Chapter 1: Out Of The Jar

"Oh look, a pickle jar" said Dave as he joyfully ran into the kitchen. "its over nine thousand!!!!!!" he stated
minutes later after trying to unscrew the ever so tight lid. "Give it here,son" his dad laughed and took the glass jar, but only to end up not having the strength to do so either. Dave laughed at his fathers attempt and his dad did not hesitate to change the subject, "everything packed for the picnic?" he asked. "Oh yes, right" Dave replied remembering they were having one just that second. As they got to the car Dave's mother was quick to ask "what took you so long?".

As soon as the family arrived at their destination they set up the picnic as Dave and his dad went fishing and caught the mongolien cheese fish, but that's another story. Soon the sky got dark and without hesitation Dave's mother suggested packing up and heading back. Meanwhile back in the street their house was struck by lightning, but suprisingly not damaging the house even slightly! The electricity from the lightning ran visibly through the house.
"what one earth?!" say's Dave staring along with the rest of his family in fascination at the glowing house. Whilst inside the electricity reaches the pickle jar and they take on a massive transformation. A small cut goes along near the bottom of the pickle and tears open forming jagged edges on the top and the bottom with a hideous green slimy tongue. It grows big,red,dark eyes that stare around the room as green,hideous arms and legs sprout out from it's body. The family enter the room only to find shattered glass where the jar was.