Super Random Galaxy 92390902685544552387298, or Galaxy 9 if you want to doing it the boring way, is a Super Malleo Galaxy WITH PLANETS it's random and awesome.



Da St00f

  • Earth (or is it...)
  • The Moon (or is it... again)
  • Cold Sun (Small light yellow star): A star farther away from the planets than Mega Sun.
  • Mega Sun (Large orange star): A huge star that is the star for planets and st00f.
  • An Asteroid Belt
  • Tantun (Light pink planet): A place with fuzzy pink plants that feels and tastes like cotton candy
  • Raio (Colorful planet): A world full of colorful st00f
  • Pantsworld (Pants-shaped thingy): The planet inhabited by Pantsos, creatures that look like pants (you can wear them too)
  • Hub (Orange, ringed planet): A planet with lots of different species from all other places
  • Mawrz (Dark red planet): Mars (or is it...) with dark red plants and strange aliens.
  • Rotal (Dark grey planet with tower): A world where the creations overthrew the creators and took ovar da planet!
  • Purple-Outlined Space: WUURRRMMMHOOOOOAL