Robokip is a Jetanie children's television programme created by A3 Productions. The show made its debut on A3 Network on 7th March, 2016. The series is aimed at younger children, although it does have its humour for older audience.

Robokip is the third TV show created by A3 ltd, followed by Stereo Street and Mushroom Wars.


Kip, an artificial intelligent robot, lives in Koolia, Jetania. Kip was created by a scientist, by the name of Gerald Hugoson, who wants to show his childish rival, Lucifier McKulloe, that he can make a robot with extremely high IQ.

Kip is quite faulty, so Gerald leaves his granddaughter, Aliyah, to increase his skills by socially interacting with him. The episodes often focus on Kip trying to fit in and try to classify himself as a regular citizen of Jetania.

Robokip uses traditional animation, with every episode lasting around 13 minutes. Each episode takes approximately 70 days to animate, followed by around 30 minutes of recording.


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Parental Guidance

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Broadcast history


United Kingdom

United States

Republic of Guy

  • EVB4 (2016-present)
  • EVB Gulp (2016-present)

West Cybersland

  • WCT2 (2016-present)


  • HT-1 (2016-present)


  • Eruovision (2016-present)

El Kadsre

  • Eight (2016-present)


  • Ras 2 (2016-present)
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