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Stereo Street is a Jetanie television programme. It is targeted towards children, primarily girls, aged 8 to 14. It aired on A3 Network from 2008 to 2017.


The show's concept was made by cartoonist Maurice Hameldon in 2006. The concept was sent to several Jetanie companies but was declined. A3 ltd co-founder Steve Freeland liked the idea of the show and decided to work on it. The pilot of the show was made solely between Hameldon and Freeland (aside for the voice acting), and according to Freeland, the pilot alone took 15 months to make. The pilot episode, Life in Stereo School, was aired on 1st September, 2008. The show was originally called Florence, but once the show was picked up and turned into a series, Freeland changed the name to Stereo Street, saying "Naming a show based off the main protagonist's name is unoriginal. We thought for a while that since the whole show features nutters addicted to computers, we should call it Stereo Street."


The show primarily focuses on Florence Fachin, a 14 year-old schoolgirl who comes from a family of computer geniuses. Her father is a celebrity entrepreneur, who has created havoc that has gotten the majority of their city addicted to technology (which mainly parodies real technology). Florence doesn't appear to be bothered about the city's state, but her group of friends are. More importantly, her boyfriend, Nathan Merritt, is the son of her father's arch-nemesis, Donald Merritt. This often leaves Florence in conflict, wondering if she should go for what she desires, or what others desire (she mainly chooses the former).


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