Pissed off Phineas


First off; Wakksters, I am NOT copying your idea! I just had a really wierd dream last night that I really want to tell you random people about.


I was sleeping at home in the watertower in Burbank when I felt something grabbing onto my leg. It was Phineas! And man was that guy holdin on tight! I asked him wtheck he was doin and he said, "I just found out that I was adopted!". I was shocked.... So I guess Phin never had a missing dad! Then Wakko woke up and he wondered why Phin was adopted. He said that when he was little, his mom was an alchoholic who put him up for adoption because she fell in love with a man who lived in (insert state here. I forgot.). She didn't want to take Phin with her so like I said above, put poor baby Phin up for adoption!

NOTE: In "my lil offscreen universe", Phin lives with his adopted mom and her lil sister. Faddy, you're his cousin if that makes you feel any better.  :) )

Then I woke up having to go to the bathroom. So, the end?