(gray screen appears, with captions coming up)

Narrator: Note that this is just a parody. If a police comes, you must-(screen cuts to Major Monogram giving Perry a mission)

Major Monogram: (in the middle of giving Perry a mission)...jump on a rocket and fly away and then-(cuts back to gray screen)

Narrator: -pay a fee of $25,000,000.

Killing-PERRY! PERRY THE PLATYPUS! (I said you can call him the dead Agent P!) THE DEAD AGENT P!

  • in P&F's backyard*

Perry: *chatters*

Phineas: Oh there you are, Perry! *looks away*

Perry: Meap!

Sonic: Meap is back already? Does it really not take long to buy a thousand pounds of wood? *looks at Perry*

Perry: Meap! Chicken! *chatters* Chicken! Me-

Phineas: What just happened?

Shadow: I killed the annoying and noisy platypus.

Phineas: YOU WHAT?


Spongebob: YOU WHAT?

Patrick: YOU WHAT?

Squidward: YOU WHAT?

Sonic: YOU WHAT?

Classic Sonic: YOU WHAT?

Tails: YOU WHAT?

Meap: *comes in with loads of wood* MEAP? *drops wood*

Planning to get Perry back

Coming Soon! Sneak Peek:

  • at the hospital*

Phineas: I can't believe Shadow killed you, Perry!

  • at jail*

Ferb: I can't believe you killed Perry, Shadow!

Shadow: It was a mistake! I forgot who Perry was before!