So what's random? It's simply spewing out any thought that comes to mind. Hippopotamus.

The history of random starts with Howard A. Randomlicious back in 1492. When Christopher Columbus came to shore, he was talking to Howard, who quickly proclaimed, "Elephant!" Random was then born. Pickle. Random then became very standard for all the Pilgrims and everything, and on the very first Thanksgiving a Pilgrim screamed out "MUSHROOM!"

It went out of style around the 1500s, however, due to a lack of pickley horseshoed violin-playing monkeys on rollerskates eating gummy bears. However, the Shnapalotz Zoo located in East Boondock started breeding these again and randomness flourished again.

Randomness is still alive today, especially here at the Random-ness wiki. SO BE RANDO — ooh, hot air balloon...