OK, so you're playing MLB Power Pros for the first time. You have your right fielder, Jayson Werth, frozen in place, attempting to go after the ball, but failing, since you don't know how to run!!! Oh wait, that's me!!!

Game Strategies

1. RUN!!!- Steal, hit and run, bunt, etc. AKA the "hit and run" or "Explosive Running" strategy. Start your best runners, then pinch hit some heavy-hitting Pujols for your pitcher.

2. Power Hitting: Use "Big Swing" every time! You probably need these two skill ranks:


Trajectory 4

Rank A

Power A

3. The 'AgentP' strategy: GO CRAZY! Hit for power, bunt with nobody on and your slowest hitter at the plate, steal a bunch, and on defense, throw balls at the opponent if they made a great defensive play*!!!

  • Level 4 or above breaking balls required. Preferably: Slider, Shuuto, Curveball, or Screwball.

4. The SuperCPU strategy: Make the CPU level "Powerful" then play your random-ness out! Use normal swings with runners on base. Try not to steal-- UNLESS your fastest runner with -->

is on base, stealing second. DON'T STEAL THIRD! You know, ever!

5. My strategy is: Lock-on 5 batting for both teams, CPU level expert, Semi-auto feilding (normal) for my team (it's hard to field)
Rank A


, and a lineup of Yellow condition or above.

Success Mode Strategies


Keep Alvin on your team- either You or Mark will learn to catch MIRAGE KN

Rank A

Train a lot, don't care about the players on your team, and hit a bunch of homers/win every game!!!