Rangers Ballpark in Arlington

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington

Success mode is a mode in the MLB Power Pros series in which the user (you) tries to create a player, trying to get him to the next level. In MLB Power Pros, the player attempting to get through Powerful University. In the 2008 version the player must get through AA (GreenApples) and AAA (GoldenApples) without being cut to win.

2007 Strategies

1. As a catcher, you will (likely) force Alvin, the best pitcher, to stay.

2. As a center fielder, you will be asked to convert to another position, since Marvin is a CF. However, you will NOT have to convert if you play C, 2B, 3B, or LF, even though the team has Mark, Peter, Rex/Brad, and Milton.

3. As a pitcher, when asked if you want to buy the wooden bat for $50, select "CHALLENGE" fate card (if you have one) to buy it for $20. The bat will break and--out comes Willy!!! Use him when possible.

Best Lineup- 2007 (For Captains Only)

P- Robin

C- Mark

1B- N/A

2B- Peter

3B- Rex/Brad


LF- Milton

CF- Marvin


Subs- Alvin (P), N/A (you should also be in the lineup, if at CF, convert to RF, 1B, or SS)

While Alvin is a better pitcher, you should save him for the late innings, if captain, so you can have him as a reliever- he can actually hold a lead! (no offense to Robin)

2008 Strategies

1. If you are a hitter, get "VS LEFTY" 4 or 5 to face Jonathan/Sittch

2. If you are a pitcher, get "VS LH BATTER" 4 to face Jonathan/Sittch

3. Do the training with Sittch, you can get an ORIGINAL PITCH out of it

Known Players

AA: GreenApples- Frank (LF), Sittch (P), Tom (C), Marvin (CF/RF/2B), You (Pos.), Opponents- [WildJokers] Jonathan (P), [Burgers] Walter (P), [MachSocks] Slow (P), [Aegis] Wall (P)

AAA: GoldenApples- You (Pos.), Terry (1B), Joey (SS/LF/3B), Marvin (CF/RF/2B), Sittch (P) Opponents- [GuavaStrawberrys] Bell (P), [MonMonMonkeys] Scott (P), [GalaxySharks] Gil (P) {later Sittch}, [Gigantes] Morgan (P)