0B6Q3519 pride dog show 2010



its fun here. off with the cannon filled with spam, ramramramweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

bees are funny. they are awesome and so sawyery
Finished top

qbert qollects quarters

dont you agree?

who couldnt?

the gumball world of amazingness


Naseous pumpkin pukes out its guts

um, yummy tasty good

yaks are like flies, only theyre yakyer

japickle japickle, japickle

couldnt you be doing something more productive then reading the useless babble ive typed here.

if your reading this sentence, you wanna read more blabber. good choice

the pictures are of a puppy, q*bert, a pumpkin, fruit with blood, and some hot japanese guy(other people think hes hot, though. me? i think hes normal)

great selection huh? no. u wanna hear me talk randomly.


Sorry, you got too annoying.


here we go again:


nyanperry vs. tacnsmirtz

i heard pig fly, but now ive seen everything, hahahaha

365 Illyria April Fool Days)

some guy that people call hot. im a guy, so i wouldnt know.

see part 2 soon