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Pokemon Life is a series of mangas that has been adapted into a TV show.

Story Arcs

The story arcs of the manga and the TV adaption are identical.

  • GSC (released 2003): An adventure that takes place in the Johto region! Pokemon Trainers Gold and Silver collect Gym Badges from the Pokemon Gyms and fight against Team Rocket's evil plans.
  • RSE (released 2005): Pokemon Trainer Sapphire moves to Hoenn from Johto and sets out on an adventure to fill Birch's Pokedex whilst helping a girl named Ruby in her Pokemon Contest-related troubles.
  • FRLG (released 2006): A young trainer named Red from the Johto Region journeys to the Kanto Region to stop Team Rocket's plans. Meanwhile, Sapphire and his friends challenge the Battle Frontier off the coast of Hoenn.
  • DP (released 2008): Siblings Diamond and Pearl give themselves 28 days to earn all eight Gym Badges and win all 20 Pokemon Contests, respectively. Meanwhile, the secret agent Platinum is trying to stop the plans of Team Galactic.
  • HGSS (released 2010): Team Rocket has returned to destroy both Johto and Sinnoh alike with the power of the deity Arceus! The Pokedex holders go on a secret mission to stop them - in doing so, Gold challenges the Pokeathlon and the trio of Diamond, Pearl and Platinum visit the Battle Zone in Sinnoh.
  • BW (released 2011): Pokemon Trainer Black meets Pokemon Trainer White, and together the two go on a journey of epic proportions, Black aiming to win the Pokemon League and White aiming to stop Team Plasma's plans of Pokemon Liberation.
  • B2W2 (released 2012): Black and White go on a holiday to Aspertia City, only to come across the newly revived Team Plasma. How can Black and White stop their almost ferocious goals?
  • Conquest (released 2013): Shujinko and Oichi end up going on an adventure all across the Ransei Region to stop the evil Nobunaga from effortlessly destroying the entire region!
  • XY (released 2014): Xavier leaves home on a Pokemon Journey when Team Flare kidnap his mother's Rhyhorn and attempt to sell it at a black market. On his journey, Xavier bumps into Yvonne, who dreams to learn the secrets of Mega Evolution.
  • ORAS (released 2015): Ruby and Sapphire are back! Team Aqua and Team Magma are aiming to summon Groudon and Kyogre a second time in order to fulfil their diametrically opposed goals. Can Ruby and Sapphire prevent a catastrophe through the power of Mega Evolution?
  • SM (released 2016): Sun travels through the Alola region in order to rescue the local deities with help from a girl named Moon.


Name Artwork Region Debut Team
Gold Gold.jpg Johto GSC 230 Kingdra.gif 157 Typhlosion.gif

025 Pikachu.gif 196 Espeon.gif 227 Skarmory.gif 185 Sudowoodo.gif

Silver Silver.jpg Johto GSC 160 Feraligatr.gif 169 Crobat.gif

094 Gengar.gif 065 Alakazam.gif 461 Weavile.png 130 Gyarados Shiny.gif

Crystal Crystal.jpg Johto GSC 154 Meganium.gif 132 Ditto.gif

036 Clefable.gif 040 Wigglytuff.gif Togetic.gif 352 Kecleon.gif

Sapphire Sapphire.jpg Hoenn (originally from Johto) RSE 082 Magneton.gif 205 Forretress.gif

254 Sceptile.gif 351 Castform.gif 348 Armaldo.gif 312 Minun.gif

Ruby Ruby.jpg Hoenn RSE 257 Blaziken.gif 121 Starmie.gif

282 Gardevoir.gif 306 Aggron.gif 346 Cradily.gif 311 Plusle.gif

Emerald Emerald PL.jpg Hoenn GSC (cameo), RSE (official) 260 Swampert.gif 321 Wailord.gif

369 Relicanth.gif 299 Nosepass.gif 356 Dusclops.gif 362 Glalie.gif

Red Red PL.jpg Kanto (originally from Johto) FRLG 006 Charizard.gif 018 Pidgeot.gif

061 Poliwhirl.gif 142 Aerodactyl.gif 068 Machamp.gif 136 Flareon.gif

Blue Blue PL.jpg Kanto FRLG 009 Blastoise.gif 022 Fearow.gif

028 Sandslash.gif 141 Kabutops.gif 112 Rhydon.gif 135 Jolteon.gif

Green Green.jpg Kanto FRLG 003 Venusaur.gif 242 Blissey.gif

091 Cloyster.gif 038 Ninetales.gif 139 Omastar.gif 134 Vaporeon.gif

Diamond Lucas.png Sinnoh DP 389 Torterra.gif 398 Staraptor.gif

423 Gastrodon.png 358 Chimecho.gif 143 Snorlax.gif 076 Golem.gif

Pearl Dawn Trainer.png Sinnoh DP 395 Empoleon.gif 405 Luxray.png

267 Beautifly.gif 407 Roserade.png Lopunny.gif 436 Bronzor.png

Platinum Platinum.png Sinnoh DP 392 Infernape.gif 418 Buizel.png

229 Houndoom.gif 475 Gallade.png 319 Sharpedo.gif 474 Porygon-Z.png

Parental Guidance

Main Article: Parental Guidance/Pokemon Life



  • A number of characters had their outfits changed from the games to be less revealing.
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