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This is a list of episodes of the children's television series Robokip.

These ideas for episodes sound stupid, don't they?

Series 1

Series 1 will have 24 episodes, airing on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for eight weeks, starting on 7th March, 2016.

# Episode title Air date
7th March, 2016
When the school has a disco, Lucifer goes about giving everybody sweets and toys for very high prices in order to get enough money to build a robot to challenge Kip. Meanwhile, Aliyah also tries to flirt with Pop, although Jasmine (and, to extent, Bert) keeps getting in her way.
9th March, 2016
Gerald invents a monitor which can track down certain microchips. For an experiment, he hides three crystals around Aliyah's school (which is a stupid move) and gets her to find them. Aliyah also gets Pop to help her out, in hope she can flirt with him some more.
Ghost Stories
11th March, 2016
Melanrie tells Aliyah and Kip several ghost stories, that Kip believes. One tale Melanrie tells them accidentally makes Kip believing that ghosts are going to come haunt everybody!
Virtual Robot
14th March, 2016
The Hugosons duke it out with Jasmine and Lucifer over who can win the most arcade and casino-esque games, whilst Kip goes around the arcade and gets himself in trouble by the way he accidently behaves.
Blind Play
16th March, 2016
Gerald experiments by placing a chip inside Kip's brain to increase his intelligence, but the chip has an unintended side-effect that Kip's vision will sometimes, at random times, begin to mess up.
Super Bert
18th March, 2016
Bert introduces everybody to his alter ego, Super Bert, which Aliyah and Melanrie think negatively on. If only if Bert could show off his true super form...
Unlikely Acts
21st March, 2016
Everybody agrees that they have had enough of Dolly's annoyance, and reject her, although Mario agrees to help her redeem herself if she gives him money.
Free Egg (Part 1)
23rd March, 2016
Kip comes up with ridiculous ways to get lots of Easter Eggs off everybody. They don't work as well as he thought they would, however!
Discovery Kids (Part 2)
25th March, 2016
It turns out that somebody has stolen lots of Easter Eggs for an unknown reason. The group seperate in order to find out who the culprit is.
Prize Vault
28th March, 2016
When a new fast food chain introduces a new game based on Monopoly, the Hugosons get addicted on going there everyday.
Bert to the Future
30th March, 2016
Kip finds a plastic container, and pretends that it is a time machine. When he gets Bert to go inside, he tricks him into thinking he is in the future.
Prank Call
1st April, 2016
Aliyah, Melanrie and Mario go about making prank calls to everybody's houses after finding a phone book. Little do they know the trouble it gets them in.
25th April, 2016
The town is introduced to a brand new virtual fighting game, and Aliyah and Kip attempt to cheat the system to get to the top of the world leaderboards.
27th April, 2016
Both Jasmine and Aliyah take part in a skills challenge, only to find out that they will be on a team together, which doesn't go very well!
29th April, 2016
A new scientist on the block kidnaps Kip and uses him for experiments. In return, Kip is replaced by a robot that looks almost identical to him!
Battery Bail
2nd May, 2016
When Kip's battery runs out, Gerald must build him another one (DJ Khaled would be proud), although the new battery gives Kip an attitude the others don't like.
Get the Kick
4th May, 2016
Everybody is fed up of the man with the white shirt and Trivia Man, and the duo are kicked out of the town, however, everybody realises how boring it is without them in town.
Meet the Family
6th May, 2016
Jasmine is fed up with her parents and even asks Aliyah if she can stay at her's for the night, causing the two to have a bonding.
Venture Forth
9th May, 2016
Realising that Pop is not the adventuring character, Aliyah invites him along one, even though where they head isn't exactly the best idea.
Super Bert and Friends
11th May, 2016
Super Bert is back... and he has friends! Bert gets all of his friends to roleplay, although the others find it very boring and do things that spice everything up!
Superstars In Their Eyes
13th May, 2016
When Jasmine's mother's birthday comes along, the whole family are to have a formal dinner. Jasmine, however, is also told to bring a friend over, so she draws cards on who to disguise as a new friend. Dolly becomes the victim.
16th May, 2016
Mario and Melanrie both tell everybody a story each on how revenge is good and should always be done under every circumstance.
18th May, 2016
The group (except Melanrie) go to a water park. Kip is desperate to go into the water, but is a robot going into water a good idea?
The Drop
20th May, 2016
Kip tries bungee jumping, and ends up malfunctioning after the rope accidentally snaps, causing Kip to fall. After being revived by Gerald, Kip becomes terrified of heights.

Series 2

On 18th May, 2016, Robokip was confirmed to have an extra series, which premiered on 24th October that year, though only two episodes will air each week instead of three.

Series 2 appears to focus more on Aliyah than Kip.

# Episode title Air date
Unite the Family
24th October, 2016
When Pop's family have a big reunion, he invites Aliyah around, who finds the lot to be obnoxious. However, she eventually enjoys spending time with the lot.
Play for the Player
28th October, 2016
In a dare with Melanrie, Aliyah gambles on Pop's violin, without his permission.
31st October, 2016
The group challenge each other who can scare Dolly the most, using technology.
A Cheater Never Loses
4th November, 2016
When the school (yes, I can't come up for a name of the school the characters attend) introduces a new Star Point system, Aliyah and Jasmine become competitive and try to get more Star Points than each other. Jasmine later decides to cheat by photocopying her Star Points.
7th November, 2016
Aliyah and Kip are invited to see Pop perform in a concert, though they don't seem very interested, and instead mess about to fill time.
11th November, 2016
Kip is determined to win a Robot Racing Grand Prix, however, Lucifer has created a brand new robot to get in his way!
Halloween Aftermath
14th November, 2016
Aliyah begins having trouble getting to sleep, so Gerald invents a new sleeping medicine, however the medicine gives her severe nightmares!
18th November, 2016
Aliyah and Pop are invited into a special room that allows the two to create a virtual world based on what they think about inside their heads, however, they realise that they cannot get out of the room.
21st November, 2016
Trivia Man introduces his own brand of cola on the market, which come in larger portions at a lower price. The drink, however, has several unintended side effects, such as depression and addiction.
25th November, 2016
Kip retells Aliyah the stories of Jack and the Beanstalk, Sleeping Beauty and Pinocchio, but with his own twists.
Men in Red
12th December, 2016
Aliyah and Kip are greeted by three different Santas one after another, causing the duo to think that there are multiple Santas.
Robo Idol
16th December, 2016
Aliyah convinces Kip to perform on a local talent show, using autotune as his backup. Meanwhile, Aliyah herself becomes stressed when she is not sure what to give Pop as a Christmas present.
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