The Parental Guidance for children's TV show Robokip.

Sex & Nudity

1 / 10
Mild flirting.

In Radar, when Pop gets stuck in a delivery hole, Aliyah pushes his buttocks to try and push him out.

For the entire of Waterbot, Mario and Pop only wear swimming trunks.


3 / 10
The only type of violence the show potrays is slapstick.

In Doppleganger, a robotic counterpart of Kip malfunctions.

In Virtual Robot, Bert accidentally falls over stairs, landing on his face.

In Super Bert, Jasmine trips Bert by sticking out her foot.

In Bert to the Future, Bert farts on Kip when he accidentally sits on him.

In Mismatch, Aliyah accidentally hits a tennis ball of Jasmine's face, who believes she did it on purpose.

In Venture Forth, Pop trips over a log and hurts his leg. A slight bit of blood is seen, but it does not drip.

In Super Bert and Friends, Bert crashes into a shelf, with its contents including a paint tin and wooden toys, falling on his stomach.

In The Drop, Kip accidentally bashes his head off a tree.


1 / 10
Very mild insults.


0 / 10

Frightning/Intense Scenes

2 / 10
Characters are seen getting slightly injured, but it is taken in a comedic way.

In Ghost Stories, Kip has a dream about being chased by ghosts, though it is not too scary.

In Blind Play, Kip begins malfunctioning, which may slightly frighten very young children.


  • Brazil: L
  • Estonia: PERE
  • Germany: FSK 0
  • Netherlands: AL
  • Republic of Guy: TV-G
  • United Kingdom: U
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