Yakko Horse

Whinny is on the left.

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Whinny is Bullseye the Horse's (from Toy Story) cousin. Whinny has a Michigan accent because he grew up in Detroit before the moved to ACME Acres when he was a teenager. His best bud is Wiley Coyote who he helps chase (and one day soon catch) Road Runner. Whinny is very tough, has a wife named Annabelle, and two kids named Whicker and Anna. Whinny, whenever he sees sugar, here comes the randomness!, neighs,



I LIKE CHEESE (No he doesn't say he likes cheese.)

  • Outside of ACME Loo there are statues of Whinny (left) and Wiley (right)
  • I can't think of a caption name for this.......... Whinny... I guess...