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==Moon Snail==
==Moon Snail==
*Why do we bake cookies and cook bacon?
*Why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food?
== Mozart999 ==
== Mozart999 ==

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List your paradox questions here. They can also be questions that cause paradoxes.

Stephen Burg's Paradox Questions

  1. If you delete an e-mail before you receive it, is it a paradox?
  2. If someone says they always lie, are they lying, or telling the truth?
  3. True or false-This statement is false?
  4. the following sentence is true. The previous sentence was false.

Gray Pea Shooter

  1. If you conqer a county before it is formed?
  2. Can do the Can Can?


  1. Who would win: an unpiercable sheild or a sword that pierces all shields?


  1. What would happen if existance was caused by existance to never exist?


  1. Suppose you were like Pinnochio and your nose grew every time you lied. If you say "my nose will grow now", that would be a lie because you havent said anything that would make it grow yet, so your nose would grow because you lied. But if your nose grew, then what you said wouldn't have been a lie, because your nose did grow. So would your nose grow or wouldn't it?
  2. 1/3 as a decimal is .333... (1/3)*3=1, so if 1/3=.333... then .333...*3 should also equal 1. .333...*3 isn't 1, however, it's .999... Does that mean .999...=1?


  1. if a poison expires is it more or less dangerous?
  2. If a woman is always right and a man is always wrong, if the man agrees with the woman, is he right or wrong?
  3. If ten times better than leading brand, why isn't it the leading brand?
  4. If we call it Uno, do Spanish speaking people call it One?
  5. If a tree falls down and no one is around to hear it, how do we know it fell in the first place?
  6. If there is an exception to every rule, is there an exception to that rule?
  7. If time is money, is an ATM a time machine?
  8. If you try to fail and succeed, which did you do?
  9. If tomatoes are a fruit isn't ketchup technically a smoothie?
  10. Who put the alphabet in alphabetical order?


  • if there were two guys on the moon and one killed the other with a rock would that be hecked up or what


  1. Click the pilcrow if you aren't going to click the pilcrow -> 
  2. If a list contains all lists that don't contain themselves, does it contain itelf?
  3. The word "heterological" means "not describing itself"; for example, "hyphenated" is not hyphenated and "monosyllabic" is not monosyllabic. Is "heterological" heterological?
  4. "The first number not nameable in under ten words." The previous sentence is nine words long.
  5. If you buy Swiss cheese, did you buy the holes?

Moon Snail

  • Why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food?


  • If we call oranges oranges, why don't we call lemons yellows and limes greens?
  • If you travel back in time and kill your grandfather, then did you kill your father and yourself as well?
  • Why isn't 11 pronounced as onety-one?
  • Why is there only one project I have managed to keep alive?


  • If bagels represent hope, then do waffles represent despair?


  • Why 12 is not pronounced as two-teen?
  • Why everyone hates Justin Bieber while he has many followers in social media?
  • Why we flipped 69 upside-down and it never comes 96?
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