Jell-O is a funny food! It is made of Gelatin (and who knows what else) and comes in multiple flavors. Grape, Strawberry, Orange, Green, and many others! It starts as a powder, then you add water and it's a liquid and (after being in the fridge for 4 hours) turns into a solid blob of mass Jell-Osity!!!!!!!!



Jell-Osity is Jell-O with the suffix -osity. (but with the extra O deleted)


Platypuses/Platypi/Plattypeople... may eat Jell-O in special Super Secret Agent flavor, but only if their name is Perry and they work for the O.W.C.A.


Jell-O Rumors

  • It has been rumored that the Kool-Aid man is filled of Jell-O ever since his imfamious fall into a river while he was ice fishing.
  • It has been rumored that if you put Capri-Sun or any juice in the fridge for 4 hours it turns into Jell-O.

Gru flavored Jell-O

If you have minions that look like POPS cereal, you can get gru flavored Jell-O.