aka Arishiro

  • I live in The Fantasy World
  • My occupation is Game-loving Weeaboo
  • I am A divine spirit

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This user has been found guilty. Time for the punishment!
This user got way too random, was found as a blackened and was executed by Monocrow for their actions. The reason for this ban is because pedophile and anti-SJW.

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Ding-dong! The name is Konanoki (usually shortened to Kona) in the wiki and Arishiro in the Discord. Real first name is Igor. My main interests are Gaming and Anime!

I mainly love Senran Kagura, Touhou Project (My primary hyperfixation since 2015), To LOVE-Ru, BanG Dream, Battle Girl High School, Sonic the Hedgehog, Nintendo, (as stated before) Anime, and Gaming. I love SRB2Kart a lot. It's argubably the best racing freeware game in my opinion. (1v1 me Kanade only No items Kodachrome Void)

I am also a moderator of the RNW Discord and a chat moderator in the wiki itself. Yeah. Guess i'm i'm important in the discord.

Konanoki's FictionKin List

Too lazy to keep updating on all sites i have the kinlist, so i put it on Google Docs.

Trigger List

Actual Triggers

  • Calling Tsunderes abusive (I will fucking flip out if you unironically call a tsundere abusive, since most if not almost all tsundere haters that believe they're "abusive" don't understand what is REAL abuse. Coming from a real abuser survivor)
  • Mundo Asperger or any autism-related channel (Now don't get me wrong, the content isn't bad, but the problem my emotionally abusive grandmother forces me to watch that channel, so i ended up hating it)
  • YandereDev Memes (I don't like the guy, but repeatedly posting his face as a "meme" reminds me of a time where i was victim of those kind of "memes".)

Things that annoy me

  • Reboot bashing (We get it, Reboots are terrible.)
  • SIESTA, Article 13, or any internet-related laws (Shut the hell up about them already!)
  • Treating characters like a "saint" even if there is a big amonut of evidence they aren't (Goes in-pair with the tsundere is abusive thing.)

Things that i just don't like

  • Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty (a lame ripoff of Unikitty in my opinion)

Waifu List

  • Ikaruga, Yumi, Miyabi and Katsuragi from Senran Kagura
  • Hifumi Takimoto and Kou Yagami from New Game
  • Anko Tsubuzaki from Battle Girl High School

Maple Tree Guild Members

if i forget you and you are my friend my apologies i will add you

Family Members

I am in other sites!

  • Reddit: /r/igorthemii
  • DeviantART: HTTMuseFan
  • Discord: Arishiro#9218


  • Why you like anime?
    • Back in 2015 or so, i was exposed to a very popular doujin/indie game series known as "Touhou Project" and i loved it, and then i got into YanSim and Vocaloid at that same year, and eventually in early 2016, I watched my first anime that i actually bothered to watch more of it and finish - Love Live. Over the years, i get into more and more anime. In other words, anime changed my life (although ironically i used to not like it back at 2014 due to the fact i judged a lot of things from the fandom, which was also the reason i used to hate MLP)
  • Your favorite anime?
    • Good fucking lord this is pratically difficult to answer what's really top 1 for me:
      • If we're talking about Harem Anime, It's To LOVE-Ru, although High School DxD and Shinmai Maou Testament come close.
      • My favorite Music anime is BanG Dream's anime adapations!
      • If we're talking about Slice of Life anime, it's either K-ON, Hinako Note, Comic Girls, Long Riders, or Baka to Test.
      • Favorite Fantasy-centric anime? DanMachi and Akame ga Kill!
      • Favorite Isekai? KonoSuba and Bofuri!
      • Magical Girl Genre? Battle Girl High School (it counts as a magical girl show) and Puella Magi Madoka Magica!
      • I generally favor anime with plenty of cute girls, and harem anime.
  • Your first anime?
    • Love Live!
  • Favorite Cartoon (not anime)?
    • Loud House, Spongebob, Unikitty.
  • Who are the characters on the top of this userpage?
    • Hifumi Takimoto (New Game) and Alfonse (Fire Emblem Heroes), my top waifu and husbando of all time.
  • What is an anime you DON'T like?
    • I can't get into JoJo, although i do admit the stand stuff is amazing.
  • Favorite Video Game series?
    • Touhou Project, Any Nintendo Series, Sonic, Arcana Heart
  • Favorite Fan Game?
    • Both Sonic Robo Blast 2 and it's spinoff Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart.
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