Hiya peoplez! I'm here to create more randomosity by indirect request of Quirkyworkygirl.

This is a random little story about little red riding-hood mostly made up by my friend J-Boy.

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Little red riding-hood. Don't ask why she was called that she just was. One day her mother asked her to take some cookies to her grandmother who lived on the other side of the forest.

While walking through the forest Little red met a wolf who saw her sitting under a tree eating cookies. "Hello." said the wolf "What are you doing?" He asked her. "I'm eating my grandmother's cookies." Little red replied. "What?!" Cried the wolf "You're eating your grandmother's cookies?!?!" The wolf couldn't believe what he was hearing. "No. I wouldn't do that; these are YOUR cookies." Little red replied. "WHAT?!" The wolf yelled. He became so upset that he ran off and hid behind a tree. "Oh well." He said to himself "At least she didn't take my flowers." At that moment Little red walked over to some lovely flowers and picked them all. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" The wolf screamed. At that he ran up to Little red and shouted "I challenge you to a race to your grandmother's house!" Then he ran off down the path. He suddenly turned and ran back and said a little embarresed "Uh...Where is your grandmother's house?" After Little red gave him detailed directions to her grandmother's house, the wolf raced off again.

Upon arriving he told Little red's grandmother what had happened over a cup of tea. When Little red finally arrived a lumber-jack showed up out of nowhere and started saying "Argh! I be Lumber-jack, the pirate!" "What?!" Asked everyone present. "I said," started the lumber-jack "I be Lumber-jack, the pirate!" "Ok seriously" said the wolf "Are you a lumber-jack or a pirate?" The lumber-jack thought this through and then replied "Argh. I be Lumber-jack; the pirate!" Little red rolled her eyes "He must be a lumber-jack but he seems to think he's a pirate." "Clearly." Remarked her grandmother "So what do we do about it?"

Pulling out a memory-erasinator ray gun Little red fired at the lumber-jack, causing him to forget about being a pirate. "Argh. I be Lumber-jack---......."

So the Lumber-jack joined them all for tea.

And they contententedly for a reasonable amount of time....

The End.