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Comic-Con logo

So, what is this San Diego Comic-Con, or SDCC for short? Well, think of it as E3, but for everything else besides video games... well, and with video games. It's where thousands of nerds gather every year to catch first looks at upcoming stuff for highly anticipated comics, books, movies, TV shows, the like, receive memorabilia, get their stuff signed by famous peoples, and fangirl out with their peers. Oh, and there's cosplay. But I try to forget about that.

Random Folks at Comic-Con

Don't these people have jobs?

So, here, I shall give you the latest updates from this three-day jamboree... well, stuff that we care about anyway. So don't worry, I won't shower you with horribly recorded clips from the latest Twilight film...

TV Shows

The Legend of Korra

The successor to the hit Avatar: The Last Airbender series, this show has gained a big fanbase. Therefore, Nickelodeon thought it was a good idea to order 26 new episodes for the series, which I revealed in my blog, a few days ago. The creators of the show, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, as well as a few voice actors including Janet Varney (Korra) and P.J. Byrne (Bolin) took to the panels to show us some juicy new content.

First off, they straightened out the episode order thing. The new 26 episodes will be split into two books, both 13 eps each, making Book 1 (which already aired) 12 eps, Book 2 (which will air next year) 14 eps, and Book 3 & 4 (just announced) 13 each. With that cleared up, they confirmed that Book 2, coming 2013, would be called "Spirit." Because it has to do with the Spirit World:

Spirit World Korra Comic-Con

And these weird looking things, spirits:

Spirits Korra Comic-Con

The new season takes place six months after its previous one. Korra's become a fully realized Avatar, who can go around on an air scooter and enter the Avatar State at will - as a matter of fact, she evens uses this to win a race, much to the scolding of Tenzin. Asami's taken up Future Industries, trying to build it back up after the disaster that was her dad becoming an Equalist. Mako's... a cop for some reason. And Bolin has his own entire sub-plot where he's a Pro-Bender again and he tries to find his place in life.

Oh, and they all have new costumes:

Korra Korra Comic-Con

Mako Korra Comic-Con

Bolin Korra Comic-Con

Tenzin Korra Comic-Con

Asami actually has two new outfits, just because she's awesome like that.

Asami Korra Comic-Con

Asami 2 Korra Comic-Con

We'll also be seeing more of Korra's parents, Senna and Tonraq, who has a buff chest:

Tonraq Korra Comic-Con

We'll also see the return of Bumi, Tenzin's bro, and the introduction of Kya, his sister. Korra's uncle, Unarock/Unalok/whatever, will also be making his debut. He also has twin sons and daughters:

Unarock's Son Korra Comic-Con

Unarock's Daughter Korra Comic-Con

... yes, those are two different people of separate genders.

And some more concept artz:

Book 2 Concept Art Korra Comic-Con

St. Water Tribe Festival Korra Comic-Con

Southern Water Tribe Festival

Banquet Hall Korra Comic-Con

Banquet Hall

Storm Korra Comic-Con

Icy Tundra Place With Storm Goin' On

Glowing Place Korra Comic-Con

Creepy Glowing Place

... and finally:

St. Air Temple Korra Comic-Con

Southern Air Temple


Here's a trailer for Book 2, featuring some rough cinematics:

Legend of Korra - BOOK 2 TRAILER - Comic Con 2012!

Legend of Korra - BOOK 2 TRAILER - Comic Con 2012!

And a table read with the voice actors:

Legend of Korra - Comic-Con Table Read

Legend of Korra - Comic-Con Table Read

And to round it out, nothin' better than some good ol' signable poster fanservice. (No, not that kind of fanservice, mind you.)

Old Friends Korra Comic-Con

New Friends Korra Comic-Con

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


Pony Comic-Con banner

Lauren Faust and friends took to the panels (wait, didn't I use this wording for the Korra section already?) to show off new season 3 - which was said to be premiering NEXT MONTH! The Hub has confirmed that that was a big fat lie and that the season will be premiering later on in the year. - stuff for one of the internet's favorite shows. Notably, Trixie will be returning... there will be a "Fluttershy dragon" that makes an appearance, and on the song side, Rarity and Octavia will share a duet, as well as Twilight Sparkle and Spike (which can be seen directly below, along with an Applejack musical number!).

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic - Failure Success Song

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic - Failure Success Song

When this clip was shown at the event, the crowd cheered most loudly during Spike's parts.
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic - Crystal Fair Song

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic - Crystal Fair Song

Phineas and Ferb

We'll start this one off with that age-old question: Where's Perry?

Where's Perry poster

We need a direct-feed version of this. Pronto.

Dan, Swampy, Vincent Martella, Alyson Stoner, and Dee Bradley Baker were up at the panel:

P&F crew at Comic-Con panel

... and on-lookers were treated to some sneak peeks of the upcoming Where's Perry? Part 2. (Speaking of which, Part 1 of this ep is set to premiere on Disney Channel in a couple of weeks, but can be downloaded right now on iTunes for free). The upcoming 2013 feature film was also mentioned, and was again compared to Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Another special P&F production coming out summer 2013 was revealed as well...


Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel!

The first true crossover between Disney and Marvel properties since the former bought the latter (not counting the recent Club Penguin thing), this collaboration has the bros teaming up with some of the comic book company's most famous superheroes. As the synopsis puts it:

"Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk enter Danville after Dr. Doofenshmirtz's latest "inator" scheme accidentally removes their powers and immobilizes them. Now it's up to Phineas and Ferb to team up with the Marvel Super Heroes to help them regain their powers and defeat Marvel Super Villains – Red Skull, Whiplash, Venom and M.O.D.O.K. – who are working together with Dr. Doofenshmirtz to use his power-draining technology to create mayhem."

The teaser featurette:

Phineas and Ferb Mission Marvel Preview

Phineas and Ferb Mission Marvel Preview

Some notable screens:

Doof & Villains P&F Comic-Con

Is that an Evil Perry I see?

Iron Man & Beak P&F Comic-Con

Hulk & Baljeet

Am I the only one who thought Hulk and Buford would be a better pair?

Danville Fight P&F Comic-Con

I think the At2D Normbot battle sequence has an opponent for most epik P&F moment now.

And there'd be no better way to send this section off than with some cast signing:

P&F Cast Signing Comic-Con 3

P&F Cast Signing

P&F Cast Signing Comic-Con

Look at them P&F clay sculptures. That's some fan art!

P&F Crew Signing Comic-Con 4

All's well that ends well. Oh, and if you're wondering who that kid is next to Swampy, that's his son, Django. Yes, Django.

The whole panel can be seen here, courtesy of Stitch Kingdom:

Phineas and Ferb Panel at SDCC 2012

Phineas and Ferb Panel at SDCC 2012

Disney Television Animation (Gravity Falls, Wonder Over Yonder, etc.)

While P&F and Tron: Legacy were treated to their own panels, the rest of DC's cartoons were forced into one singular one - the Disney Television Animation panel. On the Fish Hooks side of things, we had Noah Z. Jones, creator/executive producer of the show, Maxwell Atoms, co-executive producer, as well as voicetalent Justin Roiland ("Oscar") and Kari Wahlgren ("Shellsea"). For Graviy Falls, Alex Hirsch, creator/executive producer, Michael Rianda, creative director, and voice actor Jason Morgan Ritter ("Dipper") joined the party. Finally, for the upcoming Wonder Over Yonder, we had Craig McCracken, the creator, and Lauren Faust (whom you might remember from the pony section), co-producer and McCracken's wife.

ClevverTV conducted a review with Justin and Kari, seen below:

Justin Roiland & Kari Wahlgren Talk "Fish Hooks" at 2012 Comic-Con

Justin Roiland & Kari Wahlgren Talk "Fish Hooks" at 2012 Comic-Con

The GF part of the panel dominated the event. Alex Hirsch noted how some of the characters were based off some people he knew in real life. Mabel Pines, for example, was inspired by his real-life twin sister; Grunkle Stan by his Grandfather Stan; and Soos, inspired by a friend he knew from college. Some future episodes were also revealed, which include an episode dedicated to the Gravity Falls tradition of Summerween, and a video game inspired one and featuring guest animation by some guy called Paul Robertson.

Some pics also courtesy of Stitch Kingdom:

Gravity Falls Comic-Con 1

That manly beard...

Gravity Falls Comic-Con 2

Where can I get those hats with the trees on 'em?

Gravity Falls Comic-Con 4

Gravity Falls cosplayers... Should I think of this as cool or be freaked out?

Gravity Falls Comic-Con 3

Lucky kids...

A few clips shown at the panel can also be seen below:

Gravity Falls - Comic-Con promo

Gravity Falls - Comic-Con promo

Gravity Falls - Comic-Con clip

Gravity Falls - Comic-Con clip

For Wonder Over Yonder, some concept art and a one minute animation clip was shown. He noted that the show would have the energy and silliness of The Powerpuff Girls, and the heart of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. A video of this can be seen below:

Wonder Over Yonder - Comic-Con footage

Wonder Over Yonder - Comic-Con footage

The aforementioned clip (at the 1:45 mark):

Wonder Over Yonder - Comic-Con clip

Wonder Over Yonder - Comic-Con clip

A couple of cards promoting the series were handed out as well:


The questions that the audience asked the panel can be seen in this vid:

Disney Television Animation Panel - Comic-Con Questions

Disney Television Animation Panel - Comic-Con Questions

And lastly, the folks behind all of the wondrous cartoons on Disney Channel! Kudos to these guys!

Disney Television Animation creators - Comic-Con photo

From left: Maxwell Atoms and Noah Z. Jones (Fish Hooks), Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh (Phineas and Ferb), Alex Hirsch (Gravity Falls), Craig McCracken and Lauren Faust (Wander Over Yonder).



Marvel Stuffz

The Marvel panel was abuzz with nerds eagerly awaiting the first looks at Phase II of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Phase I of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ended a few months ago with the premiere of The Avengers, currently the third-highest grossing film of all time. We start off with...

Iron Man 3 Comic-Con

... the second sequel to that movie with Robert Downey, Jr. in it!

The film, which is set for May 3, 2012, is still filming, but five minutes of footage were screened for the audience which, I'm told, were awesome. Iron Man's armor seems to have gotten a bit of a change for the movie, as you can see in the above pic, gaining a bit more gold. The footage confirmed that the main villain in the picture would be one of the hero's most famous - the Mandarin. And it was action-packed as well. Just read the impressions of this one viewer.

But that's not the only sequel that was showcased. Thor 2 (which, as you might remember, was delayed to November of 2013 to make room for the upcoming P&F feature film which will be coming out July 26th of that year) got an official name:

Thor- The Dark World logo Comic-Con

Captain America: The First Avenger's sequel got renamed as well. If you're familiar with the storyline it references, you may realize that Cap's best friend from the first movie who died may not be dead after all...

Captain America The Winter Soldier logo Comic-Con

Their next film, which has been rumored for a while now, is an original one. Have you heard of the "Guardians of the Galaxy"? No. Well you do now.

Guardians of galaxy logo

Guardians of the Galaxy Comic-Con

Yes, that's right, it has a raccoon holding guns. It'll do great at the box office.

Ant-Man logo Comic-Con

And this last one is based off the superhero "Ant-Man", who can change his size. Some test footage was shown off, which was pretty well-received by its watchers. These five movies, combined with The Avengers 2, will fill Phase II of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here's the timeline:

  1. Iron Man 3 - May 3, 2013
  2. Thor: The Dark World - November 15, 2013
  3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier - April 4, 2014
  4. Guardians of the Galaxy - August 1, 2014
  5. Ant-Man - 2015
  6. The Avengers 2 - 2015

Get hype.

Man of Steel

You know, that new Superman movie.

Man of Steel Comic-Con poster

This reboot of the film franchise, directed by Zack Snyder and produced by Christopher Nolan, got its first trailer shown off at Comic-Con, as well as its first poster. However, unlike the poster, which was released to the public, the footage remained exclusive to the event. There were people who still recorded it using their cruddy cell phone cameras though, so you can probably find dozens of videos of it online. I saw it here, which is also the first result when you type in "man of steel comic-con trailer" on Google.

A teaser trailer will also be played in front of The Dark Knight Rises, another DC superhero movie also produced by Nolan and released by Warner Bros. While it's not sure whether it will be the same as the Comic-Con footage or something else entirely, it'll sure be something to see. It might even make you cry. It made one fan.

Not me though. I'm too manly for that.

*sobs tears of joy in the corner*

Wreck-It Ralph


Video Games

Wii U

A month after E3, everyone's gotten over how horrible it was except for Alt. and are ready to see the true brilliance of the games that will dominate the Wii U's launch lineup and window. First-party and third-party games for the upcoming Wii U were taken to Comic-Con for a second chance (well, third if you count that Wii U Experience no one cared about). Some choice gameplay videos:

New Super Mario Bros

New Super Mario Bros. U - Comic-Con gameplay

Those backgrounds are heavenly. Level design's not too shabby either.
Rayman Legends - Comic-Con gameplay

Rayman Legends - Comic-Con gameplay

The things I do whenever I see this game... I can't say because this is a kids' site. sorta.
Pikmin 3 - Comic-Con gameplay 2

Pikmin 3 - Comic-Con gameplay 2

Pikmin 3 - Comic-Con gameplay

Pikmin 3 - Comic-Con gameplay

I'm considering skipping Pikmin Uno and Dos and just going straight to this beauty.
Batman Arkham City - Armored Edition - Comic-Con gameplay

Batman Arkham City - Armored Edition - Comic-Con gameplay

Holy video games, Batman, this title has twice the subtitles and twice the fun of the PS3/360/PC versions! - Nintendo enthusuiast
Project P-100 - Comic-Con gameplay

Project P-100 - Comic-Con gameplay

... okay, I've got nothing to say about this other than that it looks cool.

IGN also has an article detailing the 10 Wii U demos you have to see from the event. It's written by the guy who does the PlayStation news for the site, so it's interesting to see what a PS guy thinks of his rival company's newest consoles.

Nintendo 3DS

On the handheld side of things, we didn't get many gameplay vids, but we did get our fair share of new trailers. A New Super Mario Bros. 2, the upcoming 2D side-scrolling which will be released August 19, one was uploaded on Nintendo's YouTube account. It gave us a look at some new stages and confirmed the return of the Mini and Mega Mushrooms, which were introduced in its predecessor.

New Super Mario Bros

New Super Mario Bros. 2 - Comic-Con trailer

And while not 3DS exclusive, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed had a CGI trailer revealed at the event. It's set to arrive November 20 for a variety of systems, and has numerous SEGA character playable (and even some non-SEGA, including Danica Patrick Wreck-It Ralph from the highly anticipated Disney film).

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - Comic-Con Trailer

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - Comic-Con Trailer

Adventure Time: Hey Ice King, Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?! is coming to DS as well as 3DS, but no one cares about the DS version (nor has any gameplay been shown for it), so this is safe to put in the 3DS section. The title takes some cues from Zelda II: The Adventure of Time for the NES, and combines exploration, combat, and platforming in a sprite-based game from acclaimed developer Wayforward. This hits stores October 23, and is also going to have its own collectors edition.

Adventure Time Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?! - Comic-Con trailer

Adventure Time Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?! - Comic-Con trailer

Pokémon Black and White 2 is a DS game, but Nintendo's always talking about how it can also be played on the 3DS per its backwards compatibility (and no one's really gonna play it on a regular DS in this day and age), so I might as well put it here. Already out in Japan, this gem -and I'm not just saying that because the logo literally has a gem in it - comes to US and Europe shores early October, along with a new Pokémon app on the Nintendo eShop that connects with the game.

Pokémon Black and White 2 - Comic-Con trailer

Pokémon Black and White 2 - Comic-Con trailer

Lastly, Nintendo uploaded this demonstration video for the enlarged Nintendo 3DS XL model at Comic-Con. The system comes out the same day as New Super Mario Bros. 2 does in North America - but at the end of the month in Japan and Europe. Curse you, Nintendo of America! Oh well, at least we actually get a charger included with it...

A Look at Nintendo 3DS XL

A Look at Nintendo 3DS XL


Plenty of violent games were showcased at the event. You had your Resident Evil 6, Assassins Creed III, God of War: Judgment, The Last of Us, Halo 4. Even DLC for Mass Effect 3 was playable. A new video game based on the Marvel superhero Deadpool was even announced, though the platforms it'll be on were name named. Can't show you any of that though. The most violent M-rated game thing from Comic-Con I'm allowed to put on here would probably be the leaked logo of Metal Gear Solid 5 from the event, which is most likely fake:

Metal Gear Solid 5 fake (maybe leaked?) logo

Although these two tweets may make you believe otherwise...

So now you're probably asking me: is there any family-friendly stuff that's not Wii U/3DS stuff that you can show? And the answer... is yes.

First off, we have a new trailer for 'Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, heading to PS3, 360, and Wii this November. This is actually a CGI cutscene from the beginning of the game - and it features the Mad Doctor executing a musical number. It's a must-see at least.

Epic Mickey 2 - Comic-Con trailer

Epic Mickey 2 - Comic-Con trailer

Sony Smash Bros. (also known by its fan name PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale) is a Super Smash Bros. rip-off fighting game staring the best of the PS family duking it out, and a few more characters were announced at the San Diego happening. First off, we have Jak & Daxter from the PS2 games of a similar name, and Cole MacGrath from the Infamous franchise. It was also announced that it would be released October 23. You can pick this up for either PS3 or the Vita (preferably the Vita, since it's... kinda failing right now and it could use all the sales it can get).

Sony Smash Bros

Sony Smash Bros. - Jak and Daxter Comic-Con Trailer

Sony Smash Bros

Sony Smash Bros. - Cole MacGrath Comic-Con Trailer

Marvel had a lot of movie news - they had some video games ones as well. Avengers: Battle for Earth was announced at E3 for Xbox 360 Kinect and Wii U, and was greeted with another CGI trailer at Comic-Con. If that doesn't float your boat, Marvel Heroes, an upcoming multiplayer online game for PC also exists. It has a disturbing lack of Spider-Man though.

Marvel Avengers™ Battle for Earth -- Comic-Con Trailer

Marvel Avengers™ Battle for Earth -- Comic-Con Trailer

Marvel Heroes - Comic-Con trailer

Marvel Heroes - Comic-Con trailer

And last, but not least... well, actually, I've never heard of this game prior to noticing this trailer on my YouTube subscription list, but it has "awesome" in the title, so it must be good! :D

Awesomenauts- Comic-Con trailer

Awesomenauts- Comic-Con trailer

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