Phineas: Interesting. The room reset itself.

Vanessa: Hmm.

Candace: And yet still no questions.

Isabella opens an envelope that just arrived.

Isabella: "What is the epicest explosion you've seen?" Hmm.....

Perry: Gyurururururu. {I don't think we HAVE seen any explosions.}

Phineas: Yeah.

Doofenshmirtz: And why would any of us watch Friendshjip is Magic? What-What is that anyway?

Stacy: Some show that is becoming more popular than even OUR show.

Ferb: Sooner or later we will be replaced by it.

Phineas: Oh look another question.

Candace: "Have you ever met SpongeBob and friends?".

Phineas: Well, not really. Though a yellow sponge and pink starfish DID appear that time we went around the world. I've been told that that was SpongeBob and Patrick, but I doubt it.

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