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  • My Hero Academia is the best anime.
  • Steven Universe is great.
  • I don't think video games are a waste of time like other girls do.
  • Most trends are super dumb.
  • The Pokémon anime sucks crap, the games are way better.


  • I think I only like math because I can actually do it.
  • I think the media is usually wrong about DiePewPie (Obviously true)
  • Memes are cool.
  • Endgame is an amazing way for Marvel and Disney to rake in money because they're releasing it again with some extra foorage but Im not sure if they're doing it in other countries.
  • The school system is CRazY because if someone is getting bullied or harrased in any way and they defend themselves they sometimes end up getting in trouble 'YOU'rE iN trOUBlE younG MAn'.
  • I like drawing with references.
  • I like Anime and Manga please dont hate me.
  • Cory in the House is the best anime.
  • Mr. Mime has got to be my favorite pokemon.
  • I think trends are dumb.
  • I know that this is a popular opinion but I think that Froakie and its evolutions is the best starter in X and Y.
  • I think Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald were the games that caused Pokemon to become so popular.
  • I think Torchic is the best gen 3 starter.
  • I think living in a large populated city is horrible just because traffic exists.


  • Stupid Hoe is actually pretty good.
  • Wikipedia is a reliable source.
  • Most popular stuff is bullshit.
  • Toy Story 2 is a better film than 1 and 3.
  • I hate anime.


  • The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is my least favourite out of the three Sonic cartoons produced by DiC. I am not saying it is bad, but I prefer both Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Underground much more. Several of the episodes have repetitive or cliche plots, and I feel that the show had too many missed opportunities. I mean, Coconuts is the only interesting "main" character, but has a significant role in barely any episodes.
  • The 2000s era is an awesome year for music. I really like eurodance, bubblegum pop and grime. It sucks how the only songs from the 2000s which get proper airplay nowadays are songs by Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Rihanna.
  • The Cars trilogy is awesome, and 2 is one of my favourite animated films.
  • I am really against the way males and females are depicted. Just because I have a penis means I have to act in a certain way and/or like certain things? I especially don't agree with male/female toilets and changing rooms. Just make everything like they make disabled toilets!
  • I don't follow trends at all - not even "hipster" styles. I find most of them to be either completely stupid or bizzare. The only reason I wear somewhat trendy clothes is because it's what the shops sell.
  • Pulp Fiction has to be one of the most boring films I have ever seen in my life. I think the reason it gets so much praise is because of the admittedly good scenes with the cheeseburger and the milkshake - which are the only good parts of the film.
  • Speaking of, I find doing things just for the sake of doing them to be really stupid.
  • Not necessarily an unpopular opinion, but coming from somebody who likes music from Eminem, Lupe Fiasco and the likes, I despise mumble rap. It wouldn't even be so bad if these "rappers" knew they are so bad, but the fact they think they're this serious and talented thing makes it worse.
  • Shrek the Third is my favourite Shrek sequel, and I'm not very keen on Shrek Forever After. By the way, where the hell is Lord Farquaad in the alternate universe? inb4 I get bombarded with tons of fan theories.

Le epic Dank Meimei enters the ring


  • I don't believe in karma. Something shitty happens to you after you do something not so nice to someone else? That's just a coincidence that happened, it's not """""karma""""".
  • I don't care about and don't believe in climate change.
  • I hate fireworks. They're loud, flashy and disruptive.
  • Shipping or headcanoning real, living, breathing humans is wrong and gross.
  • I'm tired of seeing Hatsune Miku be used as some sort of soapbox/mouthpiece for a political agenda. It angers me so badly.
    • That being said, "Miku made Minecraft"/"Miku wrote Harry Potter" is the worst fucking meme ever.

Entertainment (TV/Music/Etc.)

  • I unironically like The Nutshack. Yes, I'm being 100% serious. The Nutshack is a good show in my eyes. It's like a bad car wreck, you want to look away from it but something's stopping you from doing so.
  • Nickelodeon sitcoms are overhated, and seeing people trash on them makes me sad. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that, but I don't understand why they are so overhated. Some of my favorite shows of all time are Nickelodeon sitcoms. *COUGHCOUGHSCHOOLOFROCKCOUGHCOUGH*
    • Oh yeah, also, Henry Danger is a good show. It may not be the funniest thing ever, but I do enjoy it and I really don't know why. Fight me.
      • Also, Victorious is awful. I have no idea why it's so popular all of a sudden, and at this point I'm too afraid to ask.
  • Nickelodeon >>> Disney Channel >>>>> Cartoon Network
  • I don't like Jack Stauber's music. It's too mediocre.
  • "Bohemian Rhapsody" is an awful, annoying song. Queen in general is massively overrated and the only songs I like by them are "Killer Queen" and "Don't Stop Me Now".
  • Rocket Girls 101, S.I.N.G and BANANALEMON all deserve more attention.
  • I don't get the appeal of the Moomins.
  • Cable > Streaming
  • All genres of music are "real music", you just have a specific taste.
  • The Wilhelm scream is cliched and it needs to die a slow and painful death.
  • I hate JubyPhonic's covers. Her voice actually gives me migranes. I'm not kidding.
  • I don't like the Harry Potter franchise.
  • I hate Christmas music, with the sole exception of Breanna Yde's cover of "All I Want For Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey.


  • Call me crazy, but I prefer eating my fries with a fork.
  • I don't like ice cream or most cakes. Cheesecake, however, is god-tier.
  • Nutella is gross and if you smear it on everything you eat then I'm positive you're a psychopath.
  • I hate mayonnaise and ranch dressing. They are the worst condiments.
  • I prefer vegetables over fruits. In fact, I don't even like fruit.
  • The concept of "breakfast in bed" is terrible. If I want to eat, I'll do it at a table or desk.
  • Soda with ice tastes absolutely disgusting. The ice waters the soda itself down.

Internet Culture

  • Cyberbullying is not real. Just turn off your computer or phone.
    • Bullying prevention is never going to work, and if you think it is you're an idiot. There will always be people who are gonna be assholes to you and if you don't like that then fucking suck it up. It's not gonna stop no matter how hard you try. And this is coming from an actual victim of bullying.
  • Wikipedia is a usually very reliable source and people overexaggerate a lot when they say there is lots of misinformation on it.
  • The Giant Enemy Spider is not funny.
  • I don't mind "triggered" jokes.
  • The term "holosexual" makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a rusty fork.
  • Draw the Squad memes are not funny or interesting and they never will be.
  • I know this opinion is somewhat popular but I'm still saying it anyway: Tiktok is the epitome of cringe. 99.999% of the content on it is funny, or creative, or made by anyone truly talented.
  • I hate doggo speak. I also hate words like "heckin", "bork" and "potat".
  • Tacking "Nobody:" on top of your memes automatically makes them unfunny.
  • Putting watermarks on memes is a stupid practice. Memes aren't art, they're inherently meant to be shared.
  • Complaining about Rule 34 is useless, as it only encourages the artists in that field to draw more of it.
  • Mr. Beast doesn't deserve to be as popular as he is.


Yeah, I know, these should all be in the "Entertainment" section, shut up. I feel as if my opinions on K-Pop are worthy of their own section because there's a lot of them. Prepare for some scalding hot takes, lads. This is gonna be long.

  • Although I love both groups, ITZY > TWICE. ITZY is my ult group and all of their songs go super hard and I can vibe to them literally all day. If I had to choose one album to listen to for the rest of my life, I'd choose "IT'z ME" in a heartbeat.
  • Girl groups > boy groups
  • JYP Entertainment is the best company out of the Big Three.
  • "Gee" by Girls' Generation is one of the worst songs in all of K-Pop. Hell, I don't even like Girls' Generation in general.
  • I like BTS, but they're really not that great. Their music is severely overhyped and I don't understand what's so special about it.
  • I LOVE "noise music".
  • "I'm Gonna Be A Star" by TWICE is not a bad song. You guys are just mean. Oh, yeah! Speaking of which...
  • "Whistle" is BLACKPINK's worst song.
  • All the "lazy" scandals make me want to scream until my throat explodes. Same deal with all the double standards. Y'all really are some annoying ass bitches.
  • Like it or not, Wonyoung is the center of IZ*ONE. Get over it and quit complaining. Hoes mad.
  • "Bad Boy" and "Zimzalabim" are Red Velvet's worst songs.
  • "Highlight" > "La Vie en Rose"
  • i dont wanna get political or anything but what the fuck is "big 3 privilege"
  • I hate fansub videos with every fiber of my being. NihonSaranghae you are not fuckin funny.
  • I LIVE for the "cringey" English parts in songs.
  • Western collabs ain't SHIT. I say this as someone who loves the BTS World songs ("All Night", "A Brand New Day" and "Dream Glow"), as well as "Boy With Luv".
  • As much as I don't wanna say this, I think that ƒ(x) fans should stop hoping for a ƒ(x) comeback. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like a lot of ƒ(x)'s songs. They've released a TON of bangers ("Signal", "Electric Shock", "All Mine", "Cowboy", "Papi", "4 Walls", the list goes on), but they haven't released an album since 2015. On top of that, it has been ten years since their debut, and two of the members, Amber and Luna, have chosen not to renew their contracts with SM Entertainment after they expired, which leaves only Krystal (who is still working with SM) and Victoria (whose contract status is kind of in limbo as far as I'm aware).
  • It's okay to not stan every member of a group, but it's certainly not okay to hate on them. You aren't always going to be interested in every member, and you shouldn't force others to be.
  • I hate it when people ship idols. A lot. As I said in the "General" section, shipping real people is wrong. Idols are not fictional characters, they are real humans.
  • Nothing about Jisoo appeals to me, and I say this as a BLACKPINK fan. Like, I love Jennie, Lisa and Rosé a lot, but Jisoo is just... there. She only stands out in terms of vocals and that's it.
  • Fans shouldn't care about line distribution as much as they do! I hate when people complain about their bias not having enough lines. It really isn't worth complaining about in the grand scheme of life. And sometimes, there's a good reason as to why certain members don't have a lot of lines in songs. These posts on /r/unpopularkpopopinions explain my feelings on this subject better than I ever could, so shut up and enjoy the song. If I see one more fucking Weki Meki fan complain about the amount of lines Lua got in "Tiki-Taka 99%" I will shit.
  • I simply do not care about the IZ*ONE discourse. At all. We get it, the votes were rigged. Move on. Read a book. Graduate from college, get a job, get a wife, have kids, realize your health is failing then die. The fact this is getting more attention than the highly overlooked Idol School abuse scandals makes me livid. Y'all bitches have some have skewed-ass fucking priorities.
  • I actually don't mind MOMOLAND. I really like a lot of their songs, some examples being "VeryVery", "Bingo Game" and of course "BAAM" and "BBoom BBoom".
  • There's nothing wrong with Momo's voice. I seriously can't believe I used to ever hate it what the fuck was wrong with 12-year-old me
    • 12-year-old me: Who are you
    • 14-year-old me: I'm you but Momo is my bias instead of Jeongyeon


  • Digimon games>Digimon anime. Likewise, Pokemon anime>Pokemon games.
  • I don't care for MLP at all. I used to slightly like it, but beyond that, I have no interest.
  • Koharu is an underrated character and Bandai really should've done more with her.
  • Jewelpet, Cocotama, and Rilu Rilu Fairilu are very underrated animes.
  • My issue with the so-called "CalArts style" is less that it's overused and more that I just find it unappealing to look at.
  • I like all Transformers series. Yes, even Energon.
  • Saint Seiya Omega and Dragon Ball GT weren't bad.
  • I actually like Funko Pops.

RNW's Resident Retro Nut, Sophie

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  • I'm not into My Little Pony. I prefer Care BearsPopples, and The Yum Yums over it.
  • The Get Along Gang really isn't that bad. I love the characters, the voice acting, the theme song, and its messages.
  • Sheep in the Big City has the best humor out of the old Cartoon Network shows.
  • I'm okay with Eight Crazy Nights.
  • I actually like Little Clowns of Happytown. Don't hesitate to call the cops on me, thank you. 
  • Cocotama is a very underrated anime.
  • I don't mind mean-spirited humor as long as it's executed correctly.
  • The 2005 Disney movie Chicken Little gets WAY, WAY, WAAAY too much hate. I actually adored that movie.
  • Jingaroo needs more attention.
  • The characters from the game Super Bust-a-Move are all underrated.
  •  As a music group, The Ritchie Family deserves more credit.
  • Trubbish, Garbodor, and Burmy are actually interesting Pokemon that are overhated.
  • The only Square Enix-owned franchises I'm really fond of are the Taito-produced Bubble BobbleChack'n PopPuzzle Bobble/Bust-A-Move (particularly Super Bust-A-Move 1 and 2), and The NewZealand Story. In short, Taito > Its parent company, Square Enix.
  • The 1988-93 Nick Jr. era is seriously underrated.
  • Welcome to Pooh Corner is actually one of my favorite incarnations of Winnie the Pooh.
  • Carly Cardinal from the "Trees Are Terrific" PSA is an underrated character.  
  • Poochie is one of the most underrated 1980s characters.
  • I'm not too crazy about Raboot. In fact, it's my least favorite out of the Scorbunny line.
  • The only chocolate product I'm into is chocolate milk
  • From what I've seen, Mike, Lu & Og is a good show. Yes, I said it.
  • Shirt Tales needs a reboot. 
  • "Elf on the Shelf" is one of my favorite memes.
  • The Maple Town English dub isn't that bad. Also, I think the English theme song is quite catchy. 

Madi Shinx

  • I like Rubbadubbers.
  • Frankenguy and the Professor is underrated.
  • I never liked The Hunger Games.
  • I hate "cancer" as a term of disgust.
  • I actually like Johnny Test. Fight me.
  • I still liked FOP even after they added Poof. Sparky and Chloe, however...
  • I also think that FOP should have ended with its Wishology special.
  • I hate doggo talk.
  • I hate the NSMB series. The music is so. Fucking. Repetitive! I mean, we have heard the same death theme since Super Mario 64 DS (when you lose a minigame.)
  • I hate pizza toppings. Actually, when I eat pizza, I just tear the cheese off and eat the pizza without the cheese. (Also, I don't eat the cheese.)
  • I don't care about Pewdiepie, but I want him to get overthrown by an actual person, not a company.
  • SuperMarioLogan is really bad nowadays.
  • Minecraft is better than Fortnite, Roblox, and other stuff.
  • Am I the only person who prefers Futurama over The Simpsons?
  • I tried getting into the Harry Potter franchise, and I just don't like it.
  • Family Guy isn't good. It's just one offensive thing after the other.
  • I think Blue's Clues did the right thing by having Joe as a host after Steve left. Also, Joe > Steve.
  • Streaming services nowadays are becoming cable all over again, except that you pay money for each channel. Also, cable > streaming.
  • The only XXXTentacion song I enjoy is Falling Down. I don't care for the rest of his songs and he is a terrible person irl.
  • I'm not interested in anything Star Wars. Also, The Child (not Yoda!!!) is only just there to add a cuteness factor and to sell merchandise.


  • Inanimate object Pokémon are some of the best out there.
  • Bulbasaur > Charmander and Squirtle.
  • Castform is a great Pokémon.
  • Pokemon games > Pokemon anime. Read more on why.
  • I fucking hate when they give Pokemon (i.e. Gardevior, Lopunny, Nidoqueen, etc.) boobs (Jynx I'm okay with, since it has boobs.)
  • I really detest Nuzlockes, thanks to the rules. I mean, if a Pokémon ever faints in battle, I'm never going to release it or permanently store it in the PC, ever.
  • People are not toxic for pointing out issues to Sword and Shield, let alone any Pokémon game. Though IMO, Sword and Shield should have been delayed. (after all, the Switch is much more powerful than the 3DS.)


  • The episode "Old Man Patrick" is depressing, because the death part was taken pretty far, especially the "someone fake-dying" gag. Other than that, I found it good.
  • Plankton's Army > anything else in season 3, though I like all episodes. Don't @ me if you're gonna talk shit about that episode.
  • Pat the Horse is my favorite Season 11 episode of SpongeBob. You guys are just mean.
  • I find Imitation Krabs to be a meh episode. I'm sorry, people. I don't have any problems with the first half, but I'm not very fond of the last few minutes (though I love the "Ravioli, ravioli, give me the formuoli" line). I get that SpongeBob is naïve and all, but considering that Mr. Krabs is SpongeBob's boss, he should be able to tell the Robot Krabs from the real Krabs, and that Mr. Krabs should know all these trivia questions thanks to years of owning the Krusty Krab.
  • "To Love a Patty" is a guilty pleasure for me, because of the song (minus the scallop-killing scene).
  • I really like the episode Bunny Hunt. Stop being mean to Bunny Wunny :(

Moon Snail

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  • Let's get the obvious one out of the way: I think Adventure Time is a bad show that has negatively affected the cartoon medium.
  • Anti-SJWs are far, far, far worse than SJWs, even though both are trash.
  • Similarly, while I wouldn't say heterophobia, cisphobia and racism against whites don't exist, they are not an issue in any sense. Worst they do is be slightly annoying. They cannot compare to Homophobia, transphobia, and racism against black people.
  • Nathaniel Bandy is a horrible youtuber.
  • Nicotine should be banned.
  • I will never get why people enjoy drama.
  • I can understand when people laugh at their old stuff, but looking at my own old stuff just makes me sad and uncomfortable.
  • I don't give a shit about Baby Yoda. They aren't even that cute.
  • Like Mei said, I don't believe in cyberbullying. Most websites have a block feature for a reason, y'know.
  • Luck isn't real, outside of programming. Everything happens for a reason.
  • I cannot for the life of me get into Mao Mao.
  • Honestly, despite being nonbinary myself, I don't really care if someone doesn't believe in more than two genders, as long as they don't treat it like solid fact or attack people who use nonbinary genders.
  • "Separate the art from the artist" only applies if the creator is no longer receiving anything from it (I.E.: Notch with Minecraft and H.P. Lovecraft with his works). If the creator is still gaining royalties from it despite being a terrible person (I.E.: J.K. Rowling with Harry Potter), then this rule does NOT apply.
  • Whenever I see the terms "heteroflexible" and "homoflexible" being used I want to deepfry my eyeballs and swallow them whole. Stop erasing bisexuality for the love of god
  • Dubstep is the only genre of music I cannot stand. I will never understand the appeal behind it.
  • "Enemies to Lovers" fuckin sucks I don't wanna hear it.
  • There is nothing wrong with fetish art (Unless it appeals to morally bad fetishes, like pedophilia), but they don't belong on general art sites like DeviantArt. Keep them to dedicated fetish groups.
  • I fucking hate feet. I wish I could have my feet surgically removed and replaced with a snake tail so I could just slither around instead.

Food and stuff like that

Note: I'm a very picky eater.

  • I think White Chocolate is delicious, but shouldn't be considered chocolate.
  • Bacon is gross. I'm sorry, but I can't stand it at all.
  • People shouldn't be judged for eating foods in a certain way. Go ahead and put the milk in before the cereal. Go ahead and eat pizza crust-first. Go ahead and have steak with ketchup. You're not hurting anyone by doing this. If you enjoy it like that, eat it like that.
  • I don't like any pizza toppings. Cheese pizza gang where you at
  • Soda is terrible. Fuck carbonation.
  • Candy Corn and marshmallow peeps are fucking delicious.
  • Lasagna > Spaghetti.
  • Little Debbie is better than Hostess.
  • Poptarts are mediocre, outside of certain flavors.
  • Skim milk is best milk
  • Ice Cream > Most other sweets.
  • Spinach is way tastier than Lettuce.


  • Expand Dong is still funny. Yes. Expand Dong. Funny. In 2019.
  • The "Yoshi Committed Tax Fraud" meme stopped being funny in mid 2018. Everything funny you could do with it has been done already.
  • Adding "Nobody:" to your meme instantly removes all humor value from it.
  • "Skill 100" memes are funny, but are really overused.
  • Sanic should only come back as an ironic meme, similar to modern day Big Chungus memes.
  • Not to sound like a """""boomer""""", but memes are garbo nowadays. Most of them are just the same "when x happens" memes. Not all of them are bad, like for a recent example, anti-Baby Nut memes, but outside of a select 10%... Look, I'm just sick of "when x happens" memes is all I'm saying.
  • Know Your Meme is a terrible, terrible site.
  • I'm gonna be blunt: Your JoJokes are some of the least funny shit I've ever seen.
  • "Man Behind the Slaughter" had humor value for the same amount of time as chewing gum has flavor. It's one of the least funny memes of recent times, and I'm fucking sick of it. Seriously, I hate it so much that it made me stop liking It's Been So Long, the fantastic FNaF song that birthed this horrible meme.
  • I must be getting senile or something because I don't understand what's funny about the PPG Applebees comic.

Puyo Puyo

We all knew it was coming.

  • Firstly, it's the best Puzzle game series ever. Yes, it's even better than Tetris.
  • I know it's most certainly not an unpopular opinion, but I have to say it cuz it's what everyone associates me with; I ADORE LEMRES! He's easily my favorite character in the series by a long shot.
  • I really hate Schezo. I find him to be a jerk, and I don't like his trait of "Everything he says is an innuendo".
  • Combining the above two, I really don't get Lemschez at all. I'm pretty sure Lemres expressed disinterest in Schezo in 15th Anniversary, in fact. I way prefer Klemres and Tee x Lemres
  • Champions is a good game, but it did disappoint me in a few areas. Namely, the character selection.
  • Speaking of Champions, however, Penglai is easily my favorite of the Quest refugees, and I hope he returns in future games for character developement. 
  • The Game Gear version of the first game is pretty good. Way easier and less interesting than the genesis version, yes, but still enjoyable.
  • Puyo Puyo 7 wasn't that bad. Y'all are just mean.
  • Fever mode is fun, but only really works for Endurance.
  • I really like the Tetra crew (Especially Tee and Zed), but I think it's alright that they only appeared in Puyo Puyo Tetris.
  • Speaking of the Tetra crew...
    • Ess is a good character, even if she's pretty much a discount Raffina. Y'all are just mean.
    • Jay and Elle suck. I wish the crew would just jettison them and let Ai live in peace.
  • While I adore the post-20th artstyle, I think I prefer most of the characters' old designs. Mostly Amitie. Her old hat had way more charm.

Five Nights at Freddy's

  • No, the lore isn't that fucking confusing or convoluted. I managed to make my own interpretation of it in only a few days. Just because it has a lot of mystery to it doesn't mean it's confusing.
  • Out of the original four, I actually think Chica is my favorite. I found her the scariest of the original gang, with how she peers soullessly through the right window and has one of the more aggressive jumpscares. I'm still holding out for her to get some plot relevance like the other three did.
  • The security guard in UCN is Michael Afton, not William.
  • The second game's jumpscare noise was the one that scared me the most.Can't tell you why, but it just affects me more than the others.
  • I don't get why everyone hates Scraptrap's design. Okay, he's really ugly, but... Yeah? That's kind of the point? He's a zombified child murderer who was heavily burned in a fire and had to rebuild himself with spare parts. Of course he isn't gonna look fresh.


  • Sonic 3D Blast isn't that bad. I dunno if it could be considered "good", but c'mon, don't put it in the same tier as the Boom Games or Blast!
  • Tails' voice was never annoying.
  • Sonic 4 Episode 1 is the worst mainstream Sonic game. Yes, it's even worse than 06 and Shadow. Episode 2 was good, tho.
  • I dislike pretty much every ship in the series save for Sonic x Knuckles.
  • Lost World was great. In spite of its shortcomings, it's my favorite 3D Sonic game.
  • Shattered Crystal was worse than Rise of Lyric. Actually, screw it! Shattered Crystal is the WORST Sonic game of all time!
  • Big the Cat is not a bad character. Sure, his fishing mini-games are annoying, and his voice can be obnoxious for some, but past that, he's goofy and adorable, and I love him.
  • Sonic Adventure 2 has not aged as poorly as everyone says it has. I'm not saying it hasn't aged, but people are treating it like it aged like milk when in reality it aged like a pizza. Yes, it's soft and stale, but it's still a bit tasty. (Terrible analogy, I know.)
  • Sonic Advanced 2 is poorly designed and easily the worst of the Advanced trilogy.
  • Sonic CD's western soundtrack > its eastern soundtrack. But I like both a lot.


  • Toad's a good boy shut up.
  • Paper Mario 64 was the only good Paper Mario game.
  • I actually prefer Super Mario 64 DS over Super Mario 64. Yeah, the controls were awkward, but not really bad enough to ruin the experience for me. Plus, to say 64 doesn't have its fair share of control jank would be a damn lie.
  • Whoever thought Bowsette was a good idea deserves to be castrated.
  • Mario Party > Mario Kart. By extension, Mario Party 4 is the best Mario Party game. It's way better than the 64 ones.
  • I prefer Super Mario Galaxy to Odyssey. Odyssey had way too many moons, with more than like 80% of them feeling like throwaway moons to pad out to having enough to get to 999 moons. If it had 300-500, it'd be perfectly fine.
  • I really don't like how modern 3D Mario games have to have a cheap and unfair final level with no checkpoints as a completion "reward".


  • Gen 3 had the absolute best roster of Pokémon. I like almost every Gen 3 Pokémon, and the two I do dislike (Lombre for being ugly, Masquerain for being disappointing) I don't even dislike that much.
  • Gen 1 is neither the best nor the worst generation.
  • Even though the hate bandwagon has pretty much died out, I still HEAVILY dislike Gen 5. It's easily my least favorite generation.
  • Sun and Moon were legitimately great. They're my third favorites in the series only beaten by B2W2 and HGSS.
  • Lyra is better than Kris.
  • I vastly prefer the friendly rivals over the douchey ones.
    • Fuck Gary in particular. At least Silver had actual character development, and Hugh had more depth than just "I'm asshole".
  • Volcarona is an ugly PoS and faints too easily to be competitively viable.
  • Vanilluxe is great
  • Guzzlord and especially Naganadel are the best UBs.
  • I really, really hate Team Skull. Their "humor" is unfunny, the music associated with them is terrible, the outfits they use are probably the worst of all evil teams (Yes, even Team Flare had better outfits), and their Pokémon teams are generally very easy. The only good thing about them is that Guzma is slightly funny at least. They're tied with Plasma for my least favorite villain team.
  • Looker is stupid, and I wish he stopped appearing in literally every game since Platinum.
  • Pink shinies and Green shinies are fine.
    • Dragonite is one of the best shinies in the franchise.
  • 99% of yellow shinies are hideous abominations.
  • Gengar is my second least favorite Pokémon ever. I can understand why it's as popular as it is, but it pisses me off so much every time I see it.
  • Venusaur is more overrated than Charizard at this point. Oh, and I prefer Blastoise over both.
  • Am I literally the only one who prefers Yveltal over Xerneas?
  • I freakin' love Delibird. It's cute and it just wants to make people happy. Stop being mean to it :((((((
  • Luvdisc isn't that bad either. I'm not a huge fan of it, but people need to stop shitting on it when worse Pokémon designs exist.
  • In general, people who hate Pokémon because they aren't "competitively viable" are C O W A R D S.
  • I like the Ice type.
  • Fuck Victini. It's the worst mythical by far, and I hate it.
  • I dislike Yamper. It'd be an alright design if it weren't for the god-awful eyes.
  • Impidimp is wonderful and people who hate it are absolute cowards.
  • Inanimate object-based Pokémon tend to provide some of the more interesting designs compared to animalistic ones.
  • People are allowed to dislike Sword and Shield for the lack of a National Dex, and people are allowed to like it in spite of the lack of a national dex. You shouldn't trash on people for wanting it back or not minding the lack of it.
    • Also, people are NOT toxic for pointing out issues with the game.
  • The Elite 4 characters need more love, especially Will and Caitlin
  • I can't stand Sirfetch'd or Toxtricity's designs. They look like they're ready to fuck 24/7 and I hate it.
  • Eiscue is one of the best designs in the entire series. I will personally hunt you down if you call it a terrible design.


  • I don't get the appeal behind Soriel. I only really see Sans and Toriel as close friends.
  • Alphys is the best character, and if you think she's bad then you can just go piss yourself.
  • The boss songs are great, but holy hell they're overrated. There are plenty of good non-boss songs, like Waterfall, Another Medium, CORE, Here We Are, Long Elevator, and especially Undertale, which is my favorite song in the game.
    • Also, it's probably because I've heard it a million times by now, but MEGALOVANIA is probably my least favorite of the boss songs. I still like it, though.
  • The Jevil battle isn't really that hard. Once you've beaten it once, you can do it consistently. I think I've died more against Mettaton EX than against Jevil.
  • I think Sans is better off as a Mii costume than a full-fledged fighter. I'd rather have Undyne as the Undertale rep.


  • (To rework)


  • (To rework)

Misc Gaming

  • I don't get the appeal to Battlecats.
  • Outside of Wind Waker, 3D Zelda games are boring.
  • Minecraft's purpur blocks are great, even if they only work as floors or wallpapers.
  • Terraria > Minecraft
  • Fire Emblem Three Houses more like Fire Emblem Three....... Bad. Yeaaaaaa gottem
  • C.R.O.W.N.E.D. isn't that good of a song. I way prefer Moonstruck Blossom.
  • The only reason you hate SSBM and think it's "badly designed" is because of its community. It's my second favorite Smash game behind Ultimate.
  • E.T. for the Atari gets way, WAY too much hate. It's not a good game, but it's mediocre at most. Custer's Revenge is a hundred times worse.
  • I I enjoy Roblox simulators, especially Bee Swarm Simulator. At least they're better than obbies.
  • Over the Hedge for PS2 is one of the best licensed games ever.

Bowser & Jr.

I’m so unnervingly salty about a lot of things and I’ll get to them eventually.

  • I agree with TS with memes these days being so unnervingly bad. I’m dulled out by years on the internet anyway so I never really have a reaction to most of them other then something like “...Yup- Anyways~”. Literally the only meme I genuinely like nowadays is Steamed Hams.
  • Luigi is overrated compared to Mario and I kinda have a like/hate thing with Waluigi when it comes to memes.
  • As much as I applaud Super Mario Odyssey for being the innovative entry in the main Super Mario series that it desperately needed in order to not get stale.....I still like Super Mario 3D World better. I dunno, I just find that it has distinct joy and thrill that was left out in Odyssey in my opinion.
  • I like Mario Party 9 better than MP8, mostly out of pure spite but also because to me it still felt more like a consistant Mario Party with a clear game design focus that at least tries to challenge its past conventions than a quick copy-and-paste cash-in. In fact:
    • The car system overall isn’t that bad. They just need to make some adjustments to not feel too luck-based as well as making the boards have a whole lot of variations of routes. Also y’all are trashing the newer Mario Parties made by Nd. Cube and wanting the original team from Hudson back on the series when in reality the original team literally moved from Hudson to Nd. Cube and made the Mario Parties you so hated. The changes to the formula were their decision. //endranthere.
  • I have literally never seen an iPhone user starting up an argument over if iPhone or Samsung is better in real life and it’s always been the Samsung user that starts it, at least from what I’ve seen. I know that this brings out a lot of nasty Apple stans when it breaks out anyway, though.
    • They’re both smartphones each with their own flaws. Calm down.
      • Yeah, I’m an iPhone user if you can tell. No, I don’t support Apple otherwise. I don’t like most of their other tech and they can get shady when need be. I’m mostly just using iPhone because I’m used to their OS system at this point.
  • I like what Steven Universe does and how it pushes boundaries of what kind of topics can be seen on TV shows for younger generations, but, I don’t know why but I just can’t seem to get into it.

Ace Lad

Misc. Fandoms

  • i could really care less about Paperhat. i almost dont like the ship, but at this point i'm just. i dont care.
  • Stans scare me on multiple levels.
  • Big fandoms suck because the bigger the fandom is, the bigger the groups of toxic, shitty people there are AND the Louder they are in that space. basically this page here .
    • That being said, the Voltron fandom is the worst fandom I've heard about in a good while.
  • There's no harm with headcanoning characters as a nonstraight or noncis orientation/identity unless its Absolutely confirmed what their orientation/identity is. It's not really "shoving it in your face" since theres still hardly any good LGBTQ+ rep out there and we're just seeing ourselves in these characters and having fun.


  • Pineapple on pizza is delicious don't fucking @ me if you're gonna talk shit.
  • I don't care how you eat cereal as long as you finish the goddamn bowl.

Memes? Yeah I guess

  • "sans undertale" is okay I guess but i'm eh on it.
  • Honestly other than like Steamed Hams, Trumpet Boy, and a few other video memes, memes for the last few years just haven't been that great. Like yeah maybe I liked some when they first popped up but its nothing truly memorable, yanno?
  • We don't talk about the Knuckles meme. You know the one.
    • God, really all those so-called memes that rely on being racist/transphobic/homophobic/etc for the punchline are just horrible and unfunny. Please find a better sense of humor.


  • Homestuck is Good.
  • Teen Titans GO! is just a cartoon it can't hurt you.
  • Thundercats Roar is just a cartoon it can't hurt you.
  • If I hear about the "CalArts style" again as legit criticism, I will scream.
  • Looney Tunes: Back in Action was a good movie, you guys are just mean.
    • Same with the live action Rocky and Bullwinkle movie.

Internet? Discourse???? Idk

  • If you endlessly shit on ace and/or aro people just for being ace/aro under the guise of discourse, I will end you.
    • On that note I don't trust a single person who uses the word aphobe to describe themselves, even if it's as a joke. (ie all those aphobe/aphobiccharacterhere URLs)
  • Ugh, I'm fine with heterosexuals and all but do they need to shove it down our throats??? Like we get it, you're straight ://///
  • See Media for CalArts style shit


  • I definitely gotta say I like Super Mario Odyssey a whole lot more than Breath of the Wild. Breath of the Wild is still fantastic, don't get me wrong, and maybe I'm just not a huge Zelda person, but I feel it lacks the interesting and diverse environments that makes Super Mario Odyssey so fun to play, and after beating the game, it doesn't really feel like there's quite as much to do. That being said, I might just need to play it more.
  • In a similar vein, I need to watch more shows on right now, but from what I've seen, SpongeBob SquarePants in its tenth and eleventh seasons is currently one of the best shows on television. The animation is wonderfully fluid and expressive, and I feel the humor is much, much better than it was three or four seasons ago. While there are a couple stinkers like "Sportz?," they usually aren't that bad, and the best episodes, like "Mimic Madness," "Squid Noir," and "Krabby Patty Creature Feature" rival some of the best episodes in the first three.
  • I don't mind object Pokemon at all, and heck, typically like them more in comparison to most animal-based Pokemon. If anything, I may argue that they're even more original. There are plenty of anthropomorphic dogs and cats out there, so something like Zeraora isn't really a new concept at all. Meanwhile, how many other series can you think of where you are able to befriend a series of hovering whirling cogs or a giant ice cream cone? No dissing on Gen 1's object mons either, I honestly like stuff like Exeggcute and Voltorb quite a bit.
  • Modern style just feels so... boring. It might just be because I'm living in the midst of it, but can anyone really point any major aesthetic quirks of the 2000s? Maybe I'm some sort of weird hipster, but it feels like just about everything, from architecture, to cars, to clothes, to music lacks any sort of aesthetic appeal. It isn't necessarily bad, but I feel we need a huge new artistic movement on the soon. Life shouldn't feel this drab!
  • Neon Mixtape Tour is easily my favorite world in Plants vs. Zombies 2. Even '80s aesthetic bias aside, I just really enjoy the gameplay in that world. Trying to work around the different jams can lead to some interesting strategies, though it doesn't mess things up so much that you'll have to work with something you're unfamiliar with. I feel the plants and zombies introduced in the world are pretty dang cool, honestly.
  • Not sure if this one is unpopular or not, but may as well post it anyway. I really like the Mario Kart 8 remake of Toad's Turnpike, yet I can't help but feel like something was lost in translation here. The course just feels a bit too... active? It's a bit hard to explain, but it just doesn't quite have that same "lonely drive down the highway" feeling I loved so much in the original. Regardless, it's probably the only Mario Kart soundtrack where I actively actually prefer the old-fashioned MIDI version to the live instrument Mario Kart 8 version.


399B6003-1F19-4F96-AAA6-63DD9CE669CF We can't die yet! We have one more chapter to go!

Post your unpopular opinions here is property of Jennifer and her possible collab partners. Don't edit this page like the blackened you'll be or it'll be the end of chapter 5 of SDRA2 up in this bitch.


  • Supernoobs is the best cartoon besides Gravity Falls.
  • SDRA2 and Hyper! Danganronpa H20 are the best fangans (Call SDRA2 a two-dimensional version of V3 and I will break every single bone in your body).
    • Mikado is a horrible antagonist. I have a huge anger to him because of how he treats Iroha (My favorite SDRA2 character), and that he just wants her to MURDER SOMEONE. Also, HE LITERALLY BURNED REI INTO A CRISP INFRONT OF THE STUDENTS.
      • And, regarding all that SDRA2 Kokoro discourse due too Chapter 0, I DO agree that what she did with her daughter Mikako was wrong (She only gave birth to her for an experiment), it makes her a more interesting character. Say what you say about what Kokoro did, I don't care. You either love her or hate her, and I love her.
  • I absolutely HATE it when people sexualize r/pe for shits and giggles in their fanfictions, and this is coming from a fanfic writer herself. I wish people wrote about it more seriously.
  • Billdip shippers have no rights. They totally portray it totally incorrectly unlike an irl relationship like Billdip.
    • The only ones who DO have rights are CSA survivors that use the ship to cope.
      • Mabill also sucks ass for the same reasons as Billdip.
  • Cousins for Life can perish.
  • While Teen Titans Go! is ok, The Sixth Titan is a MESS, which is a shame because it had a very good concept.
  • FortNite is overrated.
  • Foodfight! isn't as bad as people say. I watched it THREE TIMES and it was pretty enjoyable.
  • Parappa the Rapper and Jewelpet are underrated animes.
  • Rapsittie Street Kids is worst than Foodfight!.
  • I don't like the Bad End Friends, but the concept is cool.
  • Balto 2 is the best Balto movie.
  • Teen Titans Go! and Ben 10 (2017) > PowerPuff Girls (2016)
  • DeviantArt is disgusting for the most part.
  • Waluigi doesn't have to be playable in Smash.
  • The Secret of NIMH is underrated nowadays.
  • I'm neutral on Bowsette. I don't like it nor hate it.
  • I' gonna agree with some of y'all about Wikipedia being reliable. SO MANY PEOPLE, INCLUDING MY MOM, state it’s full of false information ALOT.
  • Cavetown is the best music artist this decade.
  • Natural is my favorite Imagine Dragons song. Believer, Thunder, Demons and other songs from the band are still great, if not amazing.
  • Screamo, modern day rap and country are shit genres of music.
  • That 4Kids One Piece rap is a MILLION times better than the rap music we have today.
  • Billie Ellish sucks.
  • BTS has one of the worse fandoms I've ever seen.
  • Duchess and Thomas O’Malley from The AristoCats aren't that good characters, their personalities are extremelyyyyyyyy one-noted in my eyes. They don't deserve the worship they get.
  • Ironic fandoms for horrible events like 9/11 shouldn't exist. At all.
  • Canon and Fanon wikis should be separate things, not one whole thing, as the fanon might be confused for the real deal.
  • The ONLY sufferable creepypastas are "Rainbow Factory" and "The Alice Killings", mostly because of the music they inspired.
  • Lost Episodes mcfucking suck. "The Grieving" in particular makes me wanna commit arson.
  • No matter how you see a person, making hate art or hate videos about them is UNACCEPTABLE, as it makes you look EXTREMELY immature.
  • Mother Mother fucking slaps, especially "Oh Ana".
  • I don't care about the milk or cereal first debate, and I barely even eat cereal myself (Besides Frosted Cheerios). I only care if you eat the dang thing.
  • Fangbone! is an awesome yet underrated Canadian cartoon.
  • Hilda is the best Netflix Original series.
    • On the topic of Netflix Originals, they are either dubs, remakes or cartoon milking the success of an animated movie. There are barely any "original" shows on Netflix in general. Hilda is the most original of these cartoons exclusives, despite being based on a comic book series.
      • Chip and Potato is also good I guess.
  • I absolutely HATE Harvey Street Kids, ESPECIALLY Audrey.
  • I don't have a favorite decade, but the 2010's are great for the most part. And no, I'm not just choosing it because I grew up in the 2010s more than the 2000s.
  • Pedos REALLY deserve the worst. I mean, for one, they are in love with CHILDREN. That ALONE is a red flag.
  • Total Dramarama is good ok bye.
  • Welcome to the Wayne is the best cartoon by Nick. Fight me.
  • RBUK fucking sucks.
  • Fukase fucking sucks as well, he's the worst Vocaloid.
  • Fukase x Otomachi Una is wrong.
  • Teto should be a Vocaloid, not a UTAU.
  • Danganronpa >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Phoenix Right
  • Sub is better than dub 99% of the time.
  • I'm pretty tired of hearing about Woodstock. Yes, I know it's over 50 years old now but it's absolutely rammed into everyone in my towns face.
  • Dull raspberry red makes me wanna puke. It's the ugliest color out there.
  • Cottage cheese is delicious.
  • While I like the Yandere genre, Yandere Simulator is a shit game.
  • Reboots can be great if you do them correctly.
  • Danganronpa deserves a bit more attention than it has nowadays.
  • Axolotls are adorable, and I hope they don't go extinct.
  • Mashed potatoes taste best with ketchup.
  • A Cruel Angel's Thesis is the most influential anime opening ever made.
  • Hell's Kitchen is slightly better than Kitchen Nightmares.
  • Cars 2 is actually a decent movie.
  • Onision, despite being a YouTube pioneer, deserves to be removed, due too his piles on top of PILES of controversy, including the whole claim that "everyone who eats meat is a killer" back in 2009, and his relationship with Shiloh Hoganson. However, I think that his "I'm a Banana" song should be preserved. It's a VERY iconic video.
    • On that same topic, ItsJayStation should probably also get removed, especially for when he cashes on the deaths of people with an Oujia board 3am challenge video.
  • I actually like MatPat's videos.
  • YouTubers like Colin's Key and Noris Nuts Do Stuff make me wanna snap my ears with a toothpick.
  • Family Guy can still be funny at points.
  • Detective Pikachu is one of the best movies I've ever seen, alongside Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse and The Secret of NIMH.
  • Grove Coaster is one of my favorite arcade games. Yume is also one of my waifus.
  • I know nothing about Ragnorok Online but Moonlight Flower is a top tier waifu.
  • I'm personally fine with movie adaptations of books. I really have my hopes up for The I upcoming Warriors movie.
  • To Catch a Predator can be really funny at points.
  • Area 51 memes are comedy g o l d.
  • Gorden Ramsey is my spirit animal nobody can take this away from me.
  • I like Deltarune more than Undertale, but both games are amazing.
  • If somebody uses the Undertale version of Stronger Than You one more FUCKING time I will scream.



  • It's one of the best cartoons of the decade.
  • I'm tired of people hating it because the creator of the show made Johnny Test. It's been said millions of times.
  • 99.9999999999% of the ships are horrible.
    • On that topic, we shouldn't be shipping Mem an and Zen. There's a chance they might be siblings, and that would be disgusting.
      • Shope ships suck ASS minus Shamy (Shope x Amy). Shyler is on THIN FUCKING ICE.
  • Amy is a great character, she doesn't deserve all the hate she gets.
  • The ending of "Noob Pool Party" wasn't THAT bad.
  • "Noob Storm Rising" (or whatever the fuck it's called) is a wayyyyy better snow day episode than "Let it Noob, Let it Noob, Let it Noob".
  • Tyvin >>>>>>>> Shovin
  • Most of the fanfics in the fandom are poorly made and pretty laughable.
  • Tyler is overused in episodes. Roach should have more episodes focusing on him.
  • Jock should've only been used to introduce the virus.
  • Most of the OCs can be done a lot better.
  • "I Know You Noob" is the worst episode.
  • If you sexualize the noobs you deserve to perish.
  • "Noobs vs Venamus 12!" is a pretty well-done episode.
  • Does Amy deserve to be a noob? Yes. Definitely. Absolutely.
  • "Noobs Go Viral" and "Fluper Noobs" have two of the best concepts in the entire series. But... they weren't really done very well.
  • I love both seasons equally, but season 2 is a tad bit better.
  • I.... really don't understand why "How to Noo the Science Fair" is overhated.
  • The show deserves more attention and AUs.

Gravity Falls

  • It's the greatest show..... ever. There's no arguing. It's the best show to ever be birthed onto the planet.
  • While the pilot is a bit rubbish (especially animation wise), it did help make the show what it is today.
  • Lost Legends and Journal 3 are some of the best tie-in books ever made.
  • Dipper x Pacifica isn't that good of a ship.
  • Relativity Falls is the best AU.
  • For the life of me I just cannot get into both Reverse Falls and Monster Falls.
  • I'm about to get SUPER PISSED but Mabel. Is NOT FUCKING SELFISH. To be real, the points people keep bringing up are invalid. As SOON as she realized about what she did when the Rift was destoryed in front of her, even though she didn't know what the Rift EVEN WAS, she immediately felt guilty. Whenever she did something selfish and realized the accidents she caused, she warmed up to her mistakes, best seen in Lost Legends "Don't Dimension It", after she was duped by Anti-Mabel. I'm tired of the argument, so...
    • Tl;dr: Mabel isn't selfish. I thought we all knew this guys.
      • Infact, the minor detail that Dipper named a giant crack "Mabel's fault" pisses me off sO MUCH. SHE DID NOTHING WRONG.
  • I either love or hate Gideon. At points he's a creep, other points he's decent.

Danganronpa Franchise (+ Fanganronpas)

  • Trigger Happy Havoc is the best game.
  • Killing Harmony has the best cast.
  • Danganronpa Another 2 >>>>>> Danganronpa Another
  • Kanade did nothing to deserve the hate she gets.
  • Hyper! Danganronpa H20 is underrated.
  • Kokichi is an amazingly well written character, Chapter 5 was the peak of his best writing.
  • Chihiro deserved to love more than Yasuhiro
  • Haji shouldn't exist. At all.
  • Monaca isn't the spawn of fucking SATAN. She's just a little kid that was abused and unwanted by her father and brother and just wanted to be loved, hence why she faked to be in a wheelchair.
  • Kokoro x Iroha is the best SDRA2 ship.
  • Ash is a fucking piece of shit and the worse HDRH20 character.
  • Chimondo makes no sense and I hate it.
  • I'm tired of people arguing over Chihiro's gender (I personally see him as a trans boy), at the end of the day it doesn't matter. Just respect people's headcanons.
    • Also, if you call Chihiro a tr/p I have the right to backhand you into the sun. Just say trans you fucking cowards.
  • I don't like Komahina.
  • I like fangans that make their own mascots like Monocrow (SDRA2) and Kerokuma (HDRH20) and don't use Monokuma.
  • Teruteru's trait of being a pervert isn't funny.

Sailor Moon

  • Here's something that is super unpopular: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon was a good live-action adaption, and should have gotten a dub for the US audiences like me.
  • Sailor Luna and Dark Mercury should have appeared outside of PGSM.
  • The idea of making Neptune and Uranus cousins for the USA dub was mouse-brained, and so was the idea of making Zoysite female in the English dub.
  • The DiC/Cloverway dub is horrible, and I don't understand why it's so popular. The Viz dub has more time and effort and it deiced to dub all 200 episodes. Oh, and I prefer the original Japanese version over both of them.
  • However, the theme song is really good. That's the ONLY good part of the first dub.
  • The original Sailor Moon theme is amazing and should have stayed like that in the OG US dub.
  • The name changes for BOTH the DiC/Cloverway and Viz dub were stupid, and the names should have stayed the same as they were in the Japanese version.
  • Am I the only one who thinks that Dark Mercury is hot?
  • The changes in the DiC/Cloverway dub and the banned episodes are a pathetic excuse for it to be for kids.
  • The original dub should have been aimed at teens, tweens and adults.
  • Nephrite is my favorite member of the Four Heavenly Kings. Jadeite and Zoysite are my least favs. I'm neutral on Kunzite.
  • Original anime >>>>>>> Sailor Moon Crystal
  • I'm worried about Rei/Sailor Mars because she fights in HEELS! Doesn't that hurt?
  • Moonsticks comics are comedy gold.
  • The PGSM theme is awesome.


  • Treecko is the best Pokémon.
  • Greninja is overrated, and I prefer Delphox over it. And I also prefer Chesnaught over both of them.
  • Gen 7 and Gen 3 had the best Pokémon.
  • Gen 5 isn’t as bad as people like it say.
  • Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are the best remake games.
  • I can care less about the national dex.
  • Wooloo is a beautiful Pokemon.
  • Grass/Fairy is the best type combo. I wish more Pokémon had it.
  • Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee! is a lot of fun guys.


  • Breezepelt is one of the worst characters in the series.
  • I disliked Rowanstar as Shadowclan's leader. Tigerstar the Second is... meh.
  • Onestar should have stayed Onewhisker.
  • Windclan is my least favorite clan.
  • Darktail is the best villain.

Parappa the Rapper

  • The Anime is mega underrated.
  • Pinto, Paula, Matt, Gaster and Groober should have appeared in the games.
  • Guru Ant is overrated. His rap is epic, but everyone loves him. Same goes for Hairdresser Octopus. His rap is epic, but he’s overrated.
  • Joe Chin is a chad-passing incel. I hate him.
  • Pinto is best character.
  • Along with Guru Ant And Hairdresser Octopus, sadly Lammy is overrated. I guess the same goes with Rammy to.
  • All the characters are my kids. I love them all.


  • I prefer the shows over the games.
  • Sonica Maina is the best Sonic game.
  • Sonic Underground is overhated and the best show adaptation.
  • Manic is my favorite character.
  • All the Sonic cartons are good in a way.
  • Chemical Plant Zone Act 2 is better than the first act, mostly because the purple goop sequence pissed me off so much.

Pound Puppies (1986)

  • I enjoyed Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw. The animation is somewhat fluid, the plot makes sense to me and the color pallet is nice. The songs are also great.
  • The season 2 designs are overrated. In fact, I prefer the season 1 and Legend of Big Paw designs more than the season 2 designs.
  • The soft reboot for season 2 was unnecessary.
  • Captain Slaughter being cut was unneeded. They could have just find another voice actor to play as him. I’m being serious.
  • Every single time Brattina is on screen she gets worse and worse. Same goes with Katrina.
  • The wiki is a MESS. It's filled with fanon everywhere and it's 100% likely you'll land on a fanon page. Plus, a few of the fan episodes make me fell uncomfortable due to dark themes (I'd like to state that Pound Puppies '86 is a KIDS SHOW) and abuse.

Vivilda the chimera


  • Let's start off with a opinion everyone knows about me: Braixen is one of my fave Pokémon.
  • Aside from that, it is also the best fire type.
  • Lucario is the best Fighting type Pokémon.
  • Pokémon only got good starting with Ruby and Sapphire.
  • Gens 1 and 2 are meh-ish. They're not good or bad.
  • The games are much better than the anime.
  • Gen 4 has the best roster.
  • Gen 6 is the best games for the generation.
  • Gen 5 is a overhated generation, even though a lot of the Pokemon in that gen is mediocre.
  • Victini is a overhated mythical. I actually love Victini and I think it's cute.
  • Object Pokémon are actually a creative idea.
  • I actually like Zeraora.

Other game franchises

  • Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric is meh-ish. It's not good or bad.
  • Sonic 06 is worse than Sonic Boom.
  • The Wii U is a great console, if you ignore the low budget indie titles.
  • Bowser's Inside story is the best Mario & Luigi game.
  • I don't like nor hate FNAF.


  • Alpha and Omega is a good film that gets way too much hate.
  • The Incredibles is the best Pixar film to date.
  • Speaking of it, the first Incredibles film is the best one out of the two.
  • Digimon the movie is worse than Pokémon The first movie.
  • I don't like Inside Out.
  • I don't like Zootopia too much.
  • Bolt is the best Disney CGI Film.
  • TSLOP 1 & 2 is the best Illumination film series.
  • I don't get why people call TSLOP a Toy Story rip off.
  • Balto is not that great.

TV Shows

  • I don't like The Loud House.
  • Villainous is the only underrated show on CN.
  • I'm fine with RBUK.
  • Victor and Valentino > Steven Universe
  • Steven Universe isn't that great and it never will be.
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum is worse than Breadwinners.
  • Amphibia is overrated.
  • Inami is an awesome yet underrated French cartoon.
  • Secret Jouju is awesome and underrated.
  • Hazbin Hotel is overrated.
  • Dude, that's my ghost! > Danny Phantom


  • MLG is stupid.
  • I love both Pokemon and Digimon equally, but both the Pokemon and the Digimon fanbases are pretty bad, but the Digimon fanbase is slightly worse.
  • The Steven Universe fanbase actually isn't that bad.
  • Watch me whip isn't a bad song. Y'all are just mean.
  • Like what Mozart said, hatedoms are always, ALWAYS worse than the fandom.
  • Like what Hal said, I don't really care about most fetishes. However, there are some that I CANNOT accept (Like scat and Pedophilia).


  • The Cat in the Hat movie is funny, and my guilty pleasure.
  • Anti-nightcore is better than nightcore.
  • Big Cook Little Cook is underrated.
  • Cory in the House is NOT an anime.


  • I think jurassic World Fallen Kingdom isn't as bad as everyone says it is.
  • Adventure Time seasons 1-2 were bad because they were so random.
  • Modern Smosh is crap because they brought in The Smosh Squad and Anthony left.
  • For the final one (I'm going to get some random users hating on me):I think Modern PewDiePie (2016-present)is trash!I mean he cancelled Fridays w/ PewDiePie,he stopped playing games and worst of all HE STOPPED WITH THE BROFIST!!!So I think Pewds needs a fresh start.Seriously.


  • I believe Mario Party 10 is a decent game, once when you stop comparing it to other MP games
  • The N64 controller isn't the worst thing in the world
  • Overwatch's fanbase is better than you may think
  • Cereal is best left dry
  • While I'm completely against P2W games, just because a game has microtransactions does not mean it's bad. And in case you think that that opinion is rather popular, look at the reviews for Smite on the Xbox One. It's a great game, but the reviews are horrible JUST BECAUSE it has microtransactions. The game's still fun even if you don't pay
  • I hate pasta



  • Disney Channel is currently the best channel for animation on television. Nickelodeon is second, and Cartoon Network is last.
  • My favorite Nicktoon is a tie between Invader Zim and Jimmy Neutron.
    • On the subject of Jimmy Neutron, fuck Cindy Vortex. She's essentially a clone of Helga Pataki without anything that made Helga even remotely interesting. Libby gang where you at
  • Mulan is my favorite Disney animated movie.
  • Pinky Malinky is awful. I don't have the energy right now to make an in-depth explanation of why the show sucks as much as it does, so I might make a page explaining why I hate it so much, like what Moon did with Adventure Time.
  • The Emoji Movie isn't as bad as everyone says it is. Sure, it's still bad, but there are things worse than it.
  • If I hear one more person use "CalArts style" as a genuine criticism, I will spontaneously combust.
  • Battle for BFDI is a good cartoon.
  • I'm not the biggest fan of Rugrats. In fact, I'm actually mixed on the show itself.
  • The Rabbids are way more tolerable than the Minions.


  • I hate salt and vinegar chips. I'll never understand why they're so popular.
  • I don't really like milk. It's fine, I guess, but I prefer orange juice and soda.
  • I think that tater tots are closer to fries than hashbrowns.
  • American cheese best cheese.
  • Ketchup > Mustard
  • My favorite type of chip is Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn. Yes, really.
  • Bread crust is disgusting.
  • M&M's are one of my favorite candies. The opposite can be said for Skittles.
  • Inca Kola slaps, don't @ me.


  • Moonkitti is the best animator on the website. She's funny, good at animating, and overall just an awesome animator.
  • Kirbopher's animations are a close second, even if Kirbopher himself is an abusive asshole.
  • I unironically find Flamingo's videos funny.
  • PhantomStrider is an awful reviewer. He's only rivaled by Calobi for my least favorite reviewer.
  • grabs loudspeaker* YO MAMA IS FUNNY DAMMIT


  • Gen 5 stans are just as toxic as Gen 1 stans.
    • Speaking of which, Gen 5 is massively overrated.
  • Gen 4 is the best generation. Call it slow one more time and see what happens.
  • I agree with Moon about the Toxtricity line looking ugly.
  • Azelf is my favorite Pokemon. Meanwhile, my favorite non-legendary is Sneasel.
  • I don't hate Lickilicky or Togekiss.
    • In fact, the only two Gen 4 evolutions I genuinely hate are Rhyperior and Magmortar.
  • Binacle is my least favorite Pokemon. It's forgettable, ugly, and overall I think it's just a missed opportunity for a barnacle Pokemon. Barbaracle is okay, though.


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  • Cars actually wasn't that bad of a movie.
    • I actually liked Cars 2 more.
      • I have never seen Cars 3.
  • Peter Rabbit gets way too much hate.
  • Pan (the 2015 movie) was a good movie.
  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was good.
  • Foodfight!, or let alone even Norm of the North, aren't even close to having the worst animation ever. I've seen plenty of things that make it look like Disney Pixar in comparison.
  • The Emoji Movie and Norm of the North aren't the worst things out there. They're pretty bad, but it's not even close to being the number one worst.
  • Frozen is good, but it is also ridiculously overrated.
  • Avengers: Endgame was way too long and they could have removed 30 minutes from it.
  • Disney basically ran out of ideas for new movies. They are mostly making sequels and live action remakes, and the more recent Pixar movies are all based on the same plot.
  • I don't mind Mozart's laugh (from Amadeus). It's honestly not that annoying, at least compared to some other things I've heard before.
  • Don't give Elsa either a boyfriend or a girlfriend. It will ruin the point of the first movie about family love.
  • DreamWorks is very overrated.
  • Earth to Echo was a good movie.
  • Where the Dead Go to Die is the worst movie ever made. I won't explain what it is, just imagine if Satan raped Encyclopedia Dramatica's Offended page.
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey is super boring. I will never understand why it is so popular.
  • The Back to the Future series is horrible.
  • The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane needs to be a movie.
  • The 2020 Dolittle deserves a higher rating.
  • Tinker Bell (from the original Peter Pan) is an incredibly annoying character.

Television Shows

  • Most Cartoon Network shows suck, especially the newer ones.
  • It is very stupid and immature to hate a show just because it is targeted for young children.
  • Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty isn't a Unikitty ripoff.
  • Teen Titans GO! is a terrible show but it gets way too much hate.
  • Speaking of which, its art style is mediocre and actually somewhat tolerable.
  • Professor Doofenshmirtz is a psychologically damaged person.
  • Classic cartoons are messed up and disturbing.
  • Liberty's Kids is so underrated it hurts.
  • The Big Bang Theory is such an overrated piece of garbage.
  • I don't care about The Loud House.
  • Grey's Anatomy sucks and is really unrealistic.
  • My issue with CalArts style is not because it is overused but because it's ugly.
  • I am neutral on Hazbin Hotel.
  • Drawn Together is way more offensive than Family Guy.
  • Honestly, South Park isn't as offensive as compared to other adult shows.
  • I know it's a web series and not a television show, but Super Science Friends sucks. It's a cool concept but I really hate the animation and the humor.
  • The Tiger King is a shitty show and Joe Exotic doesn't deserve to be freed.

Food and Drinks

  • Takis and Doritos are gross.
  • I actually like dark chocolate.
    • But white chocolate is still the best.
  • Pickles are gross.
  • Lettuce is best as plain leaves.
  • Fries are best eaten alone.
  • Chick-Fil-A has the best fries.
  • Braum's and Arby's are underrated fast food restaurants.
  • But I still hate most fast food.
  • Condiments are nasty.
  • I like spinach pizza.
  • I also like sausage pizza.
  • Pizza is also best eaten crust first.
  • Bacon is best when it is still chewy.
  • Oatmeal raisin cookies>chocolate chip cookies.
  • Water (without ice) is the best drink.
  • Soda is disgusting.
  • Black licorice is an abomination.
  • I don't understand why people hate onions or garlic.
  • I hate eggs. It's a long, disgusting story.
  • Energy drinks are very dangerous and should be age restricted. At least most adults can drink the latter moderately and be okay.
  • Watermelon, grape, and banana are underrated candy flavors.
  • Goat milk is better than cow milk, but cow cheese is better than goat cheese.
  • I like broccoli, but only if it is steamed.
  • Chocolate is good but chocolate-flavored things are not.


  • Generation 5 (Black and White) is way too overhated and I actually prefer it over Generation 1.
  • I actually don't hate any Pokémon.
  • Generation 8 (Sword and Shield) is one of my favorite generations.
  • Generation 1 (Red, Blue, Green) has the dumbest names and designs.
  • Generation 2 (Gold and Silver) is the worst generation. It is so forgettable and it is literally just a continuation of Generation 1.
  • I don't like it when people call a whole Pokémon species as "he" or "she", even if they are all one gender. I just call them all "it" unless I am talking about an individual.
  • I absolutely DESPISE it when people who sexualize Pokémon because they aren't human so it's basically zoophilia.
  • While I am tired of seeing Pikachu everywhere, I don't really hate it because it's still cute.
  • Charizard and Greninja are very overrated.
  • Unown F looks like a stick person with a bird head.
  • Luvdisc is cute.
  • Burmy is a cinnamon roll and a babie.
  • I don't mind Castform. It is a neat concept and I wish it got more attention than just being the victim of inapproriate jokes.
  • Victini is very overhated.
  • Trubbish is cute, stop being mean to it!
  • Dynamax is very different from Mega Evolution. The latter changes actual stats but the former is just a huge HP boost.
  • Not all of the green or pink shinies are ugly.
    • The worst shinies are the ones that are colored only slightly differently from the original. (Think of Snorlax and Igglybuff as examples.)
  • I agree with Moon Snail about how most of the yellow shinies are gross.
  • I appreciate that there are creepier Fairy types. I like that they actually did research on mythology instead of just Victorian era depiction or pop culture references.
  • I'm not that bothered by the humanoid Pokémon; they're not even that human looking anyway.
  • People need to quit hating the Pokémon that are based on inanimate objects. I personally think it's a very cool and creative idea.
  • Genwunners are real! I actually met one in real life.
  • The anime is targeted at children.
  • BringBackNationalDex is stupid because there are so many Pokémon that it will be unrealistic to have them all in one game.
  • Alola has the best starters.
  • I like all 3 of the Galar starters' final evolutions.
  • I wish Bug and Ice types had a better advantage.
  • Ghost type has a lot of the most original Pokémon.
  • Steel type is broken and needs a nerf.
  • Please, let's quit the Fire/Fighting hate. It's old.
  • People who hate Pokémon simply for not being "competitively viable" are complete idiots.
  • Tyranitar is the worst pseudo because Rock/Dark is such a sucky type combo.
  • Chatot is my favorite Pokémon.
  • I personally don't see the Togepi line as very feminine.
  • Who honestly gives a flying Feebas if there are male Gothitelle or female Machamp.
  • Eevee is not any specific animal and none of its evolutions are really based on anything.
  • Zeraora is underrated; I have to agree with Charlie about this.
  • I actually like Calyrex.
  • Impidimp DOES NOT look like a Digimon or a Yokai in any shape or form.
  • I really hate the "Mr. Mime is Ash's dad" theory. It makes no sense and is really disturbing when you actually think about it.
  • Chansey, Audino, and the Lilligant line didn't need to be Fairy type.
  • Spritzee is one of my favorite Kalos Pokémon and it doesn't deserve the hate it gets.


  • Shrek memes aren't dead and they will forever be part of meme culture.
  • Most "try not to laugh" or "best dank meme compilation" videos aren't funny because they mostly consist of people falling.
  • I still love the Italian hand.
  • I absolutely hate "oof" but I will still say it.
  • I agree with Moon Snail about Expand Dong memes still being funny.
  • I unironically like Sans memes.
  • Most TikToks aren't funny.
  • I hate Speech 100 to hell and back.
  • The Nobody: meme can be funny but it is ridiculously overused.
  • 90-95% of Fortnite memes are mean-spirited.
  • Antivaxxers are not a funny topic to joke about and memes about them are as offensive as making memes about Hitler or 9/11.
  • Ugandan Knuckles was actually funny. It just got old really fast.
  • YouTube Poops are still funny.
  • Grounded videos are comedy gold.
  • Expand Dong is still funny.
  • Weegee is still god.
  • Pepe is still our lord.
  • It really bothers me when people try to draw Momo as cute or sexy.
    • But she isn't scary either.
  • There are some old memes that are funny and some new memes that aren't.
  • COULD MOZART BE STILL ALIVE? is very underrated.
  • Lenny face will never die.
  • Whenever I see or hear someone say "and I oop" or "sksksksksksk" I just want to punch myself.
  • Broski sounds like a Russian word.
  • Bowsette is an abomination.
  • Creepypastas can actually be scary; it's just most of them aren't.
  • Me and the boys isn't that funny.
  • The "A man has fallen into the river in LEGO city" copypasta is hilarious.
  • I hate when people call Roshan "Ice Age Baby". He actually does have a name, it's just not ever said in the movie!


  • Classical is the best music genre.
  • Speaking of which, I don't like when people compare composers to each other because they're all good in their own way.
  • Classical music does not all sound the same. It is actually one of the most diverse genres.
  • Classical music is for everyone, not just old white people.
  • There are many very underrated classical composers that deserve more attention.
  • Jazz is good.
  • Folk, musicals, and reggae are very underrated genres.
  • I only like old country. New country is cringey because it's country pop/country rock/country rap and those genres shouldn't be mixed.
    • Actually, most music genres shouldn't be mixed. The exception is if they are similar (eg pop rock, pop rap)
  • The vast majority of modern pop singers are only mediocre at best.
  • I unironically like "All Star" and "Never Gonna Give You Up".
  • Rap isn't for everybody. I personally don't like it (with a few exceptions) because I find them annoying.
  • Modern pop is the worst genre.
  • I don't like Justin Bieber, but he honestly isn't the worst thing out there. I absolutely hate his whiney female teenage voice, but his adult voice is at least somewhat more tolerable. Examples of "worse" are Lil Pump and Bhad Bhabie.
    • I honestly feel that he is way too overhated. And again, I don't even like him.
  • Liking old music doesn't automatically make you elitist.
  • Nobody should be shamed or judged for their music taste.
  • Every genre has good and bad musicians.
  • Submarine Man was meant to be ironic and bad on purpose, hence why they usually don't show their faces.
  • People who unironically listen to TikTok music have an intelligence quotient of at most 50.
  • Autotune can be good if used appropriately; it is just almost always abused.
  • "Rock Me Amadeus" is a terrible song.
  • "You're So Fucking Precious When You Smile" is a very stupid song and I hate it with a burning passion.
  • K-pop is better than American pop but the fans are gross and racist. And I'm saying this as someone who is half Korean.
  • The Hamilton fandom is disgusting and horrible. They have no respect for history because they treat real people like fictional characters.
  • Trap remix and nightcore aren't real music genres and should only be used ironically.
  • Christmas music should remain strictly classical and jazz.
  • Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" isn't bad; it's just ridiculously overplayed.
  • The same goes for "Old Town Road".
  • Whenever I hear "Can't Stop the Feeling", I just want to rip all of my hair out.
  • Billie Eilish is ridiculously overrated and edgy.
  • My least favorite instrument is the pan flute. It's just because I hate the sound.


  • Firefox is the best web browser.
  • Safari is very underrated.
  • Wikipedia is a very reliable source. Of course it isn't 100% reliable, but nothing is.
  • 4chan isn't as bad as people make it out to be and a lot of its problems are exaggerated.
  • DeviantArt actually has some good content, once you go past the fetish art and the crappy MS Paint stuff.
    • Yes, I am aware that a lot of it is probably supposed to be ironic.
  • Speaking of which, the DeviantArt community is super toxic.
  • Facebook needs to be shut down.
  • r/lewronggeneration is arguably the most pathetic subreddit because it consists entirely of obnoxious teenage Kanye West fans who hate people simply for liking older music.
  • The whole PewDiePie vs T-Series thing was stupid and pointless.
  • People need to stop mass-disliking YouTube Rewinds because they will get the wrong idea and quit making them.
  • Most popular YouTubers are garbage.
  • Uncyclopedia isn't funny at all.
  • Rythm and Dyno are trash bots. I don't understand why they're so popular.
  • I hate it when Discord bots are automods.
  • Not all trolls are bad, some are actually funny and harmless.
  • Although I hate Encyclopedia Dramatica with a passion, the only redeeming quality is that it has good information on past drama.

General Fandoms and Hatedoms

  • Both the Fortnite fandom and hatedom are bad. Both are incredibly immature and neither can respect opinions.
  • There are good anime and there are bad anime, just like how there are good American cartoons and there are bad American cartoons. People need to quit hating all anime but people also need to quit worshipping it.
    • But personally I'm not really into anime except for Pokémon.
  • "It's cringey!" "It's popular!" and "It's overrated!" aren't valid reasons to hate something.
  • I am personally not into Dragon Ball Z but I really hate its art style because I think it looks stupid.
  • If you sexualize or fetishize any kids cartoon, you are a disgusting person. No exceptions.
  • Virtually everyone who says "I hate Fortnite/anime/furries/Kpop, etc." hates them for no real reason at all.
  • The Undertale, Overwatch, Five Nights at Freddy's, My Little Pony, and Steven Universe fanbases are actually pretty normal in comparison to some other fanbases I have seen.
  • No matter how annoying the fandom is, its respective hatedom is always worse.
  • Digimon has a horrible fandom. Most of them are aggressive Pokémon haters.
  • Fregley is unironically my favorite Diary of a Wimpy Kid character.
  • I don't like people shipping young young children with each other because real children don't think about that until they are older.
  • Aging up a child character for ships or NSFW still counts as pedophilia and it's wrong.
  • Canon characters shouldn't be used in fetish art at all, especially if they are animals or children.
  • I don't mind most headcanons.
  • It is NOT ACCEPTABLE to treat real people like fictional characters. Stop shipping and making headcanons for them. It is also very disgusting if you use them for fetish art/NSFW.
    • While it's not okay to make headcanons of real people, it is more of a grey area if it is a fictional version of the said person. You just have to remember they are based on a real person.
  • Shipping wars are ridiculously stupid. It doesn't matter since those characters aren't even real.
  • People need to quit hating furries and bronies. Each fandom/subculture has its weird side. It's like saying that all Muslims are terrorists.
  • I don't believe that otherkin are real but I don't hate them because they're not hurting anybody and many of them are coping.
  • Harry Potter is ridiculously overrated and J. K. Rowling is a terrible person in real life.
  • I don't like Deadpool.
  • It is possible to hate something and still be mature about it.
  • It is not inherently wrong to have a crush on a fictional character.
  • People need to stop using the word "Stan" incorrectly.
  • Complaining about lack of diversity in anime is pointless, since there are virtually no minorities in Japan.
  • The reason I hate Twilight is not because I think it is stupid but because it romanticizes an abusive relationship.
  • The concept of "hateshipping" is fucking stupid.
  • I hate the term "true fan".


  • Isaac Newton was smarter than Albert Einstein.
  • I don't think Marilyn Monroe was that pretty.
  • I know this is kind of a popular opinion, but I am still saying it: Andrew Jackson is the most overrated president US ever and the fact that there are still people who sympathize with him is really gross.
  • Teddy Roosevelt > FDR.
  • It is not inherently wrong for someone to be interested in stuff such as serial killers or dictators, so long as they don't try to imitate them. (I'm personally not though.)
  • Afrocentric history is just as fake as eurocentric history. History should be told from everywhere because that is what it was like in real life.
  • I don't get why the ancient Egyptians' races is such a big deal.
  • Please stop judging the past with modern standards. I could literally write a whole essay about this. Have you ever thought about what we are doing today that will be frowned upon in the future?
  • People need to stop making fun of the idea that there were historical figures that were actually/likely LGBT. However, they also shouldn't be slapping the label on random people.
  • THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH SPECULATING NON-NEUROTYPICAL DIAGNOSES FOR HISTORICAL FIGURES. It's actually not fringe and it's very fascinating, and it's also not really that weird of a concept. Whoever says that it is impossible to know doesn't know what they are talking about, and I would really like to see them be more accepted in the future. And if that bothers you, that's your own personal problem.


  • The whole dogs vs cats thing is stupid and pointless. They are just different animals and I like them both equally.
  • Lovebugs are annoying little pieces of crap that do absolutely nothing except stain your house black.
  • I approve of feathered dinosaurs. I own birds and it's not that hard to see how they basically look the same. The more I look at them the more they look like tiny dinosaurs without tails.
  • I'm not scared of rats, snakes, spiders, etc.
  • I don't think of guinea pigs as giant hamsters; I think of them more like walking rabbits with short ears.
  • You should only adopt a pet if you have had experience with having the type of animal you are adopting.


  • Toilet humor is actually funny sometimes.
  • Math is fun.
  • Most animals can be cute.
  • The anime artstyle usually isn't ugly.
  • Headphones are better than earbuds.
  • I never minded the Meow Mix commercial.
  • Those "How to make X things Y" and "My face when" pages are a work of art.
  • I don't mind Comic Sans.
  • Spring is my favorite season.
  • Minorities deserve better representation and most of their representation isn't good.
  • Asperger's is autism and people should stop using the label because it makes false divisions in the community. Just say you're autistic, it's not that hard.
  • I don't mind if a non-disabled actor plays a disabled character as long as they portray the character accurately. (But I would much rather have a disabled person do it though.)
  • I could care less about sports or celebrities.
  • I'm not afraid of clowns. I don't understand why people find them scary.
  • I don't like missing school.
  • Moon Snail is a good artist.
  • All people are naturally nice and those who are mean had something happen to them.
  • Fetishes are extremely misunderstood in general and the only ones I truly hate are the actually disturbing and harmful ones (such as hard crush, rape fetish, and guro).
  • All porn disgusts me.
  • I don't get the point of censoring words. I mean, we still know what word it is.


  • I hate the year 1875.


  • Bowser, while a well-known character in the Super Mario series, is always overused as the main villain of any Super Mario game.
  • The Skylanders series isn't really that bad, it's rather decent, even if it may or may not be part of the Spyro the Dragon series.
  • It doesn't matter to me that Waluigi can show up in the Super Smash Bros. games (starting with Brawl), whether he's an assist trophy or not. Seriously, if Waluigi can be playable in Smash, he outta be in a mainstream Mario game or a Wario Land/WarioWare game. Besides, Waluigi deserves better than any backlash from his so-called fans.
  • The best boss fight in Sonic Mania is the Metal Sonic boss fight.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog should have stayed dead after Sonic Adventure 2, thus replacing him another character such as "Mach the Rabbit" (Don't know about him? He's from some unused content of Sonic 1).


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Rap Music

  • The only reason why people hate Old Town Road is because its pretty overrated/overplayed.
  • I like the song "Fit But You Know It"
  • XXXTENTACION's music is amazing, even his posthumously release albums. Fight me.
  • I like Lil Xan's music
  • Most people don't know why 6ix9ine is a snitch, they just say he is.
  • Lil Xan gets hate because he called 2PAC boring and people can't respect his opinion. I mean, I like 2PAC, but not that much he still a legend though.
  • I honestly think 6ix9ine doesn't ruin Poles1469 by Trippie Redd, in fact, I think he makes it better.
  • Submarine Man's latest song "Footi" is a slight improvement from his other songs, still bad but it's his best song so far.

SuperMarioLogan Movies

  • Pre-2016 episodes were good since Jeffy wasn't arround.
  • I actually liked The Secret Door
  • Black Yoshi is an asshole
  • Brooklyn T. Guy is extremely overused
  • Old Goodman was better.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

  • Fregley is actually a good character
  • The Getaway is a bad book


  • Season 8 onwards ruined the series.
  • Garmadon is my favorite character
  • I already knew Zane was alive the whole time.


  • I actually enjoyed Aladdin (2019).
  • Modern pop music is an abomination and some are even among the worst I've ever heard in my entire life!!!
  • Roobarb is an underrated classic since little to nobody outside the UK (where it originated) talks about it.
  • Illumination Entertainment is a good studio.

Gummy Cow!

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  • I like most anime.
  • I think Call of Duty is boring.
  • I dislike pizza because of the sauce.
  • I mostly like modern SpongeBob.
  • Dark chocolate tastes terrible.


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  • wreck it Ralph is a good film
  • my favourite Pokémon is Deoxys
  • i hate mlp:fim


  • i hate the song perfect by ed sherran


  • I actually like Swayzak.


  • Marshmallows taste terrible
  • Math is the best subject in school
  • Princess Bride is a bad movie
  • Playing Smash Bros without a GameCube controller is fine


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  • Math isn't by best subject so... Art is the best subject in school.
  • My favorite comic strips are Garfield, Mother Goose and Grimm, Get Fuzzy, Pearls Before Swine, and Mutts.
  • I miss Ren & Stimpy.
  • I think Pororo the Little Penguin is a decent show from Korea.
  • I honestly don't think Vailskibum94 is a bad Youtuber, but actually funny.
  • Tomatoes taste bad, unless there's tomato sauce.
  • Although I don't hate them, I kind of afraid of most dogs after I got bitten by one in the leg.
    • Oh god, please help me!
  • El Chavo Animado isn't a bad show, but the original is somewhat better.
  • I like going to movie theatres.
  • Although the earlier episodes were decent, I don't like the new episodes of Nature Cat and the overuse of crying scenes, since it get annoying and repetitive.
  • I wanted Cool Cat (Derek Savage) to be a good character if it wasn't for the lack of proper characterization.
  • Although SuperMarioLogan is still an okay channel, the pre-2016 videos were better and didn't unnecessary overuse the "Earthy Crust" music.
  • Dolittle isn't a bad film


  • I actually like Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). Only reason I despise it is because of the glitches.
  • I like Sonic Boom (moreso the show than the games), but I do not like the dumber, bigger Knuckles.
  • Mangle is my favorite FNAF animatronic.
  • I don't think FNAF is dead. Yet. I am still a fan as are several others.
  • I like Chris Thorndyke.


Video Games

  • I am not into The Legend of Zelda franchise.


  • I would enjoy "Warthog Rhapsody/He's Got It All Worked Out" more if it didn't have the bass saxophone in the beginning (it's not like I hate the instrument itself, but it feels out of place to me) and instead they used more traditional African instruments. They did the right thing by putting Hakuna Matata instead.
  • I would watch the remake of The Lion King if it were animated Frozen-/Zootopia-style. Even then, I would have rather seen a fourth film centered around Nala.
  • I am not into music that uses a I7-IV7 (i.e. using F7-B-flat7 for the key of F) because I associate the F7 chord with B flat and the latter chord with E flat. That includes things like most blues, early rock, and the like.
  • I like Justin Bieber's music.

Food & Drink

  • Dark is the best chocolate.
  • Parmesan cheese is gross and when my cousin used canned parmesan/romano to make a sandwich and it reeked of vomit, and I'd rather smell a dead road-killed skunk than vomit.
    • Same goes for Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese (I smelled a wheel of this cheese at Kroger and the smell wasn't my favorite) and papayas.
  • I'm with Wolfie. Pickles are vile, especially dill pickles.
  • I don't eat hamburger condiments, I think they're vile.
  • Honey mustard>mustard, the former goes well with chicken fingers.
  • Hawaiian pizza is my absolute favorite food of all time. It's even better with smoked gouda cheese, bacon bits, and fresh chopped green jalapeno peppers.
    • Before you ask, I like pineapple on pizza.
  • Almondmilk > regular milk.
  • Vanilla milk should be more popular. I used to love getting this stuff in 1st grade.

TV & Movies

  • Rubbadubbers is amazing! I'm with Madi Shinx.
  • Telebugs is also amazing.
  • I don't give a crap about cable nowadays because of certain sound effects I hate (but please don't ask what they are and the Wilhelm scream is not one of them). I have misophonia, which is hatred of certain sounds. Also, this is the reason why I'm picky with movies and TV.
  • I enjoy Ice Age Continental Drift and Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked.
  • Zootopia should be more popular than Frozen, even though the latter is decent.
  • I like the CGI The Lion King and I also like the march-like sound of the remake's Be Prepared.


  • Spiders are criminally underrated and should be given more love. The same goes for snakes, scorpions, house centipedes, hyenas, crocodilians, sharks, vultures, and the like.
  • Fish and guinea pigs > cats and dogs. I still like cats and dogs though. They're still awesome in their own way.
  • We need a quokka and capybara craze as stores are carrying unicorn and llama franchise.
  • Coyotes should be given less hate. So should opossums and gulls.
  • Quolls and tapirs should be more popular.

A ZU NA Land

  • The Avengers movies look very boring. Like, maybe the GotG and Spider-Man movies and that one Thor movie look cool but I wouldn't regularly see any of the others.
  • In Nijigaku, Shizuku Osaka is best girl.
  • DVD is better than Blu-Ray, and VHS.
  • Illumination Studios is not the problem, it's a goody-two-shoes and they appeal to almost everyone. That's the problem.
  • The Real Ghostbusters season 4 was pretty good. Fever dream is my favorite flavor.
  • Rap stinks.
  • I have actually seen only one Love Live episode but I did see both of the movies and tbh they kinda stunk.


  • Sinnoh is the best Pokemon region FUDGE YOU GALAR
  • Tiff & Tuff should have a role in the games better yet have a reboot anime
  • Happy Tree Friends is too scary for me & Flippy isn’t helping
  • Touhou sucks
  • Flandre is a trash and misplaced character
  • Undertale is better than Touhou
  • Flandre ripped off Marx
  • I prefer Papyrus, Frisk, Toriel, MTT, Undyne, Asriel, and Asgore in smash than Sans
  • Byleth in smash was a mistake
  • Fire Emblem is Over-rated


I’m Slim Shady, yes I’m the real shady.

This section is owned by Carl, bitch. Do not edit without his permission, or else Eminem will eat your spaghetti, motherfuckers.

  • TikTok is very good.
  • Fortnite is so awesome.
  • KreekCraft sucks. 

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