Z Bop (pronounced "Said-Bop") is an independent commercial-free television channel avaliable in Jetania. The channel was launched on 28th February, 1994, as part of the Sky Multichannels package in Jetania. It has also had friendly competition with A3 Network since 2003.

Z Bop has a rather unusual format for a children's television channel. Instead of having a fixed schedule, the channel is hosted by different hosts at different times of the day, who all host different events.

Current Programming

Z Bop's programming is similar to that of the British TV channel Pop, as it consists of a variety of programming from several distributors, some of it being reruns of programmes that are no longer high in demand. Unlike Pop, however, the channel also airs original Netflix programming.

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Z Bop Summer Hits

Z Bop Summer Hits is a series of compilation albums from various artists. The series began in 2001, and an entry has been released every two years.


  • All songs have strict censorship.
  • Songs must be less than 24 months old.


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