Teaching Wile E.

Wiley teaches how to talk in a Brooklen Acent

Hey! How youse doin'? I'm doin' great tanks for askin' bub. That was an example of a Brooklyn accent. Misty (my good friend who inspired me to make this page) did this page. Brooklyn is located in New York (the state) and is quite close to New Jersey (how the accent started I think..). Wanna hear a Brooklyn accent? Just listen to Bugs Bunny, Cerb Coyote, Wiley Coyote, the Goodfeathers from Animaniacs, or the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Wait. The Housewives have "New Joysey" accents. Meh. THIS IS THE RANDOM-NESS WIKI! Here's a list of "woyds" that sound cool/funny when said with a Brooklyn accent. I'll even spell it out so you can say it out-loud.

List of Words

Foyb (Ferb)

Woyk (Work)

tooin' (doing) this one has a lot of emphasis on the "d" so it sounds like a "t".

New Joysey (New Jersey)

Ta' (to)

Coyb Coyodee (Cerb Coyote *Copyright me*)

Quadwent (quadrent)

Gamba (Gumbo)

Haat attayuck (Heart attack)

Moichandising! (Merchandising)