Madi Shinx

  • Pinch (Flygon, Omega Ruby, DexNav encounter, caught as a Trapinch on August 12, 2015.)
  • Rayquaza (Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, event)
  • Blue (Ditto, Y, full odds encounter, caught on November 11, 2015.)
  • Gengar (Y, event)
  • Serj (Manectric, Omega Ruby, full odds encounter, caught as an Electrike on March 11, 2018.)
  • Lizard (Torkoal, Omega Ruby, wonder traded)
  • Waddle (Roselia, Omega Ruby, wonder traded)
  • Lanturn (Y, wonder traded on April 2, 2018, possibly hacked.)
  • Porygon-Z (Sun, received from the GTS as a Porygon2 for a normal Porygon with an Up-Grade on April 19, 2018.)
  • Charizard (Sun, recieved in Wonder Trade on May 4, 2018, hacked.)
  • Arcanine (Alpha Sapphire, hatched from a Growlithe Egg on another save file.)
  • Weezing (Alpha Sapphire, hatched from Koffing Egg on December 15, 2015.)
  • Claydol (Alpha Sapphire, caught on December 15, 2014.)
  • Goldengear (Klinklang, caught on another save file as a Klang on May 25, 2014.)
  • Golbat (Alpha Sapphire, caught on April 10, 2018.)
  • Stoutland (Alpha Sapphire, transferred from Unova save file)
  • Xerneas (Alpha Sapphire, event)
  • Metagross (Alpha Sapphire, even as a Beldum)


  • Metagross (Shiny Beldum from Event, AS)
  • Shiny Xerenas (Shiny from Event, AS)


  • Vaporeon (Pokemon X)
  • Flareon (Also in Pokemon X)

Moon Snail

I'm only counting the ones I've caught personally. No trades or guaranteed shinies.

  • Gigalith (From White, full odds encounter as a Boldore)
  • Relicanth (From Y, chain fishing.)
  • Aipom (From Y, Normal Friend Safari.)
  • Slugma (From Y, Fire Friend Safari.)
  • Sandslash (From OR, Horde encounter as a Sandshrew.)
  • Crobat (From Moon, SOS chain as a Zubat)
  • Dragonite (From Moon, SOS chain as a Dragonair)
  • Pikipek (From Moon, SOS chain.)
  • Torchic (From Go, used a Lure but I don't know if those affect the odds)
  • Exeggcute (From Rescue Team DX)


a level 100 shiny salamence. thats all


  • Sneasel (Pokémon Go)
  • Eevee (Pokémon Go)


In order of CP on Pokemon Go

  • Aerodactyl CP2017
  • Raichu CP1727 (Alolan)
  • Infernape CP1700
  • Granbull CP1599
  • Weavile CP1435 (will be powered up one I get chance
  • Rhyhorn CP1277
  • Jolteon CP1260 (Nicknamed “Sparky” because I evolved it with a name trick)
  • Stoutland same CP as Jolteon
  • Raticate CP1256 (Kantoan)
  • Raticate CP1137 (Alolan)
  • Murkrow CP950
  • Slakoth CP829
  • Plusle CP775
  • Bonsly CP751
  • Watchog CP709
  • Kabuto CP596
  • Turtwig CP589

WIP from here

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