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Thomas & Friends


The reason why I don't agree with the change of James' name.

  • Add "Phie" to the end of James' name.
  • Thomas is 90 years old


  • Ma and Rosie Grape make more appearances.

The Wuzzles

  • Don't cancel the proposed second season.
  • Include the Baby Wuzzles and make them recurring characters.
  • When Bill Scott dies, replace him with Corey Burton to play Moosel, Brat, and any other Wuzzles Scott voiced in the first season.

Popples (both versions)


  • Have it be produced by Nelvana.
  • Make this animated series a bit closer to the Popples live-action movie.
  • Make each episode 22 minutes long.
  • The Sports Popples appear more often and belong to Mike and Penny.
  • Give the Fruit Popples an appearance in Season 2.
  • Keep the first season voice cast for the second.


  • Give it another season.


  • Have it be a TV show airing from August 1999 to June 2002 on Nickelodeon as a Nicktoon in place of Rocket Power. It would also be the first CGI Nicktoon before Jimmy Neutron.
  • Include Croco-Vile, the crocodile villain from the Jingaroo comics from Beckett Publications' magazines.
  • The Jingaroo stories are 22 minutes long, making the stories in the three volumes separate episodes.
  • Produce some more merchandise (such as plush toys and more apparel)

Crafty Kids Club

  • Redesign the characters like this. ->
    Crafty Kids Club (New Version)
  • Redo the animation.
  • The animators of Lola and Virginia animate all the episodes.
  • The redesigns look like they would be good
  • The creators of Jim Henson's Enchanted Sisters Books create all the episodes.
  • It is produced by Milimages
  • Have Clara be voiced by Jenna Warren (the actress who played Olive on Justin Time)

Justin Time

  • Redesign the characters like this. -> 
    Justin Time Character Redesigns
  • Redo the animation.
  • It is created by Satoshi Tajiri, Junichi Masuda and Ken Sugimori
  • Have it air on Cartoon Network.
  • Have the show be aimed at kids aged 7-15.
  • The theme song is sung by John Mitchell and Tanya Hancheroff.
  • The Canadian flag is replaced by The Japanese flag in Justin's Room during the theme song.
  • Have Olive be voiced by Tara Strong (using her Bubbles voice) and Justin also will be voiced by Noah Segan (using his Henry voice).
  • The storylines contain more action.

Stickin' Around

  • Stacy Stickler is a teenager.
  • Bradley was voiced by Tom Kenny.
  • Polly is a 9 year old half-sister, has a girly voice and is an intelligent tomboy. Also, she laughs very cute.
  • Stella Stickler is a really good mother. She is also named Starlight Stickler.
  • Frank is a cat named "Harold".
  • Dill is a caring friend.
  • Redo the animation.
  • The Animators of Kablam! animate all the episodes.
  • Have the show run on Nickelodeon.

Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

  • Include more mini episodes like Kirby 3D.
    • Speaking of which, Kirby 3D needed a better title than "Kirby 3D".
      • What should it be?
        • No idea. Absolutely no idea. 4Kids come up with the episodes names, not me.
          • Oh, OK.
  • Make a Series 2.
  • Include the "Kibon wa Maru" (First you draw a circle) song from the Japanese release in the dub.

Liberty's Kids

  • Have it air on Cartoon Network, making it the first history-themed Cartoon Cartoon/CN Originals show before Time Squad.
  • Have action figures, children's apparel, video games, and home media releases to promote the series
  • Have a revival called "Liberty's Kids 2.0" and make it take in a futuristic Colonial Philadelphia and have it air in 2010
  • Have a crossover with Ed, Edd n' Eddy called "Tick Tock Tick Ed"
  • Have it run through the whole Powerhouse Era and end it late city era.


  • Give the animation a slight tink to make it better.
  • The characters personalities seem less one-note.
  • Kevin mocks Shope less.
  • Change Roach's name.
  • And Knuckles.
  • Tyler sexually identifies as a potato. NO.
  • Roach is cisphobic. NO.
  • make shope the only character cuz she is GOOD

The Mario Cartoons

  • Make them an anime. (Because the real makers of Mario are from Japan.)
  • Give the Koopalings and some of the enemies (such as Magikoopas and Chargin' Chucks) their video game names, rather than changing their names.
  • Slightly brighter colors. Not Problem Solverz bright.
  • Better writing.
  • Redisigning some of the characters to match their video game appearences.
  • Make it a longer series with seasons based on respective games a la Pokémon.
  • Much better animation.
  • Remove the Cave People and replace them with Yoshis.
  • Oogtar is replaced with a less annoying and more funny Red Yoshi named Red-Rocker.
    • And that aforementioned red Yoshi boi is also one of the main characters too, rather than just some recurring character who only appeared in a few episodes.
  • Obscure characters like Wart, Tatanga, and Boshi are added in the show and are given more recognition.
  • Yoshi talks in complete sentences instead of baby talk. This also applies to all the Yoshis.
  • More original characters!
  • Dub the show to Japan. (If you're referring to the DiC cartoons, that's fine. But in here?)

Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

  • Add a reboot in the U.S. with the same character designs.
    • Cast:
    • Kristin Davis as Miss Spider (Reprise)
    • Robert Smith as Holley (Reprise)
    • Scott Beaudin as Squirt (Reprise)
    • Jeff Bennett as Dragon & Mr. Mantis
    • Bill Fagerbakke as Bounce
    • Tara Strong as Shimmer & Pansy
    • E.G. Daily as Snowdrop
    • Rob Paulsen as Wiggle
    • Tom Kenny as Spinner
    • Mike Pollock as Spiderus (Replacing Tony Jay)
    • John DiMaggio as Ned
    • Kevin Michael Richardson as Ted
    • Dee Bradley Baker as Stinky
    • Frances White as Betty Beetle
    • Jess Harnell as Gus


  • Give 0, 1, 2, 7, 8 and 9 the spotlight more often.
  • Make Spooky Spoon less annpying.
  • Have the episodes make more sense. Why is the Shape Japer taking half of everything? Why not just take the whole lot?

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

While the whole page isn't bad, this section in particular is so hilariously awful that it's kept for entertainment purposes. Do not edit it out of the article.
  • Redesign the characters like this. -> 
    Jimmy Neutron Character Redesigns
  • It is made by DiC in 1985 until 1995.
    • How does that make it any better?
      • The world may never know!
      • How about it just makes it worse.
  • Have it air on Syndication and Nickelodeon.
  • Jimmy Neutron is voiced by Donna Christie (using her Cleo voice).
  • Make their looks way similar to Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats.
    • Lawsuits out!
  • Make Libby have Fair Skin and Blonde Hair instead of Brown Skin and Black Hair.
    • I have a HUGE problem with this. Why make a black character white? That sort of offends me because there is a bit of African in my ancestry even though my family is mostly comprised of whites.
      • Agreed. It's very, VERY racist.
        • Also why is Carl skinny now he was fine when he was fat😒😒
          • I agree. I liked Carl's old appearance.
            • carl is DUMMY THICC
              • CARL SO FAT BUT WHY???? HE SO THICC BOI
  • Make Sheen a little girl who makes friends with Jimmy and Carl.
    • That would make it worse.
      • But what would Sheen's name be, now that his gender is switched?
        • Maybe Sheena, Shauna or other similar-sounding names?

Pixel Edition

  • Make it in late 2013 so the CGI is less cheap looking.
    • The CGI was alright, even in 2002.
  • Everyone has realistic surnames except Jimmy.
    • But I like their surnames.
      • And that's okay. :)
  • Carl says "croissant" 600 consecutive times in every other episode. ;;;))))))
  • Not having Planet Sheen as a spinoff.

Timebomb enters the ring

You're entering a ring of racism, my dude. The person responsible for this section thinks that the show would be better if Libby's race was changed from black to white. -Pixel

BTW, "Ring of Racism" sounds like a good name for a National Socialist black metal band. -Timebomb

  • Make it in early 2016 so the CGI doesn't look like they outsourced it to Mainframe Entertainment (seriously though, the CGI in ReBoot and Beast Wars looks way too cheap-looking).
  • Make Planet Sheen an episode.


  • Don't make it impossible to find English episodes.

Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat

  • Have more merchandise (such as action figures, children's apparel, video games, and more home media releases) to promote the series.
  • I looked on a bunch of retailers and all I saw of merchandise were books and stuff for birthday parties
  • Have DHX Media take over co-production from CinéGroupe in 2009, Synergy Animation would also take over overseas animation production from Cuckoo's Nest Studio.
  • Remove that LoZOoT cucco crowing sound from "The Cat and the Wind".

Timothy Goes to School

  • Have Tatsunoko Production do the animation instead of Animation Services Hong Kong to make it less cheap-looking.
  • Have it Channel Hop to Nick Jr. after Juanita's introduction.
  • Have it run for a long time with occasional hiatuses like Max & Ruby

Teamo Supremo

  • Governor Kevin is a member of Teamo Supremo who shows up during bigger missions.
  • Have it air on Disney Channel and Disney XD more often.
  • Give it a crossover with Phineas and Ferb.
  • Make Dr. Droid more dangerous.
  • Captain Crandall, Rope Girl, and Skate Lad have more powers.
  • Better animation.
  • Change Captain Crandall's name to something that doesn't reveal his secret identity.
    • How about "The Captain" or "Cap C"?
  • Give it home media releases.

The Amazing World of Gumball

  • Give Penny more screentime.
    • ai agree
  • Reduce the number of metaphors used in the show


If we're doing it like the games for anime-haters...

  • Make the show about a few (always-changing) kids going on adventures in a specific region (ala Pokémon Adventures).
  • Fast-track each region after their specific game came out.
  • Make every Pokémon the accurate size stated in the Pokédex entries (ala Pokémon Origins).

If we're doing it like the actual series...

In General

  • Make a Detective Pikachu-based spin-off to tie in with the movie.
  • The show is less childish.
  • From movie 20 onwards, the movies are not the "alternative-universe Kanto" movies we know today, but just normal "Legendary" movies.

Original Series

  • Make Wigglytuff appear much earlier in the series.
  • Edit the guns out of "The Legend of Dratini" so that the episode isn't banned.
  • Remove the strobe lights from "Computer Soldier Porygon" so that Porygon's evolutions get screen time. (Porygon was wrongfully blamed.)
  • Funimation dubs the older seasons instead of 4Kids.
  • Ash's Primeape gets more screen time. In addition, he doesn't give it away.
  • Ash's Cyndaquil and Phanpy evolve in the Johto seasons instead of waiting until much later.
  • Handle Ash's Johto team much better (too many of his Johto members were unevolved.)


  • Max is given a Pokémon or two. (Too young my ass! We've seen younger kids have Pokémon in the series!)
  • James' Mime Jr. evolves. (It knows Mimic.)

Diamond and Pearl

  • Have Ash's Gible evolve after mastering Draco Meteor.
  • Dawn's team is less stale.
  • James goes back for his Cacnea after learning that it had mastered Drain Punch.
  • Meowth actually uses Night Slash in Jumping Rocket Ship and in other episodes.
  • Tobias gets more development. Also, replace his Darkrai and Latios with Zoroark and Spiritomb so that the battle doesn't feel like a slap in the face. (I get that Ash wasn't gonna win the league, but that made a good tournament end on a needlessly sour note.)
    • Also, he is revealed to have more Pokémon, such as Gallade and Rhyperior.
  • Paul would lose more in his battles with Ash.
  • Dawn doesn't give Ambipom away.
  • Brock's role in this season is bigger than just something for his Croagunk to Poison Jab.

Black and White

  • Ash's Palpitoad is removed since Ash already had a Water-type and would later catch a Ground-type in the series.
  • Ash's Oshawott's personality is changed.
  • Make Ash's Oshawott evolve (even if that means a personality change). Preferably in "Crowning the Scalchop King!" along with Caesar the Dewott while they fight.
  • Trip's Serperior stays as a Snivy for more episodes before evolving into Servine.
  • Iris's Emolga is replaced with a Deino with a personality similar to Ash's Chimchar.
  • One or more of Team Rocket's Unova Pokémon would evolve once.
  • Iris's Axew would evolve at least once since it wishes to do so.
  • Handle Ash's Unova team much better (see OS section about Ash's Johto team).
  • Make Iris catch a Lapras.

Sun and Moon

  • in addition to her Tsareena, Mallow also gets a Shiinotic and a Sceptile. (Yes, I know Treecko aren't native to Alola, but she owns these two in the games.)
    • Shiinotic would be the same as Tsareena, but Mallow would catch it, and Sceptile would be found as an injured Treecko who is nursed back to health by Nurse Joy.
  • Lana actually catches a Dewpider. It would later evolve into Araquanid.
  • Rather than mostly focusing the series on Melemele, the other islands get equal screen time.


Series Wide

  • Use stop motion, or do what Arby 'n' the Chief did so that the puppeteering doesn't look bad. (I mean, you can see their hands)

Bowser Junior Era

  • At the end of SML Mario and Bowser’s Stupid and Crazy Adventures, after Mario saves Peach’s baby from Sonic (Spolier Alert), we found out that Princess Peach really does love him (Mario) forever all along.
    • It might seem to be a weird choice, but you get the point.
      • Therefore, it will help make Princess Peach, her baby, and Sonic appear in more videos (with Princess Peach still being with Mario and even being nicer to him, while Sonic will look for someone else that he'll be in love with (like let's just say, Rosalina).
  • Junior and his friends appear less often.

Jeffy Era

  • Remove Jeffy. He's nothing but an offensive stereotype.
  • Don't rely on offensive humor.
  • We get a wide variety of videos more often instead of just Junior and Jeffy-centric videos with the occasional other characters.
  • We actually get the movie.

The Lion Guard

  • Move it to Disney Channel.
  • Replace the stock horse whinnies with proper zebra barks for the zebras.


  • It would only last five seasons (1996-2000), where Michael Yarmush voices Arthur in these seasons.
  • The flash animation seasons is the revival series to Arthur, and it is renamed, "The New Adventures of Arthur & Friends."
    • In addition, it would air on Netflix in 2016, and it would be animated with Toon Boom, like Season 20 and onwards.
  • It is produced by Nelvana.

Little Einsteins

  • Retool it into a non-educational show for kids aged 6-12.
    • Because of this, the plot will be different, having it be the Little Einsteins having wild adventures through art works.
  • Have Warner Bros. Animation produce it and have it broadcast on Kids' WB from 1995-1998.
  • Let it have more humor.
  • Have the Little Einsteins not ask you how to solve a problem, since the retooling will be for kids aged 6-12 as said above.
  • Let Rocket have eyes and a voice, along with Big Jet.
  • Let it have a crossover with Animaniacs in 1997.
  • Have it last for 4 seasons.
  • Have the film, Our Huge Adventure, be a theatrical film named The Little Einsteins Movie and have it be retooled into a film where the Little Einsteins try to stop Big Jet and the Little Nietsnies from wrecking up famous art. Also, it would be the show's ultimate series finale, releasing in 1999.
  • Introduce a 5th member to the Little Einsteins for the 3rd season, so that the show's ratings wouldn't decrease.
  • Also, let the 4th season have the Little Einsteins travelling through time.
  • Let it have a reboot that broadcasts on Cartoon Network named Little Einsteins Yeah! beginning in 2017 and unlike the 2016 Powerpuff Girls, the 2016 Ben 10 and ThunderCats Roar, it is a better reboot that's more faithful to the original show.
  • Let Big Jet have an actual group of kids in it, named the Little Nietsnies (Nietsnies is reverse for Einsteins). (also, it's pronounced as Night-Sneeze)89-7oyt

Odd Squad

  • Make it a web series on YouTube and have the original premiere in 2007 and end in 2013 while Odd Squad: Mobile Unit premieres in 2020.
    • For the television airings, have it air on Discovery Family in 2014 to this present day.


  • More episodes are US dubbed (For example, the word "torch" in Sploshy the Stoneseeker is replaced with "flashlight.")
  • Introduce a capybara character named Chico if they made a 5th series.
  • In addition to its Nick Jr. and Sprout runs, air the show on PBS from 2005-2009.
  • Air it on Qubo after its Sprout run expires.
  • Have Emma Tate voice Sploshy and David Holt voice Terence in the UK dub.
  • Give it a US dub like they did in Bob the Builder.
  • Give Finbar a Brooklyn accent (think Timon from The Lion King (1994)) in the US dub and voice him by Nathan Lane.
  • Have the roles of the farmer and the cow in "Farmer Sploshy" swapped. Sploshy would be a cow and Tubb the farmer, and thus becoming, Farmer Tubb.
  • More home media releases in the US.
  • Have Finbar say "I think I'll make a stopping point for rescuing/being rescued and do something else for a change" at the end of "Finbar's Rescuers".
  • Give it a more extensive crossover with Bob the Builder. Terence does appear as a cameo in Bob the Builder: Scrambler to the Rescue as one of Monty's toys, so that's the closest thing we have to a Rubbadubbers x Bob the Builder crossover for now.
  • Have PorchLight Entertainment distribute it.


  • Have it co-produced by Cartoon Pizza.

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

  • Have Black Vulcan appear in more episodes
  • The episode "Booty Noir" is rewritten so Black Vulcan and Norlisa stay together throughout the episode (read: don't break up at the beginning.) The episode would be about Reducto's attempts to get at Norlisa, with her saying "Sorry, I'm taken!" each and every time. And when he finally does enlarge her booty, Black Vulcan likes it, while promptly taking his girlfriend away.
  • Norlisa also appears in more episodes, usually as a foil to Black Vulcan (or is it the other way around?) The dynamic/relationship between the two would be similar to the one between Hawkeye and Black Widow.
  • Give the show a theatrical movie
  • Black Vulcan and Norlisa become Broadway stars at the end of the series and this is still so in the reunion special (instead of BV being the president)
  • Have Black Vulcan say "Great Lightning!" like his original counterpart at one point in the series
  • Have Harvey wear his original Birdman outfit more often
  • Animate it in a similar style to the original Birdman and the Galaxy Trio cartoon, with Iwao Takamoto as animation supervisor until he died.
  • Have the rights to use all of the Super Friends (Superman, Wonder Woman, etc.) and include Cyborg from the Super Powers Team incarnation in one episode
  • Give Harvey a voice similar to Keith Andes' voice for the original Birdman
  • Have Samurai and El Dorado appear
  • Take inspiration from Ace Attorney
  • In the episode "Trio's Company," Black Vulcan's outfit during his appearance is his outfit from the reunion special (blue coat over his usual leotard)
  • The episode "Turner Classic Birdman" features Keith Andes as the voice of Birdman doing the redubbed lines
  • Remove the scene in "Peanut Puberty" where Phil does... whatever to Augie
  • Have Black Vulcan accept Debbie's proposal to "go downtown for a cream soda... if you know what I mean" in "Sebben and Sebben Employee Orientation," and don't make it a sexual harassment message
  • Have Black Vulcan appear in the video game
  • Give the show a spinoff about Black Vulcan
  • Have Black Vulcan attempt to beat up the narrator after he says "That's Supervolt!" in "Very Personal Injury," because that's what it looks like when he says that line
  • Have Hanna-Barbera characters who didn't appear on the show (like the Boyles and the Roman Holidays) appear
  • Include a character named Andrea Carlena Beauman and have a character say the following: "What is a day in the life of Andrea Carlena Beauman like? Is Andrea Carlena Beauman in school or has she graduated? Does Andrea Carlena Beauman have any other names in her name? I would think not, since Andrea Carlena Beauman likes to use her full name as he screenname and as her tag when she leaves comments. It would be interesting if Andrea Carlena Beuman would also give her street address, social security number, bank account and credit card numbers, along with Andrea Carlena Beauman's birthday, height, weight, sexual orientation, hair/eyes and both Andea Carlena Beauman's home and work phone numbers." (I don't think any of you will get that...)
    • Bonus points if the character ends up looking like this.
    • Also bonus points if she ends up being shippable with Black Vulcan.
  • Have Black Vulcan make the face he makes when he says "In his pants." in "X the Exterminator" more times
  • Have Stuart Betchfist be one of the writers on the reunion special (I don't know if he even knows of this show, though... but if he does, THEN THIS.)
  • Black Vulcan sings in one episode.
  • Have Black Vulcan x Harvey ship teasing.

Sonic SatAM

  • Have the proposed third season happen, with Phil LaMarr as Knuckles
  • Introduce Amy and have her act as Sally's protege while being a romantic competition for Sonic. Yeardley Smith would voice her.
  • Introduce Mina the Mongoose to make a love triangle. Tara Strong would voice her.



  • Give Sunopotchi more appearances, especially in episode 124 (they wasted a perfectly good opportunity for him to appear, since the episode is about skateboarding, which is something he is greatly interested in)
  • Have it start in 2006 rather than 2009

GO-GO Tamagotchi!

  • Have a legitimate anime created after this one instead of Tamatomo Daishuu GO!, as Mametchi said there were going to be more adventures to come at the end of the final episode of this

Soreike! Anpanman

  • Make an English dub for the show and have HiT Entertainment distribute it internationally.
  • Have the US dub air on Sprout.

SMG4's Super Mario 64 Bloopers

  • Stop making new and fresh characters and bring back those Mario recolors from the good ol' days.
  • Get rid of Fishy Boopkins, Bob, the formerly-Inkling fella that i forgot her name, Atari, Saiko, and the axolotl (just keep Jeeves the Fork).
  • Bring back from the dead old school characters like Steve, The Teletubbies, the Old Man, etc.
  • Make SuperMarioLogan make an idea/script/screenplay for only one episode.
  • Make a SpongeBob episode.

SpongeBob SquarePants

Captain Zed and the Zee Zone

  • Give it a US broadcast on WB Kids and then air it on Qubo.


  • Make Cat meow less and make her say more words.
  • Make dog do more furry reminders.

The Loud House

  • Add a main villain to make it more interesting.
    • Mr. Grouse: i'm a joke to you?
  • Make Lincoln less boring.
  • Everyone is less one-note.
  • The final episode of the show (if the series were to end at some point) has Lincoln's parents saying "Let's have another" at the end of the episode.
  • Have a Fanboy and chum chum reference.
  • Remove "No Such Luck" and "Cheater by the Dozen" " out of existence.


  • Have it 2D animated
  • Make it a co-production of King Rollo Films, HiT Entertainment, and Cartoon Pizza.
  • Make the characters meerkats.
  • Use the generic school bell sound effect less often.
  • Give it Hanna Barbera-style sound editing a la Heathcliff.
  • Get rid of the stereotypes.
  • Rename the shows "The Musical Meerkats of Kalahari High" and have it take place in a fictional meerkat high school in a desert.</s>
  • Well, all that is actually a parody inspired by Glee, but give it a live-action/animated hybrid crossover with Umbrella Academy, Looney Tunes, and Tom & Jerry.

Dusty and Musty

  • Broadcast it on Playhouse Disney in the US from 2005-2011.
  • Channel hop it to Qubo in 2013.
  • Make a revival of the series.

The Powerpuff Girls (classic)

  • Make Buttercup a keyboard/piano player in their band.
  • Produce it by Grand Slamm Children's Films.


  • Give them a crossover with the Powerpuff Girls.
  • Give them an Illumination/Blue Sky Studios co-produced full-length movie.
  • Have Hanna-Barbera co-produce it.

Codename: Kids Next Door

  • Give it a darker plot.
  • Make Numbuh 1's real name sound less like nonsense.
  • Give it an more unique art style.
  • Have it get better ratings on IMDb.
  • On each episode's title, dots and "Operation" are totally optional.
  • Keep the Billy and Mandy crossover, but make it better.
  • The video games don't exist. (see pointer 8)
  • Make it short-lived.
  • Only last it for 1 season.
  • Not give any representation of it on Punch Time Explosion or FusionFall.
  • Make it easy to find on the internet.
    • They’re already easy to find online
      • Bruh how does that improve the show's quality itself


  • Make Robotboy able to change colors
  • Tommy says Omega 2 100 consecutive times in each episode
  • Tommy is voiced by Serj Tankian
  • Make it easier to find on the internet
  • Sometimes Kurt or Tommy will inhale and say LET’S START THIS OFF WITHOUT ANY WORDS

Peppa Pig

  • Don't give Mrs. Rabbit all the jobs. Instead, introduce several more characters and probably new animal species as well that specialize in these jobs (i.e. Mr. Bull is a dedicated construction worker).
  • Like I said, add more animal species (Alex Alpaca and Quincy Quokka, for example).
  • Improve Peppa and George's behavior.
  • Remove the narrator, or only let him narrate the beginning and end of each episode a la the narrator on Roary the Racing Car.
  • Make some episodes where the background characters make major appearances.

Sonic Boom

The contents of this page is satire. Please do not take it seriously.
  • Give Sonic real guns, real men doesn't want those stupid cartoony guns.
  • Give Sonic a cool bike.
  • Have Sonic turn into Super Sonic.
  • Give Sonic sun glasses.
  • Make the show have blood.
  • Have a crossover episode with Caillou.
  • Give Sonic a Lightsaber.
  • Give Sonic The Infinity Gauntlet.
  • Give Sonic dynamites.
  • Change Sonic's color to black.
  • Give Sonic a black coat.
  • Give Sonic black pants.
  • Give Sonic a cool hat.
  • Make every character have a strong form like this:
Best Character


  • Don't dumb down the baby talk. (i.e. the babies would keep saying "diaper" instead of "diapey.")
  • Make the first Rugrats movie the series finale.

Steven Universe

  • Tone down Yellow's hatred for the Earth in "Message Recieved".

Steven Universe Future

  • Make a redemption arc for Emerald.
    • Give Eyeball and Aquamarine one, too.
  • Actually tell the viewers what job Connie's going for after college.
    • Maybe an astronaut?
  • Give Spinel, the Diamonds, and Priyanka more appearances.
    • For bonus points, give Spinel and the Diamonds their own spinoff!
  • Make an episode that focuses on Nephrite.
    • Also, make an episode that focuses on the Zircons.
  • Jasper actually calls Steven by his name.
  • Make an episode that has Connie befriending Jasper. That way, it would explain her being shocked with Steven for shattering her in "Everything's Fine".

Blaze and the Monster Machines

  • Don't have Crusher cry.
  • Stick to one traveling song.
  • Pickle's family gets more appearances.
  • The Robot Riders episodes don't exist.
  • Have an episode where Gus and Joe are main characters.

The Ollie & Moon Show

  • Retool it into a show aimed at kids 6-12.
  • The episodes consist of Ollie and Moon having adventures not only around the world, but in their city and home.

Back at the Barnyard

  • Make it last for four seasons.
  • Actually make the go-kart episode that was promised in "Too Good to Be Glue".


  • Jet actually talks.

George of the Jungle


  • Add an episode where Ursula takes George's place or takes a level in badass.
  • Add more episodes.


  • Don't have the second season consist of character flanderization, disrespect to the source material, unnecessary characters just for filler, nonsensical and disturbing episode plots, eyesore animation, horrible character designs, off-color jokes/humor, the cast from the first season being replaced, animation errors, Ursula and Magnolia's names being switched, and even weird, disturbing, disgusting and out-of-context scenes.

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom

  • Make it last for five seasons.
  • Remove the toilet humor (like in "Dolly Plum") and references to women's undergarments (like in "Daisy and Poppy's Playgroup").
  • Queen Thistle doesn't assume the Marigolds are going to laugh at her.
  • King Thistle hires Nanny Plum back in "Christmas Eve".

PAW Patrol

  • Remove Rocky's pointless hatred/fear of water/getting wet.
  • Farmer Al and Yumi have a baby.


  • Make the series last for four seasons.
  • The Goorilla and a Chickephant have a baby. (I know it would sound messed-up, but it should still happen)

Oobi (it's a good show in my opinion don't hate me)


  • Make all the characters wear clothes (I'm not saying most of them not wearing clothes is bad, but we need to give the clothes some use at least).
  • Also make it have a spinoff show called "OH FANDOM WHYYYYY: You Ruined the Best Kid Show to Ever Exist".
  • Air the show on other channels as well (Such as Nick Jr and TVOKids).
  • In the Italian dub, make Rusty's voice sound less weird.
  • Have Rusty and Indy's relationship be somewhat more understandable.
  • Add mentioned characters in the show, too, and make them easier to understand (Such as Indy's sister and Winton's mum).
  • Have an episode where the Terriers' real names are revealed.
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