Ja, Ja's flag. Some scripts say it comes from the 6th century, but it's often told that it might be even over 2000,000 and a half second years old. The first assumption is more likely. Many people think it has a small resemblance to smiled Johnny Test, but everyone who tried to prove it was eaten by a great Armenian doughnut with Norwegian chocolate, Lithuanian milk and Sanmarinese San Marino (Seafood pizza from the San river in Neverland). Regardless, the flag is beautiful. Just look at the colour scheme and the dogginess of the cuarencḕ de imeerḕ novene eeḕee. It is the symbol of harmony and beautifulness (beauty and harmony). The gods used the flag to attract attractive godly goddesses of attraction to attract their attractive bodies. If you want to attract anyone with this attractive flag, first clean your dog and sing Friday by Rebecca Black.

Ja, ja. The most ammoting frasse in die schulzenkroffen.

Nein, nein. Shockolade.

National Anthem

Eine butter shokolade.

Die ende offen die lyrikke.

Eine chocolate machen

Meine liebe schwester

Meine liebe schwester

Meine liebe schwester x3

Achtung, Achtung

Achtung, Achtung x8

Eins, zwei, polizei, sieben acht, gute nacht.

Eins, zwei, polizei, sieben acht, gute nacht. x9846073894833235664883844343