Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC is the best place on earth to get fried chicken!


Original Recipe

Colonel's Secret Recipe.

Extra Crispy

So crunchy, it's loud.

Kentucky Grilled Chicken

Better-for-you option with the savory flavor of KFC.

Colonel's Crispy Strips

Tender, crispy chicken strips.

Hot Wings

Juicy bone-in wings.

KFC Snacker Sandwich

Big taste. Small price.

Mashed Potatoes & Gravey

Whipped to perfection.

Cole slaw

Freshly prepared and delicious.

Home-Style Biscuits

Our famous, flaky biscuits.

  • Note: Menus vary by location. Your KFC might have something my KFC might not have. Grow the menu!


The mascott is the Kernal. He wants you to eat delicious chicken.
KFC Kernal

Kernal Sanders


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