multiple times a day.
  • Figdephant is one of the main characters.
  • Have it not follow the source material of the original games.

Animaniacs (I can't believe no one put this on here yet!)

  • De-age the Warners to kindergarten-age kids.
    • And one of them is voiced by a 79-year old chain smoker woman, like Pat Welsh who voiced E.T.
  • Make Yakko the dumb one.
  • Change Yakko's "Eeeh..." to "Duuuuuhhh..."
  • Add Elymra Duff to the show.
  • De-age Katie Kaboom to a toddler.
  • ALL of the segments have only jokes about old cartoons instead of just the Slappy the Squirrel segments.
  • Add a lot of toilet humor to the show
  • Have that kid tell stupid stories about Randy Beaman rather than funny ones. 
  • Make it air on Fox Kids from 1993 until its demise in 2002.
  • The morals in the Wheel of Morality segment are usually morals such as "Everything can be the way you want it", "The complainer is always wrong", and "When people say something is your fault, it really is". 
  • Remove Hello Nurse and the "Hellooooo Nurse!" running gag.
  • Mindy is changed to be a rebellious teenager, and Buttons is removed.
  • Minerva Mink is changed to a Rini Tsukino ripoff named Erika Evans who learns about how to behave.
  • The theme song is sung to the tune of the Caillou theme.
  • The characters ask the audience questions.
    • I think they already do.
  • Make the show fulfil the E/I requirement.

How to ruin the episodes!

Puppet Rulers: Pinky and the Brain go on Barney and Friends.

Baloney and Kids: Baloney is actually replaced by Barney, and this episode segment is done in live action with CGI-elements (the Warners would be CGI, making them look like they came out of a N64 game).

Potty Emergency-Basically the Teen Titans Go! episode Serious Business, but with the Teen Titans replaced by Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Dr. Scratchnsniff and Plotz.

A Christmas Plotz: The sexy ladies are replaced by babies. 

Star Warners: In a Star Wars crossover that is meant to promote the release of The Phantom Menace, the Warner Siblings go to the planet of Naboo and meet Jar Jar Binks and his friends. 

The Girl With The Googily Goop: The titular character is replaced by Dora the Explorer, and Wakko wets himself instead of having a talking toilet come to him.

Clown And Out: Replace Jerry Lewis with Binky the Clown from Garfield (because many people find him annoying).

Bingo: Have the segment be about Wakko and Dr. Scratchnsniff sing the nursery rhyme of the same name.

Ups and Downs: Have Wakko wet himself in the elevator.

Plane Pals: The airline safety segment isn't funny and the Warners wind up crashing the plane.

Taming of the Screwy: Remove the "We're gonna play truth or dare!" line, make the dinner party guests Spanish, replace the ettiquete song with the Warners singing Mary Had A Little Lamb, and have the episode about the Warners having their fifth birthday and ruining it.

I'm Mad!: The episode is not done in song and is rather a ten minute fight between the Warners, with clips of the show's young fans throwing tantrums playing every few minutes.

You Risk Your Life: Replace the live action audience clapping with clips of babies crying, and make the game show an educational quiz show.

I Got Yer Can: Replace Candie Chipmunk with The Chipettes, who sing a song about littering to Slappy.

Jockey For Position: Replace the horses with brightly-colored horses that are glittery and run on smile power, and have Pinkey and the Brain not know this until a little girl tell them this after the race is over. (This is a reference to an Inside Out comic involving Bing Bong).

Bumbie's Mom: Have Skippy cry over a movie scene that isn't even sad.

Lookit the Fuzzyheads: Elmyra is replaced by a ripoff of Boo from Monsters Inc.

Super Strong Warner Siblings: Have the Warners be too scared to defeat the monster and they get defeated themselves.

  • Minerva Mink is the main character and the show is called "Minerva Mink's SeXXXy Adventures"
  • Let the animation style be drawn with Sharpies and animated with a Cray X-MP supercomputer (which was the world's most powerful computer from 1983-85)
  • Have a bunch of 18-year old high school dropouts write every single episode.
  • The Warners are anti-meat activists and PETA supporters, and Dot's shirt says "MEAT IS MURDER".
    • In addition, they get killed in each episode they appear in, yet they're alive and well in subsequent appearances.
  • The show takes place in the village Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.
    • And in addition, in this show, the village is poverty-stricken, and for some reason is now located in Alaska.
  • Have it air on Cartoon Network in between countless hours of Teen Titans Go!, and later, on a select few PBS stations as a overnight program for kids.
  • The theme song is a cover of Devo's "Girl U Want" played on a D'Angelico EX-175 electric guitar, a Traps Drums A400 drumset, and a Roland Jupiter 80 by what sounds like three 14-year old middle school dropouts.
  • Minerva Mink's catchphrase is "Smile Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch! Say Chuck E. Cheese!"
  • At the end of each episode, a moral pops up in Movie Maker style, and it is always either "Everything can be the way you want it", "The complainer is always wrong", "It's okay to talk to strangers", "Suicide is an option", "Jewish people are the devil's work", "Marijuana is something to rely on if you are upset", "Blame minorities for everything that has gone wrong in your life.", "Don't you demonstrate around the Kajun Ku Klux Klan", "The Bible declares being gay is a sin" and "If someone tells you something if your fault, it really is.", followed by an anti-tobacco PSA.
  • Have a controversial episode dedicated to everyone talking about religion.
  • Have items similar to Mousketools that are used to solve problems.
  • Make one episode a Poorly Disguised Pilot for the How to Make Bad TV Shows Good page's version of The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin, where Grubby (in that version a cute cat) is Minerva's sex slave of the week.
  • Tito Dick from The Nutshack is a main character.
  • Mitzi Mozzarella from the Rock-afire Explosion is also a main character and she appears in live action scenes as a framing device a la Shining Time Station.
  • Pictures of Helen Henny are flashed onscreen to hypnotize viewers into worshiping her and wanting to buy Helen Henny merchandise for sexual pleasure.
  • Mindy is a stereotypical '70s disco dancer whose catchphrase is "Burn, baby, burn. Disco Inferno!" and Buttons is a stereotypical '60s music fanboy whose catchphrase is "Screw Jesus and praise The Beatles! Or The Rolling Stones! I don't give a fuck!"
  • Make the credits move so fast, that you can't read anything.
  • Take out any funny scenes in favor of stock footage of children throwing temper tantrums and porn videos from Pornhub and XVideos.
  • Each episode contains Nazi propaganda.
  • There are memes and smartphones everywhere, as well as dabbing, juju on that beat, whip/naenae, Dat Boi and Gabe the Dog.
  • Any animation errors are intentionally made to hypnotize children.
  • At inappropriate times, include an eight year old boy who walks on the camera and screams "BOOBS!" in a high-pitched sickly voice.
  • Throw in spinning images of small children using the urinal for Hellonintendo9's sexual pleasure.

How to ruin the episodes!

  • Potty Emergency - Make it a poorly made live action pilot, with Nicki Tens ( playing Minerva and the entire episode is filmed on a VHS camcorder. Also, you can hear the cameraman breathing.
  • You Risk Your Life - Replace the live action audience clapping with clips of men clapping their testicles, and make the game show an Japanese variety show.
  • I'm Mad! - The episode is not done in song and is rather an ten-minute animated version of this damn thing with clips of the show's young fans throwing tantrums playing every few minutes.
  • Wakko's Wish - Have Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch blown up to build a United States Marine Corps base with all the characters killed, along with Uncle Sam sitting in front of the welcome sign doing absolutely nothing.

Elena of Avalor

Note: This is not a Disney Junior show. Disney moved it to Disney Channel after The Lion Guard scared toddlers and made their ratings drop (however, it did get better ratings as it went on). 

  • Make all of the characters in Elena's family (except for Elena and Isabella) speak in stereotypical Spanish accents, and have it fetishize Spanish/Mexican culture, using the "strict and abusive family with a dirty house and a lot of children" trope.
  • Make Elena sound like Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors, and have Isabella sound like Nina from Nina Needs to Go.
    • BONUS: Isabella's voice is spoken in an awful falsetto that makes viewers' ears bleed.
  • Zuzo's jokes are based on pop culture references and occasional toilet humor.
  • Have it in 2D animation and have the black outlines be very, very thick.
  • Have Sam Singer animate the whole show.
  • Have it made in the 1950's at the same time as Paddy The Pelican.
  • The show relies on potty humor to appeal to the audience.


  • Have the entire show animated like the ending sequence of episode 101 (shown below).
    Off Model Pripara
  • The characters sing rap, children's songs, and outdated music.
    • Make them replace the N-word with booger.
  • The show is produced in the United States and air it on qubo.
  • Have DiC produce it.
  • Use "Make It!", the show's original theme song, as the theme song, but give it lyrics that sound childish.
  • Laala's catchphrase is "Ala! A snackbar!".
  • Mirei's catchphrase is "That's not right!".
  • Replace Kuma with Jururu and have her do the stock crying animation, pee and scream every episode.
  • Make Dorothy a boy named Boris and make Leona a girl and call her Lily.
  • Replace Usagi with Fij Fij from Maryoku Yummy.
  • Replace Unicorn with Sargent 91210 from Stitch's Great Escape and have him pee himself like he did in that ride once an episode.
  • Make Kanon, Junon and Pinon three year olds.
  • Make the principal of Paprika Academy meaner than she originally is. 
  • Have several characters make pop culture refrences.
  • Rebecca Black guest stars in an episode. 
  • Change Falulu to Unawakened Falulu 
  • Have Laala voiced by Aubree Young (in her Nina from Nina Needs to Go! voice), Mirei voiced by Caitlyn Sanchez (in her Dora the Explorer voice), Sophie voiced by Ariel Winter (in her Sofia the First voice), Shion voiced by Michaela Dietz (in her Riff voice), Dorothy voiced by Jadon Sand (in his Bunga voice), Lily voiced by Julie Johnson (in her Baby Bop voice), Kanon voiced by Lesslie-Cara Rudolph (in her Abby Cadabby voice), Pinon voiced by Ami Shukla (in her Queen Julia voice), Junon voiced by Kiara Muhammad (in her Doc McStuffins voice) and Falulu voiced by Frankie Jonas (in her Ponyo voice).
  • Make Shion a spoiled brat with an annoying voice.
  • Make Aromageddon a rip-off of Team Rocket and have them curse every few sentences. They also live in Hotel Carter in NYC.
  • Make Shion and Fij Fij the main characters instead of Laala and Kuma. (Usagi, the character who is replaced by Fij Fij and is Shion's manager, was the first to know about Triangle's secret, and many fans stopped watching it when this happened.)
  • Have SoLaMi Smile's main song sung to the tune of The Monster Boogie from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • Make Dorothy West dumber than Dora the Explorer.
  • Make Non a rip-off of Jar Jar Binks.
  • Make Gaaruru a toddler obsessed with Bing Bong, as well as a personality similar to Caillou's.

How to ruin the episodes

  • The Last Stage Battle!: Make it the series finale and have Laala and Falulu both die when their Friend Tickets are snapped.
  • Jururu's Big Adventure: Add toilet humor and have a ten minute scene where Jululu does the stock crying.
  • Come On, Come On, Kanon!: Make Kanon take care of Jululu, who does nothing but cry. Also, make her sing "Turn Down For What".
  • I've Had Enough with Aromat Cards!:
    • Call it "Hotel Carter! I Need To Make Money!"
    • Gaaruru's room is decorated with Bing Bong merchandise, and a poster of him using a urinal, which she goes nuts over when showing it to Mikan and Aroma.
    • Move the scene where Jululu cries a rip-off of this Sailor Moon scene, but along with the people falling, the whole building collapses. It goes back to normal before the end of the episode.
    • Instead of biting, Gaaruru gives Jululu adult toys.
    • But I don't want to be a warrior..

      But I don't want to be a warrior...

      Have Jururu pee in it.
      • Pee in where?
    • Have Jururu injure Aroma with the salamander, but she is better in the next scene.
    • Have an entire scene with product placement for Nintendo.
  • Super Delicious Miracle Peach: Sophie never comes back from Prifornia when she is kidnapped by a cow farmer, and they never find the peach.
  • Playing Three Roles At Once Is Hard!:
    • Have Non disguise as Barney the Dinosaur instead of Little Red Riding Hood.
    • There is a scene where the characters sing Mr. Knickerbocker from Barney and Friends.
    • Have Junon and Pinon exchange Tomotickets with Kanon and die because they are robots. They get better in the next episode.
    • Usacha and Kuma beat each other up. 
    • In Triangle's hideout, have Pinon's stock footage where she jumps around and zooms up to the screen playing in on a TV in the house.
  • Youthful Jump In! Snap In!:
    • Make Usacha ride in a squat toilet instead of a toy car.
    • Usacha and Fij Fij have a violent fight at the beginning, which causes Fij Fij to actually die.
    • Have the "new song" energy injure Laala, Mirei and Sophie.
    • Gloria refuses to give Dressing Pafe a new Making Drama due to Dorothy's stupidity, and forces them to go to Sesame Place as punishment.
    • Leona has a My Little Pony or a Dora the Explorer backpack instead of a bunny one.
    • Make the train the girls go on crash.
    • Have Jululu pee in the street instead of her diaper once they get there (people do this all the time there).
    • Everyone wears Sesame Street clothes.
    • Dressing Pafe cuts the lines without an Abby's Magic Pass and get yelled at by the parents at the park. (this also happens all the time there)
    • Have Dressing Pafe go to Elmo's Eatery and have her pull out a portable DVD player showing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
    • Replace Dorothy's scary face with her swearing out the people who complained about her using the DVD, and she gets kicked out by Ray Snails (a parody of Ray Nails, a famous person who worked at Sesame Place).
    • Dorothy places Jururu in front of the hotel TV and tries to make her watch Teen Titans Go.
    • When Jururu goes missing at Sesame Place, she is found in the wave pool stolen by a teenage worker who tries to kidnap her.
    • The live performance is replaced by them singing C is for Cookie in the costumes to the right, with Leona in the Elmo dress, Shion in the Big Bird dress, and Dorothy in the Cookie Monster dress. They don't get Kami Challenge. It's instead replaced by a scene where they leave bad reviews for Sesame Place on many websites. 
      Sesame Dresses
      • One review they write ends with "This place is as lame as Kevin Meaney and is almost as troublesome as obesity". The episode winds up airing at the same time Kevin Meaney, who died from a heart attack, had his death announced, similar to what happened with the premiere of the Simpsons episode "Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus" and when a re-run of "Family Guy Viewer Mail #2" aired on BBC 3 in 2014. The joke would then be cut from future re-runs of the episode.
    • At the end of the episode, Laala and friends tell the viewers it's a bad idea to put babies in front of TVs.
  • Tension 100% Max!
    • Rename the episode "Laala's Clues" and have it take place on the set of Blue's Clues.
    • The plot is similar to the Blue's Clues subplot of the Yes, Dear episode "Arm-prins", where Laala makes Jululu watch Blue's Clues after she has to use the bathroom badly, but winds up watching it many times and has a dream about it.
    • The references to the number 100 are replaced by Blue's pawprints being on screen.
    • Everyone is shrunk to four year olds in the dream.
    • The question the girls need to answer in the dream is what Blue wants the most for her birthday, but it confuses everyone since more than three clues have been shown.
    • During one part of the dream, Solami Dressing gets stuck in the elevator, and Gaaruru and Falulu replace them for the rest of the dream.
    • Jululu attempts to eat Bing Bong, who happens to be in the same elevator as them. This confirms that Nog's Egg Nogs and Blue's Clues take place in the same universe.
    • When the dream finishes, we cut to a scene where Non is in her bedroom and sees Steve from Blue's Clues, along with Bing Bong from Nogg's Egg Nogs.
  • The Kami Idol Grandprix is Here!
    • Make it the grand finale of Season 1.
    • Shion and Mirei parody the opening of Little Einsteins instead of a samurai movie.
    • The Dressing Pafe segment at the beginning is a funeral for Fij Fij.
    • Kanon spends the beginning of the episode watching Sofia the First.
    • The animated audience members are replaced by videos of real kids.
    • Make half the episode a clip show. Wait a minute... that's what most of it was, as it was reused songs!
    • Have all of the Triangle members fall to their deaths on stage, and Sargent 90210 dies as well. 
    • Have Usacha ground Jururu for no reason, which is then followed by her being forced to listen to The Pee Pee Dance from Teen Titans Go!
  • The Jewel Change episode:
    • Have the Meganee robot replaced with Sargaent 90210, who somehow came back to life after the events of the previous episode and brought Skippy (from Stitch's Great Escape) with him.
    • Make Sargaent 90210 do his running gag mentioned above every 30 seconds.
    • The script falls in Sarge's own urine.
    • Replace the crayon drawings with marionette dolls that look like the ones on the right.
      Titan Puppets
    • The movie is a live action adapatation of Stitch's Great Escape, with Shion replacing Stitch.
    • Gaaruru pops up on the set with a laser gun and tries to hurt everyone with it, causing the studio to cancel the production. Her reason is that she hates the ride the movie was based on.
  • Gaaruru! Please Wake Up!:
    • Have the TV showing Unicorn explode and destory Gaaruru's treasured Bing Bong items. She throws a tantrum due to this like Caillou did in "Caillou Joins The Circus" when his toy car broke.
      Kick me
    • Have the food at Aroma and Mikan's party be replaced by McDonalds and have a cameo by Ronald McDonald.
    • Make Neko have a "Kick Me" sign on her mouth just like the ones used at the 1999 Kids' Choice Awards. 
    • The Gaazilla trap is this Bing Bong statue. 
      Bing bong statue
    • Have Gaaruru actually die instead of faking her death, and have the death set to "What A Wonderful World" as it is slowed down. (I liked this joke when it was used in a recent movie , but it might make the death too sad for some people). However, she is better in the next episode.
  • Bingbongstare

    This is what I mean by having Bing Bong stare at the viewers.


  • Have real language instead of Penguinese.
  • Pinga is all grown up
  • Have the Walrus from the episode "Pingu's Dream" as a main character (Seriously? How's that gonna work?)
  • Have "Little Accidents" air on US television (I think this actually did air once on Sprout, if I recall correctly. I remember seeing it on the guide in a hotel when I was visiting Disney).
    • Well? If it did once got aired in the US, why not do it all the time?
      • Scratch that, let it be the most frequently aired episode worldwide, no exceptions.
  • Innuendos!
  • Take out the toddlers.
  • Have Chick-Fil-A product placement and have the characters sing a song about it.
  • Animate it using GoAnimate.
  • Have it made in 2012.
  • Make the theme song "Wiggly World" by Devo.

The Powerpuff Girls (1998 TV series)

  • Name their team and the show 'The Kindergarten Gals' instead of 'The Powerpuff Girls'.
  • The Girls' personalities are changed.
    • Buttercup is a girly girl brat and is the leader that doesn't care about fighting crime, but more on the cities' looks and design. She also hates her sisters and is often rude to them.
    • Bubbles is an emo freak who is always depressed and doesn't care about anything, and she always beat up stuffed animals, including Octi, as her hobby when she's at home.
    • Blossom has anxiety problems and she is weak and wimpy.
  • Make Professor Utonium a lazy, overweight, and balding person who smokes, eats chips, and watches television all the time. He also doesn't care about and neglects the PPGs and only keeps them to make him look good.
    • Change his last name to Mercury.
  • Make the Mayor a mean guy who only cares about money and yells at the PPGs every time they wreck the city after fighting a monster or something and wears a diaper like in "Pee Pee G's".
    • BONUS: Make his design look similar to Donald Trump.
      • DOUBLE BONUS:  He poops his diaper occasionally, and whenever he needs a diaper change, the poop that comes out is extremely graphic. Then, the Girls or the Mayor will scream "BARF LIKE YOU MEAN IT!".
  • Kill off Ms. Bellum.
  • Make Mojo Jojo a very strong Gary Stu (aka Mary Sue) who wins against the girls in every episode he is in.
  • Make the Rowdyruff Boys a teenaged boy band who have crushes on the PPGs.
  • Let HIM be named HER (but don't genderbend him.)
  • Let the animation style be drawn with crayons and animated with the first version of Adobe Flash.
  • Name the episodes after a random event that happens in the episode.
  • The characters sing rap, children's songs, and outdated music.
  • Include corny and dated pop culture references.
  • WAY too much toilet humor.
  • Every 9 seconds a character sneezes or farts.
  • The talking dog is replaced with a cute, girly cat who is only there to sell merchandise.
  • Have the show be rated TV-Y and have it be toned down to a preschool show designed to teach children morals, the morals often being "The complainer is always wrong", "Everything can be the way you want it", "You always win if you're good", "You will be safe when catching stinging insects in your hands", "It's okay to take things without asking", and "It's okay to talk to and go with strangers".
  • Make the episodes also have pointless morals like 'ice cream is the best food', 'never upset the Mayor', or 'always fall in love with boys/girls who are in a musical group.'
  • Have the characters talk to the audience a la Dora the Explorer, especially asking them super easy questions they already know the answers to.
  • Constant shoehorned educational value.
  • The characters catchphrases are:
    • Blossom’s catchphrase is “Eggplants!”
    • Bubbles' catchphrase is "I'm a professional goth!"
    • Buttercup's catchphrase is "I might have gone in too many places!"
    • The mayor's catchphrase is "Smile, Townsville! Say Chuck E. Cheese!"
  • It airs on Nick Jr. in early 2003-early 2009.
    • Eventually, it'll move to Qubo.
  • Remove the violence and fighting.
  • The superheroes fight the villians by breaking the 4th wall a la Dora the Explorer, and by lame comedy.
  • Add in Allegro, the panda from "Painbow", an episode of the 2016 reboot.
  • Every episode ends with the Girls going to bed as a sleep-inducing lullaby plays.
  • It gets a crossover with Dora the Explorer, where the Girls have to help Dora give the mayor some gifts.
  • Fuzzy Lumpkins is a fluffy baby bunny who is changed from a villain to a minor character.
    • BONUS: Make him the PPG's pet.
      • DOUBLE BONUS: He also says "Bong." whenever he jumps on something.
  • The mayor craves old Cranium clay instead of pickles.
  • Have it be made to sell merchandise in under 22 minutes, like a lot of toy-based cartoons from the 1980’s.
  • The conflict is non-existent.
  • The music is Disney-esque, using classical instruments and occasionally xylophones.
  • It takes place in Iraq.
  • EVERYONE stutters their sentences.
  • The end credits include "BUY OUR MERCHANDISE OR DIE!"
  • Everyone is voiced by either Rob Paulsen (using the Bubsy, Toodles, and Coconut Fred voices), Sue Rose (using her Angela Anaconda voice), Kristen Bone (using her Maggie voice), Charlie Sheen (using his Dex Dogtective voice), Maria Darling (using her Amelia and Roary the Racing Car voices), Rick Bailey (using his Quezar and Beach Bear voices), WelvenDaGreat, Scott Wilson (using his Chuck E. Cheese voice), Denise Oliver (using her Maurecia voice), Nancy Lenihan (using her Helen Henny voice), and Kevin Clash (using his Elmo voice).
  • The camera zooms in to random shots every 20 seconds.
  • The characters don't move their mouths when speaking. Instead, they move their heads or arms slightly.
  • The music is Disney-esque, using classical instruments and on some occasions, xylophones.
  • Every second, there is an animation error.

How to ruin the episodes!

  • The Bare Facts: The Girls babysit the Mayor, and he runs around naked in one scene.
    • BONUS: That scene is uncensored, despite it being a preschool show.
  • Bubblevicious: Bubbles beats up the other Girls.

My Life Me

  • Sandra is a skater girl.
  • Have corny running gags.
  • Have toilet humor.

Tiny Toon Adventures

  • Make the show in Norm of the North-esque CGI.
  • Put the Fat Guys from "Rap Busters" in all of the episodes.
  • Have the theme song be similar to The Bing Bong Song from Inside Out (I like it, but it would get annoying if it was used on another show).
  • Have the characters be babies with speech impediments like the Rugrats.
  • Have it air in 2008 on early morning Cartoon Network, and on Cartoonito in countries that have it, such as the UK and Italy.
  • Have it run for three years like Baby Looney Tunes.
  • Make the characters only wear diapers.
  • Make the episodes about problems toddlers and babies have that the audience has to help them with by breaking the fourth wall (a la Dora the Explorer).
  • The camera zooms in to random shots every 20 seconds.

Peep and the Big Wide World

  • The animation is even lower budget.
  • Change the name to birbs!!!!!!!111!!!.
  • The theme song is sung by Justin Bieber with kazoos.
  • No educational value.
  • Add constant cursing.
  • There is only one voice actor for all of the characters.
  • Add lots of toilet humor.
  • Add rancid morals.
  • SwaeSwae and Buhdeuce appear in an episode.

Da Ali G Show

  • Remove Borat.
  • Make Ali G a generic gangster from the United States.
  • Give Ali G a bland sidekick.
  • Pimpinmasterdx (a YouTuber) writes all episodes.

Milo Murphy's Law

  • The show is called Donald Francis' Juiced Up Life.
  • The series is an alternate universe version of Sausage Party where the characters are humans, and has no ties to Phineas and Ferb at all. 
  • The show airs on Adult Swim.
  • The theme song is Mony Mony by Billy Idol (complete with Doushe yelling "Hey! Hey what? Get laid, get forked!"), and the end credits theme is Outta Your Mind by Little Jon. 
  • Similar to The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald, each episode opens with a segment done in CGI where the real Doushe has a problem like the one that must solved by Donald in the episode. In order to become human, Doushe opens a magical door that takes him to the human universe. 
  • Make Milo Murphy/Donald Francis voiced by Nick Kroll (using his Doushe voice), Melissa Chase/Brenda Bunson voiced by Kristen Wiig (using her Brenda voice), and Zack Underwood/Timmy Goodstrong voiced by Conrad Vernon (using his Twink voice).
  • Donald Francis and his friends are 18 years old. 
  • Donald has a pet rat named Mr. Dangles (inspired by Doushe's pet rat from the original draft of Sausage Party), who is able to talk and give Donald advice. 
  • One of Donald's catchphrases is "What's that, Mr. Dangles? You have a thought?", which is said when Mr. Dangles looks like he wants to say something to him.
  • Several scenes in the show take place at Shopwells. 
  • El Guaco/Edward Green is the main antagonist.
  • There are innapropiate morals, such as: "Everyone has their own opinions on sax", "It's okay to be gay", "The best way to punish people is to force-feed them glass", and "It's okay to be racist".
    • How is "its okay to be gay" a bad moral? Kids gotta learn 'bout Homosexuality somehow in the future.
      • You're right! It is a good moral, but some people, like soccermoms who let their children watch this version of the show and Moral Guardians , despite the fact that the show really isn't for kids would find it stupid. Which brings me to my next point...
  • As a response to people complaining about the show not being suitable for kids, there's an episode called "Donald Francis Viewer Mail #1", which addresses the issue of parents letting their children watch a family-unfriendly show. This episode starts off with Doushe reading complaints from viewers of the show. In response, Doushe does a hypothetical Bowderlized episode of his show to explain that his show would not be as good as it is if it was aimed at children. In the Bowderlized episode, all the innapropiate content is removed in a similar way to how Pooh's Adventures is censored, and Doushe is replaced by a humanized Juicy Box named Jude Barnes. The episode ends with the Doushe and Juicy Box scene from Sausage Party.
  • The musical numbers are replaced by songs that commonly appear on Do Not Play Lists at weddings, such as Blue by Eiffel 65, Every Breath You Take by The Police, My Humps by the Black Eyed Peas, the Grease Megamix, My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion, YMCA by The Village People, You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi, Who Let the Dogs Out? by Baha Men, Gold Digger by Kanye West, and I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor.
  • In one episode, Mr. Dangles does the Chicken Dance. 
  • Replace the Dr. Who parody with a Dora the Explorer parody.
  • Everybody is high on atleast ONE drug.
  • The show is named "Razzle Dazzle's Fabulous Days"
  • Milo is renamed 'Razzle Dazzle' and he is a Luan Loud ripoff.
  • Replace Melissa with a dumbed-down Lori from The Loud House.
  • Zack is replaced with Tito Dick from The Nutshack.
  • Include a character named Eggbertieman who is an egg that is a drug dealer.
  • Melissa is a teen mom.
  • One character dies every four episodes.
  • Zack/Tito Dick is a puppet.
  • The musical numbers are replaced with songs about being rude, selfish, etc
  • Milo/Razzle Dazzle's catchphrase is "Bring on the ol' Razzle Dazzle! And that's me!"
  • The theme song is to the tune of We Wish You A Merry Christmas, albeit off key.


  • Make it air on Disney Channel. 
  • Make it aimed at 6-15 year olds. 
  • The series has a pilot movie that is shown in theaters.
  • Isabella becomes the first live action Disney Princess to join the Disney Princess line up. 
  • Remove all of the funny and good songs and replace them with songs that sound like modern-day pop songs.
  • Have it take place in a modern-day fairy tale universe, meaning that there is modern-day technology like iPhones, iPads, laptop computers, and flat-screen TVs.

The Muppets (2015)

  • Make it an cartoon series animated in a style that is a cross between Teen Titans Go! and Johnny Test.
  • Add a laugh track to the show.
  • Add Family Unfriendly Aesops to the show.
  • Add the cast of Sesame Street to the show.
  • Instead of being a sitcom parody, it is about the Muppets meeting various Disney characters and parodying the movies/TV shows they come from.
  • Fozzie's girlfriend Becky is replaced by Bing Bong from Inside Out.
  • Pepe has a job at Disney World.
  • Have an episode where they tease a Make A Wish kid instead of doing something nice for him.
  • The Lecture Lady from Elmo's World appears in every episode, and get more screentime than anyone else.
    • BONUS: She does the chicken dance every five episodes.
  • Add lots of toilet humor.

The Goldbergs

  • Make Murray and Beverly swear every few lines.
  • Make Adam a young, 2-year-old toddler girl named Anna.
  • Anna is a huge fan of Teddy Ruxpin, Cinderella, Strawberry Shortcake, Popples, Baby Alive, Cabbage Patch Kids and My Little Pony.
    • And a spoiled brat.
  • Remove the musical numbers at the end of each episode and replace them with a scene where Murray walks around with no underwear.
  • Make an episode about Teddy Ruxpin.
  • Make Anna have a 5 year old sister that's older than her.
  • The show is a rip-off of both Good Luck Charlie and Full House.
  • Add anachorisms to the series.
  • Remove the endings with the home videos based off the episode.
  • Call it "The Life of Anna".
  • Make one episode a Poorly Disguised Pilot for Imaginary Mary, where Mary is Anna's imaginary friend.
  • Any episode refrencing movies or TV shows that aren't for kids (such as The Breakfast Club and The Facts of Life) are replaced by ones about popular kids' things released in the same year or same month as the movie. For example, the episode about the former thing is replaced by an episode where Anna's family goes shopping on the day after Thanksgiving and fight the crowds to get her a Teddy Ruxpin, and The Facts of Life episode is about Anna pretending to go on an adventure with the cast of The Littles.

How to ruin the episodes

  • You Opened The Door: The episode is about Anna getting toilet trained. Half the episode is about the book Everyone Poops.
  • Lucky: Anna has a new baby sister named Ellie instead of a dog.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

  • Have the show aimed at toddlers.
  • The characters talk to the audience.
  • Put it on Nick Jr.
  • The animation is similar to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • The show is a rip-off of Dora the Explorer.
  • The theme song is sung to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat.
  • Make Pinkie Pie need the bathroom each episode just like in "The Last Roundup".
  • Make Spike a baby dragon who needs constant care and talks in a voice a la Horat from The Nutshack.
  • All of the ponies are princesses and learn stupid lessons about royality.
  • There are sections of the show where the audience has to get up and dance when a tiara is shown on screen, and you sit down when a jewel is shown.
  • Have items similar to Mousketools that are used to solve problems.
  • Remove Discord.
  • The character models look so off that you can't even see their butts when the tails are in your way.

How to ruin the episodes!

  • Pinkie Pride-The episode is retitled "The Movie Star", and Cheese Sandwich is voiced by Ahmed Best and is a rip-off of Jar Jar Binks, and comes to Ponyville to promote the new Adventures of the Space Ponies film.  Also, the part where Boneless dances is replaced by mutiple poor CGI chickens dancing together, and the live action footage of an alligator is replaced by dancing robots, which are also animated in poor CGI, just like the aforementioned chickens.

​Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (I know it's not a show but I wanna include it)

  • Have the broadway shows fill up the whole telecast (Look up The McDonald's Thanksgiving Parade)
  • Kill off the Falloons in the 2014 parade
  • Goodyear produced all the balloons even after 1984
  • The Cat in the Hat flew in the 1998 parade  
  • The balloons look ugly.
    • And also as ugly as the dumps I took after eating Burger King or something. - MegaToon1234

Cyborg Kuro-Chan

  • Make it an educational preschool 2D-animated direct-to-DVD series for small children.
  • Items similar to the Mousketools from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse are used to solve various problems.
  • The animation is like a 2D version of The Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa.
  • All fonts used are in Comic Sans.
  • Make Kuro a normal cat instead of a cyborg cat.
  • Dr. Go is a friendly old man instead of a villain.
  • Kill off Kuro's elderly owners and Nana.
  • Make Mi a spoiled princess who is obsessed with Maple Town.
  • Matatabi is a witch.
  • Make Kotaro a 2-year-old toddler who has trouble with basic math.
  • Add the cast of Boku No Pico to the show.

SuperMarioLogan (Pre-2016)

  • Remove Doofy and Charleyyy.
    • The latter is replaced with Fishy from Bowser's Depression.
  • Comic Sans is the only font that is used.
  • Jeffy appears in all episodes (Just let that sink in). In addition, he is more annoying.
  • Add shoe-horned educational value.
  • Put it on Nick Jr.
  • Chef Pee Pee has a high-pitched version of Doofy's voice.
  • It rips off Dora the Explorer.
  • Record it with a shaky iPad.
  • Rename Jeffy's Bad Word, which is considered the worst episode series, "JEFFY SAYS F WORD!!! OMG!!! RUDE!!!"
  • Joseph and Cody are both female and their names are Codie and Josephina.
  • Bowser Jr. is a 2-year-old named Charles.
  • Ken is a murderer who makes cameos.
  • Remove Jackie Chu in favor of a mentally ill man named John Harrison. Ironically enough, Jackie Twu is not removed.
  • Patrick is 10 times more CWAZY.
  • Add more excessively mature humor.

Bob's Burgers

  • The characters' eyes sparkle. 
  • The intro has lyrics, which just say "Bob's Burgers, Bob's Burgers, lalala..." in tune over and over.
  • The backgrounds are loaded with bright colors and smiling objects.
  • The animation is a mixture of Kawaii Crush and The Nutshack.
  • Replace Jimmy Pesto with the BND of doom.
  • Replace Zeke with the V of doom, completing the chain.
  • Everyone that edited The Rapsittie Kids - Believe In Santa edit all the episodes.
  • Everyone is voiced by either Tabitha St. Germain, Lee Tockar, Jennifer Darling, Russi Taylor or Rob Paulsen.
  • Mona from nanaLan' is a major character.
  • Make Linda an anti meat activist and PETA supporter, and have her shirt say "MEAT IS MURDER".
  • Gene's catchphrase is "Fartnuggets!"
  • Bob's catchphrase is "Go away".
  • Have it air on Disney Channel.
  • PETA is heavily promoted in each episode. Plus, Cooking Mama from "Cooking Mama Kills Animals!" frequently makes cameos.


  • In "Boyz 4 Now", Louise is killed off.
  • In "Bob and Deliver", remove the "Movie! Movie" scene.
  • In 


  • Make it in the 2010s decade, with ugly CGI graphics.
  • Make the characters speak to the screen a la Dora the Explorer.
  • Air it on CBeebies instead of Nick Jr. and Sprout.
  • Make the character voices very British and very annoying.
  • Arnold whines a lot.
  • Tiger is removed.
  • Kipper looks nothing like a dog.
    Arnold's rabies
  • Arnold's mouth foams every episode, just like in "Pig's Shop".
    • BONUS: He also has rabies, hence the foaming mouth.

The Kroll Show

  • The show is made in 2016.
  • Have the show air on Adult Swim.
  • Make it rated TV-MA.
  • The theme song is a terrible instrumental cover of The Dirtiest Song That Ain't that is played on a toy piano.
  • Have a recurring segment that is similar to the BLAM shorts on Disney Channel.
  • Have the Family Guy and Ted writers write most of the skits. (Some people think that Family Guy and Ted were terrible.)
  • Have a recurring segment about Douche from Sausage Party that serves as a tie-in to the movie's DVD release. Compared to the other skits, these segments would be the best part of the show.
    • Wait a moment, I lied! Only one of these segments is terrible: the first one, which is a rip-off of the Robot Chicken sketch The Emperor's Back, but it retells the entire Douche plot of Sausage Party with random gross out jokes thrown into the story when Douche talks about the other characters in Sausage Party. To make matters worse, this skit is also the first sketch of the first episode.

Bobby Bottleservice/Gigolo House

  • Bobby Bottleservice's catchphrase is "I may have gone too far in a few places!"
  • The Gigolo House is renamed the "House of Man Wours".
  • Eagle Wing is renamed The Dark Besturd.
  • De-age Farley to an 18-year old.
  • Make Peter Papparazzo Bobby's imaginary friend.
  • In one skit, have a scene where Bobby Bottleservice pees on people from a rooftop, similar to that one scene in The Nutshack episode "Duck Karma".

How to ruin the skits!

Ghost Bouncers

  • Bobby claims that anyone who liked the Ghostbusters remake is an "exceptional individual".


  • Instead of asking Farley if she ate oranges, Bobby calls Farley fat.
  • Have a scene where Bobby Bottleservice curses in a similar matter to the cursing scene from The King's Speech.

Gigolo H-O-R-S-E

  • The Gigolo Horse group is renamed "The House of Manchildren".
  • Instead of getting kicked out, the Man Wours who get eliminated get killed by the Manchildren.

The In Addition Tos

  • The Dark Besturd kidnaps Farley instead of Bobby Bottleservice's mother and ropes her. The viewers actually get to see this!
  • Instead of the note saying "We got your ma", it says "I forked Farley", and with the note is a picture of a naked Farley.

Look Like Dis

  • Look Like Dis is renamed Farley's Fantastic Fashion Show.
  • Bobby wants the show to focus on his imaginary friend.

Body Bouncers

  • Make this segment a ripoff of Inside Out.
  • Instead of removing his memories of Farley, Bobby must kill his imaginary friend, Peter.
  • Remove the line "We've been reducted and now we're inside my own very much body!" and replaced with "I'm gonna break a promise and kill my very much imaginary friend!"

Oh Hello

  • George and Gil's show is called "The Nursery", and instead of giving people too much tuna, they give stuff meant for babies like diapers and baby formula.
  • Have George and Gil live in a mental hospital.
  • Make George and Gil like children's music instead of Steely Dan songs.


  • De-age the characters to high schoolers.
  • Make this recurring sketch a poorly-done rip-off of Mean Girls, with Liz being the new girl.


  • C-Zar's best friend is a CGI talking monkey.

Show Us Your Songs

  • Gunter from Sing hosts this recurring segment. (This might annoy some people.)

Garfield and Friends

  • Remove the Garfield segments and only make it U.S. Acres.
  • Make it air in 2012 on PBS.
  • The farm animals instead live inside a Child World toy store.
  • The theme song is a cover of "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas.
  • Make the animation in the same style as Caillou.
  • Have the characters talk to the audience.
    • They do on occasions.
  • Make "Potty Animals" a real episode.

LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures

  • Have it air from 2003-2008 on PBS Kids, almost a year after the article's version of VeggieTales (version 1) got cancelled.
  • The show is called "Super Benny's Super Dooper Adventures!".
  • Have items similar to Mousketools that are used to solve problems.
  • Archie whines a lot.
  • LarryBoy/Super Benny's catchphrase is "Smile, Bumblyburg! Say Chuck E. Cheese!"
  • Vicky Cucumber says "like" in all of her sentences.
  • Add random poop jokes out of the blue.
  • Remove Awful Alvin's running gag when he does a villainous dance of villainy, and replace it with him eating beans and farting loudly, which he calls his "Supervillain Fart".
  • Give it a crossover with the article's version of SpongeBob SquarePants, called "Super Benny and Spongey Cheese's Funny Adventure", where Larryboy/Super Benny and SpongeBob have to stop Awful Alvin from destroying the resturant seen in the show.
  • The theme song is sung to the tune to "Row, Row, Row Your Boat".
  • Add a demented chicken who is a minion of Awful Alvin.
  • The animation resembles Mega Babies, Teamo Supremo, and 12 Oz. Mouse.
  • All the fonts used are Comic Sans.
  • Have bland and boring villians.
  • The superheroes fight the villians by breaking the 4th wall a la Dora the Explorer, and by lame comedy.
  • The show is rebooted in the style of Teen Titans GO!, turning Larryboy from an actual hero into a hero that most of the time doesn't even fight.
  • Add product placement of Chuck E. Cheese.


  • Have it air in 2004 on Cartoon Network.
  • The characters look like they're from SMK animated.
  • I Like Trains is replaced with a character yelling "Football!" and a football smashing another character's face in.

How to ruin the segments

  • You're Getting Mugged: The kid gets mugged.
  • You Can't Skate Here: After the kid says "You can't tell me what to do!", a guy says "Football!" and the expectable happens.
  • Mine Turtle: The mine turtle explodes into footballs.
  • I'm Afraid I Caught Your Son Doing Homework: Have the mom say "Yay!" instead of "Where did I go wrong!?"

Mighty Magiswords

  • The show is called "Mighty Marijuanaswords"
  • The show promotes Marijuana usage, and says that it is 'something to rely on if you are upset'
  • Make Vambre and Prohyas both drug dealers.
  • One character dies in every 5 episodes.
  • Include lots of bombs and explosions which are all Michael Bay's idea.
  • At the end of each episode, have a 1980's drug PSA be present.
  • Worsen all the character's voices.
  • Have it air on Qubo, and eventually it'll move to Disney Channel.
  • The writers of The Nutshack, Johnny Test and Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer write all the episodes, alongside Mark from Fuck No TV Tropes.
  • Give it vibes of Puella Magi Madoka Magica mixed in with Creepypasta.
  • Alongside Marijuana, have it promote homphobia, satanism, insensitivity, racism, sexism, sadism, murder, sexual assault, and physical fighting.
  • Have a controversial episode dedicated to everyone talking about religion.
  • The colors are all very bright and neon.
  • The characters eyes sparkle. All of them.
  • Make the show very dark, insensitive and offensive.

How to ruin the episodes!

  • In "To Boulderly Go", have a scene where Vambre and Prohyas are in a hospital, and they unplug machines connected to small children on life support, and push needles into the children's eyes afterwards.
  • In "Pig Iron", it cuts to live-action clips of pigs being made into bacon.

Back To The Future- The Animated Series

  • Continuous sexual references are present.
  • Include a character named Markus who is a convicted sex offender.
  • Replace Marty with an idiot boy named Joshua who is voiced by Keith Ferguson (using his Bloo voice).
  • Have Jules be an alcoholic.
  • Jennifer is nowhere to be seen, nor are Doc and Clara.
  • Have Verne's catchphrase be "OH EVERYTHING HERE IS JUST FAN-FRICKING-TASTIC", and whenever he says it, his voice sounds drunken and high-pitched.
  • Have nobody do anything for the majority of every episode.
  • Add random potty humor out of the blue.
  • Have it made in 2006.
  • At the end of each episode, a '50s toy commercial plays without any reason or rhyme.

Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats

  • The Catillac Cats are a crime gang.
  • Have the characters ask the audience questions.
  • Have Flamarion Ferreira Films produce it.
  • Have an episode where the Catillac Cats murder a Make A Wish kid instead of doing something nice for him.
  • The animation resembles a mix between Ivor the Engine, The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican, and Don Bluth's work.
  • Have it air on Adult Swim at 2 am.
    • Adult Swim is discontinued because of this.
  • The theme song is an over the top jazz song.
  • The end credits include "BUY OUR MERCHANDISE!"
  • Any horror-themed episode is loaded with jumpscares scarier than the ones from Five Nights at Freddy's.
  • The show makes fun of Keemstar fans, Keemstar haters, people with ADHD, fat people, black people, Jews, members of the LGBT community, bronies, pegasisters, and Autistic people.
  • Various hashtags (like #oscarssowhite and #autism) are used in every episode.
  • Cause This is Filler! Filler Night! ( From the Nostalgia Critic Casper review)

    Cause This is Filler! Filler Night! ( From the Nostalgia Critic Casper review)

    There is MOUNTAINS of filler in the episodes.
    • In that case, get ready to play this clip often:
  • The children from 1980s and 1990s Chuck E. Cheese commercials make cameo appearances.
  • A character dies a gruesome death each episode, yet they are alive and well in the next episode.
  • In-your-face shots of the characters appear whenever the viewer doesn't expect it.
  • There is tons of product placement for Chuck E Cheese, Showbiz Pizza, Radio Shack, Magic Mart, Sling TV, Oxi Clean, the Big City Slider Station, Pibb Xtra, Sega games, a re-branded version of Crystal Pepsi called Cleo's Urine in a Bottle, the ASPCA, Red Man chewing tobacco, Camel cigarettes, the Black Lives Matter movement, the XQ Super School Project, the Apple Watch, Android phones, and the Truth anti-tobacco campaign.
    • And after each Red Man product placement, a character says "Buy and then chew Red Man right now or we'll murder you and your entire family!"
  • The music is played on a poor-quality Casio keyboard.
  • People working in Dingo Pictures work on the occasional effects like zooming in their faces when screaming and sound effects like the "wah-wah" sound.
  • Heathcliff's catchphrase is "GET ME GARFIELD ON THE PHONE!"
  • Sonja's catchphrase is "I'm sexy and I know it!"
  • Iggy Nutmeg's catchphrase is "Smile America, Say Chuck E. Cheese"
  • Riff-Raff's catchphrase is "That shit doesn't scare me!"
  • Cleo's catchphrase is "Spank me you pissy slutty kitty cat."
  • Hector's catchphrase is "It's okay to be gay!"
  • Wordsworth's catchphrase is "Abduct all sexy hot male cats!"
  • Mongo's catchphrase is "Duuuuuuuuh, Allahu Akbar!" and whenever he says it, an explosion takes place.
  • Bush's catchphrase is "Always talk to strangers!"
  • Leroy's catchphrase is "Fuck you in the neck!"
  • Each episode ends with the characters going to bed as a sleep-inducing lullaby plays, followed by this being played.
  • Cleo's theme song is "Scatman's World" by Scatman John, for some reason.
  • Hector and Wordsworth's theme song is "It's OK to be Gay" by Tomboy.
  • Leroy is a conservative Christian nutjob.
  • The final episode's first segment is called "Sonja's Suicide" and it's a ripoff of the Red Mist and Squidward's Suicide creepypastas, where Sonja kills herself with a shotgun after Heathcliff is murdered by Hector.
  • Have there be horrible morals, like "Kill members of the LGBT community", "Suicide is an option", "Marijuana is something to rely on if you are upset", "Blame minorities for everything that has gone wrong in your life.", "Don't you demonstrate around the Kajun Ku Klux Klan", and "The Bible declares being a LGBT community member a sin".
  • Cool Cat (from Cool Cat Saves the Kids) makes numerous appearances.
  • The series is aimed for 7-12 year old kids, but like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, it gains a cult following of adult fans called "The Catillac Fanboys".
  • The theme song is a parody of "Scatman's World" called "Heathcliff's World" sung by whoever voiced Heathcliff in the trailer for "Heathcliff in Bad Kitty" and Marilyn Lightstone.
  • Cleo's ringtone is "Blame It on the Rain" by Milli Vanilli.
  • Hector's ringtone is Wordsworth saying "There was an old cat from Des Moines, who put fleas in his sister's... WOAH!!!"
  • Riff-Raff says "I blame this on the Jews!" every time something bad happens.

How to ruin the episodes!

  • In "Off Road Racer", the race is ended when a North Korean missile crashes into the racetrack.
  • In "Kitten Around", Cleo's angry face is flashed onscreen at unexpected points with a clip of a super loud scream.
  • In "Junk Food", the secret ingredient to Mungo's Special is a dead vegan's head.
    • One line is "I fucking hate Devo and rock music. Christ forever!", uttered by Leroy. The episode winds up airing at the same time band member Bob Casale had his death announced, similar to what happened with the premiere of the Simpsons episode "Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus" and when a re-run of "Family Guy Viewer Mail #2" aired on BBC 3 in 2014. The line would then be cut from future re-runs of the episode.
  • In "Lard Times", Wordsworth and Hector shoot up a conservative Christian church while singing "It's OK to be Gay" by Tomboy.
  • In "Say Cheese", it's a crossover with Spawnjz (aka Spongey Cheese) where SpongeBob murders Riff-Raff with a spatula in the ending scene.
  • In "Heathcliff Reforms", before Hector can say "Change your ways and be nice to your friends, Heathcliff, especially those three cats: Hector, Wordsworth and Mungo." a scene similar to this scene from Clerks: The Animated Series is shown, except the message shown before the "new ending", which is narrated by a drunk-sounding Frank Welker, is this:

"We're sorry. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the last half of the script for this episode was mistaken for classified evidence by the North Korean government and put in a paper shredder on its way to the Korean animation studio. Luckily, the episode was finished by Riff-Raff. We hope you enjoy the new ending!"

Just like the scene this is spoofing, the animation in this sequence is done in a mix of cs188's YouTube Poop style with Clockwork Zoo Caillou episodes-esque Flash animation. 

  • In "Big Foot", the Bigfoot-like creature is replaced by the Ku Klux Klan, and Riff-Raff, Hector and Wordsworth use Mungo as bait by dressing him up as a African-American gangster.

Pretty Rhythm Series

  • Make each season air on Comedy Central from 2017-2020.
  • The show is aimed at college audiences.
  • The songs in Aurora Dream and Dear My Future are rap songs. 
  • In Aurora Dream and Dear My Future, Prism Stone is actually a sax shop.
  • In Aurora Dream and Dear My Future, the Prism Space is a place called "Da Hood".

Aurora Dream

  • The show takes place in Detroit.
  • De-age Kaname to 5 years old.
  • Aira is selected to be a Prism Star after attending an event advertised on those radio ads that ask listeners things such as "Do you want to be on the Disney Channel?"

Dear My Future

  • Mia's catchphrase is "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"
  • Make the characters in this season similar to the ones in The Nutshack.
  • Make this season take place in Brooklyn, New York.

Rainbow Live

  • Naru's catchphrase is "Happy shoot you!"
  • Make the songs in this season showtunes, but they are terribly sung. 
  • Make the penguin mascots Captain Ersatz of famous characters from Broadway musicals who can't act to save their lives.
  • Replace Rinne and June with Columbia and Frank from the 2016 Rocky Horror remake. 
  • The Prism Space in this season is called "Slotway".

All Star Selection

  • The whole season, including the movie, is done in live action.
  • Remove Laala.

The Ricky Gervais Show

  • Have Ricky Gervais talk about PB&J Otter in every single episode.
  • Have it not adapted from the podcast.
  • All the viewer can see is a black screen.

The X Factor (UK)

  • The lines open on Monday morning, six days before the Saturday show.
  • The judges got to decide who wins the series.
  • There is a category for wannabes of previous contestants.
  • Instead of going to deadlock, Simon Cowell gets the deciding vote in the bottom two.
  • Make One Direction win the 2010 series.
  • Have an annoying act who can't sing appear in the bottom two at least four times, always with the least amount of votes, who keeps getting spared by the judges.
  • It turns out the whole thing is staged.

Button Moon

  • We never actually get to see Button Moon.
  • Give it a crossover with the 1970s version of Captain Pugwash.
  • Give it a terrible and unnecessary film adaptation.
  • The spoons are literally just generic spoons with no features.


  • Re-name it to "Fast Times at Benedict Arnold Middle School".
  • The show has no scenes relating to the characters getting in detention, but rather various tutorials on how to behave in school and to get straight As.
  • De-age all the characters to 10 year olds who sing baby songs and have trouble with basic math.
  • The characters have to go on stupid quests that are so easy, even babies can do them.
  • The theme song is sung to the tune of the Captain Planet theme song.
    • BONUS: In this version of the show, the theme song is less cringeworthy. The lyrics talking about edginess and/or teenage angst are removed and replaced with lines about doing well in school.
  • The animation for all episodes resembles the unaired version of Some Enchanted Evening.
  • The show has tie-ins with Son of Zorn and Family Guy.
  • Have the show be made in 2016 and it airs on Nickelodeon multiple times a day.
  • Have Lemonjella and Orangejella argue over stupid things in every single episode.
  • Corny running gags are abundant and are used as desperate pleas to get laughs out of the audience.
  • Everyone is voiced by the voice cast from Kuu Kuu Harijuku.
  • The Grimace from the 1970's McDonald's commericals, Ronald McDonald (in the 1950's costume) and Birdy the Early Bird make time to time cameos.
  • In every episodes, there is atleast one TV playing the theme song of Captain Planet in ridiculous slow motion.
  • Add toilet humor in the show.
  • It is even more low budget. By that, I mean the quality is even more poor than the actual show itself.
  • Include an episode that rips off Space Jam.

The Fairly Oddparents

  • De-age Timmy Turner into a preschooler.
  • Too much toilet humor.
  • Timmy is voiced by Bryn McAuley (using her Caillou voice).
  • Every 2 seconds, there is an animation error.
  • The characters' eyes sparkle.
  • Have Poof, Sparky, and Chloe in all episodes.
  • Make it in the late 2000's.

The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers

  • Get rid of the show's humour.
  • Have the Adrenalinis be a generic trio from an existing country.
  • Get rid of all the hardcore stunts.
  • Have every episode take place in the same area.
  • Have all the brothers have the exact same personality.
  • Make it where only one of the brothers appear in every episode.

Danganronpa - The Animation


  • Name the show "Danganronpeepo"
  • The animation is in the style of The Samsonadzes.
  • The show is controlled by the North Korean government.
  • Byakuya gets executed by being used as a facecloth. Wtf? I'll take it.
  • Have Sayaka be the Ultimate Despair instead of Junko.
  • Kill off the entire cast within the first minute of the first episode. The rest of the first episode (as well as the rest of the show) shows what actually happened before the events of what happened.
  • Monokuma is replaced with a generic serial killer from a low-budget 80's horror movie.
  • Have it be dubbed by 4kids.
  • It takes place in New York instead of Tokyo.
  • Make a movie about it and give it a bunch of unessecary direct-to-video sequels.
  • Because it's dubbed by 4kids, everyone is given very American names.
    • Makoto is renamed Michael.
    • Aoi is renamed Abby.
    • Byakuya is renamed Barry.
    • Celestia's name stays the same.
    • Chihiro is renamed Christopher.
    • Hifumi is renamed Harrison.
    • Junko is renamed Jessica.
    • Kiyotaka is renamed Kyle.
    • Kyoko is renamed Kaya.
    • Leon's name stays the same.
    • Mondo is renamed Matt.
    • Sakura's name stays the same.
    • Sayaka is renamed Sarah.
    • Toko is renamed Tori, and have her fall in love with Harrison instead of Barry.
    • Yasuhiro is renamed Danny because there are no similar names to his.
  • Give the theme a cringy sing a long, and re-write the whole song to make it similar to the 4kids One Piece theme song.
  • The animation is similar to The Invisible Network Of Kids.
  • When a character dies, the characters ask the audience questions, especially those that they already know the answers to.
  • A laugh track plays at the most unfunniest lines.
  • Make Barry a poor person who is lost in the streets.
  • Whitewash Sakura (this is also something 4kids did in their One Piece dub).


  • Remove Robbie Rotten.
    • Without Lazytown's resident memelord, the show wouldn't be the same!
  • Remove a lot of the songs.
  • De-age Stephanie to a five-year-old.
  • Remove Ziggy and Stingy and replace them with two cats named Stinky and Runt.
  • Trixie says "like" in all of her sentences.
  • Add a lot of toilet humor.
  • Remove We Are Number One.
  • Stingy/Runt is a crybaby.
  • The show is in poor CGI.
  • Pixel likes drugs over technology.
    • BONUS: He smokes weed every five seconds
  • It is a low-budget YouTube series.


  • Make either Spooky Spoon or The Puzzler (or both) appear in every episode.
  • Have 0 do literally nothing, since he is too young to do anything.
  • Make a Numberjack for numbers 10 to 9999.
  • The series mainly focuses around the 69 Numberjack, the 420 Numberjack, and the 666 Numberjack.
  • Have a -1 Numberjack. Or better yet, add all the negative numbers as Numberjacks!
  • Add Numberjacks for really large numbers lIke Googol and Graham's Number.
  • Add an infinity Numberjack.
  • Include musical notes which the characters sing.
  • Make the animation worse than it already is.
  • The show runs for 47747483838 seasons.
  • Add lots of toilet humor.
  • Remove 5's worst case scenarios.
  • The 9 and the 10 Numberjacks appear several times per episode and talk to the audience saying "9 plus 10 equals 21!". Then the 21 Numberjack appears and sings a song about it. They then reenact the said vine.
  • 1 is renamed to Beanos and snaps everyone out of existence at the end of the final episode.


  • Make Matt the main character.
    • So it'd be called Mattsworld? Sssshhhhh...
  • Genderbend the 4 main characters and name them after flowers. (Edd - Sunflower, Tom - Rose, Matt - Dandelion, and Tord - Lily)
    • Then, replace Eduardo, Jon, and Mark with normal Edd, Tom, and Matt.
  • Make it an anime, and name it "Super Happy Ultra Joyful Flower Girls!".
  • Have Eduardo/Edd, Jon/Tom, and Mark/Matt blast away at the end of each episode, a la Team Rocket.
  • Rose and Sunflower are killed off in "The End".
  • Lily's Norwegian accent is replaced in favor of an annoying, forced Arabic one.
  • Wipe the "Mirror Mirror" episode from existence.
  • Include a character with white hair, blue eyes and icy blue attire named Forget-me-not who belittles the gang for fun, and her family hates her.
  • The show's fanbase is called "Dandelion Wannabes"
  • The place Sunflower, Rose, Dandelion and Lily live in is called "Happycrappyville"
  • The backgrounds are full of bright and smiling objects.
  • The characters' eyes sparkle.
  • The conflict is 100% non-existent.
  • The music is Disney-esque.
    • Speaking of Disney, the theme song is a parody of "Let It Go" called "Lil' Flower Girls".
  • All the cringey OCs become canon.

Once Upon a Time

  • Remove Henry, Emma, Mary Margaret, David, Regina, Ruby, Granny and Mr. Gold, or kill them off really early in the series.
  • Leave the story's lore with loads of unanswered questions.
  • Remove the episode where Leroy and Mary Margaret sell candles for Miner's Day.
  • The curse doesn't get lifted by the end of Season 1.
  • End the series at the end of Season 1.

Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones?

  • Have it made and take place in 2012.
  • De-age Socks, Mitch, and Cubey to toddlers with personalities similar to George Pig, Richard Rabbit, and Edmond Elephant from Peppa Pig respectively. Also, make them minor characters.
  • Replace Robot Jones with a Jewelpet-styled squirrel named Squirrely.
  • It is animated like Will and Dewitt.
  • Add a Marty-Stu rabbit named Nibs and make him Robot Jones/Squirrely's best friend.
  • Too much toilet humor, shock value, and product placement are present.
  • The theme song is to the tune of "Girls and Boys Come Out to Play".
  • Principal Madman is a lot nicer and is renamed Mr. Sweet. Also, make him work at an ice cream parlor.
  • The title of the show is "The Adventures of Squirrely the Squirrel".
  • The music sounds very childish.
  • Lenny and Denny Yogman are stereotypical farmers.
  • Make Robot Jones/Squirrely the pet of Shannon.
  • Each episode ends with a Barney Says-like segment instead of Data Log Entries. 
  • Shannon's theme song is "I Can Be Your Friend" from Veggietales.
  • Add a character named Tracy that rips off Tracer from Overwatch (even though Overwatch didn't exist until May 2016, but whatever...)
  • Remove the oil change scene from "Family Vacation".

Sheep in the Big City

  • Remove the fourth wall breaking and visual puns.
  • The characters' names are weird and random, such as General Specific being called Adnasf.
  • The animation for all episodes resembles The Slim Shady Show.
  • Make the titular character actually speak English with a voice provided by Bob McFadden (using his Snarf voice).
  • Replace the Secret Military Organization Base with a Blockbuster.
  • A man who sounds like a vomiting dog sings the theme song in an off-key manner.
  • Not making it a variety show-type format.


  • The original never exists, and All Grown Up is in its place from 1991 until its real ending in 2008.
  • Take out all the jokes made for older audiences.
  • The Dummi Bears are in EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE.
  • Include a separate spin-off with Jacobyel's designs for the characters as animals (I.E. Susie is a cow and Chuckie is a lion.)
  • Make Angelica the main character instead of Tommy.
  • WAY too much toilet humor.
  • Reptar is replaced with Barney.
  • Chuckie talks in a robotic voice a la Horat from The Nutshack.

The Magic School Bus

  • The series does not follow the books.
  • The theme song is "All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor.
  • The art style resembles The Brothers Grunt.
  • Ms. Frizzle is removed.
  • Too much toilet humor
  • Remove Carlos' puns.
  • No educational value.
  • The theme song is to the tune of the Yo Yogi! theme.
  • Remove Keesha


  • Re-name the show "Villainous: Black Hat's World".
  • Have it air on Treehouse, despite it not being really aimed at the channel's age demographic (toddlers and grade primary students).
  • The animation is similar to the animation from 2NE1's music video for "Hate You". (search up "2ne1 hate you song" and you'll see it)
  • Give it a terrible, albeit unnecessary film adaption, and give it several direct-to-DVD sequels.
  • Every time Demencia appears, she sings "What Harm Can It Do?" from U.S. Acres without any rhyme or reason.
  • 5.0.5 is able to speak realistic English.
  • Give Demencia the ability to shoot lazers out of her fucking eyeballs.
  • The entire series takes place in the Heroic AU, and the characters from that AU (White Hat, Clementia, etc.) are all part of the main cast.
  • The reasoning behind Flug's paper bag is revealed in the first short produced.
  • The voice actors are changed. Black Hat is voiced by Rick Bailey, Flug is voiced by Rob Paulsen, Demencia is voiced by Bryn MacAulay, and 5.0.5's growls and noises are provided by sound effects straight out of iMovie.
  • All of the characters, save for 5.0.5 and Black Hat, are de-aged to pre-teen children.
    • Black Hat is their caregiver/guardian and 5.0.5 is the family pet. In addition to this, have Black Hat act very lazy, and doesn't care about his children (Flug and Demencia), only keeping them to make him look good.
  • The characters from the Heroic AU are a part of the main cast, also serving as Black Hat's kids.
  • Make Demencia's catchphrase "Do it!", and she says it in EVERY. SINGLE. SHORT.
  • Black Hat breaks the fourth wall more than he already does.
  • There are mountains of filler in the shorts.
  • Include product placement for Fuddruckers, Pepsi, Crystal Pepsi, the XQ Super School Project, the Apple Watch, the Truth anti-tobacco campaign, McDonald's McSpaghetti, the iPhone X, Lemon Up shampoo, and Motorola phones.
  • Most of the shorts take place in the dangerous areas of Australia and Brazil.
  • Everyone uses the -fag suffix like there's no tomorrow.
  • People working at Dingo Pictures provide occasional special effects.
  • Shoddy dinosaur roars are constantly heard.
  • Completing the chain of youtubers voicing in the show, the american dubs has every voice actor be famous youtubers, including LOGAN PAUL.

How to ruin the shorts!

The Perception of Evil

  • Replace the sandwich with a Big Mac for some shameless product placement.
  • Remove all the Black Hat clones except Fanservice!Black Hat and Dopey!Black Hat.
  • Have Demencia fall in love with the Dopey!Black Hat clone instead.

Ice Cream of Fear

  • Have Black Hat make 5.0.5 eat the ice cream off the floor.
  • Remove the scene where Black Hat screams at the ice cream.

Bigger, Badder

  • Make it so it's similar to a macro fetish fanfiction.
  • 5.0.5 becomes the size of Asia and kills everyone, but everyone comes back to life in the next short except Black Hat and Flug. At the end of the episode, Black Hat and Flug do the chicken dance.


  • The portal Black Hat rips open is a portal to none other than... McDonaldland.
  • Reverse the roles of 5.0.5 and Demencia.

Horribly Heavy

  • During Black Hat's introduction scene, there is a TV showing an airing of Captain Planet playing in ridiculous slow motion.
  • Demencia's "We all floaaaaat." line is replaced with her screeching some unidentifiable English.
  • 5.0.5 eats the floating orb, then shits it out onscreen.

Wearing Evil

  • Demencia cosplays as Hatsune Miku (or some generic lolicon) instead of Black Hat.
  • Black Hat isn't revealed to be disguised as 5.0.5.

Bad Security

  • Dr. Flug gets killed off from a lazer shooting into his heart. BUT HE COMES BACK IN THE NEXT SHORT.

The Portrait Of Evil

  • Remove the scene where Demencia acts even remotely adorable as almighty hell. Aka, the whole god damn thing.

Sculpting Evil

  • Remove the statues of Demencia holding raccoons and Dr. Flug doing that pose. but which one
  • The Statue Device isn't broken.

The Note Of Destruction

  • Demencia is crushed by Black Hat's organ and somehow survives.
  • At the end, Demencia and the rest of the cast do a horribly choreographed (and sung) cover of Lollipop by 2NE1 and BIGBANG.
  • Black Hat plays a 10-minute loop of Butterfly by smile.dK on his organ for ten minutes in an attempt to make everyone deaf.

A new wave of shorts is coming soon and the pilot is coming in 2018. Ty Alan we love you <3

Ren and Stimpy

  • It is like Adult Party Cartoon.
  • Ren acts like he does in Ren seeks Help.
  • Mr. Horse is a gay brony.
  • Powdered Toast Man makes references to memes that were funny back in 2009.
  • Happy Happy Joy Joy sounds like the Caillou theme song.
  • Ren and Stimpy whine and cry like Caillou constantly.
  • It is made in late 2007.

Rocko's Modern Life

  • Make everyone think Rocko is a fish.
  • Turn Heffer into a fat squirrel named "Fatty" who is Rodney from Squirrel Boy's long lost cousin.
  • Turn the show into an anime and rename it "Teh epic bigheds show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    • OK, aside from that last part, turning the actual show into an anime would be awesome.
  • Make Mr. and Mrs. Bighead the main characters.
  • Have Heffer/Fatty pee his pants every 5 seconds.
  • Remove the episode "The Good, The Bad, and The Wallaby," thus no Gib Hootsen.
  • Rocko doesn't work at a comic book store.
  • Rocko isn't fleeping adorable.


  • Cat and Dog have the same personality: annoying idiots.
  • Remove Lola Caricola.
  • The music consists of loud, barking dogs and screechy cats.
  • Make Winslow the main protagonist.
  • The show is called "Winslow's Super Show".
  • Replace the Greaser Dogs with the Mega Babies.
  • Cat is voiced by Danny Goldman (using his Brainy Smurf voice) and Dog is voiced by Debi Derryberry (using her Digital from RoboSplaat! voice). As for Winslow, he is voiced by Charlie Adler (using his Cow from Cow and Chicken voice, but a tad more annoying).
  • Have it air in 2013 on PBS Kids (laughing stock much?).
  • Add product placement for Meow Mix.


  • Kids screaming are constantly heard.
  • It is entirely made by It's A Laugh Productions and it airs on Disney Channel.
  • Coach Beiste is a normal everyday coach, but make him a highly agressive bulldog.
  • Rachel, Mercedes, Tina and Quinn are 7 years old and are girly girls.
  • Finn is a whiny brat.
  • Rename the show "Finn and Friends"
  • Will Schuester, Sue Sylvester and Emma Pillsbury are loudmouths.
  • The conflict is non-existent.
  • The theme song is an annoying version of "I'm Blue (Da Ba Dee)" by Eiffel 65.
  • Artie is a 3-year-old spoiled toddler with a personality similar to Caillou.
  • A laugh track plays at the unfunniest lines.

Little Einsteins

  • It airs on Kids WB.
  • Replace all of the art and music with DeviantArt fetish art and with KidzBop music.
  • The episode plots are repetitive.
  • Rocket is evil.
  • The animation looks like a mixture of Rugrats, Family Guy, The Simpsons and 12 Oz. Mouse.
  • Let the writers of The Simpsons and Rugrats write all the episodes.
  • Leo throws tantrums constantly.
  • June and Quincy are racist stereotypes.
  • Anne acts like Jar-Jar Binks.
  • The series get rebooted, with live action.
  • The theme song was more like a ballad of screaming cats, along with continual belching into the microphone.


This section has been deleted due to the fact that most of its fragments have been copied from mine I added for the Star Vs. section of the page. I know I copied some too, but it was not in high amounts, as that is the only time it is to do so on this page. Just 10 fragments or so is okay in my book, but literally 99% of this section was plagiarized. The creator of this section can re-claim it if they wish to.

Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat

  • Make Timebomb a character. In addition, he ges the most screentime. (If you know, you know.)

Scream Queens

  • Include a narrator who does nothing but state the obvious.
  • Add toilet humor into the show.
  • Let Chad, Chanel and Zayday be the Red Devil killers instead.
  • The characters break the fourth wall every other minute.
  • De-age Chanel #5 to a third grader who is very shy and meek.
  • Make Grace a hypocondriac, and her illness is completely exaggerated and poorly researched.
  • It is revealed that Chanel loves halloween due to an odd halloween party she had in middle school, and there was a non-fatal school shooting at the party, as well as actual human skeletons and decomposing limbs.
  • In order to get Chanel to take him back, Chad says that the shooter at the party would do the same.
  • Add mountains of product placement for Fuddruckers, Pepsi, McDonald's McSpaghetti, Lemon Up shampoo and Motorola phones.
  • It is entirely directed by Michael Bay.
    • To quite from Boone, "Michael Bay - the greatest director of all time."
  • In the series finale (Drain the Swamp), the final scene shows Ingrid's spooky ghost sitting on the toilet constipated and she shouts "Dang!" as the last line of the show.

OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes

  • The show airs exclusively on YTV, and hogs the schedule in a fashion similar to Teen Titans Go.
  • The animation is of similar quality to that of the animation for The Ultimate Showdown by AlbinoBlackSheep. The animation is done on a Cray X-MP Supercomputer and the characters are drawn in the art style for Pop Team Epic.
    • I (Pixel) personally adore Pop Team Epic, but its art style would be out of place here.
  • The budget is seriously low.
  • Fill the show with unfunny, outdated pop culture references.
  • Everyone is voiced by either Laurie Hymes or Derek Stephen Prince.
  • In every episode, there is a camera that moves into places where it shouldn't.
  • Make Elodie a major character, and have her be in a lesbian relationship with Enid.
    • BONUS - The two of them perform the LoliStep from Lolirock in every second episode.
  • Gar lectures the employees of the bodega about drugs and how harmful they can be in every episode, but in some episodes he can be seen smoking copious amounts of marijuana to cope with the fact Carol turned his romantic advances down for Laserblast.
    • That makes Gar a hypocrite.
      • ...No shit?
  • Red Action is murdered brutally in the first episode she appears in ("You're Everybody's Sidekick") due to a LGBT-related hate crime. In addition, the Hue Troop does not forgive her for stealing the crystal.
  • Enid throws hormone-related crying fits in every episode. In addition to this, everyones' personalities are also seriously derailed.
  • The E-N1D from OK K.O.! Let's Play Heroes is a reccuring villain.
  • In every episode, there is product placement for the iPhone X, the Apple Watch, the Truth anti-tobacco campaign, Lemon Up shampoo, and Motorola phones.
  • The characters use the fag suffix like there's no tomorrow.
  • Every 3 seconds, there is an animation error, and creepy faces show up every 5 seconds, especially when the viewer least expects it.
  • Every time a character moves a body part, a Johnny Test-esque whip crack sound effect is heard.
  • A character (save for K.O.) is seen being viciously murdered by Lord Boxman in each episode, but the murdered character appears alive and well in subsequent appearances as if nothing happened.
  • K.O., Enid and Rad commit crimes together in each episode and somehow don't get caught for them.
  • The musical numbers are replaced by songs that commonly appear on Do Not Play Lists at weddings, such as Blue by Eiffel 65, Every Breath You Take by The Police, My Humps by the Black Eyed Peas, the Grease Megamix, My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion, YMCA by The Village People, You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi, Who Let the Dogs Out? by Baha Men, Gold Digger by Kanye West, and I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor.
  • Give the theme a cringey-as-fuck sing a long, and re-write the whole song to make it similar to the 4kids One Piece theme song.
  • The Boxmore work building is replaced with the BИD Mask.

How to ruin the episodes!

  • Rad Likes Robots
    • Shannon and Rad both kill themselves together by consuming cyanide-laced Kool Aid upon learning that they cannot be together. Despite this, they end up being alive and well in the next episode.
    • Remove the scene where Darrell snaps his fingers in a Z-formation.
    • Rad's face is not in the moon during Shannon's musical number.
  • Back In Red Action
    • Due to Red Action being deceased in this page's version of the show, Enid spends the day with Elodie instead and set up a funeral with the Hue Troop in Red's honor.
  • T.K.O
    • Remove the scene where K.O. (as T.K.O) says "It's not a phase, Mom!".
    • Include a scene where T.K.O. flies, and crashes, into two skyscrapers which causes an explosion.
      • TL;DR - Add in a reference to 9/11.
    • Carol tries taking T.K.O. to therapy, but it does not work out. The latter ends up killing his therapist in a bloody fist fight. Despite this, Carol doesn't turn him in to the authorities.
  • Villains' Night In
    • Remove the scene where Shannon, Mikayla, Darrell and Fink play Golden Statue, and have it be replaced with Shannon recording Fink throwing a temper tantrum, and uploading it on YouTube to the masses.
    • Fink does not end up turning into T.Fink.
  • A Hero's Fate
    • K.O. does not go on the quest with Hero.
    • Instead of throwing a pool party, Rad and Enid spend the break inside binge-watching shitty Netflix docudramas instead.
  • No More Pow Cards
    • K.O. throws his pow card collection in the volcano.
    • Dendy does not end up getting her own card.
    • Give it even more racist undertones.
  • We've Got Fleas
    • K.O., Enid and Rad's animal forms are drawn in Jacobyel's art style.
    • Mikayla ends up helping K.O. and the gang change back to humans, and fills in Potato's role in the episode.
    • K.O. and the gang go to a furry convention at some point in the episode.
    • Dendy does not make a single appearance.
  • Let's Be Friends
  • You're Everybody's Sidekick
  • Everybody Likes Rad?
  • Plaza Prom
  • Second First Date
  • Stop Attacking the Plaza
  • The Power is Yours!
    • Remove all the references to Captain Planet.
    • Brandon and A Real Magic Skeleton end up violently murdering eachother after fighting over who gets the wind ring.
  • Parents Day
    • Enid ends up staying as a witch for the rest of the series.
    • Remove the scene where Rad gets possessed and dances on the dinner table. That was literally the highlight of the episode.
  • Plaza Prom
  • We're Captured
    • Remove Shannon's diarrhea song. Every other funny scene in the episode is also removed.
    • Make Fink a ripoff of Lisa Loud. (I mean, they both have the same voice actress!)
  • Villains' Night Out
    • The whole episode is just replaced with a Pop Team Epic-styled series of skits (like in the actual PTE anime), but with Professor Venomous (as Pipimi) and Boxman (as Popuko). That's something I'd pay money to see.

Death Battle

  • Every fight is animated by Jacobyel
  • Every fight is researched by whoever researched Sub-Zero vs Glacius
  • Every fight ends with the loser getting sent to another dimension instead of dying

Ella the Elephant

  • Have Ella be a spoiled brat who is addicted to weed.
  • Have Ella's Magic Hat swear and be an alcoholic.
  • Frankie talks with a voice similar to a boy going through puberty, and is also a known pickpocketer.
  • Have Tiki be smarthphone addicted.
  • Have Belinda insult her dad.
  • Make every character swear, fart or burp every 5 seconds.
  • Have the show run for 50 seasons and air on Nickelodeon.
  • Add lot of sex and toilet jokes.
  • Too much smartphone culture.
  • Only bad morals, no good ones.
  • Have A Punjabi By Timmy Trumpet as Theme Song
  • Lot of product placement

How To Ruin Episodes

  • In Camp Ella slender attacks Ella and Tiki
  • In Safety First one of kid are hit by meteorite
  • In Ella Elephant Sits have a georgie getting hit by bowling ball and only cry so loud that you barely hear other characters
  • In Hello Dolly doll are cursed.
  • In Tiki's Snow Fun there yeti that eats every character
  • In Ella's Sleepless Sleepover Mayor Blue are hosting an party.
  • In Ella's Dance Off there twerking contest where M.I.L.F.$ By Fergie are played

The Office (US version)

  • Make Michael Scott get annoyed more often.
    • Be prepared to watch the video on the right often...


The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

  • Make the art style look like Kris Wilson's art style.
  • Make Mandy have a nose.
  • Use child voice actors to voice the kids in this show.

Crystal Tipps and Alistair

  • Add dialogue to the show.
  • Sounds effects are added to the show.
  • Have Slapstick to the show.
  • Alistair gets intro Naughty Things like Throwing up and Punching in the Face.

Doris (TV series)

  • Replace the Talkative sounds with Talkative dialogue to the show.
  • The show had Slapstick.
  • New Characters added: Inventor Cat and Small Kitten.
  • Running Gag: Marlon Loses his Glasses at times when he trips or bumped into somthing.
  • Doris sometimes did naughty things like picking her nose like in the episode "Bad Manners", Punching someone or herself in the face and Tell Rude Jokes.

Puppydog Tales (AKA: Rosie & Ruff in Puppydog Tales)

  • The Characters' Mouth moves on the show
  • Ruff can threw Tantrums at times.
  • The show had Slapstick on this.
  • Ruff does Naughty Things like picking his nose, Punching someone or himself in the face, Telling Naughty Jokes and Step someone on the foot.
  • Characters added: Crystal Tipps, Alistair, Birdie, Butterfly, Doris, Marlon, Macho cat Leo, Cavecat, Coolcat, Magicat, Rastacat and Spacecat.
  • Running Gag: Scratch keeps Faking a Heart Attack several times, Sniff hitting himself on the spare, Ruff stealing Rosie's Collar at times and Rosie steals Ruffs Collar at times when he's not listening.


  • Have the Show have Slapstick.
  • Have Toilet Humor to the show.
  • Daddy is Renamed as Dad.
  • At the end of some episodes, MaisieMac did a Creepy Thing when she wiggles her fingers or waves goodbye to the veiwers.
  • At this second, The characters appears to be off-model at times have Creepy/Scary Faces.
  • Running Gags: Marjorie McKitty slaps MaisieMac, MaisieMac loses her Clothes, Archie faking a Heart Attack and The Purrdy Twins slaping each others.

Sergeant Stripes

  • Make the show have Toilet Humor.
  • Make the show have Slapstick.
  • Fluffy Mouse cries and whines alot at times.
  • Running Gag: Arabella Giraffe keeps crashing and hurting when she rides on Mike the Bike, Inspector Hector Vomits, Stripes hits Himself and Ronnie Rabbit pulling Pranks on someone else.
  • Pip Pig does some Humor jokes and keeps dropping his Lamp shade.
  • PC Harker keeps getting drunk in the beginning and at the end of some episodes.

Schoolhouse Rock!

  • No educational value.
  • Have More Toilet Humor and More Slapstick to the show
  • On this spilt-second, The characters are off-model at times.
  • At times, the animation is more choppy like Meeow!.
  • Make the Bill and Boy from the song "I'm Just a Bill" appear in every songs.
  • No Verb (thus no first example of a black superhero in animation)

Clutch Cargo

  • Replace Syncro-Vox (Live Action Lips) with animated mouths. (wait that'd be good)
  • The show have more Slapstick and more toilet humor.
  • Replace Still frame animation with frame-by-frame animation. (wait that'd be good)
  • Make Paddlefoot speak and make him drunk.
  • Spinner throws Tantrums and Whines alot of times.

Mr. Bean

  • It's not Rowan Atkinson.
  • There is only one voice actor who uses the same exact annoying voice for everyone.
  • The theme song is in country style.
  • It is animated and looks similar to Teen Titans GO!.
  • Each episode is 2 hours long.
  • The humor is cliché and unfunny.
  • And it's also offensive.
  • Teddy is replaced with a singing Justin Bieber doll named Moto Moto.
  • There are 6000000 seasons.
  • The reboot uses Norm of the North-esque animation.


  • Master Frown is revealed to be 3 tiny children in a doomlord robe, and Brock is their sentient pet rock they raise together.
  • Buffycorn is Puppycorn's permanent form.
  • Pet Pet appears in Dr. Fox's science lab at all times, and slowly forms a scary, terrifying, Jeff the Killer-esque face as the series progresses.
  • Master Frown regularly reads hentai manga and leaves them all over the floor like a sleazy fuck.
  • Touhou product placement is in every episode. (OK, that'd be awesome)
  • The animation looks like something out of Dingo Pictures.
  • The theme is a parody of Green day's American Idiot (Sound familiar to you?).
  • Make the development similar to Twelve tales: Conker 64.
  • The writers of The Nutshack, Johnny test and Grandma got ran over by a reindeer write all the episodes, alongside Mark from Fuck no TV Tropes.
  • The characters talk to the audience.
  • Put it on Nick Jr.

The Tomfoolery Show

  • Have too many toilet humors
  • The Fastidious Fish screams and yells like Tom the Cat when he's rage.
  • Add some Cyborg Kuro-Chan Characters to the show.
  • The Umbrageous Umbrella Maker does some mean things like punching someone in the eye, kicking someone on the leg, Headbutting on someone else, throwing up and Faking a heart attack.
  • The theme song to the show is the tune of Meeow! theme song.
  • For some seconds there is an animation error.
  • The Enthusiastic Elephant gets drunk and sick at times.
  • The Scrooby Snake is an awful snake.
  • The Yonghy Bonghy Bo likes to eat some sausages and pizzas.
  • Have the show lasted for four seasons.
  • Bananaman made a cameo on one episode.


  • The show had too much toilet humors and slapstick.
  • Kate cries and whines alot of times.
  • Gram-Gram is an stupid old lady who cooks some steaks for dinner.
  • At the end of the last episode, Mr. Jimmy dies being falling to death.
  • Boyd is a anti-hero thug who beats someone up.
  • Ace & Goon are dumb lazy guys who headbutts someone else.
  • New characters are added: Mario Head (Mario Teaches Typing 2), Sarah (Ed, Edd n Eddy), Pero (Puss n' Boots (Toei), Joe Swanson (Family Guy), some Meeow! characters and some Nontan characters.
  • Have the show aired on Cartoon Network instead of Nickelodeon in the USA.
  • Running Gags: Pelswick hurts his legs, Boyd punches someone's eye, Julie faking a heart attack, Mr. Jimmy throws up, Gram-Gram spanking Pelswick's Legs and Kate hurts her head.

Fly Tales

  • Make the show ran for 10 minutes.
  • Make the Fly and other bugs speak english.
  • The Fly threw tantrums and cries alot.
  • Too Much toilet humors.
  • Have the characters voiced by Craig Bartlett, Patrick Warburton and Jeff Lumby.
  • Add Mario Head from Mario Teaches Typing 2 to the show.
  • Running Gags: Someone throws up, The Fly poops, The Fly looses his shoes, When humans fakes a heart attack and The Fly hits himself.

Welcome to the Wayne

  • You don’t. You don’t make it bad. The Wayne can’t be ruined at ALL. If you do, face the wrath of me and the Gyre, mark my words.

Harvey Street Kids

(DEEcat98/Dianecat98's take)

  • Have the intro of the show sound like annoying gibbering.
  • Make the Harvey Girls unlikeable such as having Audrey being a annoying non stop talkative girl, Dot being all boring with a blank stare not amused look, and Lotta being the one out of the three who cries a lot like a cry baby.
  • Make the animation and style of the show look like Pickle and Peanut.
  • Put a lot of gross out humor and disterbing moments on the show.
  • Make the Bloogey boys even more disgusting.
  • Put in a running gag where Pinkeye farts anytime he gets clueless.
  • Have the show use a lot of random out of nowhere moments with some photoshop images.
  • Let the kids make random ugly looking faces each time.
  • Put a lot of pop culture references.
  • Give Tiny a annoying catchprase where he always says "Binga!" every time.
  • Remove Bobby the Elder and Billy the skunk. (Sorry Roger Craig Smith but at least you still have Pinkeye)
  • Put a raccoon dance scene in an episode where it shows the raccoons doing a bunch of twerking, dabbing, and flossing.

Battle For Dream Island

  • Make Announcer host all 4 seasons. EVEN IDFB, WHICH ISN'T EVEN A COMPETITION.
  • Four and X don't exist.
  • Surfshack Tito joins instead of David, and goes on to win the 1st season.
  • The show is made by Greenyphatom2009/Robert Stainton.
  • Random logos (most notably the Sony Wonder, CTW, and Cinar logos), the Rocket Power theme song, and the Bananas in Pajamas theme song will constantly appear out of nowhere.
  • Make Spongy a SpongeBob ripoff.
  • Foldy, Stapy, Liy, and Loser are replaced by Fat Lois, Little Guy, Fred Flintstone's club, and a beer named Beery.
  • Loser/Beery is a demonic entity.
  • Firey is an Expy of Fireheart from Warrior Cats.
  • The challenges involve committing crimes such as murder, arson, theft, and getting high on weed.
  • Surfshack Tito is a Gary-Stu that wins every challenge.
  • Add in Berry from TMM: A La Mode and make her even more Sueish.
  • The characters have Syncro-Vox mouths and buff limbs that look out of place.
  • Pen's real name is Loudbelly instead of Ben.
  • All of the characters are voiced by MCAP.
  • BFB is renamed Battle for Big House, and has a crapload of Nathaniel Bandy references.
  • Rocky can speak, but the only words he can say are "BUP", "SHOUTOUTS TO SIMPLEFLIPS", "CRINGE", "CRAP", "YOUR MOM GAY", and "BERRY IS MY WAIFU".


  • The show is made in the late 90's and early 2000's by Schneider's Bakery.
  • It airs on Nickelodeon instead of Fox Kids, and is made without the permission of R.L. Stine.
  • The show is more cheesy than it is dark.
  • Slappy appears in each episode to throw around some lame puns and pop culture references.
    • BONUS: He has a really annoying voice.
  • The laugh track is constantly spammed.
  • After there are no more books to adapt, all of the episodes are either sequels or original stories that are more lame than they are scary.
  • The show gets a reboot to coincide with the 2015 movie, which is nothing more than yet another kidcom.
    • BONUS: The protagonists are the Game Shakers, except Fred Figglehorn is their investor instead of Double G, and Kenzie looks way too much like Retasu Midorikawa.
  • The bare feet of the characters are constantly shown, sometimes right in front of the camera, for Dan Schneider's sexual pleasure.
  • When a character dies, their actor actually dies, and for the sequels, they have to find a new actor.

How to ruin the episodes!

  • Say Cheese And Die:
    • Add a scene in which Greg goes around taking pictures of random things. During this montage, he takes a picture of two towers, and when the picture prints out, it shows nothing but rubble. As Greg turns the other way, a plane smashes into the towers. This results in the episode getting banned after 9/11.
      • BONUS: It becomes lost media.
    • Shari actually dies instead of getting kidnapped by Spidey and losing her memory.
    • Instead of the stairs falling, Spidey's whole house falls down. Greg and Shari manage to get out, but Fish is crushed and killed.
    • Spidey is a giant spider that can speak.
    • At the end of the episode, Greg takes a selfie to commit suicide, followed by Spidey gunning him down.

Lizzie McGuire

  • The animation on the animated alter ego of Lizzie McGuire animates creepy and cheep.
  • Paolo gets drunk and be dumb at times.
  • Have Toilet Humors on the show
  • Vomit puns and Scaredy Cat jokes are added

Hey Arnold!

  • On the Brainy Gag, Captain Falcon's voice is heard saying "Falcon Punch!" when Helga punches Brainy.
  • Make Gerald and his family not african-american.
  • Oskar laughs annoying and creepy like Peter Griffin and Spongebob.
  • Stinky was a stinky boy who is a skunk kid.
  • Have more toilet humors on the show
  • Grandpa Phil takes a dump over on the cat.
  • Abner eats everything.
  • Phoebe hurts her knee while hissing like Peter Griffin at times.

King of the Hill

  • Replace Hank Hill with Ronald McDonald.
  • Removing everything funny.
  • Removing the "Meet the Manger Babies" episode from existence.

Invader Zim

  • The show airs on Kids WB instead of Nickelodeon, and airs from 1999 to 2008 instead of 2001 to 2006.
  • Zim is an ugly shade of yellow instead of green, and also has rainbow eyes that constantly flash and fire lasers.
  • Make Dib a popular football player that makes friends with Zim instead of enemies, has a dad named Teddy that works for Activision, and have him be voiced by Jake Brennan using his 2015 Richie Rich voice.
    • BONUS: Instead of Dib being Zim's enemy, a random kid named James is.
  • Zim is voiced by Vincent Martella using his Phineas voice.
  • Gaz is a ripoff of Elmyra that is in love with Gir.
  • The music is just some guy beatboxing WAY TOO CLOSE to the microphone.
  • Gir is a talking toaster named Joey that lives in Zim's kitchen, along with a microwave named Alex and a blender named Gary.
    • BONUS: They sing a song at least once an episode.
  • Whenever Zim gets mad, he goes into a swearing fit, similar to Fowlmouth from Tiny Toon Adventures, except it's completely uncensored.
  • Gaz and Dib aren't siblings.
  • Add in the Wheel of Morality segment from Animaniacs, except Yakko is replaced by Zim, Wakko is replaced by Dib, and Dot is replaced by Gir/Joey.
    • BONUS: The only morals are “Suicide is an option”, “Drugs are harmless/Drugs are things to rely on if you're sad”, “No baby is born heterosexual/Babies can determine their gender”, "Everything can be the way you want it", "You always win if you're good", "You will be safe when catching stinging insects in your hands", "Strangers are friends you haven't met", "The complainer is always wrong", "Kill members of the LGBT community", "It's never okay to ask for help", "Don't you demonstrate around the Kajun Ku Klux Klan", "The Bible declares being a LGBT community member a sin", and "Jet fuel can't melt steel beams".
  • Give it a crossover with Super Duper Sumos.
  • The animation is reminiscent of Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls.
  • Replace the actually funny jokes with Family Guy-esque cutaway gags.
  • As a response to people complaining about the show not being suitable for kids, there's an episode called "Viewer Mail of Doom", which addresses the issue of parents letting their children watch a family-unfriendly show. This episode starts off with Zim, Dib, Gaz, Gir/Joey, Alex, and Gary reading complaints from viewers of the show. In response, Zim does a hypothetical Bowderlized episode of his show to explain that his show would not be as good as it is if it was aimed at children. In the Bowderlized episode, all the innapropiate content is removed in a similar way to how Pooh's Adventures is censored, and Gaz is replaced by Bridget Verdant from Mew Mew Power. The episode ends with Zim and Dib singing Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People.
  • Make Zim a rabid Rick and Morty fan.

How to ruin the episodes!

  • The Nightmare Begins: Earth is referred to as "The Dark Planet" in this episode, a la Escape from Planet Earth. It begins with Zim volunteering to go to Earth, followed by him crash landing in Area 51 and being taken hostage before Dib busts him out and gets him a disguise.
  • Dark Harvest: Zim eats people instead of harvesting their organs.
  • Parent Teacher Night: Zim's Roboparents are GoAnimate-esque parents that ground Zim for every little thing he does. At the end of the episode, he makes them explode by force feeding them Cheese Nips, just like in this commercial.
  • The Wettening: Instead of being allergic to water, Zim is allergic to Coco Pops, and James tries to poison him with Coco Pops. After Zim learns about this, they settle it with a Fortnite dance-off that Zim wins.


NOTE: Just like the Supernoobs section of this page, this section of the page isn't meant to be taken seriously!

  • The show is renamed "Corey's Messed Up Life" or "Grojband: Welcome to the Grojworld"
  • It airs during the graveyard slot of Nicktoons daily. As of "Dreamreaver" parts 1 and 2, it is moved to Teletoon. Later on, it airs on select few Treehouse stations as a overnight program for kids.
  • No Wicked Cool Transitions.
  • The plant from "One Plant Band" appears in Corey's garage at all times, and slowly forms a scary, terrifying, Gurgles & Bug-Man-esque face as the series progresses.
  • Corney (Corey x Laney if you're an uncultured swine) doesn't become canon.
  • Every 30 seconds, Corey foams at the mouth for no apparent reason.
  • Corey's inspirational aesops are replaced with morals that pop up in Movie Maker style, and the morals are often "You always win if you're good", "Drugs are things to rely on if you're sad", "Strangers are friends you haven't met", "The complainer is always wrong", "Everything can be the way you want it", "Kill members of the LGBT community", "Suicide is an option", "It's never okay to ask for help", "Don't you demonstrate around the Kajun Ku Klux Klan", and "The Bible declares being a LGBT community member a sin".
  • All the musical numbers are just Corey and the guys singing about educational topics, such as how to do math, helping the city recycle things, and the science of water droplets. 'Cause those little bastards are in flight, y'all!
  • Laney is an arsonist who probably killed a man.
  • The show is cancelled in the middle of the first airing of "Curse of the Metrognome" RIGHT BEFORE THE CORNEY KISS, and the full episode is then leaked onto the internet.
  • The Newmans make even LESS appearances.
  • NOT GIVING LANEY A SOLO. She really deserved the one she got!
  • The show, despite airing in North America, is controlled by the North Korean government. Hmm...
    • Corey prays to a picture of Kim Jong-un in every episode. Whenever this happens, Laney plays the Soviet Union Anthem on her bass. Oh, the irony!
  • Corey's catchphrase is "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" and he says it in EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE.
  • Corey and the guys get gigs after attending events that are advertised on radios that ask listeners things such as "Do you want to be on the Disney Channel?"
  • Every episode takes place in the glorious land of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.
  • Have Pomann Sound do the sound effects.
  • Have this show created by Cartoon Pizza, and having Jim Jinkins create, animate, and design the show.
  • Everybody's voices are different. For example:
    • Corey has the same voice.
    • Laney is voiced by Constance Shulman (Using her Patti Mayonnaise voice)
    • Kin and Kon are both voiced by Fred Newman (Using his Skeeter Valentine voice)
    • Trina is voiced by Tara Strong (Using her Dawn Swatworthy voice)
    • Mina is voiced by India Ennenga (Using her Pinky voice)
  • Have Mina shout in a VERY LOUD, IRREVERSIBLE voice in the series finale to Trina. She will then shout "SHUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!" in the same tone Pinky used in the episode "Pinky and the Big Rainy Day" when she shouted "LOOKS LIKE IT'S TIME FOR ME TO THINK BIIIIIIIIIG!". And make it so loud that you can't hear the others.
  • Make Mina speak in Pinky's Season 1 voice.

The Real Ghostbusters

  • Name the show "Let's Go, Ghostbusters!" to lure in fans of Filmation's Ghostbusters. The show was renamed to "The Real Ghostbusters!!" in season 2 because they were basically asking to get a lawsuit.
  • Peter is voiced by Dave Coulier throughout.
  • Ray, Egon, and Winston were never voiced by their original voice actors, and Winston was also never voiced by Buster Jones. The only consistent voice actor is Frank Welker as Slimer and Slimer only.
  • Janine has her season 3 appearance in Season 1, then gets her Ghostbusters II look in the alternate season 3 (This is technically impossible since this season came out in 1988 but whatever), then her curly hair look in season 4, then her poofy big hair in season 5, then her season 6 look would add short sleeves to her shirt and leggings under her skirt, and in season 7, her face would represent Lady Jaye (she's a badass in her own respect, but she looks nothing like Janine, let's be real)
  • In the end of each episode, let's say, with the exception of Citizen Ghost and Future Tense, end with somebody yelling "Slimer!" whereas Slimer shrugs at the camera with a circle fade out and applause.
  • Replace the titular characters of "Mean Green Teen Machine" with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but they act like regular high school bullies instead of anything else, and also call them the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles in both the US and UK release, and insist that these versions of them should only be called the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles.
  • The Bogeyman is actually Slimer playing a cruel prank on Egon, either in "The Bogeyman Cometh" or "The Bogeyman is Back". Just not both, that would be repetitive. We are merciless, but not cruel.
  • Samhain would appear in every October episode of the Real Ghostbusters after the success of "When Halloween was Forever", and ABC would hype it up as "this huge event", when in reality, people hated it so much that it went away... when season 7 ended in October 1991. People hated these Samhain events since it went against the part where Samhain was waiting patiently in the containment unit waiting for another chance to strike.
    • However, the comic where Samhain said "EVENING EVENING EVENING" and this warlock named Phineas (auto-correct wants me to change this to Josephine) split into four and told some people in Europe to get rid of evil spirits in places like the Stonehedge to get rid of Samhain was canon.
    • Another episode was when Samhain told the sun to never rise again and he told the clouds to never reveal it again just in case, and Phineas Eventide came back to tell Winston to go talk to the sun and convince it to rise again.
      • Both of these episode were praised, but "Halloween 1/2" wasn't well received, but it did make a lot of money.
    • The prime time special "The Halloween Door" isn't canon to this alternate version of the show, but luckily, the school assembly scene still is. The Winston Zeddemore voice actor isn't Buster Jones or Arsenio Hall, though, so Winston sounds really bad.
  • Winston's catchphrase was "Including the Junior Ghostbusters!" after the success of the Bogeyman's return episode.
    • Two of the Junior Ghostbusters, Donald and Catherine were great characters that actually followed continuity, but Jason's character was as fastly-paced as Egon and Janine's relationship - which means nothing since the Real Ghostbusters isn't exactly continuity based.
  • Elon Spengler, Egon's brother in the ABC television special "The Earth Day Special", is canon to the cartoon and predates Elon's appearance in "The Earth Day Special".
  • Yukari Yakumo is a canon character. She is the narrator to the episodes "Hanging by a Thread" and "The Man Who Never Reached Home" and she is the long-time rival of Slimer, ever since the episode "Take Two".
    • Tad from Finding Nemo is also canon and is considered as Yukari's "child".
  • "Ain't So NASA-ssarily So" is replaced by an episode of the Ghostbusters flying Evangelion-like robots that happened to be sponsored by NASA and also they also fight evil giant ghosts who are on vacation, but the Ghostbusters are merciless. The Shinji parody is voiced by a 9-year-old and the screenwriters take pride of it and the Asuka parody is a reoccurring romantic rival to Janine. Egon, throughout the series, does not care about any o f them, but soon confesses to Janine in Extreme Ghostbusters.
  • "Janine, You've Changed" was never a canon episode. Rather, a fanfiction similar to it was released in 1997.
  • "Citizen Ghost" was never a flashback episode. The evil Ghostbusters that were in the original episode were still the original outfits of the Ghostbusters, but they were also linked to an evil ghost that throws up ectoplasm named, guess what, Puker, and they owned Rin Kagamine's road roller.
  • Vocaloid 2's Rin Kagamine turns out to be the final boss of the whole show, up with the big dogs like Gozer, Cathulu, Wat, and the now not canon Boogaloo.
  • Slimer has the ability to eat anything, except for humans. He can even eat other ghosts, but they cannot be class 5 full-roaming vapors, and they cannot be as threatening as Gozer, Wat, or even the Grendel.
  • The show was animated in Japan for a while in real life, so in this version, the characters have sparkly eyes and hair highlights. Their hair blows in the wind a lot, final proton pack attacks have magical girl anime sequences and names, and the characters are able to act in bouncy anime ways. The art style can get confused with Urusei Yatsura, Cowboy Bebop, or most frequently, Avatar: The Last Airbender.
    • Also, mouth flaps. And freeze frames. And some other things you'd never want to see in a Western cartoon but are okay with in a stylized anime.
  • The show is canon in the Touhou universe, BUT luckily, the show shares some of it's cooler elements, like the music, some derivations to character designs like Sandy van Sanders and Helen Shreck, and bullets. The show had a lot of bullets for a TV-G show, and it was only okay because the show said "bullets bad". The kids loved it, but the parents didn't.
  • Egon is a sugar addict. Not a real addict, of course, but cocaine jokes are usually in Peter's resume. At least one per season except for season 7.
  • Peter once said "I hate Mondays." and the show got sued, only to realize it was a wholesome reference. Then "Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue" became part of the episode list of the Real Ghostbusters.
    • Peter then started to stay suff like "I hate Spring" and "I hate Slimer" and "I hate the Emmys"
  • Ray got deleted from the show in season 3 due to irrelevancy. He came back in season 6, replacing the episode "Janine You've Changed" in the alternate timeline. His original voice actor did not come back for the show so Frank Welker voiced him for the time being and people really liked it.
  • Mrs. Rogers’ dress is Wat. She was wearing it the whole time.
  • In season 7, are these superhuman forms called “Neo-mode”. Peter’s hair turns a vibrant green while in his Neo-mode, and can break windows. Slimer has an orange Mohawk in this form and cannot be identified as a ghost. He can run like an orange blur, despite being green. Janine has green highlights in her hair and can fly and throw heavy objects. Egon, Ray, and Winston get their forms in toys, the old 90’s comics and the IDW comics. Their forms are technically not canon to the original show.
  • Trevor and Phoebe from Ghostbusters: Afterlife appear in an episode and they have an existential crisis.
  • Janine has turned from a woman who has "quit many jobs for this" into an 18-year-old girl in her first job five seasons in to appeal to younger girls. The other characters‘ ages are also redacted.
  • In season 6, Peter has a drink with another character, despite “canonically” being 20 in that season.
  • In the episode “Killerwatt”, everyone keeps mentioning that pun in the villain’s name.
  • In the episode "Ghosts 'R' Us", Slug is abusive to his son Zonk.
  • The Real Ghostbusters' political representative is Slimer.

Johnny Bravo

  • Remove smear frames on Johnny.
  • Have Johnny attack ladies.
  • Little Suzy is a crybaby girl.
  • Make Johnny act inside.
  • Bunny Bravo jumpscares viewers.
  • The theme song is a techno version of the original theme song of the show.

The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show

  • Make Charlie Brown have hair.
  • Woodstock and Snoopy talk in very annoying voices.
  • The animation is wonky.
  • It is not faithful to the comic strip.

Baby Einstein

Buster puppet
  • Change the name to "Puppet Party".
  • Have it filmed with low-quality camera.
  • Replace the music with annoying pop covers.
  • No "educational" value.
  • Replace the puppets that are named after real people (eg Mozart the koala, Beethoven the giraffe, Vincent Van Goat, etc) with puppets such as Bieber the beaver and Swift the snake.
  • Add this puppet on the right. You know, THAT one.
    • Then replace the rest puppets with people in costumes.

Teen Titans (2003 TV series)

  • Rather than being an official property by Warner Bros. and DC, it's a bootlegged show not endorsed by Warner Bros. and DC.
  • There's no animation, just a slideshow of still images with voiceovers.
  • No Cyborg


  • The show airs on Nickelodeon...for one week before getting sent to Nicktoons, and eventually getting cancelled.
    • BONUS: The show has very long hiatuses in between episodes, similar to Squirrel and Hedgehog.
  • The animation is a blend of Dino Girl Gauko and Family Guy.
  • Make Jeffy from SuperMarioLogan Sprig and Polly's brother.
  • Replace Amphibia with Videoland from Captain N: The Game Master.
    • However, the characters are still frogs. (sans Anne and Jeffy)
  • Hop Pop is always seen drunk, and abuses his grandchildren.
  • The animation is done by Animation Magic (the guys who animated the Zelda CDI games and Hotel Mario)
  • Make Anne dab in every episode. Sometimes she'll spruce it up and do a Fortnite dance. Whatever one the writers feel like that day.
  • Make Anne white instead of Thai.
    • Cursed! Cursed! Cursed!
  • Add an episode where someone pours chemicals in the water and all of the frogs turn gay. The person responsible for making the frogs gay is Sasha.

Home Movies

  • Make Jason sounding like Robin from Batman: The Animated Series. (wait that'd be good)
  • Have Josie speak in the show.
  • Coach John McGuirk was more drunk and dumb than fursuiters and furry fandoms
  • Walter and Perry crys like a wild child.
  • Have Brendon go crazy on making homemade movies.
  • Make Paula married with Bob Belcher from Bob's Burgers.
  • The show was on MTV instead of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.
  • Remove the theme song

The Casagrandes

While the whole page isn't bad, this section in particular is so hilariously awful that it's kept for entertainment purposes. Do not edit it out of the article.

Version 1

(i would've put the satire template but that would be way too risky)

tl;dr - the show becomes really racist... among many other things.

  • Replace Stanley with Schezo Wegey.
  • The show has various allegories for deportation, illegal drug usage and border-hopping.
  • The show is made by a bunch of racists with skewed perceptions of how Latinos look and act. In addition to this, the entire show is intended to be seen as anti-Latino propaganda.
  • The main characters are built either entirely upon stereotypes based on their race or are completely unlike their canon counterparts.
    • Ronnie Anne is an aggressive Latina stereotype who acts in a similar manner to how she acted in The Loud House Season 1. She also praises Satan and she tries to indoctrinate Bobby and Sid into the Satanism religion once an episode.
    • Instead of being dim-witted but caring to his friends and family, Bobby only truly cares about keeping his job at the mercado and trying to seem as "80s" as possible, and often puts his needs before others'.
    • CJ's character is written in an extremely ableist manner, and isn't handled with care like in the actual show. 
    • Sid is completely downgraded to a walking Chinese stereotype with squinted eyes, glasses, buck teeth, yellow skin, an Asian conical hat and a tendency to speak in broken English. Strangely, Stanley (solely because of PixelMiette's shameless favoritism and nothing more) and Adelaide are completely exempt from this and retain their actual designs and personalities.
    • Make Maybelle a black stereotype. By this, I mean every single black stereotype known to man all rolled into one character.
    • The show's white characters, such as Laird, Nikki, Becca and Becky, are interestingly exempt from these personality changes.
  • "The Horror-scope" is the series finale, making the series get cancelled early. At the end of the episode, Lincoln Loud reveals himself to be pro-MAGA and attempts to deport Ronnie Anne back to Mexico, only to fail epically and get smited by God Himself.
    • Eventually, after around a month the show gets un-cancelled (think Family Guy). All the episodes that aired AFTER "The Horror-scope" air as normal.
  • Everyone is voiced by Rob Schneider. Yes, including Ronnie Anne. Rob-nie Anne Schneidiago.
  • The show switches positions with Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty, which means it gets carelessly dumped onto Nicktoons, where it airs during the Friday night death slot.
  • Fill it with offensive humor that is just there to be edgy. See also: this entire section.
  • Rename the series "The Fresh Princess of Great Lakes".
  • Lincoln appears in EVERY. FUCKING. EPISODE. And to rub salt into the wound, he even gets more screen-time than Ronnie Anne, which is a cardinal fucking sin.
  • The entire production is rushed.
  • Get Chris Savino involved with the production of the show.
  • The episodes are written by the writers of Family Guy.
  • In the theme song, the characters do Fortnite dances instead of their own original dance.
    • For example, instead of Ronnie Anne doing... whatever this is Bro she&#039;s vibing, she does the default dance.
      • This also goes for the scene in the opening where the main/supporting cast dances in different spaces the apartment. Ya gotta click for a better quality view, cuz there's no way in hell I'm gonna make this any bigger than it has to be:
        Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 3.45.38 PM
bro ngl..... stanley's kinda vibing tho :flushed:
  • Make the end credits move so fast, you can't read anything. 
  • The animation for all episodes resembles the unaired version of "Some Enchanted Evening".
  • Ronnie Anne and Bobby are both alcoholics.
  • Have an episode dedicated to Ronnie Anne peer-pressuring Sid into drinking alcohol.
  • The characters use the f*g suffix like there's no tomorrow.
  • Sid's parents appear way less than they already do in the actual show.
  • Various hashtags (like #OHRONNIEANNEWHYYYYY, #BuildTheWall and #Trump2020) are used in every episode and they take up a considerable portion of the screen. (think the music video for "Blurred Lines")
  • The ice pop Ronnie Anne was eating at the end of the Loud House episode "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" is in the Casagrande family's kitchen in all episodes, and it never seems to melt. Plus, it grows a mean, scary face slowly as the series progresses.
  • In-your-face shots of the characters appear whenever the viewer doesn't expect it.
  • Segments in which the characters are live-action puppets greenscreened onto backgrounds show up in episodes at random intervals, based off of the events that just took place. Basically, telling and showing you what you've already seen.
  • Have a controversial episode dedicated to the Casagrande family and Sid talking about the current political situation in America. 
  • Whenever Sid shows up, "Love Me Long Time" by Dizaster plays in the background.
  • Ronnie Anne straightup sometimes leaves midway through episodes to go back to Royal Woods.
  • The show relies on cutaway gags for comedy, like Family Guy.
  • The background music is just generic Mariachi music.
  • Bobby near-exclusively talks in dated 80's slang no one ever cared for. (You know what? I can actually see him doing that in the actual show.)
    • When he isn't speaking like he's from the 80's, he throws around lame puns and pop culture references.
  • The Casagrande Mercado is used more often as a site for Satanic rituals and cult activity than an actual store where people buy things.
  • A running gag throughout the series is that The Evil Grimace from the old McDonald's commercials randomly shows up and kidnaps Adelaide.
  • Not just Sergio is able to speak, Lalo can too. This means we have not just one, but two talking animals in the show now. Oh, joy.
  • Ronnie Anne has a vehement hatred for white people and she calls them "gringos".
  • Great Lakes City is an impoverished, run-down city located right next to the US/Mexican border. It is ripe with drug production and crime.
  • Each character has a strange, oversaturated catchphrase. For a few examples:
    • Ronnie Anne's catchphrases are "Fuck off, gringo!" and "GET ME BOBBY ON THE PHONE!"
    • Sid's catchphrases are "你妈妈是妓女!" (lit. "Your mother is a whore!") and "That wasn't supposed to happen!"
    • Adelaide's catchphrases are "I will swear word at you!", "Go commit die!" and "Do it!"
    • Bobby's catchphrases are "That's so phat!", "Whoa! What was that?!" and "My body is ready!" and he uses them at the most inappropriate times. (The sad part is I can actually see him using these phrases in canon. Help.)
    • Carl's catchphrases are "That shit doesn't scare me!" and "Allahu Akbar!" (Whenever he says this in particular, an explosion takes place in a randomly chosen spot in the city. No, he cannot control this.)
    • CJ's catchphrase is "I can count to potato!". With that being said, he is reduced to an ableist stereotype, as already stated above.
  • Everyone has Carl's personality, which means they're all madlads and cheapskates who are always on the prowl for "get rich quick" schemes.
  • Each episode is jam-packed with rancid morals and messages that are re-used over and over. The morals used in episodes are often "the complainer is always wrong", "it's never okay to ask for help", "9/11 was an inside job", "when someone tells you that something is your fault, it really is", "The Bible declares being gay is a sin", "Ave Satanas", "Strangers are friends you haven't met",  "Liberalism is a mental disorder", "boys are better than girls", "suicide is an option", "drugs are things to rely on if you're sad", "it's okay to be racist", "blame minorities for everything that has gone wrong in your life" and "jet fuel can't melt steel beams".
    • Each episode also contains at least one showtune-esque musical number that is sung to whichever character the episode focuses on, telling them that what they've done either didn't turn out the way they hoped or was just plain wrong to do, and how they can fix it.
  • A character dies a very gory and gruesome death in each episode, yet they are alive and well in the subsequent episodes. Ronnie Anne herself is the only character to remain consistently alive throughout the series.
  • The audio is recorded using a webcam.
  • Characters like CJ and Carlota are relegated to minor character/wallflower status, despite being main characters in the actual show.
  • Fat Lois Griffin makes cameos in the background from time to time. Most of the time, Ronnie Anne will make an objectifying comment about how dummy thicc she is.
  • As a response to people complaining about the show including heavy amounts of racism and other sensitive topics, the cast (or lack thereof) and crew put together an episode called "Casagrande Family Viewer Mail", which addresses the issues that various people have complained about regarding the show. This episode starts off with Ronnie Anne, Bobby, Carlota, CJ and Carl reading complaints from viewers of the show. In response, they do a hypothetical Bowderlized episode of their show to explain that their show would not be as good as it is if it was truly for a less sensitive audience. In the Bowderlized episode, all the innapropiate content is removed in a similar way to how Pooh's Adventures is censored. The episode ends with Ronnie Anne and Bobby singing "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People and "Money for Nothing" by Dire Straits.
  • Each episode ends with the characters going to bed as a sleep-inducing lullaby plays.

Version 2 (The less racist version)

  • The series is renamed "The Grande Family" and it begins airing in 2013 during the Nick Studio 10 era. It then gets abruptly cancelled in May 2016 to make room for The Loud House.
    • Rather than getting interrupted once in typical Nick Studio 10 fashion, the show gets interrupted by a Nick Studio 10 interstitial every minute.
      • Eventually, it gets un-cancelled in 2017 and it remains on the air, albeit on the less-popular Nicktoons network, dooming the show as a whole. In 2019, it begins airing on Nickelodeon again, but on weekends at 6:00 in the morning.
  • The characters that are children or teenagers are voiced by children of the show's production staff, with Ronnie Anne being voiced by the CEO of Nickelodeon's daughter. Similar to Bluey, the children are uncredited for their work.
  • The theme song is a rehash of the One Piece 4kids opening. (DREAMIN'! DON'T GIVE IT UP RONNIE!)
  • All the references to Mexican culture are removed, and replaced with ones to American culture. (i.e., Dia de los Muertos is replaced with Halloween).
  • Sergio is replaced by a generic cute kitten character named Fluffy who only exists to sell merchandise for the show.
  • The characters randomly break into song and dance in every episode for no rhyme or reason at all. And I don't mean typical musical numbers mind you, I mean they'll just start singing and dancing to trendy pop songs.
  • Similar to Teen Titans Go!, the show constantly takes jabs at its critics. In addition to this, the characters often break the fourth wall and acknowledge that they aren't actually real.
    • Adding onto that, all of the humor is forced and unfunny.
  • The first episode, "Going Overboard", is filmed in live action, but as of "Walk Don't Run", the entire series is animated.
  • Give Lalo the ability to talk. The reason as to why he can speak is because Carlos made him swallow an entire dictionary.
  • Make the Changs minor characters that only ever appear once every... what, 10 episodes? Yeah. Let's go with that.
  • Add whipcracks for every character's muscle movement.

Teacher's Pet

  • Everyone in the show is voiced by a GoAnimate text-to-speech voice.
  • The theme song is a terrible cover of Arab Money by Busta Rhymes.
  • Replace Ian with a stereotypical black kid named Tyrone.
  • The main plot (Spot/Scott pretending to be a human to go to school) is reduced to a sub-plot, and the main plot of the episode centers around Mr. Jolly and Pretty Boy.
  • Rename the show "The Mr. Jolly and Pretty Boy Super Show!"
  • Everyone knows Spot/Scott's secret and doesn't really care about, removing any and all tension from the plotlines involving Spot/Scott.
  • Each episode has a scene where Leonard and Spot/Scott sing El Pollito Pio by Pulcino Pio at absolute random.
  • Make Pretty Boy a blue-and-yellow hyperactive parakeet that never shuts up and has a really squeaky voice.
  • Make Mr. Jolly a negative flamboyant gay stereotype.
  • Spot/Scott's catchphrase is "Your mother is a whore!"
  • Leonard's catchphrase is "We like Fortnite!"
  • Mr. Jolly's catchphrase is "Uh oh, stinky!"
  • Pretty Boy's catchphrase is "FUCK!". Yes, it's just the word fuck. Nothing else, just fuck.

The Mandalorian

  • Replace the Child/Baby Yoda with Baby Jar-Jar.
  • Make the CGI look extremely dated.
  • Baby Yoda/Jar-Jar dies after being punched in the season 1 finale.

Pororo the Little Penguin

  • Throw countless amounts of fart jokes, poop jokes, and toilet humor, probably even more than Season 4 and onwards.
  • Pororo is an annoying main character with no character development whatsoever.
  • It teaches kids only bad things like making fun of your friends is the right thing to do, and that healthy foods like vegetables are VOMITROCIOUS.
  • One sentence: REMOVE POPO AND PIPI!!!
  • Remove the slapstick humor and replace them with fart jokes.
  • The animation style is similar to Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa.
  • Make Harry an outright psycho and name him "Sammy" (새미)
  • Rename Poby to Poopy Bear.
  • The series is now called, "The Idiotic Adventures of Pororo and Friends (Korean: 뽀로로와 친구들의 어리석은 모험)"
  • Every single episode in 20 seconds, a character either poops, pees, burps, farts, vomits, picks their nose, and smells their armpits.
  • Eddy is an dumb idiot in this show and thinks THE SUN IS A PLANET!
  • It is like Season 5 and onwards, where the jokes are unfunny and everyone is mean to each other.
  • It airs on KBS2 in South Korea (yes, pororo is a korean tv show), and Kids' WB in America
  • Grumpy Pororo, which is considered the worst episode of the entire series, is renamed, "Pororo Wets His Bed Like a Baby."
    • Also, the ending is worse than the actual one where the narrator says to Pororo with his broken presents, "THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR CHRISTMAS FOR BEING A BAD BOY," and Pororo begins crying like Caillou.
  • Have it made by TUBA Entertainment, the creators behind Larva.
  • The voice acting (especially for Poopy Bear) sounds like... THIS[1]
    • On that topic, even Harry think the acting is stiff and awkward
  • Make Petty's face in every episode look like that...
    Bandicam 2020-01-13 17-37-19-263


It's Pony!

  • Make it a rip-off of every horse/girl rider TV show... for the first few episodes. By the time "Game Horse" airs it just gets progressively more shitpost-y.
  • Pony doesn't talk.
  • The theme song is a cover of "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas that is sung by Annie. The end credits song is a cover of "We Like to Party!" by Vengaboys that it also sung by Annie.
  • Make the show a Canadian production that airs on Teletoon, and on Disney XD in the States.
  • The conflict is non-existent.
  • The show takes place in the early 2000s, but there are several anachronisms, such as the usage of smartphones and the inclusion of video games that would be released in 2007 or later.
  • "Game Horse" is replaced with an 11-minute segment of Annie, Pony, Brian and Heston playing Raid Shadow Legends.
  • Make Beatrice a one-off character who serves as Annie's archnemesis.
  • The background music is just country music hits from various decades. More often than not, it drowns out the dialog.
  • Remove the comedy in certain episodes and replace it with shoe-horned educational value.
  • Annie's personality is a clone of Henrietta's personality in the actual show.
    • In this article's version of the show, Henrietta is highly friendly, sweet, and well-mannered to the point where it's extremely creepy. She also praises Satan, but acts saccharine towards anyone and everyone.
  • Make Heston Annie's love interest.
  • As of "Game Horse", all the characters' mouths move like sockpuppets.
  • The only jokes involve cruel slapstick, cutaway gags that come out of nowhere and toilet humor. Corny running gags are also used as desperate pleas to get laughs out of the audience.
  • All the females are voiced by JubyPhonic, and the males are voiced by an uncredited 14-year-old boy going through puberty.
  • The Bramleys are PETA supporters and anti-meat activists.
  • Heston and Henrietta argue over stupid things whenever they appear in an episode.
  • The We like Fortnite video is brought up or referenced once an episode. It is usually brought up or referenced by Heston because he's an alpha gamer.

Wander Over Yonder

  • Low budget animation.
  • Sylvia is a normal horse that doesn't talk.
  • The show rips off Dora the Explorer.
  • Airs on Qubo instead of Disney
  • Wander is a human, de-aged to 9, and has the mind of Caillou.
  • The music is composed with a broken keyboard.
  • Wander's hat is replace with a talking Backpack who rips off Dora's backpack.
  • Lord Hater is replaced with this guy:
    Thumb peace-was-never-an-option-peace-was-never-an-option-53725476
  • The Theme is sung to the tune of Baby Shark.
  • Each episode is 22 minutes long instead of 11.
  • The voice acting is terrible.
  • Wander often gives references to either poop or racist stuff.

Jello Wobz

  • Make all the characters racist.
    • On top of that, rename Nigel to the N word.
  • Put toilet humor everywhere.
    • Make the characters, instead of jelly, be pieces of poop.
  • Have the lessons learned be about learning bad stuff instead of good stuff.

Love Live! School Idol Project

At this point it’s just ”shows” you say?

  • Otonokizaka has a very long name: Otolaryngologisaka High. Umi stresses that it shall be spelled correctly.
  • The voice actresses are not the singers. Even then, the TV songs are covers made by completely different people.
  • Honoka is voiced by a drug addict. It was a running joke until everyone found out the actress was a drug dealer.
  • Kotori is a drug dealer instead of a maid in the show.
  • Umi is a deadbeat dad.
  • Maki is the secret, mysterious girl. She is voiced by Kirk Thornton, despite all the comparisons to Knuckles the Echidna.
  • Hanayo is a blob of shyness. Literally.
  • Rin is a cat that always coughs at herself because she’s allergic.
  • Nico is a famous supermodel that drinks after shows if they go bad.
  • Eli is the prime minister of Otolaryngologisaka. She's very mean and lets nobody have fun.
  • Nozomi was arrested for sexual harassment.
  • Their group name is called Kawaii Girls, a name only a straight man would make up.
  • The bear in the Aishiteru Banzai cover comes to life and makes the girls turn magical.
  • The outfits in Korekara no Someday are the school uniforms. The magical girl outfits are just the same outfit with a different pallete.

Love Live! Sunshine

  • Chika is the granddaughter of Honoka. The story is about her finding out about her grandmother's legacy.
  • Dia and Ruby are NicoMaki love children.
  • Mari only sings in falsetto and only speaks in English and Italian. She is also a weeb.
  • Riko is Maki's sister.
  • Kanan is a NozoEli love child, but Kanan pronounces Eli like how it usually is, E-lie.
  • They sing Kimetayo Hand in Hand whenever a problem is solved.
  • Hanamaru's actual name is Zuramaru. Yoshiko calls Riko "Riri", so she calls Kanan "Hanan" and Zuramaru "Hanamaru".
  • Yohane is not Yoshiko's persona, she is real, and Yoshiko is her identical twin sister.
  • You was in the Marines, but she keeps talking about the Navy.
  • Saint Snow is voiced by actual rockstars. Problem is, Sunrise chose two people that can't act to save their souls.
  • Quotes are used more often, like in every episode.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers

  • Have Kwame be voiced by a white guy.
  • Make the morals more forced.
  • Remove the episode "An Inside Job."
  • No Kwame x Gi.
  • Give it terrible animation.


  • Have it co-produced by Video Brinquedo.
  • The Rubbadubbers' personalities are changed.
    • Tubb is a jerk who hates the Rubbadubbers and is often rude to them.
    • Sploshy is a batshit crazy temper tantrum thrower when things don't go her way and she also does the stock Baby Kate crying sound from Arthur while she is at it. (And you thought her whining in Amelia the Babysitter was bad enough.)
    • Finbar is a piranha who acts very vicious and bites every character that appears in episodes centered around him on purpose.
    • Terence is a paranoid amnesiac meth addict.
    • Winona is reduced to being a useless side character and gets the least attention of the Rubbadubbers.
    • Reg is an obnoxious pervert who constantly humps Winona 24/7 and never stops. Also, make him a heavy drinker.
    • Amelia is a schizophrenic, and the reason why she is so energetic when she flies around is because she does drugs prior to flying.
  • Tubb's shirt would have a marijuana leaf in it and have him smoke weed at the beginning of every episode.
  • The characters are animated like Greeny Phatom with MS Paint and the backgrounds are low-budget CGI animation a la Leo the Lion.
  • Give it 4x more North Korean propaganda than Squirrel and Hedgehog already does.
  • Remove the "if only" wishes.
  • The bathtub is always contaminated by either poop, pee, vomit, raw sewage, or any combination involving the four.
  • Have the bathroom cockroach-infested.
  • Change the title to "Bath Toys: Sex, Drugs, and Daydreams."
  • The whole cast twerks during the end credits.
  • Make it as edgy and offensive as possible.
  • Despite all of this, the show is still rated TV-Y.
  • Make the theme song "I'm a Vegetarian" from Leo the Lion.
  • Add Guido to this show.

How to ruin the episodes

  • In “Sploshy of the Arctic”, Sploshy gets eaten by polar bears with rabies in a gory scene.
  • Amelia the Babysitter:
    • The episode is focused on Guido instead of Amelia, renaming the episode to "Guido the Babysitter."
    • The Rubbababies actually talk like toddlers.
    • Make it infested with butt jokes, even more toilet humor, and fart jokes.
      • In addition, Baby Tubb soils his nappy as his problem instead of getting his head stuck in his cloud.
        • In addition, when Baby Tubb's nappy gets changed, the poo that is shown is very graphic, resulting in him saying "BARF LIKE YOU MEAN IT!" to the viewers.
          • And even better, Babysitter Guido cleans Baby Tubb up by eating said poop.
            • There is also a scene which rips off the a scene from the Family Guy episode "Mind Over Murder", in which Guido sprinkles paprika onto Baby Tubb, causing him to get pissed on.
    • Replace Baby Tubb's "Thank you, Babysitter. That was swimmin'!" with "Fuck you, asshole. You're a goddamn pathetic excuse for a babysitter."
    • Baby Sploshy falls to her death and comes back to life as a spirit to seek revenge for Babysitter Amelia/Guido after shooting the Rubbababies as mentioned below.
    • Babysitter Amelia/Guido shoots the Rubbababies with a gun after they demand to tell her/him what to do at the end, screaming "You've caused enough-a trouble, you little pieces of shit! All of you deserve-a this punishment!"
  • “Reg’s Game Plan" is just Reg playing Raid Shadow Legends for 10 minutes straight. The game itself replaces all the games in the episode :)
  • In "Skypainter Amelia", Amelia paints the sky to where the word "porn" appears as a subliminal message.
  • Terence gets spanked and scolded by Sploshy in "Terence's Bubble Trouble".
  • Have Amelia throw a Caillou-style temper tantrum in "Super Amelia" when she fails the superhero test.
  • Finbar's Important Part:
    • After Amelia tells Finbar he can sing, Sonichu appears out of nowhere and tell her "No he can't, liar! Even a 1-year old can talk better than him!".
    • The band sings "Hoes Mad" by Famous Dex.


  • Animate it like Scaredy Squirrel, Almost Naked Animals, and The Nutshack.
  • Have Oswald hide cocaine in his tentacles.
  • Make Weenie a bloodthirsty Rottweiler that Oswald rides as she is out to kill people.
  • Put Mr. Pickles and Fanboy and Chum Chum posters everywhere in Oswald's room.
  • Insert fart and poop jokes all through out every episodes.

Dusty and Musty

  • Musty, the yellow mummy, is a big jerk to Dusty, the teal dinosaur.
  • Have Bubsy cameo in the episodes and Sonichu cameos where Bubsy doesn't.
  • Animate the series like Mega Babies.


  • Have them party in an episode where the Mega Babies and Sanjay and Craig twerk without pants.
  • Make Samantha a crybaby a la Caillou.
  • Make it a 2014 Brazilian production.
  • Put a truckload of fart and butt jokes.
  • Johnny Test cameos in an episode.
  • Animate it like Greeny Phatom.
  • Make Mr. McStarch a Dr. Robotnik-like villain that throws temper tantrums.
  • Distribute it by 4Kids and use low-budget voice acting.
  • Remove S.A.M.A.N.T.H.A.
    • Actually, replace Samantha with Momo from "The Momo challenge" combined with Bubsy and Jeff the Killer.

Stranger Things

  • It is poorly animated instead of being Live Action.
  • Caillou replaces Will Byers.
  • Peppa Pig becomes Will’s cousin.
  • Barney makes appearance.
  • Dora replaces Eleven.
  • Jonathan Byers is removed.
  • Boris and Doris replaces Will’s parents.
  • Rosie becomes Will’s sister.
  • Everyone is voiced by Justin Bieber.
  • Change the title to The Ultimate Bad Show

This section looks very biased and sounds like a GoAnimator made this. RubbadubbersFTW DoraFTL (talk) 20:54, June 29, 2020 (UTC)

Codename: Kids Next Door

  • Make Numbuh 1 have hair.
  • Numbuh 2 act dumb and crazy like a stupid person.
  • Numbuh 3 was a whiny brat.
  • Make Numbuh 4's appearance look like Goku from Dragon Ball Z (Like Operation R.E.P.O.R.T).
  • Numbuh 5 is most likely drunk and lazy.
  • The Delightful Children from Down the Lane is more evil and demon like Bowser.
  • Make the Sector V treehouse look like the one in real life.
  • Lizzie joins the Kids Next Door for crushing Numbuh 1.
  • Make Father have ice powers instead of fire powers.
  • The animation for the show is the mix of the animation from the Qoo commercials, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Lizzie McGuire animation scenes, Cyborg kuro-chan, Tom Snyder Productions' shows (Including Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, Squigglevision TV show, Home Movies' first season and others that have Squigglevision animation), and Meeow!.

The Owl House

  • The show is entirely produced in Canada by 9 Story Media Group (you know, the guys behind Camp Lakebottom and The Magic School Bus Rides Again and Numb Chucks?), complete with typical familiar Canadian voice actors like Bryn McAulay, Mac Heywood and the cast of Johnny Test. It airs on Teletoon and never sees any overseas airings. To add insult to injury, it lasts only one season and reruns are constantly shown in order to fufill CanCon requirements.
  • The animation is a blend of the aforementioned Camp Lakebottom and Numb Chucks, as well as the horribly wretched movements and animation errors of Wishfart and the downright disgustingness of Almost Naked Animals.
  • The show takes place in Toronto, Ontario, and it tries to remind you of that every chance it gets.
    • Willow: Welcome to Hexside School of Magic and Demonics, the best magic school in all of Toronto! Remember to stay hidden, okay?
      Luz: [squeals, giggles]
  • Have a bunch of high school dropouts of varying ages write every single episode.
  • Make Eda a human, and King an actual dog with no desire for power over others. (I would say "turn him into a human baby that needs constant care", but let's face it, that would be far too predictable, knowing this page and what people put on it.)
  • Make Luz a Mary Sue who also doubles as a carbon copy of Anne from Amphibia. 9 Story will eventually get sued by Disney for copying their character. King is also essentially the Sprig to her Anne, but he doesn't talk or do anything funny.
  • Eda is Luz's legit legal guardian who is also her grandmother.
  • In typical Canadian cartoon fashion, there are incredibly stupid jokes based upon potty humor, and they are said so frequently it'll make the viewer's head spin. All of the comedy is shoehorned.
  • The characters constantly break the fourth wall in an attempt to seem edgy and funny.
  • Make Amity a K-Pop stan. NO WAIT THAT WOULD BE GOOD
    • Amity: "Maybe if you stanned Loona, I wouldn't be calling you 'Half-a-Witch Willow'!"
    • Willow: "I don't know what that means..."
  • Hexside Academy is replaced with the BИD Mask, which would be about the same size.

Glitch Techs

  • The show is entirely produced at Cartoon Network Studios and aired on Cartoon Network in between countless hours of Teen Titans Go! instead of being a Nickelodeon production that is distributed by Netflix.
  • The show is more dark than it is comedic.
  • The animation is a sickening blend of The Nutshack and Supernoobs.
  • Similar to this page's version of Invader Zim, the background music is just some guy beatboxing uncomfortably close to the microphone. The theme song, on the other hand remains the same, but it ventures into DUBSTEP TERRITORY.
  • The series is aimed at 7-12 year old kids, but like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, it gains a massive cult following of adult male fans called "Veteran Techs".
  • Add in product placement for Raid Shadow Legends, Fortnite, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, BetterHelp, Mountain Dew, Doritos and Microsoft. 
  • Five and Miko are voiced by kids from KidzBop who have little to no voice acting experience.
  • Mitch appears in every episode, and no matter what, gets more screentime than everybody else. In addition, in a later episode, he is revealed to be Five's older brother.
  • Miko's dad is replaced with Peter Griffin.

Chico Bon Bon: Monkey in a Toolbelt

  • Chico Bon Bon's Voice Sounds like this: 
    Battle for Dream Island Season coming to an end-0

    Battle for Dream Island Season coming to an end-0

  • De-age Rainbow Thunder to a 2-year-old crybaby
  • Clark's Voice also Sounds like this:
  • Tiny doesn't do anything
  • Fill it with toilet humor
  • The animation is Low Budget
  • Every minute a hated show character appears in the screen (Example: Peppa Pig)
  • One character dies every episode
  • It's released on a bad obscure bad video website (Not YouTube, Dailymotion, Or Vimeo) instead out of Netlix


(dirk voice) hErE wE gO

  • The series is renamed "Fast Times at Vuuugle Studios".
  • Make it a complete ripoff of iCarly, and have it copy episodes from it word-for-word. Disney will get sued by Nickelodeon and the show will be cancelled after one season.
  • Make Dirk the character who gets the most screentime. Yes, even more than Paige and Frankie.
  • It has a very erratic airing schedule.
  • The theme song is entirely instrumental and has no lyrics.
  • Take out any humor or charm the show has and replace it with shoe-horned jokes that make zero sense.
  • The episodes are written by uneducated high school dropouts.
  • The budget is very low, and it shows.
  • Include product placement for very specific brands, products and/or items, sometimes multiple times in one episode. The Vuuuglers will interrupt the episode for exactly three minutes to talk, sing or rap about whatever's being advertised and then threaten the viewer with violence and/or death if they don't buy it.
    • For a few examples, there is product placement for Audible, the Apple watch, Doritos, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Burger King Foot Lettuce, McDonalds Happy Meals, McDonald's McSpaghetti, the iPhone X and Motorola phones.
  • No songs, save for the theme song and ones about product placement (see above).
  • Have the characters ask the audience questions, especially ones they clearly know the answers to.
  • Have an entire episode dedicated to the Pewdiepie vs. T-Series debacle. In the episode, all the Vuuuglers are on Team T-Series except for Dirk and he has to try to convince the rest of the Vuuglers to join Team Pewdiepie.
  • Include a character who rips off Fred Figglehorn.

Camp Lakebottom

  • The show is made and takes place in 2020. It runs for only one season.
  • All the male characters are voiced by Calobi from the Calobi Productions YouTube channel.
  • The backgrounds are full of rainbows and smiling objects, which juxtaposes the run-down, sullen and questionable nature of the titular camp.
  • The animation is a blend of Wishfart and Go Away Unicorn.
  • Make an episode fully around toilet humor. Wait, this is Camp Lakebottom we're talking about, this show's already got a fair amount of it.
  • The characters' eyes sparkle, but Suzi's eyes in particular are literally all sparkle and barely any pupil.
  • Make Armand a flamboyant homosexual stereotype.
  • Remove Squirt.
  • Suzi is a hardcore K-Pop stan and avid Stan Twitter user who berates McGee in every episode because he doesn't stan BTS and Loona.
  • In each episode, Gretchen is mistaken for a Tiktok e-girl.
  • A character is seen being viciously murdered by Slimey in each episode. However, the murdered character will always appear again as if nothing happened.
  • In the series finale, the cast sings and dances to "Hoes Mad" by Famous Dex.


  • The show's a TV-MA Netflix original.
    • The show was created by Alex Hirsch and produced by 20th Century Fox Television.
    • The show's opening theme is the Welcome Back, Kotter theme, and the intro just shows everything either on fire, melting, or falling into lava while everybody's jumping into a volcano.
    • The show lasts three volumes, and the finale is just Yang and Ruby hugging for 48 minutes with no intro or credits.
  • All the LGBT characters are straight.
  • Sun's a metrosexual.
  • Shitty trends are featured.
    • Weiss dabs.
    • Ruby floss dances.
  • The Schnee Dust Company is replaced with, a website where you buy dust online.
  • The show has a crossover with Red vs. Blue.
  • There's a Blake cat joke every minute.

The Lion Guard

  • Timon and Pumbaa get a LOT of screentime.
  • The Tree of Life is removed.
  • It gets cancelled after one season.
  • Give Bunga a Tumblr account (if you know then you know)

RuPaul's Drag Race

In courtesy of Mr. Incognito Man! IncognitoMan1 (talk) 20:40, August 8, 2020 (UTC)

  • Add Kurt Hummel
  • Add more Willam Belli and Sherry Pie in every episode of every season.
  • Remove Trixie Mattel, Katya, Alyssa Edwards and every winner of RuPaul's Drag Race and All Stars.
  • Change the title to "RudePaul's Hag Disgrace". (Not the F word that rhymes with drag).
  • Replace the word "drag" with "hag".
  • Every lip sync is every Ozuna, Bad Bunny, Anuel AA, Jacob Satorius, Justin Bieber, PVRIS, Bring Me the Horizon and TikTok song and cartoon theme songs.
  • Replace Michelle Visage with Donald Trump.

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