The Crossover Friends of Five is a television series by Dynasti the Radicles Fangirl.


The misadventures of four teenagers and a crystal gem.


Luan Loud

S1E18A Luan breaking fourth wall 4

Luan Loud is a practical jokester and a comedienne who is a friend of Krul, whom she finds Luan very unfunny. She is a customer at Doom 'n Gloom who seems to enjoy helping Lucy find Goth clothes for kids. She has a crush on Benny, a boy from her school.



Radicles is a slacker, an alien from Planet X and Enid's boyfriend in his late teens who is not-so-angsty. His mother, Theodosia seems to like Wilhamena. He likes being called "Rad" by everyone. However, he likes to slack around and sleep all day.

Lapis Lazuli


Lapis Lazuli is a lonesome Crystal Gem who acts like a teenager and is a mother figure of Peridot, whom she finds her as "the love of her life". She is moody, angsty and however, very nice to people, specifically Peridot.

Beast Boy

Beast Boy

Beast Boy is Raven's girlfriend and a customer for Doom 'n Gloom. He is a vegetarian animal-shapeshifter who has green hair, skin and eyes. He is about 14 years old. He likes to eat vegetables at the food court with Lapis, Radicles and Luan.



Jason "J.P." Paul is a not-so-bright redhead boy who lives with Laura in his house. He enjoys having fun and is friends with Krul, whom he had a crush on along with Radicles and Beast Boy. He is part of the Crossover Friends of Five alongside Luan Loud, Radicles, Lapis Lazuli and Beast Boy. However, he is 11-12 years old.

List of episodes

  1. The Story Begins - This episode begins with how four teenagers first met and teams up with Lapis Lazuli, a lonely Crystal Gem.
  2. Rad Gets a Friend - Rad tries everyone to hang out with them, but everyone is busy. So he befriends Entrapta.
  3. The Babysitter Liaries - J.P. is forced to babysit the Powerpuff Girls while the others were gone.
  4. The Sword and the...You Know - Marth comes to visit, but Lapis gains a huge crush, leaving Peridot jealous.
  5. Unfresh Off the Boat - After watching Fresh Off the Boat, Beast Boy gets into the '90s so much, it annoys Lapis. The others find a way to get Beast Boy back into his regular self.
  6. Halloweenie Jellybeanie - It is Halloween and Luan and her friends go trick-or-treating.
  7. The Other Crossover Friends of Five?! - Lucy Loud, Tilly Green, Lucretia, Frida, and Jeff Randell form their group called "The Crossover Kids of Five", causing the teenagers to be jealous.
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